13Baby Can't Break Down Garlic

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Garlic contains a lot of starches that the body has a hard time digesting and breaking down. Not to mention the change of taste it brings to your baby's palette! Some babies really like the taste, while others simply aren't big fans. Garlic is actually believed to be a galactagogue, meaning

it can help increase your supply and output of breastmilk. That's really great news for mamas with a dwindling supply!

Babies that do not tolerate it so well resemble colic-like symptoms, so you should keep an eye out for this type of behavior when breastfeeding after eating dishes that contain garlic. Remember that, depending on your body and metabolism, the food you consume can take as little as one hour, or as many as 24 hours, to reach your breastmilk and your baby's tummy.

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