15Doctors Check For Pregnancy With Their Hands

If you ask your parents if your grandmothers ever told them the stories of their obstetrics check-ups, they would probably add in the fact that the only thing they knew was that there were no ultrasounds around. The obstetricians that treated your grandmothers were only able to check

things with their bare hands!

They would be able to detect the position of the baby (which would have been your mom or your dad that is), as well as whether or not they were carrying multiples (yes, they were able to tell them that your aunts or uncles were your parents' twins)- but as far as any other kind of diagnoses goes, they couldn't give any due to the fact that they had to use their hands!

The same applies to the majority of North Korean obstetric clinics! According to The Guardian, with the exception of the excellent hospitals like Pyongyang Maternity Hospital- times have not changed as far as obstetric care. Just like your grandparents, most pregnant North Korean women don't have any ultrasounds and are only checked by their obstetrician's bare hands. Knowing that makes you quite grateful for the fact that the healthcare in North America and many other parts of the world are way beyond that even if it's still far from ideal!

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