Poor eggs! They’re good for you, then they’re bad for you, then they’re good for you again. Now, they are taboo for pregnant women?! In fact, this is one taboo that crosses multiple cultures and countries. In the United States, raw eggs (due to salmonella risk) are on the no-no

list so that means mom says no way to homemade mayo and virgin eggnog. But what about eggs in general?

While some cultures (such as certain groups in Indonesia) have pregnant women avoid eggs altogether to avoid making their babies “chicken” or wimpy, it’s actually not a big deal to eat an egg… so long as it is cooked. On the other hand, overdue women in the Philippians are told to eat one raw egg to help “lubricate the birth canal.”

So what’s the verdict? Overall, studies are showing that egg consumption is perfectly A-ok, just make sure you have fresh eggs and that you cook them properly.

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