13Just Say No To A Drink, Right?

drinking wine

For wine lovers, swearing off that nightly glass of wine can really throw a wrench in that whole evening relaxation routine. Alcohol of any sort is one of the most well-known food taboos when it comes to pregnancy. In fact, every bottle of alcohol in the United States carries

with it the Surgeon General’s warning against drinking while pregnant. Take one glance at the label, and you’ll quickly be okay with forfeiting the craft beer or that martini – birth defects? Yikes!

But alcohol isn’t taboo everywhere, which can be quite surprising since its one of the BIGGEST taboos in our country. Other cultures actually encourage a little drinking for moms-to-be. Wait, what?! France and Denmark are two of the leaders who encourage a sip of alcohol. French doctors stress the importance of moderation but tout the benefits of a glass of red wine.

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