15 Foods That Are Allowed In The Beckham Home (And 5 Victoria Actually Eats)

Victoria Beckham, or the artist formerly known as Posh Spice, has become known as much for her lithe and trim frame as she has for her success as a fashion designer.

Beckham, who rose to fame as one fifth of the popular British pop group The Spice Girls has gone on to become even more famous as a fashion designer. The woman behind her own brand has appeared in numerous fashion magazines and hosted her own fashion week shows, and she always looks model thin when doing it.

There has been a lot of chatter over the years about VB's diet, and more specifically what she won't eat to maintain her tiny frame. She seems to have a good sense of humor about it, even joking about what she will and won't eat. But while Beckham is super strict with her own diet, she's also the mother of four growing children. Many have often wondered if Victoria is as strict with her children's diet as she is with her own.

After all, kids need to eat more fats and carbs as they're growing to ensure proper development, and it doesn't appear that VB eats much of those at all!

So what are the Beckham kids allowed to eat, and do they have to follow a strict diet plan like their mom? You may be surprised at just what the Beckham kids are allowed eat.

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20 For The Kids - Big Mac Attacks!


No matter how much money you have to eat at the fanciest restaurants, or how famous you are that you can get a reservation anywhere you'd like, sometimes it's just gotta be McD's! There is just something incredibly satisfying about eating a Big Mac when that craving hits.

While the family seems uber healthy, it appears that the Beckham's also enjoy the odd meal from Mc'Ds.

After all, they are a pretty typical family. Cruz posted this picture of a Mac Jr., Big Mac and Grand Big Mac all from McDonald's with the caption, "WOW me and dad can’t decide what to eat first." Looks like it was cheat day for David and Cruz's lucky day.

While David himself looks like he hardly ever would indulge in fast foot like McDonald's it seems that he and his son couldn't wait to dig in. The big question is, what did Cruz decide to eat first?

Just last year a McDonald's manager in the UK spotted David at the drive-thru and was lucky enough to get a picture with the famous Brit. He also revealed that David, who was alone, ordered a Big Mac meal with two cheeseburgers. Maybe Cruz won't be getting much of that haul!

19 For The Kids - An Apple Crisp Or Two


While you may think that the children of a woman who works out for two hours before most of us are even out of bed and who watches her diet religiously wouldn't be the type to indulge in dessert at restaurants, you'd be wrong. Victoria may run three miles a day and then work out with a personal trainer for another hour to keep her famously fit figure, but her kids are young and obviously love good food.

In fact, it seems that the Beckham children are exposed to so many different restaurants and cuisines that they absolutely love trying some of the amazing desserts that these restaurants have to offer. "Best apple crisp with caramel and crème ever @oldplace it was amazing," the teen wrote of the delicious looking dessert on his Instagram page.

Cruz Beckham once again posted this picture of this incredibly amazing looking apple crisp he ordered during a visit to California's The Old Place restaurant, and our mouths are watering simply staring at the picture.

It seems the Beckham kids know the importance of indulging in a sweet treat, even if it's only once and a while. After all, just because their mom won't be eating it doesn't mean they need to deprive themselves.

18 For Herself - Sprouted Grain Cereal


While breakfast in many houses consists of whatever cereal you may happen to have on the shelf, Victoria Beckham prefers a sprouted grain cereal. Victoria posted a picture of her healthy cereal, Ezekiel 4:9 sprouted grain and seed cereal and captioned it writing, “perfect with organic unsweetened almond milk.”

And just in case you were wondering if the kids ate the same sprouted grain cereal or if they indulged in something else, VB assured her fans that her kids enjoyed it just as much as she does.

'Yes! The kids do like it too!" she wrote on a picture of the breakfast just so everyone knows that it actually tastes good and that she's not forcing her kids to eat cardboard.Victoria is very strict with her diet and watches everything she eats, so you know that this must be pretty healthy and calorie conscious if she's eating it.

While I'm still not convinced that sprouted grain cereal is delicious enough to get me to convert, the plate of raspberries and blackberries beside it look like they'd add a nice bit of flavor as well.

For someone who rarely posts pictures of her meals, it's refreshing to see that Victoria does actually eat!

17 For The Kids - Bubble Tea


Once again, Cruz Beckham is giving us a glimpse into what the Beckham kids like to indulge in. Last summer the teen posted a picture of himself and an empty Bubbleology glass with the caption, "Summertime bubbleology."

It must have been pretty amazing too, because he drank it all. Bubbleology is a UK based company that specializes in bubble tea. Bubble tea is a flavored fruity tea typically served on ice that has tapioca balls on the bottom that you often slurp up through the extra large straw. The company offers an infinite variety of flavors that you can even customize yourself. The drink, which originated in Taiwan, is quickly growing in popularity and it seems that even celeb kids love it too.

While Victoria probably doesn't indulge in bubble tea, she is a fan of tea in general.

After all, she is British. In an interview with In Style Magazine, she shared her favorite spot for afternoon tea. Not surprisingly, afternoon tea for VB is a very 'posh' affair. “Afternoon tea at the Ritz is quite posh. They give you little sandwiches and they cut the crusts off.”

That definitely sounds like something Victoria would enjoy, but her kids seem quite happy with their Bubbleology.

16 For The Kids - Spoonfuls Of Nutella


Everyone loves a good pizza, but who says you need pepperoni to make a pizza? Not Romeo Beckham. The teenager took to his Instagram page to post this most unconventional but delicious-looking pizza.

Captioning the pic, 'my hidden talent' before adding in two pizza emojis, the middle son of the Beckham clan shared his tasty creation. It seems Romeo topped a pizza crust with a healthy layer of Nutella and finished it off with sliced bananas on top. How yummy does that look?

Once again Romeo is showing us that he's no slouch in the kitchen, either. It seems the budding model shares his father's love of cooking and creating when it comes to food. Who could blame him for the amazing kitchen in their lavish home that reportedly just underwent an $8 million renovation? It's refreshing to see children of celebrities who know how to do simple things like cook for themselves when so many others act spoiled.

The Beckham kids seem to be the furthest from spoiled of any celebrity kids I've ever seen and it's nice to see they're willing to experiment in the kitchen. Looks like Romeo is the one Beckham kid you want making your after-school snacks for you.

15 For The Kids - Rainbow Bagels


You'd never know it by looking at their mom, but those Beckham kids are totally allowed to eat carbs! Just because Victoria Beckham is incredibly strict with her own diet doesn't mean she forces her kids to follow it. After all, she knows she has four grown children who are active and busy and are constantly on the go. The designer is definitely known for stocking her house with healthy meals and snacks, but her kids are allowed to indulge like anyone else.

Cruz Beckham, Victoria, and David Beckham's 13-year-old son, recently took to his Instagram page to post a picture of himself doing just that — indulging in a carb-loaded treat!

Cruz posted a picture of himself looking a bit nervous as he bit into a rainbow bagel that looked to be covered with cream cheese. While Victoria Beckham would no doubt never be caught eating that many calories in one sitting, young Cruz definitely looks to be enjoying it.

Rainbow bagels became a hit a few years back when they were first introduced in a bagel shop in Brooklyn, NY, and it seems that even celebrity kids can't resist the appeal of giving it a try.

14 For Herself - Apple Cider Vinegar


Lately, we've been hearing of a lot of celebrities who start off their day with a shot or two of apple cider vinegar.

Kourtney Kardashian professes to drink it every morning to kickstart her day, and now Victoria Beckham has taken up the habit.

Posting a picture on her Instagram account with the caption, 'Be brave! Two tbsp first thing on an empty tummy!" Some say that apple cider vinegar helps with weight loss and weight management because it can help reduce your sugar cravings. Still, Beckham does realize that she's lucky to be able to eat the way she does because of her fame.

“I’m in the fortunate position where it’s easy for me. I can afford to eat well,”she told the Sunday Times. “I expect a lot from my body… and I’m never sick. You have to be kind to your body if you expect a lot from it.”

And VB does expect a lot from her body. From daily 2 hour workouts to endless hours working to being a mom to four busy kids, it's no surprise that she does everything she can to be the healthiest person she can be.

13 For The Kids - Uni Shots


While the Beckham kids seem like every other normal kid with their love of bagels and burgers, they also have a bit of an adventurous side when it comes to eating as well. While it's like pulling teeth to get some kids to put barbecue sauce on something, the Beckham kids are downing Uni Shots!

David Beckham proudly shared this picture of him and son Cruz as they get ready to do Cruz's first uni shot. Before you think that Cruz is downing his first shot glass of alcohol, there's nothing illegal about a uni shot. If you're wondering what that is, it sounds as disgusting as it looks. The uni shot typically consists of raw quail egg, tabasco, fish roe, oyster, green onions and sesame seeds and looks more like something you need to chew than simply chug back in a shot glass.

Still, Cruz was adventurous enough to give it a try, although as his dad wrote on Instagram that "maybe first and last Uni shot," for young Cruz! You have to love that he was willing to give it a try with his dad, even if it does look and sound totally disgusting. Something tells me his mom would never give this a try.

12 For The Kids - Five Guys


I don't know about you, but one of my favorite places to go when I'm craving a burger and I really want to indulge is Five Guys. There's just something about their delicious burgers made to order just how you like it and their seemingly endless containers of fries that just scream 'cheat day' to me! Don't even get me started on the endless peanuts placed at the front of the restaurant that my kids can't seem to stop eating.

It seems like I'm not alone there, either! While I'm pretty sure Victoria Beckham wouldn't be caught dead ordering herself a single with bacon and cheese, it's nice to see she has no problem with her kids indulging every once and a while.

Teenager Cruz, who seems to really enjoy Five Guys sodas as well, posted this picture of himself at the famous fast food chain and tagged brothers Brooklyn and Romeo as well as mom Victoria and dad David. We're assuming sister Harper wasn't tagged because she doesn't have Instagram, not that she wasn't along for the tasty treat!

It's nice to see that while they can afford the best restaurants with the best chefs, the Beckhams seem to enjoy family time together the most, no matter where they are. And sometimes even the super rich just need a good old burger sometimes.

11 For Herself - Fish And Lots Of It


Victoria Beckham doesn't hide the fact that she is on a very strict diet, and part of that includes eating fish every single day. We all know eating lean fish is great for your diet and health, but Victoria says she started eating to much fish more for the benefit of her skin than for her slim figure.

I see a dermatologist in LA, called Dr. Harold Lancer, who is incredible,” Beckham said, explaining why she eats so much fish. “I’ve known him for years—he sorted my skin out. I used to have really problematic skin and he said to me, ‘You have to eat salmon every single day,’” she told The Edit. “I said, ‘Really, every day?’ And he said, ‘Yes. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, you have to eat it every single day.’”

She's also admitted that she's a big fan of sushi and that she and her family often enjoy sushi dinners together.

Clearly, all that healthy eating has paid off because her skin is flawless and she looks amazing. It must take a lot of discipline to eat fish at least once a day, although when you can afford to have professional chefs preparing it for you I'm sure it's much easier!

10 For The Kids - Carbs And Tomato Sauce


While it's highly unlikely that Victoria Beckham is sitting down with her kids for a nice big pasta meal, it doesn't mean that her kids don't love the Italian dish.

Romeo Beckham, Victoria's middle son, showcased his cooking skills on Instagram, posting a picture of his freshly made pasta shells in sauce. Again, Romeo tagged celebrity chef and family friend Gordon Ramsay in the picture. Perhaps he used a Ramsay recipe or maybe he's just hoping that the chef will dish out one of his signature insults on the teenager?

It's impressive that Victoria Beckham not only encourages her kids to have a healthy appreciation of all food, but that she also encourages them to experiment in the kitchen. It's not surprising though given how much Romeo's dad, David likes to cook.

David even once participated in a cook-off with Gordon where the duo both had to cook their own risotto dishes before being judged. While Gordon just beat out David, it was clear from watching him cook that he enjoys his time in the kitchen. Looks like that's rubbed off on his kids, too. You have to love kids who are learning life skill like cooking even when they have two of the most famous parents in the world!

9 For The Kids - Misspelled Starbucks


If you've ever gone to Starbucks there's a chance your name was spelled wrong on your cup. Sometimes it's by accident and sometimes the baristas do it on purpose. Cruz Beckham proves that just because he's the offspring of two very famous people he's still going to get his name spelled wrong at Starbucks! Posh and David's son posted a picture of his holiday hot chocolate (nice red cup!) but couldn't help but point out that the barista had spelled his name wrong. Writing 'Cruise' instead of 'Cruz' you can basically forgive that mistake!

Mom Victoria Beckham is also a Starbucks fan, as son Romeo posted this picture of his mother's unmistakable drink on Insta.

We're not sure if there are a big Spice Girls fan out there working as a Starbucks barista or if Victoria herself likes to call herself Posh sometimes, just to reminisce, but we love that her Starbucks drink is labelled Posh!

It's not surprising the Beckham kids are fans of the popular coffee chain. It seems that everyone else has their go to drink at Starbucks. I'm a fan of the hot vanilla chai tea latte, but at almost $5 for a venti, I rarely order one for myself. The benefit of being a child of celebrities is that they can order Starbucks whenever they want.

8 For The Kids - Breakfast Pancakes

Via: Daily Express

It's nice to see that even the rich and famous look forward to pancake day! David Beckham showed that he's not just a pretty face and famous soccer player when he showed off his cooking skills in the kitchen on Shrove Tuesday, more commonly known as pancake day.

The professional athlete put his superior pancake flipping moves on display as he prepared breakfast for his kids to celebrate the kick off of Lent. It's pretty obvious that he knows his way around the kitchen too with that impressive pancake flip.

And while wife Victoria will not be indulging in the deliciousness that is pancake day, David certainly seems to be looking forward to making them for his kids.

David even tagged celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay in his video too. Maybe he was looking for feedback on his pancake flipping technique, or maybe Gordon provided the recipe? The two families are quite close so there's no doubt that Ramsay will have some pointers to pass along.

Personally, we think Beckham has some serious skills in the pancake flipping department and we're pretty sure his kids think so too. This isn't the first time he's posted pictures and video of him making pancakes and he's even posted a video of son Brooklyn giving it a try as well. Needless to say, it seems dad David still makes the best pancakes.

7 For Herself - A Glass Or Two

Victoria Beckham may not drink a lot, but she's definitely not a teetotaler. The mother of four enjoys imbibing on the odd occasion, sharing a glass or even a bottle of wine on the right occasion.

For the woman who is uber aware of everything she puts in her body, she does enjoy relaxing with a nice glass of wine. Just a few months ago, the fashion designer was Snapchatting away on a date night with her husband, posting pictures of three empty red wine bottles.

Not only did the couple seem to have a fantastic time, but they didn't cheap out on the wine either! The Daily Mail estimates that the cost of all three bottles combined was over $2 thousand! However, I guess if you have the kind of money the Beckham's do, you should definitely enjoy all the things in life that you can afford.

While Victoria does enjoy the odd glass of wine, it was recently rumored that she had taken to chewing coffee beans instead of imbibing on nights out to avoid those nasty hangovers and no doubt the calories that come with a few glasses of win.

6 For The Kids - Pizza!

Via: Metro & Daily Mail

While I love a good burger on cheat day, my absolute most favorite indulgence meal of all time is pizza. I love pizza, especially handmade, hand-tossed fire baked oven pizza. Needless to say, I'm extremely jealous of Cruz Beckham here!

Not only do the Beckham kids have healthy appetites and are adventurous eaters, they also love to participate in making their own food as well any chance they get. It's just one of the perks of being the children of two of the most famous people in the world! David posted this photo of Cruz getting to make his very own pizza pie at the infamous Lucali restaurant in Brooklyn.

While mom Victoria probably doesn't eat pizza, she did react last year to a tasteless ad for a restaurant selling pizza with its own “Victoria Beckham Thin Crust” stating it's “only 2 mm thin!!” The ad featured a picture of a gaunt drawn Beckham wearing a bikini and a sash that said 'Anorexic Fashion Icon.'

It is highly inappropriate to trivialize such a disorder, and defamatory to be so thoughtless with a person’s reputation in this way, therefore we are seeking legal advice,” a spokesperson for Beckham told Fox News at the time.

5 For The Kids - Let Them Eat Cake!


Victoria Beckham may not eat cake herself, but she sure knows how to make her kids birthdays special.

The Beckham family really seem to be a close-knit crew, and birthdays always seem like a big deal. Victoria and David and their kids all take to social media to wish each other a happy birthday on their special day, and often go out of their way to surprise each other.

Victoria also seems to go all out on the birthday cakes, even though we all know she doesn't eat any of it.

Cruz, who often posts videos of himself singing and strumming on the guitar on social media posted this sweet shot of him and his buddies in front of his guitar-shaped birthday cake.

Big brother Brooklyn also got the custom cake treatment with this amazing cake that looks so much like a camera it's hard to believe it's edible.

The mother of four has posted many cake pictures in the past for her parents and her in-laws that are always incredibly spectacular. It's a shame she doesn't eat the cake, but she certainly goes all out to ensure her family has a birthday cake made just for them.


4 For The Kids - I Want Candy


While I could never in a million years imagine Victoria Beckham sitting down and eating a Halloween sized snickers bar or a tiny bag of M&M's as a snack, it's nice to see she gives her kids full reign when it comes to their own Halloween treats!

Young Cruz posted this picture of himself literally surrounded by candy, including mini Snickers and Kit Kat bars, Reese Peanut Butter Cups and mini M&M's along with lots of individually wrapped gumballs in what I can only assume was his Halloween haul. I have to admit, it's making my sweet tooth crave a sweet treat of its own.

I think it's great that even though Victoria is super disciplined with her own diet that she's fine to let her kids enjoy a sugar-filled holiday like Halloween. I know lots of parents who have the 'switch witch' who brings their child a toy or gift in exchange for all their candy after Halloween and the influx of candy that it brings.

Looks like Cruz had enough candy to last him a good long time. I wonder if he shares it with his siblings or hides it like my kids do!?

3 For Herself - Giving A New Meaning To 'Fruit Cake'

Via: Mirror

While most of us look forward to indulging in a nice piece of cake for our birthday, Posh does nothing of the sort. In fact, her birthday cake this year consisted of a watermelon cut in to the shape of a cake, topped with strawberries and blueberries and surrounded by more berries. It definitely looks delicious, but I don't want to live in a world where I can't have a piece of cake on my birthday! She doesn't even indulge in a bit of carb on her birthday.

VB is a big fan of fruit, and it's rumored that she often freezes grapes so she has them on hand as a quick snack and a great way to curb cravings, which is a great idea, but who doesn't want to indulge in at least the tiniest sliver of cake on their birthday?

This isn't the first time Victoria has shared a picture of her 'fruitcake' for her birthday either. She is notorious for indulging in a large plate of fruit for her birthday instead of a traditional cake. I guess it's all about what makes you happy, and Victoria clearly looks happy and healthy!

2 For The Kids - Afternoon Tea And Treats


Now this is my kind of afternoon tea! We all know the British love their afternoon tea, but I had no idea that afternoon tea involved this kind of deliciousness. Romeo posted this picture of a very yummy looking red velvet cake alongside a scrumptious looking chocolate croissant on his Instagram page. He captioned the picture, 'treating Nanny with afternoon tea.'

We all know that Victoria is a fan of afternoon tea, with The Ritz being her favorite place to indulge, but something tells me that she's not sitting down and devouring a hearty slice of red velvet cake like Romeo appears to be doing here. That's a shame because that cake certainly looks delicious.

Not only is it so sweet that her boys also enjoy afternoon tea, it's even sweetened that they're spending time with their Grandmother at the same time.

Afternoon tea is a thing in the Beckham family. For daughter Harper's 6th birthday her father took her to Buckingham Palace to enjoy tea with Princess Eugenie. While tea and scones (and various other treats) seem to be the norm for afternoon tea, something tells us that Victoria skips the scones and just goes straight for the tea.

1 For The Kids - The Traditional Meal


It's no surprise that Victoria Beckham lets her kids indulge in the British traditional meal of pie and mash given how much David is a fan. The pro athlete has instagrammed pictures of him and his kids eating pie and mashed numerous times over the years, with David even enjoying the traditional jellied eels that were once a mainstay of the dish.

The meal, which consists typically of a mutton filled pie with a side of mashed potatoes, is one of David's favorites, with him writing that it reminds him of his grandfather. It is however definitely not diet conscious so we know that Victoria is not joining David when he decides he needs a taste to remind him of his childhood.

Fortunately, his kids all seem to enjoy pie and mash just as much as their dad and he often snaps pics of himself and them together enjoying their meals.

Victoria Beckham may not indulge in any of the items on this list so far, but that doesn't mean she lives on air! The former Spice Girl admits that she doesn't deprive herself, she's just very controlled with what she eats and she likes to be as healthy as possible.

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