15 Funny AF Things Women Did During Labor

The thought of doing anything but surviving through labor is hard to imagine. The pain, the constant medical attention, the worry, the excitement, the unknowns--they all seem to overshadow any pleasure one might take in giving birth. It's hard to think about concentrating on anything but the miracle that's about to happen, let alone busting a move, singing a cappella, or wearing a hilarious mask.

But what if we could re-frame the whole labor experience and focus on a distraction, infusing birth with a sense of humor or a sense of purpose? After all, an expectant mom might be in the delivery room for hours. She might as well use that time to find something to take her mind off the incredible magnitude of it all and lighten the atmosphere of a sterile setting.

That's what the women in this article did. The way these women spent their labor made us laugh, maybe even roll our eyes a little, and even sparked our admiration. These funny stories and creative ways women passed their labor should inspire us all to approach birth with a light heart and maybe some funny bone too.

Makes us wish we could just cross everything off our birth plan and write over it with "have fun!" After all, laughter is the best medicine, and who couldn't use some laughter or medicine during childbirth? Below we've gathered the best stories of women who brought the funny into the labor and delivery ward.

13 Channeling Chewbacca During Labor

Katie Stricker Curtis donned a Chewbacca mask while she was in labor, just to add a bit of humor to an otherwise excruciating experience. Each groan of pain came out with the infamous Chewbacca growl through the noise converter inside the mouth. And you have to admit, it looks rather comical as she clasps her belly, appearing as though the mythical creature with the ponytail is writhing in pain.

We could all learn from Curtis on how to incorporate a little something hilarious or outrageous in our birth plans to lighten an otherwise serious mood. I'm sure Curtis can't help but laugh every time she sees this video of herself, getting a kick out of it just like we do. My only question is, how could she breathe through contractions with that thing on her face?

12 Cupid Shuffle That Baby On Out

Turn on some typical dance-floor music, eat some ice chips, and dance your way through the labor pains! While her water is breaking, this mom does just that, shuffling to the right, to the right, to the right, to the right, to the right. You can tell when she's visibly in pain, but she continues going down, down, doing her dance anyway.

This same mom continues by doing the Tootsie Roll as the collective feeling in the room is "Are you kidding me?" How does she do it? A few times, she grabs onto the bed or looks up at the clock to time her contractions. But you take away the medical setting, and this could just be a lady having fun at a wedding.

She makes labor look like a dance party, and when we hear that familiar beat, we kinda want to join her. Who says labor has to leave you on your back, anyway?

11 Get Down And Dirty

Hey, don't get a dirty mind here. When we say "down and dirty," we're talking about dirty floors here. To set the scene, it looks like mom is washing dishes after having scrubbed the floors, much to the admonishment of her partner. Then, she tells her partner to, "Turn the song on," and we know a performance is about to go down.

This couple is hilarious. Mom dances, using the mop for a microphone as she lip-syncs, while dad advises her to sit down and take a rest. Interspersed with the occasional "Oh lawd!" dad can't take the camera off his wife's antics. And her lack of inhibitions is hilarious.

Then comes the surprise ending. Mom looks a little scared, and dad lowers the video camera as he approaches her. Just as she's finishing her seductive mop dance, her water breaks all over the freshly cleaned kitchen floor.

10 Rapping Along With The Heartbeat

Tamar gives birth on Tamar & Vince, and of course there wouldn't be cameras if it was going to be uneventful, right? In this scene, Tamar starts rapping "I need to hear that heartbeat" and "G- g- gimme dat epidural" along with her baby's heartbeat on the heart rate monitor.

Even the nurses are smiling as they bop their heads along with the beat, a "serenade" they're probably not used to in the labor and delivery unit. Tamar even raps right through a contraction saying she's about to explode, as rapturous laughter explodes through the room.

Once you hear the beat of that heartbeat and the accompanying rhythm from the tapping guests in the room, it's hard to stop! You kinda want to keep free-styling it right along with her so she can have a break.

9 Ride The Epidural High

This woman is hilarious as she navigates her pain med stupor. She looks so out of it with her dazed eyes. And her husband, bless him, is such a riot as he purposely keeps asking her questions, trying to see what funny thing she'll say next, such as calling her Pops, "passionate aggressive," or saying she'll jab her husband in the eye if he doesn't have enough space for footage of their Angel.

Her goofy laugh when she says the drugs will make her sleepy is the funniest thing ever. And she's hungry. Gosh, is she hungry. And any mom who has been relegated to a liquid diet can relate!

Can I just say, I admire women who go into labor with a full face of makeup and done-up hair, like this mom and Tamar above. Moms, there's no need to sacrifice your self-care regimen when you're having a baby!

8 Your What Is Numb?

When you get an epidural, you really just want your uterus to be numb, but certainly not your breast. That's not normal. So when this mom proclaims that she can't feel her titty, and tries over and over to massage feeling back into it, you can feel her panic, but you also can't help but laugh with the person that's videotaping as she giggles in the background.

"What if my right side becomes paralyzed?" she asks as she jiggles and taps on her breast, trying to make the feeling come back. I guess this problem provides a distraction from the rest of the labor if you're spending the time worrying about what your medication is doing to your body. Not sure if that's a welcome reprieve or not.

7 Is Hysterical Laughter Normal?

This woman can't stop laughing. Everything cracks her up, even as she's visibly in heaps of pain. She even asks "is this normal?" as she busts a gut. Sometimes her giggles transition right into her quick breaths and her partner cracks up in front of her.  She just can't explain what's going on, so she just laughs her way through.

You can't help but want to be friends with this woman. If she laughs during childbirth, she must be a hoot to hang out with!

Laughter can actually be a coping mechanism, so maybe that's what happened here. Some people laugh uncontrollably during funerals or when someone gets hurt as a way of processing the stress. And even though giving birth isn't a normal situation in which one would laugh, studies show it can actually help you tolerate the pain better.

6 Laughing Gas: The Cure For Labor Pains

This woman can't contain her hysterics, and neither can we, watching her! Everything from, "Take a deep breath for me" to, "We're going to start the drip," makes her crack up hysterically, and you can't help but laugh right along with her! This mom was given laughing gas to help with pain management, and it looks like it helped. Whatever makes the contractions feel better, right?

"I feel ridiculous," she says as the nurse leaves the room to give her a few minutes to regain composure. She knows her reaction isn't normal, but she can't stop it anyway. As her husband tries to take her laughing gas away from her, she wrestles one last drag out of it because of how much fun she's having. How can you blame her?

Someone in the room says, "This is not going on Youtube."  But guess where this video came from? I guess they reconsidered not posting it when they saw just how funny this video really is.

5 Listening To The Neighbor

It's kind of funny looking back at videos of people screaming during labor. What isn't funny at the time becomes a story to pass on later. But what's more funny than screaming during your own labor? Hearing someone screaming bloody murder next door. Although no one means to insult the mom next door, you can't help but laugh as this couple tries to gain composure while listening to the intense experience happening in their neighbor's delivery room.

We can totally empathize with the hint of nervousness in the laughter though. It's the scariest feeling thinking that this could full well be you in a few hours. The anticipation of the pain that's coming makes this whole scenario a bit unnerving. When those primal feelings to scream and grunt come on, you can't help but let the noise escape you!

4 I Don't Even Have Big Boobs

In another medicated rant, this woman talks about her husband leaving her for a pretty Pocahontas, exclaiming "I don't even have big boobs!" Even though her own momma reassures her that she doesn't think he loves her for her boobs, this lady says she would understand if her husband left her for such a beautiful woman.

A little later, she asks nonchalantly, "Is Johnny Depp gonna come? Cuz he's my favorite." Because it's totally normal to expect Johnny Depp to show up in the delivery room, right? She asks, "What if he was the baby's dad? I love him." And then she breaks out sobbing.

So, I guess if it's ok for her husband to leave her for Pocahontas or Lana Del Rey, then she gets Johnny Depp. The sweet little conversation and the sweet southern drawl of both women make this little scene even more hilarious than it already is!

3 The Baby Momma Dance

You gotta give this girl some credit! She's dancing the Baby Momma Dance while she's 6cm dilated. Most women can't even get up out of the bed at that point! And even if they could, dancing would likely not even be considered. Yet here this momma is, twerking and working it as her labor reaches the final stages.

At one point, she gets down real low, and almost doesn't make it back up as her family giggles in the background. Her wide plies probably helped the baby get down into position!

I think this little baby is going to have one of the most fun moms in school, don't you? If she's in this good of shape, with these cool of moves, and this fun to be around toward the end of labor, she'll be the coolest mom around.

2 Hit A High Note

Instead of groaning, this woman sings soprano right through her contractions. She hits some pretty high notes to get herself through too. Although there aren't any lyrics or rhythm to this song, you can see how singing might be a good alternative for letting it all out. And the neighbors probably appreciate the friendlier sound.

You can't help but notice her friend's belly bounce up and down as she laughs right through the contraction. Her belly laughter is probably the most contagious part about this video. Meanwhile, the nurse acts like nothing is out of the ordinary and continues with her standard protocol.

In the description box on Youtube, the friend says this mom had just received medication before this video was taken. It's funny how medication makes for some of the funniest labor videos on Youtube!

1 She Had Her Husband Make Sushi, Of Course

This man wins dad of the year award for making his partner sushi while she's in labor, so she can have the raw fish she's been denied for nine months right after she gives birth. He says he's been going back and forth between the sushi and his partner whenever she has contractions.

But since he's holding the video camera for this footage, he makes mom rub her own back this time. "Ok, let's watch one" he says as his partner leans over the couch and rests her head on the pillow to get through a contraction on her own.

Mom seems in pretty good cheer smiling, swaying and laughing in the background in what appears to be a home birth. She even laughs as she comes up out of the contraction, like it's NBD. Except the look on her face when her head is pressed into the pillow betrays her stoicism for a few moments.

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