15 Funny Failed Pregnancy Announcements

We’ve all seen those obligatory pregnancy announcement photos on social media. You know, the cutesy ones where parents good-naturedly attempt to outdo each other in creativity? Just like we do with Elf on The Shelf, the Travel Selfie, or the Pumpkin Patch Family Portraits.

The most effective methods are those in which we all ooohh and aaahh over the adorableness of a dog with a sign around its neck announcing the birth of its tiny human, or we sigh over the ultrasound pic with the parents in the background—blurred in an artistic, sepia-tone filter. And the prevalent shoe announcement, with the baby’s shoes between mom and dad’s, reminding us just how precious baby clothes are.

Some tried and true methods have begun to emerge: the pet announcer, the pee stick, the ultrasound pic, or tiny clothes laid out alongside adult clothing. These pics nearly always involve a chalkboard with fancy, curly writing announcing the date or gender of the baby-to-be.

If you use one of these fore-mentioned announcements, you can almost be sure to get the desired effect, without attempting an announcement a little too ambitious, and end up with a pregnancy announcement fail on your hands.

Some of us just aren’t made to follow the crowd, however, and we dare to be different, or try something a little more bold, or even take that 'safe' method and try to push it a little farther. That ambition can be a great success, but it can also cause some hefty embarrassment, if done wrong. Parents, if you are currently shopping for ways to announce your pregnancy, take a look through this list first, so you don’t end up being on it!

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15 The Horse Lover Pregnancy Announcement

Listen folks, I'm all for pregnancy announcements set in nature. There is nothing more glorious than the great outdoors. The trees, the lighting, the animals, and the beauty of all things natural really works for pregnancy announcements, but, this photo doesn't quite get it right. It goes a little beyond natural for me, to something...else. I'm not 100% sure pregnant women should even be on a horse.

This lovely lady seems to be going for an ethereal, naturalistic look--the long flowing wrap looks great on MTV videos, but somehow it just doesn't work the same in a still shot. The barely there wrap coupled with the saddle-less horse just ends up looking awkward--and quite frankly--painful. The pose doesn't really look all that comfortable, either, and if she's a true horse woman she should keep her heels down. All I can think when I see this picture is: Dear god, don't startle that horse!

Because I'm not thinking about the announcement of the baby at all, this photo made the list of pregnancy announcement fails.

14 The Sperm Ornament

Here's a new one I've not seen before: The Sperm Ornament in the color blue for a future baby boy. While definitely a creative choice to announce a pending birth, I'm a little confused about the execution of this announcement? Who exactly do you give it to? I can see this announcement being absolutely hilarious, especially if you hang it on a Christmas tree, but I do think it needs an egg with it. And, shouldn't the crocheted ornament include a fertilized egg? Shouldn't the sperm be, like, inside the egg in order to 'announce pregnancy'? Although I truly like the out-of-the-box thinking on this one, or rather the intimate biology of the internal reproductive process, I tend to shy away from literal imagery. We all know how mommy and daddy make baby, okay? But, you my-crocheting-genius, get an A for effort!

13 The Classic Turn The Body Into A Letter Announcement

I get what this woman was going for, I really do. It's both creative and clever. The setting is beautiful and certainly invites posed photography. I've always loved when people spelled out things with their bodies also, so I have some genuine sympathy for her attempt. Maybe this lady is a big YMCA fan, or maybe she just really thought her body would make the perfect beginning letter for her announcement, but either way, it doesn't quite work. If she hadn't photoshopped in the ending letters, and instead was holding wooden letters that spelled out B-O-Y, set in this same fall atmosphere, it would have been a win instead of a fail. She does look very pretty, though.

Maybe just to be safe guys, let's not use our pregnant bodies as letters in the alphabet...just a suggestion.

12 My Husband Is Pregnant, Too.

Boy-oh-boy, this announcement is all over the internet. I don't find this one works very often, and it seems like a fail to me. This is the one where the dad either sticks out his beer gut (sometimes writing words like Preggo or the baby's due date), or stuffs a giant pillow under his shirt to make him appear pregnant. Unless you are Arnold Schwarzenegger, if you are a man, you are not capable of having babies. It is just odd and a little disturbing to see men pretending to be pregnant along with their wives. That's why I've listed this announcement as a fail.

Maybe it's just me though, What do you think? Does it make a cute photo for dads to pretend they are pregnant?

11 Dad's Not Quite Ready To Be A Father

Bwahaahaa! This one still makes me laugh.  If you love to mess with your husband (I know I sure do), perhaps this is a good announcement for you to try. Poor dad. He has no idea what he is getting when he's opening that box, and the look on his face is priceless. Uh, what the---?

I'm sure we can all relate to the feeling when you tell your husband you are both expecting. How will he react? With joy, or absolute terror? I'm pretty sure we moms hope dad will be overjoyed with the news, and that we will be filming him leaping up and down and shouting out names he's already chosen for the baby. Announcements aren't only made to the outside world. Some moms get creative and find interesting ways to give their husband the happy news. Or, is it happy news, after all? Bwahaahaa! (evil laugh)

10 This Family Cuts To The Chase. More Diapers. 'Nough Said.

This announcement is like mom just don't GAF. She seems to be thinking, "Great. Another baby. How can I announce it to the world? I know, a whole lot of flippin' diapers. You know, just to really warn people off of having any more children. That way the announcement will serve two functions: it will be both educational, and informative."

I think mom is right where we all are when we've just finished potty training a child, only to discover we've got a bun in the oven. I know the very first thing that popped into my head when I found out about a new arrival was: Great. More flippin' diapers. While this isn't the worst pregnancy announcement I've seen, it does tend to shy away from the exciting news that you are expecting a new family member, and tends to focus on the labor involved in a newborn baby. If that's what you want to highlight, go for it. If you are going for a more sentimental approach, choose something else.

9 The Raunchy Announcement

Talk about your classy couple. They have spelled this situation out for us in very explicit detail, and I think we've definitely all got the the picture. While this announcement is absolutely hilarious, I'm not sure I would call this a win for anyone whose parents might see it. And Grandma might die of a heart attack. I suppose it would matter who you were sending this announcement to. Your buddies? Sure, go for it. Your friends or coworkers? I don't think it's a good idea. Your family? I hope not!

Still, there is something to be said for the posing of toy dolls, very Twisted Elf On The Shelf Announcement. Oh no...I think I just gave someone an idea...

8 The Family Belly

Oy vey, this is a popular one as well, but I don't think too many families can pull it off that I've seen. Mom, dad, and child show off their bellies and tell the world what is inside of them that is making their bellies poke out. It's supposed to be funny and cute, but I think this one is a funny fail. I am chuckling, but more at the ridiculousness of it. I'm not finding dad's belly at all cute and adorable, which is what I think you are supposed to be feeling when you look at a pregnancy announcement.

If you are going for the cutesy announcement that gives your friends and family little warm tingles of anticipation at holding your new baby, don't go with this one. This one makes me want to run in the opposite direction, or put dad on a beer diet, I can't decide which.

7 The Kiss The Belly Pose

The kiss the belly pose is an interesting choice for announcing your impending family member to the world. This can be done in a way that is charming and endearing, or you can do it this way... I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say this is a fail. The pregnant woman is beautiful and, certainly, desirable. But, you may not want to announce your bedroom habits in the same photo that you announce your pregnancy. This is really giving me a whole fifty-shades-of-how-baby-was-made feeling.

If you are a person who likes to see daddy kissing baby, perhaps fully clothed would be a better choice. Maybe you could even choose to set the photo in nature, rather than setting it in the bedroom with mommy in her teddy. This announcement is a little TMI, if you know what I'm saying.

6 The Christmas Baby Announcement

With Christmas around the corner, we have to include the Christmas baby announcement. I really love the idea of wrapping your baby belly in lights and garland, and the Christmas hat gives a nod to our favorite wife, Mrs. Claus. I even like that this photo is set against a green outfit, but in this particular shot I don't think less is more. A tasteful, green Christmas dress would have worked just as well, and I think would have turned this into a real win for me. Her joyful smile does inspire a sense of a jolly holiday with baby, and yet as it is now, I'm getting a whole new meaning to the song, Baby It's Cold Outside. All I want to do is wrap up this mommy-to-be in a great big Santa Coat and tell her, "No. Just no."

5 The Glamour Shots Announcement

You all remember Glamour Shots, right? Or really, any photography studio that awkwardly poses you and your spouse in what ultimately are the worst, and most uncomfortable positions possible. I went to a photo studio once, and this is remarkably similar to the way my husband and I were posed with our toddler daughter. I'm pretty sure I paid $200 for a package of the weirdest positions three people could be placed in. It was a very funny experience, watching the photographer position my husband's legs into angles I didn't even know he could manage was a real treat. I didn't end up using any of the pictures, though.

If you want to waste your money and end up with unusable pregnancy announcements, or if you really get a kick out of torturing your spouse and testing his flexibility, than definitely go this route. It's certainly good for a laugh!

4 The Loading Announcement

I've seen this announcement done right, and I've seen it done wrong. This one just doesn't feel quite right for me. Maybe it's because the atmosphere here just doesn't seem to make sense. Here we have dad and mom positioned on a bed half-naked. Then, mom is wearing a winter cap for some reason I can't quite figure out. Perhaps she's cold because she isn't wearing any clothes? The loading symbol is a metaphor to the loading icon on a gaming device or a website when you are waiting for a new player's controller to plug in, or a website to load its content. I actually like this icon used on a the back of a diaper at a baby shower better, it just seems more appropriate. Still, the idea isn't a bad one, with better execution. If you want to use this symbol, choose your atmosphere a little more carefully.

3 The Pee Stick Gone Horribly Wrong

Oh, the pee stick. I've never been a huge fan of this one in general. It's just a little clinical to pose with a stick that you just peed on. It can be done a bit better than this shot, though. This couple is especially hilarious. Mom-to-be seems particularly excited to be announcing her pregnancy to the world (and perhaps a little horny?). Dad's face tells a very different story. I'm pretty sure several four-letter-words are the only thing running through his head, on repeat. I don't even think he's too happy that his girl wants to jump him again. If he has his way, there will be no more jumping on anyone again, ever. In a little while he may be jumping into his car to get as far from that pee stick, and responsibility, as he can. Or maybe I'm not being fair to poor dad. He's probably just a bit shocked. He'll come around.

2 The Baby Face On Belly

I have seen this announcement in multiple forms, some where the baby is painted onto the mother's stomach as if we could 'see through' the mother's skin to the baby inside; and I've seen others like this one with just a face. One thing I am absolutely sure of is: this announcement never works out. In theory, it seems like a great idea, but it just ends up looking awkward and really, really scary. This photo also begs the question: Which baby's face is that? Is it a previous child? Is it mom or dad's face photoshopped onto mom's tummy? It certainly can't be the face of the baby that is inside! So, this announcement is just strange, confusing, and comes off as a funny fail, not to mention a bit creeeeepy. If you are searching for announcement ideas, my friends, please don't pick this one.

1 The Awkward Tree Pose

And finally, the awkward tree pose. Again, nature is an inspiring backdrop to an announcement photo. It's the execution that must be intricately planned, and poses are tricky things. They can either be done well, or done in a manner that makes us laugh and/or die a little on the inside. I just feel for this mom so much, and I have this way of imagining what she is thinking. That tree can't be comfortable. Why would you do that to yourself? Her face seems to say, "This is the stupidest idea. But the photographer I'm paying for said she was a professional. I guess I better just do what she says."

I'm going to give a little piece of advice. You can absolutely tell the photographer no. "I don't want to lie back on the branch of a tree, thank you for asking, I would like to be standing instead." The photographer might get a little huffy at her creativity being stifled, but ultimately you are the paying customer, you should be given a photo you can be happy to share with family.

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