15Sashay Over To The Sushi And Sashimi

This is one taboo food that is really hard for me to give up. I get sushi cravings like other moms crave Ben & Jerry’s. Okay, fine, I crave that too. But do I really need to pass on the Crunchy Unagi Rolls? The Tempura Rolls? Scallop Sashimi?

Japanese moms still

eat sushi. Why? What is different about their sushi? In an article that explored the prevalence of expectant moms dining on sushi in Japan, one reporter found this gem: “In Japan, eating raw fish is considered part of good neonatal nutrition.” Note: neonatal nutrition refers to the baby’s health…aka in Japan eating sushi is considering healthy for mom and baby.

But here’s a key factor in their sushi consumption. Sushi is not just slapping together some rice and fish; it is an art form. Sushi in Japan is fresh (hello, ocean!), of the highest quality, and prepared by sushi chefs who dedicate their lives to the art form. While I wouldn’t dine on grocery-store sushi while pregnant, I wouldn’t think twice about eating it fresh from a reputable source. Just check your fish, and abstain from any high mercury fish while preggo. As always, ask your doctor if you have questions!

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