15 Foods Babies Go Crazy For In Mom's Stomach

The one thing you want to do when you are pregnant is to eat well, and to make sure that whatever you are eating is nutritious and will not cause any kind of harm to your unborn baby- as well as to you! Not to mention, some foods will either make you sick or you will develop an aversion to it during pregnancy.

Before you start eating just anything you feel like, during pregnancy, you need to consult a nutritionist or dietician to make sure that the particular food you want is safe to eat.

For instance, some foods that are good for you may not be good for your unborn baby. For instance, feta cheese may be good for you as it has a great concentration of calcium. However, it is not recommended to be eaten during pregnancy because feta cheese may contain a type of bacteria called listeria, which can cause death to the unborn baby! This is why it is important to ask professionals about what foods are safe to eat, and what is not.

However, one you already have a good idea of what to feed yourself and your unborn baby, you will notice that your baby will kick around and do flip-flops in the womb after eating something! Most of the time that is a great sign because it means the baby loves it. However, just because the baby goes nuts over something you eat doesn't mean it is necessarily helpful either. Let's talk more in detail about the 15 foods that babies go crazy for in the womb!

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15 Chocolates And Other Sweets 

Whenever you are munching on that chocolate bar, gummy bears or gummy worms- or gummy whatever, sour sticks, caramels, and the list goes on- not only do you feel that momentary elation while chewing on that candy but your unborn baby will be feeling the same. You will notice that he or she will be doing jumping jacks once that candy that you are enjoying goes through that cord! You will be feeling all of those flutters, kicks, and punches once it hits your unborn baby.

That being said, if you are concerned about the fact that your baby is not moving much especially towards the end, you can have a piece of chocolate or candy to get the movements going again. Just be very careful not to overdo it. Chocolate has caffeine which must be limited as it is, as well as sugar along with the other candies. There are trans fats and artificial colors as well. Too much of that is not good for the baby, and you will want to keep your blood glucose levels in check as well. Moderation is the key to everything!

14 Any Kind Of Fruit Juice

If you have a glass of orange, grape, apple or grapefruit juice during breakfast and you have been noticing that your unborn baby is doing gymnastics quite a bit after- then that means he or she is loving that juice that you drank.

If you are going to drink juice whether what kind of fruit it is from, it is best to drink the most natural ones and not to touch those that are filled with artificial flavors, coloring as well as sugar. Natural juices have great nutrients as well as minerals which is good for you as well as your growing baby. And your baby loves it too! However, bear in mind that even the most natural and organic juices have plenty of sugar. So that being said, don’t overdo it with the juice. However, it is great to drink for breakfast because it provides the energy you and your baby need.

However, if you want to reassure yourself that your baby is only sleeping when there is less activity, go and grab a juice and get some into you. That will wake your baby up and give you the reassurance you need.

13 Throw Some Spice On It!

If you are going out for Mexican, Chinese, Korean or Thai food, you will know that many dishes that are part of those cuisines are quite spicy. That means if you ended up eating a spicy Pad Thai or Chicken Enchilada dish and you noticed that your unborn baby has been doing all kinds of punches and kicks after or even during your dinner- that is because the spice is making your baby move like crazy.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having spicy food at all while you are pregnant. However, if you are not used to eating foods that have that kind of zing to it, it may make you very uncomfortable and cause you to have one rough night suffering from heartburn.

It is said if you eat spicy food towards the end of the pregnancy, it can possibly cause the onset of labor by stimulating the digestive system, but there is no clear evidence of that.

12 A Banana A Day...

If you love bananas, keep eating them because your unborn baby does too- and bananas are a fantastic source of nutrients and minerals to help you stay healthy during your pregnancy, and will help your unborn baby grow and develop.

In fact, when I was pregnant with my daughter many years ago, I would get up at 3 am and eat a banana! She was active for a long time after so I wasn’t able to go back to sleep, but it was a craving I had during that time. Bananas are rich in potassium and fiber which is required by your body to function. There is also plenty of folate which the baby needs as well, Vitamins A, B6 and C, protein and iron. The amount of Vitamin A in bananas is safe to consume while pregnant so there is no need to worry about that.

However, bananas are also higher in calories than many other fruits because there is a higher sugar content. Even though it is a great snack to have while pregnant, it must be eaten in moderation due to the sugar it contains.

11 Ever Try Cinnamon On Toast?

When women were talking about their pregnancies on these forums, many of them said that if they had cinnamon on toast, their unborn babies would love it too. They would go crazy once they were hit with the cinnamon.

Cinnamon has that special zing, so it is not a surprise that the baby would go nuts once cinnamon would cross his or her path! In fact, cinnamon is one of the most delicious and healthiest spices in the world.

It can help reduce blood sugar levels which is important to know because blood sugar levels in pregnancy can change easily. It is important to keep it regulated. It also helps the cardiovascular system stay healthy among other great health benefits.

However, keep in mind that even though eating moderate amounts of cinnamon while pregnant is completely safe, it is not recommended to use cinnamon bark supplements as well as essential oils with the spice.

10 Freezie Pops Will Get The Baby To Kick

Just like ice water, the freezie pop will not only cool you down but will get your unborn little one kicking around. That is because you are adding sugar to the ice which will get your baby to move around even more.

If it is a hot summer day and you are in the mood to have something sweet, then why not enjoy that freezie? Your baby will certainly enjoy it too and you will know that is true based on his or her sudden increase in activity in the womb.

Just bear in mind that like most foods, to only enjoy freezies in moderation. They are filled with sugar as well as artificial coloring which not great for your unborn baby. But a little here and there will not do a thing. So if you rarely eat freezies and you are craving one, then by all means enjoy. Your little one in the womb will too.

9 Who Doesn't Love Pasta With Marinara Sauce?

If you were enjoying that pizza, spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs, or linguini with marinara sauce- and you felt your unborn baby jumping around like crazy while you were eating it or after- that is because your baby loves it!

Tomato sauce is highly acidic and has sugar, so that is why it will cause your unborn baby to move around like crazy. Alfredo and pesto sauces are not so acidic, and the baby may not react too much to those sauces.

Even though there are some good nutrients that come from these sauces such as Vitamin C, the canned ones are more acidic than the natural ones. Though since tomatoes are naturally acidic, the unborn baby would still go nuts over natural sauces as well. Just bear in mind don’t overdo it because it can cause major heartburn, and the sugar content is also high in these sauces.

8 A Handful Of Grapes

Grapes are naturally sweet, and they taste great. So it would not be a shock to know that whenever many women on discussion forums spoke about the foods that they had eaten which made their unborn babies move- grapes was a common answer.

They didn’t seem to specify whether the grapes were green or red. Consuming just a few grapes was enough to cause the baby throw a few punches and kicks in the womb.

Grapes have some excellent nutrients and minerals such as beta-carotene, lutein, copper, Vitamin B2 and K. Therefore, grapes are a great snack because your growing baby needs that important stuff to grow and develop properly. However, like most of the other foods listed that also caused the baby to flip around- grapes in large quantities have a lot of sugar. So just be careful not to eat too many.

However, if your baby is quiet and you want to make sure that he or she is fine, eat a few grapes and that will wake the baby up!

7 Pepsi, Sprite, And Everything Nice

Soda is full of carbonated water, and regular pop is full of sugar. Colas are also highly concentrated in caffeine. As a result, with all of this combined, if you drink it, your unborn baby will be woken up and will start to kick. Even if you drink Sprite or 7-Up which doesn’t have caffeine, but it has the sugar is composed of carbonated water. And even if you drink diet soda which lacks sugar, the fizz still gets your baby moving.

However, drinking soda is not the best idea during pregnancy. Carbonated water like club soda is fine, but these sugary drinks or even the diet ones that are filled with artificial sweetener are not recommended. It won’t help you and it certainly will not be the best thing for your unborn baby. Now that doesn’t mean if you have been drinking a lot of soda and you are pregnant that you need to panic. Chances are your baby is fine unless you have been drinking it all day and all night which no one would even want to do! However, it is best to be aware.

If you are concerned about your baby’s inactivity and you want to wake your baby up, you are better off with having some candy or drinking juice than soda.

6 Did Someone Say Lasagna?

Many women have stated on message forums that whenever they have eaten lasagna while they were pregnant, it got their babies excited and kicking up a storm. It really is no surprise. Of course, there are different types of lasagna and none of these women specified the type that they had eaten which got their babies to become active. But regardless of whether the lasagna was meat-filled or vegetarian, you have the tomato sauce on there which was already discussed previously as being the reason why babies go nuts! Perhaps the cheese and if there is meat involved may be contributors as well, since those are filled with protein and energy.

You also have the layers of pasta that are made with carbs, which ends up turning into sugar. Therefore, those two combined alone will get the baby active and move. So if you are pregnant and decide to have lasagna for dinner, expect your baby to kick up a storm later on.

5 Mangos Are A Must During Pregnancy

Lots of women who talked about what foods they had eaten which had caused their babies to dance around in the womb, mango was one of the top foods that they reported to have that effect on the baby on forums.

Mango has a strong zing, and it is also rich in amazing nutrients and minerals such as a safe amount of Vitamin A, B6, C, potassium, and folic acid- which is needed during pregnancy especially. There is also fiber in mango, so that is a must during pregnancy, or not! It helps keep the system going and flowing.

Just keep in mind that mangoes should be eaten in moderation because they are loaded with sugar which is also the reason that the baby loves it so much. Like it has been said before, moderation is the key to everything. Mangoes are a great fruit to enjoy during breakfast since you will need the energy that they provide for the day.

4 ... And Don't Forget The Pineapples!

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If you are craving a sweet snack, and you decide to munch on a piece or two of pineapple, and your little bun in your oven is kicking up a storm- that is because pineapple is one of those foods that get your baby going. Pineapple is one of the sweetest fruits around, and that is really no wonder, and it is filled with many nutrients as well.

Pineapple is a great snack to grab and take some of you have a craving for it. It is an excellent source of Vitamin B1, B6 and C. It is a great source of manganese, copper, potassium, fiber, folic acid, and pantothenic acid. In other words, it is a highly nutritious snack and your baby loves it too. But don’t eat too much of it. That is because this fruit is high in sugar even though it is packed with other great nutrients.

The sugar is likely the ingredient that is getting your baby going. So, therefore, enjoy within moderation and if you want to wake your baby up, then having a slice of pineapple is the way to get that to happen.

3 Who Can Say No To Burgers?


I have to say that when women on discussion forums were asking one another about what foods they ate that got their babies moving, burgers was a common answer. I have to say this one surprised me quite a bit. And from my own experience, I don’t remember my kids going nuts over burgers when I ate when I was pregnant with them.

However, again, these women were not specific about the type of burgers that they had eaten which got their unborn babies throwing punches and kicks in the womb. Was it a cheeseburger, or a bacon-cheeseburger? Was it spicy? Or maybe in some cases, the burger by itself did it. It also depends on what ingredients were used in the patties.

However, the hamburger bun is filled with carbs. Therefore, the babies probably reacted more to that than they did to the burgers themselves. It is difficult to say for sure. However, that is my thought.

2 Fruit Smoothies Are A Must

When questions about what foods make babies go nuts were asked on different forums, fruit smoothies were a common answer. The type of smoothie, however, was not specified on any. But the fact is that any fruit smoothie is packed with nutrients, is sweet, and that is because there is some sugar in them. Some have more sugar than others, and that would also depend on the type of smoothie as well.

That being said, due to the nutrients and the fact these smoothies are sweet, it is not a surprise that babies in mom’s womb become active once it starts getting over to them. Smoothies are a great breakfast meal, especially if you are pressed for time because they are quick and easy to make. And the great thing about smoothies is that you can drink them on the go. So keep enjoying those smoothies for breakfast, and your baby will too!

1 Ice, Ice Baby!

During pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimester, you will be really hot no matter what season it was! I remember when I was heavily pregnant with my daughter, I took walks at night without my winter coat on in January and in February! I was comfortable without it. Therefore, you may find if you drink some ice water to cool down- especially if you are heavily pregnant in the summer which I have never been, your baby could all of a sudden start punching and kicking you like mad.

Imagine being tired and deciding to take a cold shower to wake you up, well that sure will! But don’t worry, your unborn baby is not feeling any kind of discomfort like you would if you were to take a cold shower! The point is that the sudden chill will get anyone active! And keep drinking that water because you and your baby need it to stay hydrated and keep things circulating. It is the best thing to drink!

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