15 Geekiest Pregnancy Announcements You Can't Help But Love

A pregnancy announcement is often the other love child of a couple. Some couples go to great lengths to make sure their pregnancy announcements are the most unique, hilarious, yet perfect representations of them as couples. So, if the parents consider themselves geeky – as in video game, superhero, or sci-fi lovers – then it’s likely their pregnancy announcement might just model the geeky things they love most.

Most people have a little bit of geek in them somehow, whether their love lies in Superman or Star Wars. There are superhero movies galore, Star Wars has taken over Disney World, and those who grew up playing Super Mario are now witnessing their little video gamers taking over the controllers. Geeky stuff is everywhere. It’s the new cool.

So, why not make the geekiest pregnancy announcement ever? Chances are, it’s going to be a hit because everyone loves an adorably geeky photo or video – especially when it’s announcing one of the happiest moments in anyone’s life.

These geeky pregnancy announcements are the best on the internet, ones that should go down in the history books of geekdom. Not only are they geeky, but they’re totally cool – and adorable! – too.

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15 The Batparents

This geeky pregnancy announcement achieved instant stardom after it went viral on Reddit. The couple’s photos got over 360,000 views and over 1,200 comments not long after Dad (aka Batman) posted them on Reddit. Because who doesn’t love Batman?

The couple, James and Alisha Doherty, are some of the world’s biggest Batman fans. James dresses the part for local events and kids’ birthday parties and both have attended comic events as Batman and Batgirl. So, it only makes sense that they would do a Batman-themed pregnancy announcement. Another hilarious photo in the series shows James, as Batman of course, reading the What to Expect book and looking horrified. Apparently, Batman isn’t always as tough as he looks.

The best part? Baby “Robin” is due on Halloween, so he or she will be born for costuming just like Mom and Dad.

14 The Hatchling

Reddit user, ChuckGould, was extremely excited to share this self-proclaimed “geeky pregnancy announcement” with his fellow members of the BabyBumps subreddit. We can see why. Piece together Pokemon, a handmade video, and a baby announcement, and of course, you have a winner. This couple went all out to create their own video inspired by the video and card game franchise to announce their newest addition.

The video depicts the hatching of a “legendary” Pokemon, which, of course, leads to a sonogram of the couple’s new baby who is “hatching” in March 2017. So, by now, the couple should have already gotten the most legendary hatchling of all. We’re sure it was a much more exciting event to the couple than hatching a legendary Pokemon – well, at least we hope so!

13 A Family Of Gamers

This family is obviously a group of die-hard gamers, as proven by their Player 1, Player 2, and Player 3 shirts. So, what better way to welcome their newest bundle of joy into the world than to dub him or her Player 4 and display the baby as “loading” in Mama’s tummy? Adorable!

In fact, so many people love this geeky announcement that it’s one that’s shared all over the internet as not only a favorite geeky pregnancy announcement, but a favorite pregnancy announcement, period. It’s creative, it’s funny, and yes, it’s kind of geeky. But those are all the things we love in a good pregnancy announcement, so bring on the geek! If baby’s anything like big brother and its parents, we’re sure it’ll be coming out of the womb ready to hold a controller with the best of them.

12 Animated Announcement

This announcement is both educational and geeky at the same time. Mom, Laci Morgan, is a voice-over artist and illustrator/designer, so she was the mastermind behind this adorable animation. It starts off looking like an innocent child’s educational video simply counting numbers. But, in a surprise turn of events, the video counts an extra person – in Mom’s belly!

We appreciate the time that went into this one, as well as the creativity and the humorous geek factor. Laci even threw in extra bits of geekiness, like Dad wearing a Star Trek outfit, and the baby throwing up the famous Star Trek hand sign from the womb. The geeky details are what makes this video a complete success, and we’re sure baby will appreciate its parents’ work for years to come.

11 Alien On The Loose

This is a real sonogram, folks! No tricks of the trade here. What does it remind you of at first glance? Some sort of odd space creature? An alien, perhaps? If you had a sonogram like this one, wouldn’t your first instinct be to add a little humor to the fact that your kid totally resembles a little alien?

That’s exactly what this couple did, and it turned out hilariously geeky. Sour-tomato shared her “Geeky Baby” announcement to fellow Reddit users on the 4th of July, or Independence Day. Why? Well, because the movie Independence Day is all about alien life form taking hold of the world on 4th of July weekend. This mom made a play on the movie and her upcoming alien-looking baby by re-creating the movie announcement. “Don’t make plans for the next 16 years” is truly the best part.

10 Baby Trek

Star Trek fans – you’re going to love this one! The creativity and seamlessness in this video make it a true winner among geeky pregnancy announcements. In fact, the video set off a plethora of comments praising it on Reddit after it was posted by NokemG. Even though it was posted not even a month ago, it’s nearing 100 comments on Reddit and has over 53,000 views on YouTube. Obviously, there are a whole lot of Star Wars geeks in the house!

NokemG even integrated the baby’s ultrasound video into the creation to make it look as though all the Star Trekkers were looking right at it. Artistry, video editing skills, and true geekery at its finest – and we can’t help but love it. The baby is due in October 2017 – we just hope Mom and Dad don’t name it Spock.

9 Poke-Belly

When you really love Pokemon, what do you do for a pregnancy announcement? Well, why not use your adorable little pregnancy belly to paint an adorable Poke ball over the baby? That’s what this mom chose to do so she’d have an announcement photo to share with her friends and family. It’s certainly a creative way to show off the protruding pregnancy belly and start gathering everyone’s guesses on whether you’re having a boy or a girl.

After coming on the mobile app scene in July 2016, the Pokemon Go! hype has calmed down in recent months, but it’s still a popular craze. We suspect that this mom is probably taking her little one with her on her Pokemon-hunting adventures and introducing baby to the art of finding Pokemon.

8 Little Luigi

We love when couples use their current children to help with their pregnancy announcements for future children. Who doesn’t love seeing adorableness announcing more adorableness to come? Plus, you can always get super creative when you involve the kids, since they don’t mind acting silly or geeky for a good shot.

This adorably geeky pregnancy announcement has tons of 90s nostalgia thrown in. Was there anyone who was a kid in the 80s or 90s that didn’t play at least one Mario video game? It’s awesome to see that kids nowadays are growing up with them, too, and loving the games as much as we did.

For sure, this kid is probably got a baby Luigi outfit once he or she made his appearance. And, big brother did an awesome job of being the cutest Mario possible. He deserved a new Mario game!

7 No Princess In The Future

This family obviously are superhero fans. And there also appears to be a whole lot of boys. And one lonely mother, wiping away her tears. Why? Because she found out she's having another boy. A 5th boy, to be exact. And, judging from the picture, it looks as though she has a big boy on her hands, too.

It's all in good fun, though. The photo is staged, and Mom has accepted the fact that she'll have another little superhero on her hands. Dad posted the photo on Reddit, and soon got over 4,000 comments, mostly from people who felt pity for Mom, but he insisted that it was all a silly joke to poke fun at the fact that another boy would soon be entering their world. It's both geeky and funny, but we surely feel for Mama.

6 The Glasses Crew

If both Mom and Dad can be called "Four Eyes', it may be more likely that a child of theirs ends up with glasses, too. For many vision problems, a child has between a 25% and 50% chance of inheriting the same problem. Some people don't mind their glasses at all, while others think they inevitably lead to Nerddom.

This couple obviously loves their glasses and is prepared with the most adorable pair of glasses for their baking baby. In one of the cutest surprise pregnancy announcements ever, the "geeky" glasses say it all. But, can we really even call this one geeky? It's almost too perfect and adorable to be called anything close to nerdy. We think this couple (and their soon-to-be baby) are ridiculously cool for this idea.

5 Work In Progress

Flashback to 2000, right? This pregnancy announcement could be from the turn of the new century (which, let’s face it, does not feel like almost two decades ago!), or the couple could simply be channeling a bit of the nostalgic Windows feel for their announcement. Either way, it’s geeky and quite impressive.

If you pay close attention, you will even notice that they took the extra time to figure out the actual percentage of “loading” the baby has had so far. It appears that the mother to be is about 3 months pregnant, with another 6 months remaining, hence the 30.4% loading. And, of course, the file name is spot on. We hope this couple has something just as geeky planned for the baby announcement once he or she arrives!

4 Acute Baby

Geometry lovers of the world, unite! If you are a fan of all things shaped and angled, then maybe you should consider modeling your next baby announcement after this gem? We don’t know how such creativity happens with pregnancy announcements, especially these cute geeky ones. Maybe there’s something about getting pregnant that enhances the geek in us. Who knows – but we love it.

Acute baby. A. Cute. Baby. Even if you don’t like geometry, you have to admit this one is clever! We don’t know much about the couple on this one, since it was posted by a user on Reddit who didn’t claim to make it, but it’s safe to say they’ll be teaching their baby all about numbers, measurements, and angles as soon as he’s ready to listen.

3 The Walking…Baby?

Three years ago, Reddit user Paterack posted that “the wife and I wanted to do a cool baby announcement, and decided to see if Steven Yeun could help. He delivered.” If you don’t know who Steven Yeun is, then you’re probably not a fan of The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, this past season, Yeun’s character, Glenn, didn’t fair too well in surviving the zombie apocalypse. But, this couple was lucky enough to meet him before that all happened.

They met him at Megacon, went to go get his autograph, and hoped that he’d be willing to also help them out with a fun announcement. They won. This announcement is the epitome of a geeky pregnancy announcement we love. Not many can say that they had the real-life Glenn announce their baby!

2 Downloadable Baby

This looks like a super fun way for the geeky computer loving couple to announce a surprise pregnancy to their loved ones. Maybe Dad programs computers or Mom has an office job or works from home on a computer all day. What better way to pay homage to your profession or hobby than tying it all together with a cheeky announcement that’s sure to get the attention of your friends and family?

We love all the cute details, like the 40-week download speed, estimated time of completion as the due date, and of course, the “Initiate baby shower planning” button. A lot of thought went into this “download file”! We wonder if baby will arrive expecting to be given a name like Baby-Michaels.JPG and then placed in a convenient folder?

1 Future Zombie Fighter

So, these people obviously are big zombie hunting fans. Perhaps they watch The Walking Dead or one of the numerous other apocalyptic television shows or movies, but it’s obvious that their closest friends and family know all about their geeky obsession. Either that, or they just aren’t afraid to lay it all out there. More power to them! After all, a pregnancy announcement should be about the couple, not everyone else! But, anyone can appreciate the humor in this one.

Hopefully, though, if there were a real zombie apocalypse, people would be a bit more careful than those on TV shows, bringing new babies into a walker-filled world. But, at least this couple is being totally responsible by giving the new baby none other than a…water gun. Creative and incredibly geeky, and we love everything about it.

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