15 Father-To-Be Pregnancy Reactions That Will Make You Sob

Finding out there is a baby on the way is an incredibly exciting time for a couple. The moment that stick tells Mom  that she's indeed pregnant, the world stands still and time pauses as the revelation sinks in.

You're going to be a Mum! Ordinarily, since it's Mum who has to pee on the stick, she is the first one to find out that she is pregnant. And whether it's your first, second third or tenth, it's always an elating moment filled with an incredible amount of mixed emotions - excitement, disbelief, happiness, fear, shock, joy and so many more all mingled in to a split second.

One of the fun things about finding out that you're pregnant is being able to spread the word and tell your family and friends, in your own time, that you are expecting. Even better still, is being able to tell your partner who is completely in the dark about the growing baby. And boy, there are so many ways to let them know. Just Google pregnancy announcements and you will find thousands of different ways to let Dad-to-be know that there is a little bambino on the way.

I love that in this day and age, we get to see some of those incredibly special moments when Dad is told the good news. Seeing grown men in such a raw, happy and beautiful emotional state is usually only kept for the Mum who shares the news. But today, so many Mums-to-be record their partners to relive the moment their partners find out they are going to be a Dad. It makes for some incredibly tear jerking moments that make your heart bubble with happiness. Here are our favourite Dads-to-be finding out that they are going to have a baby!

15"I Don’t Believe You!"

First up is Ronald Gutierrez who was surprised with the baby news by wife Tania. His reaction is one of the sweetest and happiest I've ever seen and all the way through the video, Tania has a beautiful smile plastered on her face as Ronald soaks up the news.

On the bed, Tania has hidden numerous positive pregnancy test results and an ultrasound scan. She calls Ronald in and his suspicious are spiked. Before even looking at what she's hidden his excitement soars and he turns to her saying, "No te creo!" ("I don’t believe you!") His beautiful reaction after he sees the results and the ultrasound scan will have your heart melted in moments! Ronald beautifully hugs his wife in a mixture of excitement, happiness and pure elation as they share the happy news of the impending arrival of their first baby. I'm not crying, you're crying!

14Fifteen Years Of Hope

Oh my heart melted when I saw Arkell Grazes go from excited wonder to a sweet sobbing gentle man as he pulled his shirt up over his face after wife Dana tricked him into discovering that they were expecting a baby. After fifteen long years of trying for a baby, suffering four miscarriages and a stillborn baby, Dana was excited to share the beautiful news with her husband.

Dana used the age old message of a bun in the oven to let Arkell know that he was going to be a Dad. While preparing dinner, Dana left some buns in the oven for Arkell to find and his reaction was sublimely heartwarming. Beautifully, Dana was five months pregnant at the time of her announcement and she recorded it so that her family could see Arkell's reaction. It doesn't get more beautiful than seeing a grown man well up with happiness and joy.

13"Tell Me You're Not Messing"

It's so exciting letting your other half know that you are pregnant, and it's even more exciting getting the rest of the family involved. Thats exactly what happened here, when this Dad-to-be refused to believe his wife and his daughter who conspired together to let Dad know that there was a baby on the way.

The Mum-to-be shared her news with a very oblivious Dad, by asking their daughter to hand him an envelope. He reads the card aloud which says, "Bet you're proud and feeling glad, that soon you'll be a brand new dad." His loud and ecstatic reaction is not only hilarious as he gets louder and almost incomprehensible as he says things like, "Shut up," and "Oh my God," in his dismay, but also so heartwarming as his genuine excitement is so beautiful. His wife reassures him that she is indeed pregnant as their daughter giggles in the back seat of the car.

12Miracle Baby

Jamie Wilson was too stunned to speak when his wife Beth shared the news that they were going to have a baby, a miracle baby at that. Following a very lengthy IVF battle, Jamie and Beth were finally pregnant and the Mum-to-be recorded the Dad as she told him the good news.

Beth pretended to take a selfie as the Dad-to-be opened a box which said "To Daddy" on it. He thought that it was a homemade gift from the couples first child, Eli who was also conceived through a difficult IVF process. However, inside the box was a positive pregnancy test which was taken just before the couple were due to start a new round of IVF. The stunned Dad is heard saying "What's this? What does this mean? What? I'm confused." He suddenly tears up after saying, "Are you kidding me?" when he realises baby number two is on the way.

11The Cutest Dad-To-Be

Leaving unsuspecting Dads-to-be clues about the fact that they are going to be a Dad is one of the most fun ways to tell your other half the good news. David Welch's wife, Brittany, did just that when she handed him a gift bag with some very important clues.

Brittany recorded David opening each gift and the realisation slowly crosses his mind throughout the video. We can see him adding the clues up in his head and putting two and two together. His first clue is a Baby Ruth chocolate bar with his second is a bottle of Dad's Root Beer. His confusion on the first gift is mixed with the realisation on the second and he finally finds two positive pregnancy tests at the bottom of the gift bag. In disbelief he asks his wife, "You're pregnant?" before she hands him a card that tells him he's going to be a Dad. I absolutely love David's reaction as he takes his glasses off to wipe his eyes and reaches out to give his wife a warm hug.

10A Jedi Training Camp Reveal

It's not all that easy to come up with new and creative ways to make a pregnancy announcement with your partner but Bryan Starr's wife Taylor has pretty much managed to eclipse them all. Revealing to her husband Bryan that they are expecting a baby, ended up with one of the sweetest and most beautiful reactions I've ever seen, as the grown man breaks down in happiness.

Taylor, who had found out that she was pregnant just the night before, conspired with some Jedi Knights at Disney World to spill the beans. As Bryan was posing with Darth Vader and some Storm Troopers, his wife gave him a bag with a baby's onesie inside. Bryan admitted that he didn't get a proper look at what was in the bag, but just knew that it was far too small to fit him and put one and one together. Crumbling in an instant, he broke down in tears and so will you if you watch the beautiful video!

9Military Dad Dale's Excitement

So usually, when we think of heartwarming and emotional pregnancy revelations we think of tears and hugs and plenty of emotion as the shock of the news sets in. It is after all one of the most magical and emotional moments of life. But when military man, Dale finds out from his pregnant wife that they are expecting a baby, there are no tears just mountains and mountains of jubilation which is just as sweet and beautiful and heart-rending.

Dale's wife, Rachel, recorded him opening a special box which she created for him. Dale is enthusiastically happy and elated with the news as he reaches further into the box and finds the smallest pair of baby shoes. Watching him come to the conclusion that they are expecting a baby is one of the most beautiful moments I've ever seen. The quick double take and dropped expression is so heartwarming as he realises exactly what the little shoes mean. He immediately jumps up to hug his pregnant wife. Too cute!

8The Strong Man's Emotional Reveal

Using the birthday of this Dad-to-be as a decoy to tell him that he is going to be a Dad was very clever of this Mum-to-be who recorded her strong, tattooed husband and placed the video on YouTube. Handing him a gift, which he thought was a birthday present was a good way to put him off the scent.

After telling him to close his eyes, she places a gift in his hands which he thinks is a watch. She says to him, "This is a gift that has been hiding in plain sight for a while. But I got you something that I wanted us to be able to share together." When he opens the gift, he sees a positive pregnancy test. His reaction was a wonderful surprise for this Mum as he broke down in tears after sheer elation at the news. Seeing the happiness on this Dad's face is one of the most heart warming pregnancy revelations you'll ever see. Ok this time, I'm definitely crying too.

7An Emotional And Heart Warming Surprise

The incredible emotion that runs through your veins when you find out you are going to be a parent is huge. It's almost hard to contain. Erika Jacobson, was excited to reveal to her husband Jacob that they were expecting their first child and had the moment planned well in advance. His reaction was exactly what she needed to see after all the perfect planning.

Being fans of all things animation, Erika purchased a print from the heart warming film Up and used it as a way to reveal to Jacob their special news. Since Jacob had proposed to Erika by writing her a children's book, using a special drawing of something they love and displaying a personalized poem, written by Erika which, she wrote on the back of the art print was the perfect way to tell him he was going to be a Dad. Jacob, gently and sweetly cries as the news sinks in. As Erika says on YouTube, it was a "perfect reaction" from this Dad-to-be.

6The Cleverly Masterminded Emotional Surprise

Brianne Dow revealed to her husband that they were expecting their first child in an incredibly beautiful way, and photographer Samantha Boos caught it all on camera. In a stunning series of photographs, Brianne and her husband Brandon, were in the middle of a loving photoshoot with their wedding photographer Samantha in on Brianne's surprise reveal.

Holding two chalkboards, the couple were to write down three words that described each other. While Brandon beautifully wrote, "Love, Cute Sweet," followed by a smiley face, Brianne wrote, "You're going to be a Daddy." Standing back to back with the chalkboards, the photographer told them to turn around and display the chalkboard messages to one and other. What followed is a stunning and heart warming series of photos which show Brandon take in the message after a brief moment of shock and then he broke down in tears at the news. What a fab way to reveal a pregnancy and what a gorgeous reaction!

5An Inflight Pregnancy Announcement

How clever was this Mum-to-be, who shared the happy news not only with her husband but also an entire Red Eye Flight. Lisa Sadiwnyk with the help of flight attendants, enlisted the help of an American Airlines pilot as the couple travelled back home from Las Vegas. The pilot, after making his usual announcements from the cockpit brought the entire planes attention to the couple and made the incredible reveal to soon to be Dad, Eric.

The pilot said, "Well, Eric, although you didn't strike it rich here in Las Vegas, you did hit the jackpot. Congratulations, you're about to be a dad." While the video shows a shocked Eric, Lisa said, "He's super shy, but he [started crying] once the video cuts off. It was actually a red-eye flight, and he said, 'How am I supposed to sleep now?'" Well, I hope he got a bit of sleep because we all know that sleep goes out the window when a newborn comes along!

4The Photo Booth Reveal

This creative and heart warming photo booth reveal is one of my favourite pregnancy announcements as the Dad-to-be is completely shocked and overwhelmed with the news. First time Mum-to-be, Jessica Devins, decided to surprise her husband as they sat in a photobooth together.

In an effort to catch her husband off guard and to make sure he didn't expect anything, Jessica enticed him into the photo booth and as the camera clicked she lifted up a small hat with the word baby on it. Her husband's confusion is paramount at first, followed by the quick realisation and a bucket full of tears. I absolutely love this reveal and Jessica's husband's reaction makes it all the sweeter and more beautiful as Dad can't contain his joy. He reaches over and gives Jessica a heart warming hug and kiss. I can only imagine, the confusion from people walking by the photo booth outside. What an exciting way to share the announcement.

3Surprise Reveal After A Long Wait

It is the absolute look of shock, happiness and love that makes this one of the most heart warming pregnancy announcements I have ever seen. And when you know the background to this beautiful couple, it makes it all the more sweeter. Doug Price's wife was very clever in revealing to her husband that they were expecting a baby.

In what Doug thought was a competition video to win a holiday in Aruba, his wife explains that as they honeymooned in Aruba ten years ago, winning a trip to back there would be perfect for the couple's babymoon. At which point, she whips out a positive pregnancy test and the camera captures Doug's amazing disbelief and sudden joy at the prospect of becoming a Dad as he breaks down in tears. The couple had been married for ten years and were suffering infertility for the past five years. We can understand Doug's shock and genuine happiness on hearing the news. What a beautiful reaction after such a long, long wait.

2A Christmas Day Reveal

Rachel Wynn Earls, a vlogger, shared the news that the couple were expecting a baby with her husband, Harold, on Christmas Day. Rachel had found out she was pregnant on Christmas Eve after doing four pregnancy tests, because one is never enough. Rachel kept poor Harold in suspense as she blindfolded him and told him to wait for one more Christmas present from her. Recording the whole thing, Rachel held up placards for viewers, and told them that she was pregnant and couldn't wait to tell her husband saying, "He's going to be a dad! Thank you God for this miracle."

After presenting him with a box of baby clothes and a note saying "Merry Christmas Dad!" both Harold and Rachel burst into tears as the happiness of the moment overtook them. Harold can be heard, repeatedly asking his wife, "Are you serious? Are you kidding me?" Finally, Harold, who was incredibly happy, emotional and excited said, "This is the greatest day ever." Awwwww

1The Blind Taste Test

Finally YouTuber, Cory Williams, was surprised by his wife who conducted a blind taste test for his popular YouTube channel. Of course, it's not as simple as that. Cory's wife Kristen holds up placards to reveal that she is pregnant and is going to surprise him on camera.

Kristen hands Cory different foods for him to taste and recognise. Getting into the vibe of the video, Cory genuinely tried to figure out what the foods were. Finally, she gives him a pot of baby food and as he happily digs in, he says, "Oh jeez. This brings back a lot of memories… It’s banana baby food." Kristen asks him who would like that type of food after he reveals it was his favourite as a boy. "Um? Babies?” he says at which point Kristen laughs and takes his blindfold off saying, "We’re gonna have a baby." In shock and amazement, Cory asks, "You’re serious? You’re dead serious? … No way! You’re kidding!" He excitedly kisses his wife and her stomach so lovingly and happily. Everyone was so happy for this YouTube star and loved his reaction to the Blind Taste Test!

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