13Kate's First Love

There's a reason those old boyfriends are called "past" or even "exes" They and the relationship are in the past, where they belong, right? Yet, magazines and internet publications would insist on publishing pictures of Kate with her ex-boyfriends.

That may not make William very happy. Even though he has nothing

to worry about, Kate may not like her old relationships being dredged up like a pair of old sneakers from the lake floor. After all, she's been married to William for a few years now. They're the parents of two of the most adorable royals-in-training ever born, with a third on the way.

The reality is that long before marrying William, she was head over heels for Willem Marx, who is now a CNBC reporter in London -- she seems to love the W names doesn't she? He was her first love and after things didn't work out, she moved on to Henry Ropner, whose family owns a shipping management firm. There was also Rupert Finch, who Kate dated in her final year at St Andrews, but the relationship didn't even make it to the one-year span.

So, Kate would be perfectly justified in thinking, "Why bring up the past? Leave that where it belongs. And leave my old boyfriends there as well. After all, they may have gotten married, too!"

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