15 Funny Failed Gender Reveal Announcements

The big moment has arrived where mom and dad get to reveal whether their sweet little baby is a boy or a girl. They want everything to be picture perfect and memorable for this occasion. Mom and dad's friends and family are all here, and everyone is excited.

These last few months have dragged on and on waiting for this unveiling, but the time is now. Besides the birth itself, this has got to be the most exciting part of the pregnancy. This is really the only question anyone is asking mom and dad nowadays. They'll finally have an answer for them.

The party begins! There is pink. There is blue. Which will it be? Oh my gosh, the anticipation is unbearable.

Sound familiar? It should, because it's all the rage right now.

A huge party is planned for friends and family to reveal to them in an interesting way which gender mom is carrying. The big event is usually pretty extravagant. Typically surrounding the stereotypical colors blue for boy and pink for girl, it has it's roots in tradition.

The gender reveal party really is a huge deal nowadays. The grandparents are crying tears of joy. The grandmother-to-be is jumping up and down. The grandfather-to-be is beaming ear to ear. Mama and the hubs are speechless. Whoa, it's for real now!

This is one of those parties that needs to be flawless. It carries a lot of meaning  to the attendees.

So, what happens when things don't go as planned? Everyone laughs...a lot.

From horrible cakes to props gone wrong, we've got a few good laughs. Here are 15 funny failed gender reveal announcements.

15 Balloon Store Mix-up


You may already be familiar with this popular story, but it definitely makes the list nevertheless!

The famous couple from Minnesota went rounds with the store in planning their gender reveal. Apparently store staff had difficultly comprehending the directions for the gender reveal extravaganza. Finally, after a few explanations, the couple was reassured that it would be handled correctly.


The couple had sent the doctor's gender reveal information directly to the store, so no one knew the big secret but the balloonists. When the box was opened at the party, rainbow balloons burst out. The couple was not happy with that answer at all.

Luckily, the actual gender information was hidden at the bottom of the box. A friend found some blue balloons, and they went for try #2. This turned out to be much better the second round.

14 He Or She? Pop To See


One of the trending gender reveals is the the one with the black balloon. Either pink or blue confetti fills the balloon. The expecting couple is supposed to pop the balloon one way or another to reveal the gender of their unborn child.

One couple had a difficult time with their reveal. Not because of the gender that was revealed, but because they couldn't actually get to the confetti.

This particular family was throwing darts at the black balloon. The darts were just bouncing off one by one. The balloon was so incredibly thick that no one could pop the silly thing

Finally, the new dad took out his pocket knife and called it a day. Blue confetti when flying, and finally the party was a hit.

13 Too Much Smoke


It's been said that too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Well, in this case it's sort of a choking hazard. Another popular gender reveal is to use blue and pink smoke bombs. Usually this reveal goes off without a hitch, but every once in a while the wind gets a little ornery.

For one couple, the pink smoke was just what they were hoping for. They stood in front of their family while the smoke bombs were set off. The smoke rose straight up and looked picture perfect. Then the wind picked up.

The poor couple was surrounded by so much pink smoke that it got a little hard to breathe.  Typically the couple hangs out in the smoke for some epic pictures, but this couple high tailed it out quickly. Knowing they were the proud parents of a baby girl was enough for them.

12 Take A Swing


This scene probably would have done well on one of those funniest home video shows. It's baseball themed where hitting a ball with a bat is part of the reveal. Being that baseballs don't always end up where you want them to, you can imagine how his one goes.

The infield was set up pretty well. Future dad was at the plate ready to hit the ball. Future mom was on the mound acting as the pitcher. A friend was standing close to the mound ready to snap a few pictures of the hit. Luckily, someone had been smart enough to wrap mom's belly with a pillow.

Mom pitched wonderfully and apparently dad was a heck of a hitter, because he hit the ball perfectly as well. The ball must not have been informed because it failed to burst open to reveal either blue or pink chalk dust. Nope, the ball hit the camera man smack in the gut. I guess future mom should have shared her pillows!

11 We're Here For The...Gender

One very regretful couple put a friend in charge of getting the cake for their gender reveal party. At this particular party, the cake was simply for everyone's eating pleasure and not part of the actual gender reveal.

The cake read, "We're Here for the Sex!"

Not that this is at all incorrect. It's true. People came to the party to learn of the sex of the baby. It's just that...well, what does grandma think of this?

Who knows? She's probably laughing her head off, because she knows this cake will be the least of their worries in about 20 more weeks. As far as we know the rest of the party went off without a hitch. Their cake will go down in history, though.

10 Mother Nature Is Large And In Charge


Most gender reveals have something to do with boxes, balloons, and cakes. This one is much the same, only add wind to that lineup and you'd just about have it.

As one couple was opening up their gender reveal box to pull out the balloon which held the big secret, their plans went awry. A gust of wind blew at that exact moment and snatched the balloon up into the air before either mom or dad could pop it.

Luckily it blew into a tree branch. The force of the impact caused it to burst sprinkling confetti over the entire family. I guess the wind was sort of working in their favor for this one.

Maybe Mother Nature just wanted to stretch her arms a bit to show us all who was really boss. Either way, the party turned out great and the pictures were probably epic as well.

9 Three Strikes And You're Not Getting A Reveal


For all you baseball lovers you know that the rule is three strikes and you're out. Well, when it comes to baseball and gender reveals, this rule sort of gets thrown to the wayside. For one future dad, it was more than his pride that was on the line as he stepped up to the plate.

As you know, baseball gender reveals consist of a pitcher (usually mom) and the batter (usually dad). The ball is not an actual baseball, but rather an easily breakable material with dust inside. When the ball is hit, it typically breaks open to reveal a cloud of either pink or blue dust in the air.

That is IF you can hit the ball!

For one particular dad this proved to be a challenge. Mom pitched to her nervous partner several time. He swung and missed over and over. Finally he got his game back and send the dust flying. By that time, the whole family had broken out in giggles.

8 Which Ultrasound Is Correct?


For one mixed-up couple, the gender reveal didn't solidify anything. It sent them into a confused daze.

They arranged to have the gender sent directly from the doctors office to party planners. This would have been a great idea had their two doctors agreed on a gender. The 2D doctor sent his gender reveal to one of the party planners. The other doctor, who was a 3D/4D specialist, sent it to another member of the party planning team.

When the couple actually went to reveal, they were completely blown away. They were stunned that the results from each doctor were different. So stunned, in fact, that they had to go back to get another ultrasound to figure out what gender their baby actually was.

7 Pizzas Don't Lie...Or Tell The Truth

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 9.38.18 PM

One expecting couple had the fun idea of revealing their baby's gender by writing it in pepperonis on a pizza. These pizzas were to be delivered to the family in a grand gender reveal scheme. This would have been an awesome concept had the pizza people been able to actually follow through on it.

Pepperonis have proven to be tricky little devils evidently, and once again they proved this devilry. They were spaced too far apart on the pizzas, so that nothing was actually legible. In fact, it didn't even look like letters on the pizzas. It just looked like a hot, delicious mess.

Not designed as a method of communication, the pizzas just weren't up to the task. While still yummy, they were an epic fail when it came to revealing anything but that everyone was pretty hungry by the time they arrived.

6 Two Colors, One Baby

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 9.31.36 PM

So, not everyone gets the hang of the gender reveal. Sometimes expecting parents have to put their ideas and party plan into the hands of others to execute. And something things don't go as planned. Here's a prime example.

This couple is definitely only expecting one baby, but the cake makers didn't help to confirm this fact. Rather than creating the cake with a blue or pink inside to reveal the correct gender, they simply included both.

Perhaps they were just covering their bases? The expecting parents were not at all thrilled about this (as you can see from dad's grimacing expression), so they had to go directly to the source when it came to finding out the gender of their baby.

5 Balloon Color Mix-up


Nothing sets up a gender reveal fail like a mix-up from the balloon store. They had one stinking job and managed to botch that. Thankfully the wise new parents were prepared for just this kind of mistake and recovered well.

A couple gathered their friends and family around to reveal the gender of their baby. Like most couples, they hid balloons in a big box only to be opened by them. Being that they already knew the gender of their own baby, they simply wanted to create a special moment for their loved ones.

When they opened the box, the wrong color balloons came bursting out. Shaking their heads simultaneously, the couple turned it into an "opposite day" kind of joke. Laughing ensued and although the reveal was an epic flop, it was still a pretty special moment for the family.

4 The Sky Is Falling


One expecting mother learned that she knew not of her own strength during the gender reveal party. This particular setup was slightly different than most. Maybe that's where the problem occurred. Here's the scoop.

The expecting mom and her family were standing underneath a hoisted box. The box was filled with the normal blue or pink balloons. When it was time for the reveal, the expecting mom was to pull on a string. Doing this would release the balloons from the box and they were supposed to fall gently over the family.

Well, mom must have pulled a little too hard on the string. Not only did the balloon come down, but the box came down as well. It wasn't a huge deal. It just kind of ruined that moment and make it more...well, realistic opposed to etherial.

3 This Is Not What I Ordered


It's not always the parents that get to reveal the gender of new baby. In this instance, the two older sisters had the honors. No balloons or boxes for this gender reveal, though. These little girls got to indulge in cupcakes.

The cupcakes were filled with icing revealing the gender of their new baby. When they bit into the cupcakes, the youngest of the big sisters expected to see pink icing. Instead, she saw blue. This did not at all please this big sister. She was weeping and wailing and not a happy camper.

Her mom mentioned that she had made it very clear that she wanted a baby sister, not a baby brother. Apparently, she just couldn't handle the news, because it threw her into a tizzy of disappointment.

2 Accidental Twin Announcement


Most of the time twins are a surprise. To one couple this surprise came as a double whammy. Not only did the gender reveal party do its job, but it also played doctor as well. This particular party delivered a message of the sexes in duplicates.

One unsuspecting expecting couple planned the typical gender reveal party. Again, balloons in boxes were the grand reveal. The only issue was that when the couple opened up the box, both blue and pink balloons floated out of it.

Come to find out, the couple was actually pregnant with twins. One was a girl and one was a boy, so the balloons reflected the correct information. Up to that point, this particular couple hadn't a clue. Sometimes the one-two punch is the way to get your point across!

1 Don't Cut The Baby Cake


It's quite alright to have a baby themed cake at a gender reveal party. In fact, it's almost expected. Having a baby themed cake doesn't exactly mean having a baby cake, though. One couple learned that there is indeed a difference, and you shouldn't confuse the two.

At the gender reveal party of a certain couple, a baby themed cake was requested. Rather than the typical cutesie rattles and blocks on the cake, the actual cake was a baby. Had the cake's purpose only been for viewing pleasure this would't have been a problem.

The couple was horrified to have to actually cut into the baby cake to find out the gender of their own unborn baby. How awful!

So, here's a lesson in themed versus actual. Make sure your cake people know the difference.

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