15 Fun Reasons All Moms-to-be Love The Nesting Phase

There is an amazing thing that occurs with pregnancy, nesting. Nesting is the overwhelming desire to get the “nest”, also known as the mom-to-be's home and the baby's nursery, all clean and ready for the little one's arrival. It is usually prevalent later on during pregnancy, often in the third trimester, when baby is closer to being born. However, it can be felt by an expecting mother at any time during pregnancy.

Old wive's tales used to believe that when the nesting instinct was felt in incredible terms, that meant that labor was to begin shortly. This theory might make a little sense, but it is not accurate. Sure, labor could start if a woman is feeling the need to nest in week forty, but just because she feels it does not indicate that she should start packing the overnight bag and head to the hospital. It is a feeling to embrace, and one every mother-to-be can give in to!

Nesting is a feeling that sometimes overcomes some expecting mothers. They must get every inch of the room spotlessly clean, put together every single baby item with care and precision, and wash each adorable baby outfit, not to mention sheets, blankets, washcloths and more!

It can overtake other priorities that may require the future mother's attention, such as doing other family member's laundry, washing dishes (that won't be used by the baby), and other household work.

Nesting is certainly not a bad thing, it is instinctual. Think of the mom-to-be as the mother hen. She is preparing the nest for baby bird's arrival. It is human nature, something deep inside all expecting mothers, that causes this nesting phenomenon. Most mothers love the feeling too, it is nature's way of saying, get ready... baby is almost here! Read on for reasons why future moms love to nest.

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15 That Closet Really Needed To Be Cleaned Out

Pregnant women who experience this need to nest describe it as just that, a need, a desire, a must do right now!! It can overtake many women, as they will clean and declutter more than they have possibly done in their entire life.

Nesting is an instinct. It is a primal urge to prepare the nest, all spic and span, for the baby's arrival. Sometimes, though, some expecting moms go above and beyond, cleaning and scrubbing things that may make others scratch their heads!

Moms-to-be have been known to clean out every corner of the garage, rearrange the living room fifty times, organize the dad-to-be's tool box, among many of crazy nesting stories. Some women even say they wake up in the wee hours of the morning (let's face it, it is hard to sleep when pregnant) and feel a desire to nest, causing other member's of the household to shake their sleeping heads and say, what is going on?!

Yes it is true, that closet really did need to be cleaned out!

14 Experiencing A Real Phenomenon

Even if one has heard about nesting while pregnant, it is not a feeling someone can necessarily prepare for. It is quite a phenomenon to experience the overwhelming urge to get ready and set for your baby's arrival into our world. After all, humans are animals, and just like the mothers-to-be in the animal kingdom, human mommies must prepare their nest so their baby will be safe and sound.

When pregnant women experience nesting, it is important that they know that what they are feeling is real. The nesting phenomenon usually exhibits itself during the third trimester. So, while family and friends may watch in awe and shock at a very pregnant woman suddenly full of energy organized and obsessively cleaning, it is worthwhile to note that it is a primal urge and one she cannot very well control.

In a nutshell, moms-to-be who are nesting like a crazy person, are not crazy themselves, they just know through their instincts the high importance of getting their environment ready for baby.

13 Bonding Experience With Baby

There is nothing like a feeling of being close to your baby, especially when the baby has not even been born yet! Surrounding yourself with all things baby can give you a sense that both of you are creating a bond. As you sift through the mountain of baby clothes, put together the crib and changing table, and rearrange all the baby toys, there is a special feeling of doing that for the love of that baby in the belly.

When an expecting mother is nesting, she is preparing her home for the arrival of the baby. That is it. She is not cleaning because she wants to do for herself or her husband. She is not moving around furniture just to get exercise. And she is certainly not lining up all those baby shoes just because (well, maybe!).

She is doing all of this and more for the sweet little one who is set to make an appearance in a few days, weeks, or months. If you are a mom-to-be getting your nest ready, talk to your baby, enjoy those kicks and hiccups, and revel in this incredible bonding experience.

12 Envisioning The Future

The primal instinct of nesting has a new world application: preparing and securing your environment for the new baby. It is a necessary task, even if it dates back to cavewomen times! Motherly instincts take over and many pregnant women enjoy nesting as it give them a new sense of what is to come, whether it can be any day or still a few months away.

Feelings of joy and happiness can take over an expecting mother as she prepares her nest for her new little one. It is nice to take a moment and enjoy the new (and clean!) environment that nesting somewhat forced you to prepare.

Setting up the baby's room allows one to picture placing her in her crib, changing the diaper, and rocking him to sleep while you whisper a lullaby. Such a wonderful feeling to have that only grows once baby finally is born.

11 Inventory Of Baby Items

Babies have a lot of stuff. Tons. Too much to even count, sometimes! Part of nesting typically involves the need to clean and organize baby stuff, clothing included. It can be a fun time to go through the mess of baby items bought and received, and not seen as work at all to the expecting parents.

People love babies. That is why baby showers are so popular. Celebrating a new baby on the way is nothing but joy to those surrounding the new mom and dad. Anyone who has had a baby shower can tell you that new parents will certainly not walk away empty handed! In fact, it is wise to bring a big vehicle and helping hands to carry all the stuff you is sure to be gifted to you and the new baby.

Seeing the piles of baby items will be no challenge at all when a mother-to-be is in the mood to nest. Nesting allows the expecting mom to surround herself with all those adorable baby items, and take inventory on what she has and what she still needs to get before baby's arrival.

10 Purging

Part of the nesting instinct may be to get rid of stuff. This stuff is not limited to baby things. It can be anything, and crazy nesting stories have told us that it can be even the unimaginable.

A pregnant lady cleaning out the garage and attic, throwing away things her husband has hoarded over the years, organizing and tossing out dishes and silverware. Even going through the bathroom supplies or gardening items. Absolutely nothing is off limits when a mother-to-be wants to nest!

It can actually be a nice feeling to purge, especially when it is items you have accumulated over the years or even decades. Getting rid of things that are of no use, whether they are ready for the garbage dump or can be donated, makes room for all those baby items, and there will be a lot of baby items. Pregnant woman often love to purge when nesting just to make room for that sweet little one and all the stuff he will come with.

9 Spending Quality Time With Family

It can be a family affair to get ready for baby's arrival into the family. When a pregnant woman is experiencing that nesting instinct, she may require the entire family get involved. Anyone from the father-to-be to the siblings and even grandparents are game to help her out with possibly some crazy stuff that must get done before the baby is born.

Family members need to take nesting in stride. The best advice is to go along with the one who is pregnant. Give into whatever will make her happy, just as long as everyone is safe. It can be a terrific opportunity for the family to get together and do something useful (okay, even if the majority may not find the task that useful!). From cleaning to putting together the crib, nesting can create a wonderful chance for the family to spend some quality time together before the newest little family member makes her appearance.

8 Future Laughter

When a woman is pregnant and in the mood to nest, others better watch out! What she says goes, so step aside and let her get her cleaning frenzy get going. Pregnant women with the nesting desire can do some pretty outrageous and downright ridiculous things! At the time they will tell you they need to get something done, but after the fact will have a nice laugh about it for sure.

What are some of the craziness things a nesting pregnant lady has done? Here are just a few funny examples: waking up at 2am to paint the kitchen, color coding and organizing cereal boxes, cleaning out the tool shed, a need to scrub the floors on their hands and knees while hugely pregnant, vacuuming while cooking dinner, and more! Reminiscing well after baby arrives can generate laughter from everyone- new mom included.

7 Giving The House A New Layout

Some moms-to-be have a desire to rearrange just about everything, in every room, before baby arrives. Might sound like hard work, but to a brand new mommy-to-be it can be fun! When the nesting instinct gets going, pregnant ladies feel a burst of energy. They are ready to do just about anything, and they will, too!

A nesting mother hen is going to want to adjust her nest so it can best fit the upcoming baby bird. That can mean moving the couch around, changing the position of the television, or even completely switching rooms! Things may end up on the curb for garbage or given away, while new furniture is acquired.

Lots of new moms love to give their house a little makeover, it brightens up their day and makes them feel ready for the new bundle of joy. Not to mention it's enough of a change to feel like what's old is new again.

6 Feeling In Control

When it comes to pregnancy, the feeling of being in control can be sorely missed. Watching the belly grow beyond your control can definitely take getting used to, even if you do love the feeling. Many expecting mothers get a sense of being out of control with their own bodies, as many changes can occur throughout those nine long months.

While some many find nesting habits to be a little obsessive, to a mom-to-be it can give them a sense of being in control. They are cleaning and preparing their home for the new baby. Everything in their home goes according to their plan. If they do not like something in a certain spot, they can move it.

If suddenly a specific item does not fit with their décor, they can toss it. No matter what, it is their choice and they are in control of how their nest is going to look when baby comes home.

5 Non-organized Moms Feel Great

Nesting can be very funny, in that this desire to create a perfect space for your little one can strike any type of woman, or any personality. Women who, prior to getting pregnant, would describe themselves as perhaps a little messy or just call themselves downright slobs, suddenly want order in their home. They want things clean and organized!

This seems to the be the kick in the butt women who haven't quite got the inner Molly Maid need to get things clean and organized around the house.

It goes to show anything that nesting really is a primal instinct. Slobs turned neat freaks just based on the fact that they are pregnant, and biology is telling them to get their nest in order. No one really wants to be messy or have a disorganized home, it may just be easier for some to let things go, which is why those type of women feel wonderful after getting their house all spic and span.

4 Feeling Of Accomplishment

Pregnant or not, after you have cleaned the house or gotten a messy space nice and organized, you feel great. Sure, the nesting instinct can be an overwhelming urge and is often such a strong desire for the mom-to-be to clean that she just must do so, but afterwards, she feels an incredible sense of accomplishment.

This is one of the top reasons why women love to nest. Cleaning is never fun (for most of us, anyway!) and when you suddenly have the energy to do it, pounce! Stepping back and looking at the baby's nursery all ready with fresh paint, a beautiful crib, adorable wall hangings, and a closet stuffed with onesies would put a smile on anyone's face.

That alone, knowing the room for baby is all set for when she makes her appearance, will make a new mom feel very accomplished.

3 Nothing Smells Better Than Fresh Paint

There is something about painting and nesting. Some moms even say they had an intense desire to get up in the middle of the night to either start or finish painting an entire room! A new coat of paint does seem almost magical, in that it just makes the room feel suddenly so much cleaner.

Not to mention planning out the purpose for a room that barely got used can feel fulfilling. And pregnant moms want to be involved in as much of the work as possible.

While painting is not often recommended to be done by pregnant women, due to release of chemicals (especially during first trimester) and climbing ladders, lots of pregnant- very pregnant- women want to partake in this activity. Painting can be a fun family activity, as the household gets together to give the new baby a nice new hue in sky blue or pretty pink. So breathe in that nice fresh paint smell, just do not inhale for too long!

2 Surrounding Yourself With People Who Care

Nesting seems to make pregnant women more selective in regards to who they spend time with, especially that ever precious free time before baby arrives. Being picky as to who you spend time with does appear to be part of the nesting instinct, and can be viewed as an important one at that.

Pregnant women in the nesting stages often start to consider the company they keep. They will be more selective as to who is around them, particularly during the end of their pregnancy. While it may be brushed off, it does serve a purpose. A new mom wants only those she truly loves and cares about around her baby.

It is an instinct to keep baby safe. While nesting may weed out certain individuals, it is nothing to feel bad about. It is a time many expecting moms enjoy, as they get to be with people who genuinely care about them, and might get some more time for themselves, as well.

1 Back To Your Roots

It has been said all along, nesting is deeply rooted in a pregnant woman. It is a primal instinct. It is a natural feeling to prepare your environment to be ready so baby will be safe and sound once he is born. While it can often be described as an odd or overwhelming feeling, it does have a legitimate basis as a true animal instinct.

Nesting is a reminder of how far the human race has come, but also how primal we all are deep within us. Many expecting mothers take pride in this feeling and will give into what their instincts are telling them to begin or complete. The feeling of nesting is almost like a guide for many moms-to-be, like an inside tip of how to best ready your home for baby's arrival. It also works as a great excuse... just tell everyone you are channeling your inner cave girl!

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