14Onions Make Mom And Baby OD On Probiotics

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Ohhhh, onion rings - one of my favorite foods! I ate a lot of these when I was breastfeeding. I was so busy counting calories and ensuring I was getting enough, but I didn't realize these crispy rings could have been contributing to my sweet baby's messed up tummy.

Onions contain

high levels of fructans (which are actually considered to be a probiotic) and fiber. Eating too many onions can even cause an upset tummy for Mom as well. In moderation, onions are perfectly fine for your diet and your stomach, but breastfeeding mothers should be aware that whether you pop these in your casserole, deep fryer, or make your onion bloom, this potent (and delicious!) veggie might just be the culprit to your baby's gassy gut. Try cutting back if you are an onion ring fanatic like me, and see if that makes a difference.

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