15 Genius Ways To Stop The Newborn From Crying (And 5 Mistakes That Can Happen)

Congratulations on bringing a brand-new life into this world. Moms are the real champion. They waited nine long months to bring their newborn baby girl or by home. But now that their little one is home, what are they supposed to do when he or she doesn't stop crying?

You tried everything you can think of. You checked your baby’s diaper, made sure he or she wasn’t hungry and made sure that nothing else was wrong. But yet, your little girl or boy still won’t stop crying.

You’re at your wit's end and want to throw up a white flag. Don’t go that route yet, because we have some very inventive and genius ways to help stop your newborn from crying!

One of the ways we found to stop your little one from crying even went viral and parents were in awe that something so simple helped their little one calm down in seconds. We have 15 different things for you to try before you throw up that white flag up high in the air and resort to letting your newborn cry it out or set them in front of the TV screen. We also have five mistakes that could happen to share with you as well.

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20 Stop Crying: Massage The Baby

When your little one doesn't stop fussing, one thing you could try would be to massage your newborn all over their body, according to Parents.com. This is sometimes seen as very relaxing to a newborn or to a baby in general. You have to make sure that you are using a soft and gentle touch. But not too soft, because you don't want to accidentally end up tickling your baby instead. This is also a great way to bond with your baby as well. Make sure to massage their back, tummy, arms, and legs in order to see the best results.

19 Stop Crying: Use White Noise

There is something about white noise that can even soothe and comfort an adult. It is no wonder it can also be used as a way to get a newborn baby to stop crying as well, according to Parents.com. To create white noise, they do sell machines that produce it, but that can be a bit pricey sometimes. So, even something as simple as turning on a fan can do the trick. The sound of the fan itself creates a soothing white noise. If you do decide to turn the fan on, please make sure that your baby is dressed appropriately. Before you know it, your little one will be calm and content.

18 Stop Crying: Bring The Baby To A Mirror

This next one isn’t for the superstitious. Some people believe that is a baby looks at themselves in a mirror that it could have ill effects. We, on the other hand, believe otherwise because for some reason, babies – even newborns – love looking at their reflection in a mirror. So, next time your newborn is in tears, and you can’t seem to get your little one to stop crying, placing him/her in front of a mirror just may do the trick, according to Whattoexpect.com. They love to watch themselves move around, and it may be just the trick that you have been looking for.

17 Stop Crying: Take The Baby For A Walk

This next genius trick may be a simple solution to get your newborn to stop crying almost immediately. Sometimes when babies just get a nice change of scenery, it could be all you really need to dry up the waterworks. Placing your baby in their stroller and taking them for a walk can sometimes be very beneficial. Also, make sure to dress your little one up weather appropriately so that they stay either warm or cool enough. The rocking motion from the stroller ride may even help put your baby to sleep if that is your intention, according to Parents.com.

16 Stop Crying: Turn The Sink On

Have you ever just sat there and watched water run before? There is something about it that is completely fascinating and hypnotizing. As adults, we tend to love waterfalls for their beauty and the sound of the running water. But with babies, they are mesmerized by even a faucet running. Just taking your baby to the sink and turning on the water can be very helpful for mom and baby. This has been known to get babies to stop crying almost immediately. One mom even stated that it works like a charm for her every single time, according to Whattoexpect.com.

15 Stop Crying: Humming The ‘Om’ Sound

There was a viral video that went around the internet that had parents simply in awe. A dad was trying to do everything he could to stop his little girl from crying, so he tried making the “om” sound. You know, the sound most that are most often associated with people meditating? That one! And just like magic, she stopped crying instantaneously, according to Thesun.co.uk. It was amazing. Parents all over the globe started up with the comforting “om” sounds also to help get their little one to dry their eyes. It is really amazing, and we highly recommend trying this genius trick.

14 Stop Crying: Read The Baby A Short Book

Your baby has been listening to the sound of your voice since they were still inside the womb. Your voice is a comforting sound to your newborn. So why not try to read your little one a short story. You never know, it may become something that you can do with your little one as they grow. Reading to even a newborn has been known to help soothe the steady stream of tears, according to Whattoexpect.com. It can be something as simple as Good Night Moon. This is one trick that you can try adding to your growing collection of ways to calm your baby.

13 Stop Crying: Blow Some Bubbles

This next one is a genius trick that you can try with your baby girl or boy even as they grow into an adventurous toddler. Buy some bubbles and just start blowing those bubbles all over the place. It’s that simple, really. Bubbles can be mesmerizing for a newborn – and for babies in general. It is almost hypnotizing to them and you may be able to turn your baby’s frown upside down by just trying this favorite childhood pastime method, according to Whattoexpect.com. Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that will amuse an innocent child. Bubbles just seem to make everyone happy!

12 Stop Crying: Flick The Lights On And Off

If you have run out of methods to make your newborn stop crying, this next one is as simple as flipping a switch – literally – and it may also work so well that it’s like flipping off the waterworks for your newborn baby. You need your little one to have their eyes open for this trick, but trust us – it will be worth it to get back a piece of your sanity! Just try flicking the lights on and off. It may be just what you have been looking for to help soothe and distract your baby, according to Whattoexpect.com.

11 Stop Crying: Turn On A Hair Dryer Or Vacuum

When a baby is inside the womb before birth, they grow accustomed to loud swishing sounds. You have to keep in mind that they hear everything that goes on within their mother’s body from her heartbeat to her blood flowing freely, according to Whattoexpect.com. That is most likely why the sounds of a vacuum or hair dryer going off can sometimes be just what mom has been looking for to soothe her newborn baby. This is another noise making technique that has been shown to work. So, as long as mom prefers those sounds over the sound of a crying infant, she will be good to go.

10 Stop Crying: Drive Around The Block

This next one is an older trick, but to my surprise not all millennial moms know about it, making it – still – a genius way to stop the cries of a newborn baby. When you feel like you are at your wit's end, and you cannot get your baby to stop crying try taking your baby for a drive around the block to help calm and soothe your little one. You may even be able to get him/her to fall asleep for a little while as well. Try not to let your baby sleep in their car seat too long as this could pose as a dangerous threat since babies should be put to sleep flat on their backs, according to Whattoexpect.com. But for a short period of time, it won’t hurt.

9 Stop Crying: Let Them Feel The Vibrations

This next one is a great tip that I learned from Parents.com. Next time you cannot seem to get your newborn baby to stop crying, try simply putting him/her in their car seat and placing them on top of a running washer or dryer. Make sure that you have a firm grip on your child’s car seat to prevent the seat from sliding off the machine due to the vibrations. The movement and vibrations from your washer or dryer may be just enough to help calm your child down and stop his/her tears. If that fails to work, and you have a washing machine that allows you to see into it sometimes a baby just watching the spinning for a short period of time may be enough to stop them from crying as well.

8 Stop Crying: Recite A Nursery Rhyme

This next one is so easy, as long as mom remembers the words to a nursery rhyme such as “hey diddle diddle, the cat and the fiddle,” or even “twinkle twinkle little star.” If reading a book doesn’t work, you may be able to try this one. Just recite a nursery rhyme for your little one, and that may be enough to help your baby's tears subside, according to Whattoexpect.com. If reciting it one time doesn’t work, try saying it over and over for a little while. If for some reason, this trick does not work, there are plenty of other things to try on this list!

7 Stop Crying: The Soothing 'Shhh' Sound

This next one sometimes comes naturally for most moms out there, but it is still a genius way to hush your little one’s tears away. But telling your baby girl or boy “shh, shh, shh,” in their ear while you are holding them and gently rocking them may be all a mom needs to calm and soothe her fussy newborn. The reason this works, according to Whattoexpect.com, is because it mimics that loud ‘whooshing’ sounds that your child had grown fond of while still inside the womb. You should say it loud enough that it is not a whisper, but soft enough that you are not unintentionally yelling at your baby.

6 Stop Crying: Make Up A Silly Song

This next one if a good way to have fun with your little guy or gal and it is something you can do with them as they grow. And as they learn to talk and sing along it can turn out to be something amazing and interesting at the same time. Just hold your little one and start making up silly songs. You are bound to find something that grabs your crying baby’s attention, according to Whattoexpect.com. You can start with something you know and end with something silly. You can even mix and match! As an example, “The itsy bitsy spider… crawled up your mama’s leg, and oh my gosh how it nearly made me scream!” It doesn’t have to make sense; it can be just enough to turn your little one’s frown upside down!

5 Mistake: Making The Baby More Active

One mistake that could potentially happen from trying to make your newborn stop crying is that it may stop the tears, but it could also make your baby more active if your goal were trying to get him/her to sleep. This is especially true at night time when you are trying to settle them down for the night until it is time for his/her next feeding, according to Parents.com. If that is the case, it is highly recommended to use some of the methods on this list that is more likely to put your baby to sleep such as letting them feel the vibrations of the washing machine or dryer or going for a car ride.

4 Mistake: Making The Baby Cry More

When our little one is crying, and we know that they honestly do not need any of their basic needs met, we will try anything and everything – within reason – to get our child’s tears to stop. We gather so much information about how to soothe our child but, yet, sometimes nothing works, and all of our efforts seem to actually make our baby cry more. That is something that moms need to watch out for when trying to get their baby girl or boy to stop crying; that we don’t actually scare them and make them cry more. They are newborns after all, and everything is still brand new to them, according to the Helpguide.com.

3 Mistake: The Newborn May Actually Need Something

A mistake that could happen is that sometimes we try to soothe our little one and we may try everything in our mom arsenal to get them to stop crying when they may actually need something. That is why it is imperative that you always check to make sure your baby isn’t hungry, that he/she doesn’t need a diaper change, and that everything else is okay before you try to soothe and calm them with the genius tips and tricks that are on this list. We want to make sure that we are not unintentionally neglecting any of our baby’s basic needs, according to Babycenter.com.

2 Mistake: Not Letting The Baby 'Let Out Steam’

A mistake that moms could make when trying to get their baby to calm down is rushing to soothe them the instant they begin to cry. While we don’t like to leave or child cry, if we are 100 percent certain that their needs are met, and we know for sure that nothing is wrong, your little one may get used to you rushing to them at the drop of a dime. But what are babies other than tiny human beings? Sometimes babies get upset too and just need to blow off some steam just like mom does at times, according to Community.babycenter.com.

1 Mistake: The Baby Won't Sleep

When you are trying to soothe your little one at night because he/she is crying, you first need to make sure that all their needs are met. At night, you actually want to interact with your newborn as little as possible so they do not become reliant on you rocking them to sleep every night. It’s like a little kid who won’t sleep without their favorite teddy bear. When using the things on this list at night take caution because your little one could become dependent on having you right there to soothe them to sleep. This will only make it harder on you as they grow older, according to Sleepingbaby.com.

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