15If She Can't Have Babies She's Considered Disappointing

Infertile women may be seen as wasting their family’s resources.

Being a woman is special, they appear to be superhuman almost every day with the struggles and challenges that they face in the world today. The fact alone that their body can grow and nurture a new life is nothing short of miraculous. A lot of women are treated better

when they are carrying a child and they should be, but in Fiji it is much more than that. In Fiji, when a woman becomes pregnant it automatically elevates her status as a woman. She is seen as doing what she should be doing to help further her family heritage.

That seems like a nice thought, but it comes with a huge negative. 1 in 8 women experience some form of infertility and that is not prejudiced based on where you live in the world. Chances are there are a lot of women in Fiji who are unable to get pregnant, or who have a hard time. They are not regarded as highly as fertile women.

It is not a positive image, but it is deeply rooted in their culture, and while this may be changing as the world changes it is not quite there yet.

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