15That Closet Really Needed To Be Cleaned Out

Pregnant women who experience this need to nest describe it as just that, a need, a desire, a must do right now!! It can overtake many women, as they will clean and declutter more than they have possibly done in their entire life.

Nesting is an instinct. It is a primal

urge to prepare the nest, all spic and span, for the baby's arrival. Sometimes, though, some expecting moms go above and beyond, cleaning and scrubbing things that may make others scratch their heads!

Moms-to-be have been known to clean out every corner of the garage, rearrange the living room fifty times, organize the dad-to-be's tool box, among many of crazy nesting stories. Some women even say they wake up in the wee hours of the morning (let's face it, it is hard to sleep when pregnant) and feel a desire to nest, causing other member's of the household to shake their sleeping heads and say, what is going on?!

Yes it is true, that closet really did need to be cleaned out!

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