15 First Pics Of Celeb Moms And Their Newborns Taken This Year

Every day all over the world there are new babies being born and with a new baby comes lots of pictures, and today we can all share those pictures with family everywhere thanks to the internet. The birth of a child is probably the happiest time in a couples life, even more so than graduations, marriages, birthdays, and any other celebration we can think of.

One thing we can be sure of is that at any given moment somebody somewhere is giving birth to a little baby or even babies. Some people share their pictures with more than just family through social media. And if you just happen to be famous then, whether you like it or not, some of your baby pics will be circulating all over the internet because the fans who love you so much really want to feel like they are a part of your new life.

This is exactly what we are offering here, a glance into the lives of some of these celebrities and their newborn babies so that you too can feel as though you are stepping into their lives and sharing in their joy. So, relax and enjoy these beautiful babies with us.

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15 Jamie Lynn Spears Welcomes Her Second Daughter

According to people.com on April 11, 2018, Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to her second child another daughter named Ivey Joan Watson. Ivey is the first child for Jamie to have with her husband Jamie.

Ivey is a beautiful name that according to sheknows.com means, A climbing evergreen ornamental plant. People with this name seem to have a deep compassion for adventure and traveling. They also seem to be good at analyzing, understanding and learning. They also tend to be quiet people living within their own minds.

Jamie Lynn is the sister of the singing sensation Britney Spears who is pretty much a household name.

Jamie’s husband had no idea who she was or anything about her family, he also took to her first daughter Maddie like she was his own. They both admitted there wasn’t a connection right away but that they kind of grew on each other and then just fell in love. He even said that he is very lucky to have her because he knows that she could have done much better.

Well now that they have their own little girl together their love will more than likely grow even stronger, children seem to have that kind of power on us.

14 Kylie Jenner Surprises Her Fans

On February 1, 2018, Kylie and Scott welcomed their new baby girl, Stormi after she tried for so long to hide her pregnancy from the general public according to motherandbaby.co.uk.

If Stormi grows up looking anything like her mother she will have a long career in the beauty industry.

According to biography.com Kylie was born in 1997 to Kris and Bruce Jenner the former Olympic gold medalist who in 2015 admitted to being transgender and permanently took on the name, Caitlyn.

Kylie commented about what she would like to do as she gets a little older when she said,"When I'm, like, 30, I want to go off the map, have a family, and live in Malibu with a farm, and just raise my own chickens." The farm life sounds nice, something I always dreamed about for myself. It is hard to imagine her going from such a glamorous life to the farm life.

No matter what path Kylie chooses for herself down the road I believe that she will be an awesome mother. I always thought it would be nice to go off the grid as well, but for someone who is used to being in the public’s eye, that might be hard to adjust to, it may be easy for a little while but I would think most people would eventually miss the attention.

13 Lauren Hashian And Dwayne Johnson

According to justjared.com Lauren and her very famous and handsome boyfriend Dwayne (The Rock), Johnson welcomed their precious little girl Tiana Gia to the world. Tiana is Dwayne’s third daughter, his second with Lauren.

They confirmed the birth on Instagram on April 27, where she captioned, "It’s so incredible to finally meet you our sweet little Baby Tia. You are the most peaceful peanut, our little angel & wow, are we lucky… completely in love |April 17, 2018 – 8:47 pm”

Supposedly, Tiana which is a very beautiful name means follower of Christ according to Babycenter.com. Also according to Babygaga.com Tiana has a big sister Jasmine Lia, who is also the daughter of Dwayne and Lauren. Dwayne has another daughter from a previous marriage named Simone Alexandra, so Tiana actually has two older sisters though one of them is a half-sister.

Looking at the picture you can obviously see that little baby Tiana has much more hair than her daddy. Also in this picture, you can really see the love between Lauren and Dwayne. Their little girl almost seems to be purposely looking at the camera for the pic. The three of them together make a beautiful pic.

12 Joy-Anna Duggar Welcomes Her First Child

According to usmagazine.com On February 26, 2018, Joy and her husband Austin welcomed their first child, a boy they named Gideon Martyn Forsyth. Gideon weighed 10 pounds, 3 ounces, quite a good size baby. People.com had reported that Joy-Anna was actually taken in for an emergency C-Section, and was actually in labor for 20 hours. The first child is always such an exciting moment. The birth of all children is exciting but nothing really compares to your first.

Joy-Anna admitted that she was beginning to feel,”Very uncomfortable,” as her due date drew closer. She had been hoping to give birth at home, but unfortunately, she was unable to make it that far. She said, “I decided to have a home birth, just because I know that it’s more comfortable being at home,” She also said,”I really wanted to at least try it, and we’re only about 30 minutes from the hospital, so it’s not too bad in case of an emergency or a change of plans. [I’m feeling] somewhat nervous, trying not to be scared, but just prepared.”

Even with all of the complications and change of plans she still has a beautiful baby boy to make up for everything else that she had gone through.

11 Kim Kardashian Gives Birth Via Surrogate

According to motherandbaby.co.uk Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were blessed with their third child Chicago West on January 15. 2018 which according to babygaga.com the baby was born to a surrogate named La’Reina Haynes. which Kim had used because of too many complications with her other two children, North, and Saint.

Kim had shared a nice family photo of her, Kanye, and all three of their children on an airplane with people.com. Kim had commented on how difficult it can be to get good family photos were all three children are staying calm enough to snap a pic.

Even though both parents are extremely busy with their careers, they still try to enjoy as much time as possible having fun as a family. In usmagazine.com Kim says that she lets the kids run wild in the playroom and by the time they are done playing in there they basically have no energy left to do any damage to the rest of the house.

If you take a look at her Facebook page you will see a cute picture of little Saint hugging his little sister Chicago, it is so very adorable. Hopefully, he continues to take care of his sis as they grow together.

10 Tia Mowry 'Is In Heaven' After Labor

On May 5, Tia and Cory Hardrict welcomed their second child together, a little girl which she announced on Instagram with the comment, "Feeling grateful and blessed as we welcome our little baby girl into the world!" but for whatever reason, she didn’t mention the child’s name. She also commented, “We are in heaven.”

According to Imdb.com Tia has a sister Tamara who she stared with on the show, “Sister Sister," She and Cory had been married since 2008 and have two children together. If you have never watched Sister Sister, Tia and Tamera are twins which is what the show was about, twin sisters.

She and her sister actually studied Psychology in California together. Their father wasn’t there when they were born because he was stationed in Germany through the armed forces at the time. Don’t know if he was there for the births of his grandchildren or not, but hopefully, he was.

Tia also has a son named Cree who was born on June 28, 2011, a seven-year difference from his little sister.

She made the same comment that many parents make, that she never realized how much love she could feel for another person, and for many of us this is so true.

9 Prince William And Kate Middleton

According to usmagazine.com on April 23, 2018, Duchess Kate and Prince William their new baby boy into the world, he is the third child born to the couple. The other two children are Prince George and Princess Charlotte. That's is a lot of royalty in one family.

According to en.Wikipedia.org Kate was born in January 1982, in England. Prince William was born in June 1982. His father is Charles Prince of Whales, and his mother is someone most of the world knew very well, Princess Diana.

William and Kate got married in 2011. They had both attended the University of St. Andrews which is where they had met. She was studying Art History. They had announced their engagement in November 2010, and then on 29 April 2011 they had tied the royal knot, bring Kate into the royal family and they have ever since been very happy. And they now have three royal children to add to the family.

Time magazine listed her in the,”100 Most Influential People in the World,” in 2012 and 2013, what a huge honor. No doubt we will be seeing more of their third child Prince Louis, along with his siblings of course.

8 Amber Portwood And Her 'Sweet Little Angel'

According to usmagazine.com Amber Portwood and Andrew Glennon celebrated the birth of their first child together. Baby James was born on May 8, 2018, at 1:39 in the morning and weighed 7 pounds 11 ounces. Amber also has a daughter named Leah who she had with her ex-fiance, Gary Shirley.

Amber is one of the stars from,”Teen Mom OG.” She and Andrew are very happy together and she, like any other proud mamma, can’t seem to brag enough about her baby boy and who can blame her.

On May 20th Amber shared a picture of her baby with fans on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, "My sweet little angel.”

According to intouchweekly.com, She found out that she had gestational diabetes and admitted that this pregnancy was much harder on her than the first one was. Amber is also a star on, “Marriage Boot Camp,” where she met Andrew, whom she quickly fell in love with.

Amber and Andrew have started what they believe to be there perfect little family and they both seem very happy. Hopefully, wedding bells will be next and then they can give both of the children a good solid family life. Which is something every child deserves.

7 Coco Rocha Gives Birth To A Baby Boy

According to people.com on Friday, April 20, 2018, Coco Rocha gave birth to her second child, a boy with whom she named Iver Eames Conran. She had announced the birth that very same day on Instagram. The child weighed 7 lbs. 10oz.

Coco and her husband James Conran already had a three-year-old daughter together named Loni. And now Loni gets to be a big sister.

Coco had a big baby bash back in April and at this event, there was even a cake for Loni to celebrate her soon becoming a big sister, I think it is so important to get other siblings involved like that, it really makes them feel good.

Coco is an Australian model who according to wikipedia.gov is a devout Jehovah's Witness an so there are some things that she will not do as a model like take nude shots, pics with cigarettes and or alcohol. I admire anyone who can keep their morals in check even in the spotlight. You don’t have to be vain to be a model, you can still be modest. I think she will raise her children with good moral values. She has made it clear that her faith comes before her career.

6 Jessie James Decker Names Her Son Forest

According to usmagazine.com on Saturday, March 31, 2018, Jessie James Decker and her husband Eric welcomed their third child to the family. Their son Forrest Bradley weighed 9 pounds. Their other two children are Vivianne Rose, 4 and Eric Jr., 2.

Jessie is a country pop singer-songwriter she married her husband Eric in 2013 who is a football player and is currently a free agent. It must be very hard at times to be a parent for people with such big careers.

These kids do have a lot going for them, they have a beautiful and talented mother and a handsome athletic father. Looking at this picture even after giving birth Jessie still looks so beautiful and her baby is so precious. As you can see they are having their tummy time which is a very important bonding time for mother and baby. It is also a good idea for dads to have some tummy time, it might not sound all that manly but that bonding with your child is important for both parents.

Maybe little Forrest will one day follow in his dad’s footsteps and start playing football along with his big brother Eric Jr. And then maybe we will be seeing Vivianne up on the stage.

5 Alec And Hilaria Baldwin

According to people.com Alec and Hilaria Baldwin welcomed their fourth child together with a boy named Romeo Alejandro David who was born on May 17, 2018. Romeo is their third son together, their other son’s names are, Leonardo Ángel Charles, aged 2, and Rafael Thomas, soon to be age 3. These three boys share their parents with a sister named, Carmen Gabriela who is 4.

Alec has a fifth child daughter named Ireland who is 22 years of age, whom he had with his ex-wife, actress Kim Basinger.

Hilaria said on an Instagram post, “I’m completely at peace with the fact that I WILL gain weight, cellulite WILL happen, my body NEEDS fat and rest in order to grow a healthy baby.” Something all pregnant women must go through but some women don’t handle it so well. She was a real trooper throughout her pregnancy.

I may be wrong but I would think that women who are in the spotlight find it much harder to handle the changes their bodies must go through much more than other women.

You can see how happy and proud they both are in this photo. It is one of the most enjoyable moments in a couple’s life.

4 Nicole Johnson And Michael Phelps

According to whattoexpect.com on February 13, 2018 Michael announced the birth of Beckett Richard, who is their second son. Michael commented, "We had a healthy baby boy and a healthy mama. I truly do feel like the happiest man in the world. Being able to build our family to now 4 (6 with doggies) is so incredible!"

Michael Phelps is an Olympic gold medalist he is actually retired competitive swimmer who has won an astounding 28 medals. Nichole is an American model. In 2010 she won the Miss California USA pageant.

They are more than likely going to have two very competitive and athletic children.

The look on mommy's face in this photo shows how proud she is of her little men, and the look on her older son’s face says he is so happy to be a big brother, and the baby just looks so peaceful.

Knowing who their daddy is I am pretty sure these boys will be learning to swim at an early age, and who knows maybe one day Nicole and Michael will have a girl that she can share fashion tips with. Whatever the case for right now you can see that they are a very happy family.

3 Bethany Hamilton's Family Grows By 1

According to Biography.com Bethany Hamilton is an extraordinary woman she is a professional surfer who even after losing an arm to a shark attack in 2003 she still managed to get back in the saddle so to speak and continue surfing. She started surfing at the young age of only 8. She was only 13 when her arm was bitten off by a shark. To get back onto a surfboard again is a great accomplishment in itself.

She had commented, "I was holding onto my board, with my thumb, because I probably didn't want to get pulled under. It was like pulling me back and forth, not like pulling me underwater. Just like, you know how you eat a piece of steak? It was kind of like that." Such a horrifying story.

Her autobiography Soul Surfer became a bestseller. She actually got back on her board only one month after the attack.

To get to the best news, Bethany and her husband Adam recently welcomed their second son to the family, little Wesley Phillip Dirks, who has an older brother named, Tobias. Bethany made the comment, "It’s been a beautiful time getting life started with the four of us. We are thankful to God for our two lil guys!!!” Congratulations guys.

2 Michelle Beisner - 2 Little Boys To Watch Sports With

Michelle Beisner and her husband Joe Buck shared the birth of their twins with Us Weekly on usmagazine.com. Joseph and Blake Andrew came into this world on April 26, 2018. Michelle works for ESPN as a feature reporter, and her husband, whom she had gotten married to in 2014, is a sportscaster. Michelle was born in 1976, which seems a little bit up there for having new babies, but definitely not too late.

I guess Joe will have two little boys to watch sports with now. Michelle was also a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos for six years, and for four years she was the squad’s captain. Besides being a reporter, she also does some acting.

Looking at the picture of her holding her twin boys, you can definitely see how very proud both her and her husband are. Double the birthdays, graduations, Christmas gifts, and everything else that goes along with raising twins. Maybe as they get older we will be seeing them on the television, because showbiz seems to love twins. Congratulations to the both of them, and hopefully they will be sharing many more picture with us, as time goes on and they reach important milestones in their lives.

1 Karla Souza Names Her Daughter Gianna

According to usmagazine.com on April 19, 2018, Karla and her husband Marshall welcomed their little baby girl to their family whom they named Gianna, which is a very beautiful name.

Up until now, she managed to keep her entire pregnancy a well-kept secret. She just recently announced the birth to the world.

According to imdb.com Karla was born in December 1986 in Mexico. She is an actress who played Laurel Castillo in,”How to Get Away With Murder.” She also played in,”The Noble Family,” and “Suave Patria.”

Karla and Marshall were married in May 2014. Gianna is the couple’s first child but hopefully not their last. Karla is fluent in three languages, French, Spanish, and English so I am kind of curious to know what language her child will learn as their primary language.

Her baby looks so peaceful in this photo, and Karla has a proud smile on her face. I believe that she will be such a good mother. Little Gianna really has a head full of hair. She will probably be beautiful just like her mamma. I get so sleepy looking at little babies resting, they are so adorable and so very precious. Congrats Karla and Marshall.  

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