15 Genius Ways To Get The Baby To Kick (And 5 Things That Can Prevent It)

One exciting aspect of pregnancy is feeling the baby kick for the first time. It really is a magical feeling for all parents-to-be, especially knowing that their little bundle of joy is moving around inside.

I remember feeling my daughter move around for the first time when I was around 16 weeks pregnant with her, and I nicknamed the feeling buggies because it felt like bugs crawling.

I know that sounds anything but sweet, but I thought it was cute, and then as she got bigger I had new nicknames for the feeling as I called it flutters - because that is how it felt, as the feeling was stronger than a few ladybugs crawling on you.

However, as she got bigger, the kicks were becoming more intense, and I had a few jabs in the ribs here and there. There were also many times in the third trimester where she was hauntingly still and that was quite frightening. I realized as well because there was less room for her to move around, the kicks would happen less often- or you would be feeling them less because of the cramped space.

Though, I did manage to get her to move around when I was worried. And, if you are in the same position, here are 15 genius tricks to encourage your baby to kick. I will also talk about five issues that could stop the kicking from happening.

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20 Have A Sugary Drink Or Snack

I remember during the third trimester when I was pregnant with my daughter, I became concerned every time she did not move around. What did I do? I either had a piece of chocolate or I got myself an orange juice. That always worked as within minutes of consumption, she would start moving around.

According to What To Expect, a sugary drink or snack will help wake up the unborn baby and help get things moving again. That means, if you are concerned about the fact that your baby has not kicked in a while, go grab something with sugar in it and that will wake the baby up!

19 Do Jumping Jacks

There are plenty of other ways to encourage your unborn baby to move around if you really are not hungry. According to What To Expect, if you do some jumping jacks, that will certainly encourage your little one to start kicking. In fact, anytime exercise is involved, there is no other choice but to be energetic, and that also means your little bun in your oven will respond to you doing some exercises.

That means, doing some jumping jacks will give your baby the jolt it needs in order to give you some reassurance that you need! However, because jumping jacks can be strenuous, only do a few and that will be enough to get your baby to move.

18 Shine A Flashlight

Your unborn baby has been able to see ever since you were in your second trimester. Around the 22nd to 26th week, that is when the baby in utero can start seeing bright lights, according to What To Expect. And, according to the same source, if you are not hungry or you are too tired to move around much yourself, there is a simple way to encourage your baby to kick if you need some reassurance.

All you need to do is shine a flashlight on your belly, and your baby will gravitate towards the light. Therefore, that will involve some kicking. Then, you will not only be reassured that your baby is moving, but you will know for a fact that your baby can see! A double win!

17 Poke The Baby Bump

I remember during the seventh month and later when I was pregnant with my daughter, my rib cage would get a jab here and there. And there was one time when she landed her foot right inside of it and boy, did it hurt. All I had to do though was poke my belly and she did end up moving her foot away.

That said, that is most definitely a sure way to get your baby to kick around. And, What To Expect also notes that in order to get your baby to move around, all you need to do is poke around your belly, and your bun in the oven will certainly respond.

16 Lie Down

You may think that if you were to lie down, you would discourage your baby from moving. However, according to What To Expect, whenever mom lies down, the baby will end up kicking and moving around. That is because your baby is going to have to find a way to become comfortable.

Now, don't let that make you fear to lie down during pregnancy. You have no choice but to do so considering you won't have an abundance of energy and that you need to sleep. Your baby will find a comfortable position when you do lie down. That also means your baby has to kick and shift around in order to do that.

15 Talk To The Baby

You most likely have been encouraged to talk to your baby bump by your mom friends, or even by your OBGYN. According to What To Expect, your baby's hearing starts to advance between the 22nd to 26th week. And, according to the same source, if you are worried about the fact your baby may not be moving much, and if you are not hungry and too tired to move around- then talk to your baby.

That's right, all you need to do is talk to your bump quietly, and your baby will respond. That is also a great way to know that your baby can hear just fine!

14 Watch A Scary Movie

If you are watching a horror flick or suspense, then you are going to be nervous. That adrenaline will be rushing through your veins! Especially when you are watching someone enter a house that might be haunted, or if there is a scene with Freddy Krueger, that will stir your nerves.

According to What To Expect, if you experience some mild nervousness, that will end up causing your baby to kick around too. Therefore, if you want to make sure your baby is doing okay, then go watch a Freddy Krueger flick, or you can even read a Stephen King novel. Either one will have the same effect.

13 Sing A Lullaby

If you are chatting with your bump and there isn't much of a response or any at all, then maybe your unborn baby would prefer to have you sing a lullaby instead. According to What To Expect, by the time you are at least 22 weeks pregnant, you will be able to sing to your unborn baby- and have it move around as a response.

But if your bump doesn't respond to your talking, don't worry about that. It only may mean that your bun in the oven is likely used to your voice. And if you start singing, that is not something that your unborn baby is used to- unless you happen to be a musician! Anything out of the ordinary that happens will certainly trigger a response for anyone!

12 Know When The Baby Is Active

timing of movement

If you want to make sure your unborn baby is okay by trying to get it to kick around, you can most definitely do so by utilizing some of the suggestions that were already made. However, according to LiveStrong, you may not need to do anything drastic other than paying attention to the time of day that your baby is the most active.

If your baby is not active in the morning, then that means that is nap time. if your baby is having a good snooze, it may not respond to much at all. However, if you notice that your baby is active in the afternoons or evenings, then that is the time when it won't take much to get your baby to move around regardless of how you do it!

11 Focus On The Baby

If you are constantly active, then that in itself will lull your baby to sleep. That means if you are up and moving, your baby has become used to your own routine and will sleep during the time you are up and about. That said, if you want to encourage your baby to move around, then all you need to do is take a few minutes, sit down, and focus on the baby.

According to LiveStrong, if your baby is so used to you being on the go, and not as used to you sitting down- and focusing, then that in itself could get your baby to kick. Give it a try if this describes your lifestyle.

10 Change Position

If you are already lying down and you are concerned that you have not felt the baby kick for a while, there is one simple thing to do! According to The Fun Times Guide, all you need to do is change your position. If you are on your back and you have not felt your baby kick, then go on your side.

However, it is not a good idea to lie on your stomach because it not only makes you uncomfortable but it can disrupt the blood flow. But all you need to do is shift around on the sofa or on your bed and that will get your baby to kick.

9 Drink A Glass Of Cold Water

If you are concerned about indulging your sweet tooth especially if you have a condition like gestational diabetes, but you want your baby to kick and you are too tired to exercise- there is a simple way to get your baby to kick around. According to The Fun Times Guide, if you get yourself a glass of ice cold water, that will jolt your baby awake and get the bump to start kicking around.

Some moms may think that it a cruel way, considering that it seems like the same as you being asleep and being dragged into a cold shower. But it is not the same thing at all. Your baby needs that water just as much as you do, and there is nothing cruel about drinking water that is cold!

8 Take A Warm Bath

There are so many great tips to help get the baby kicking from various sources, but you can also learn some amazing tips from online mom forums that cover this topic. On the Mothering Forum, a few moms said that when they took warm baths, that definitely helped their baby move around.

And if you are concerned about taking a bath during pregnancy, according to BabyCenter, you can most definitely take warm baths but not hot baths. Hot baths will raise your temperature drastically, and cause low blood pressure- and can deprive your baby of oxygen and nutrients. But if you want to take a lukewarm bath, that is fine, and it may be what is needed to get your baby to kick!

7 Ever Heard Of Reiki?

If you are looking for alternative ways to encourage your unborn baby to kick, then why not take a course in Reiki, or have a Reiki session with someone who is a master at it! According to Mumazine, Reiki is energy therapy that is there to not only help calm and heal people who are dealing with various ailments- but it can help give the energy boost that is needed.

Therefore, having Reiki sessions during pregnancy is highly advised by the same source because it not only helps make pregnancy symptoms more bearable- but it also can give the baby the energy boost that is needed to start kicking. In fact, a mom on the Mothering Forum swore by Reiki as the best way to encourage the baby to kick. Give it a try.

6 Listen To Soft Music

If you don't like to sing, because you hate the sound of your voice and you are afraid it could scare your unborn baby (it won't!), you can always put on music in order to help get your baby to start kicking around. According to What To Expect, music of any genre that is turned on at a low-volume will intrigue the baby- and encourage kicking.

In fact, one mom on the Mothering forum swore that rock music always got her baby to kick. She stated: I have found Pearl Jam's early albums to be great blasting on my belly with headphones. That usually gets a pretty big response.

Therefore, if you want to put on some rock music to encourage your baby to kick, turn the volume up slightly and that will be enough to feel those kicks.

5 Prevents Kicking: Blasting Music

Even though it was just stated that music can help encourage the baby to kick, there is a volume limit. That means that if you put on music that is blasting regardless of genre, your baby will be overwhelmed and will not move at all. According to What To Expect, if you want to encourage your baby to kick by putting on the radio or a CD, then be mindful of the volume.

If your baby is overwhelmed by the loud music blasting, that will not get you the response that you are hoping to get- which means you will not be feeling any kicks!

4 Prevents Kicking: Packing On Too Many Pounds

If you have gained a lot of weight during your pregnancy and you are concerned that you have not noticed that your baby is kicking as much as it should, then that is why. According to Parent24, pregnant women with a lower BMI will feel their babies kick a lot more, even during the last months of pregnancy.

However, if you have been packing on the pounds, or you were overweight when you got pregnant, you will feel the baby kick a lot less. If you are concerned, then you need to discuss it with your OBGYN. Using any of the tips suggested to help get the baby moving will be reassuring because something will work!

3 Prevents Kicking: Not Eating Enough

If you are not eating enough during your pregnancy, then that means your blood sugar is low. You may be unfortunate to be dealing with nausea throughout your entire pregnancy- or you are dealing with a lot of heartburn in the third trimester and that is killing your appetite.

Either way, if you are not eating enough, and your blood sugar is low, then your baby will not be active. According to What To Expect, even if you are not hungry, it is best to eat something bland and a small amount of it like a cracker to help elevate your blood sugar. That will help get the baby moving alone!

2 Prevents Kicking: Not Staying Hydrated

Hydration is very important, especially during pregnancy. And, the problem is, sometimes the last thing you feel like doing is drinking water. But, it is crucial to do. According to The Bump, if you are dehydrated, you may not necessarily know but if your urine is darker than it should be- then that is a sign that you are dehydrated.

That also means, if you are not drinking enough water, your baby will also not be kicking. If water really turns you off, then you can put some natural fruit juice in a cup and mix it with water so there is some flavor- without adding too much sugar. You have to do what you need to do in order to stay hydrated.

1 Prevents Kicking: Stressing Out Too Much

When you are worried about your baby not kicking, the stress from that alone as it worsens will only keep preventing the baby from kicking. According to What To Expect, only a healthy dose of nervousness will do the trick like watching a horror flick, which was already discussed.

However, being overly stressed out regardless of the reason will only stress the baby out as well- and as a result, the baby won't be moving due to all of that stress. If you are concerned about the baby's lack of movement, try utilizing the tips already mentioned and surely something will do the trick. Or, you can go to the hospital if you are really concerned. But stressing out alone is guaranteed to defeat the purpose.

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