14Accidental Pregnancy: The Mother's Fault

Unwanted pregnancies in Fiji are regarded as a personal responsibility and is linked to moral failure of control and bad luck.

It may be more common in some countries as opposed to others, but it happens all over the world. That is unwanted pregnancies. A pregnancy that is not planned can happen to anyone at any time. Birth control fails all the time, no matter how careful couples are, and technically nothing

other than abstinence is 100% effective. What is different between countries and cultures is how they treat women who find themselves in this situation. The western world has a more liberal approach, allowing a woman the right to her own reproductive health and understanding that accidents can happen.

They think of it a little different in Fiji.

They do not appear to place any blame on faulty contraceptive methods. This can either work in one of two ways. Either, it helps reduce the amount of unwanted pregnancies because women are more careful about not falling in this category. Or, it can place women in a very tricky situation if they find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy, already immediately thinking that they will be shunned from their community for their immoral ways.

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