15 Girl Names That Start With The Letter K


When we think girls or women that all have "K" names, the Kardashian family might come to mind. Rest assured whether fan or foe of this famous family, there are plenty of "K" names for ladies out there that will bring women names of beauty, power, and grace for a lifetime to come. Some classic and more old-school names start with K. Today there are also a great deal of modern and trendy variations of those names that give parents countless options for baby girl K names.

We can find our inspiration for our baby names as tribute to a dear friend or relative or from a celebrity or beloved character. While in today’s world, we are likely to stray away from the idea of naming our children directly after a celebrity, seeing those names in print and headlines on a frequent basis definitely brings about some name recognition. Some parents choose to name their children after historical figures or royalty. Others like to name their kids after a favorite movie or TV character who was especially smart, strong, or spunky.

We may choose to follow a first letter of the name trend such as naming our children to have first names that all start with the same letter such as the Kardashian women. Our children’s names can play a significant role in the types of people they choose to grow up to be. Each name has an origin just as each of us has a heritage. We may also choose to show the importance of that heritage in our lives and our child’s by giving our children a name with that origin.

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25 Kylie

Although some mothers and well fathers too may not want their daughters to share a name with Kylie Jenner, the 19 year old with lip implants, Kylie is a name with many different meanings and a solid popularity. Kylie has both Celtic and Gaelic origins. The name has been said to be the female form of the name Kyle meaning handsome or near the chapel. Another meaning that was found of the name Kylie is "a boomerang." Finally, the name has been said to mean "victorious; a narrow strait or channel." It seems that there is no set definition but a few for parents to choose what best fits their daughter. 

Two alternate spellings of this name include Kyleigh and Kylee. As of 2016, Kylie ranked in at number 97 on the most popular names list. In America the name quickly caught popularity about the famous Australian entertainer Kylie Minogue.

24 Kayla

The name Kayla received some significant popularity in the 90s when it ranked in at the number 11 spot possibly of a result of the character Kayla Brady in 1980 in the soap opera Days of Our Lives. The name Kayla has English, Greek, Arabic, and Hebrew origins. Despite the varying origins, the meaning remains rather the same meaning "laurel or crown." In Greek, the name Kayla means "pure."

Two common variations of the name are the longer form, Mikayla, and also the name Kaylee. Other variations include Kailah and Kaila. In 2016, the name Kayla ranked in at number 119. Alternate spellings of the name Kayla include: Kayle, Kaylah, Kaelah, and Kaela.

The name Kayla has also appeared more recently in television characters. There was Kayla Huntington, Tom Scavo's lovechild, in Desperate Housewives. Another example is NCIS director, Leon Vance's daughter, in the hit TV series NCIS. Kayla Williams is a famous gymnast. Kayla Collins is a famous American model. Kayla Radomski was a finalist on the show So You Think You Can Dance. 

23 Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn stems from the Irish name Caitlin as a spelling variation that is quickly gaining popularity. The meaning of this name is "pure." There are many spelling variations that have quickly been popping up so which we pick depends on if we want our child to have a more common or more unique spelling. Some variations include Kaitlin, Kaytlyn, Katelyn(n), Kaitlynn, Caitlyn, Caitlan, and CaitLyn. Some girls shorten it to Katie, Kate, Caitie, or Cait.

In 2016, "Kaitlyn" ranks in at number 323 while "Katelyn" ranks in at number 432. The name Kaitlyn has gained a great deal of popularity particularly in Canada despite the fact that the names been dropping down the list in the past few decades.

Katelyn was used in pop culture in the show NCIS during its early seasons with the character of Kate Todd, a female agent. Kaitlyn Dever is a famous American actress. Kaitlyn Bristowe is a Canadian reality TV personality most known for her time on The Bachelorette. There is American snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington.

22 Karen

The name Karen is of Greek origin and means pure or innocent. It is also the Danish variation of Katherine. During the baby boom era, the name Karen was highly popular ranking at number 3 in 1960. However, we don't seem to see nearly as many babies or young children with the name Karen today. The name has dropped to number 774 as of the 2016 list which is down 22 spots from 2015.

There are many variations for the name Karen which have picked up in popularity despite the name itself dropping. Kerrin, Kerran, Kari, and Karie have all become either variations or even nicknames for the all time class "Karen." Today Karen is used as a popular tribute to a relative as either a first name or also a middle name.

American Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence's wife name is Karen. Karen Valentine is a famous American actress. Karen White is an American novelist. Some people might also get the name Karen from Karen Smith, a main character in the hit movie Mean Girls. Another TV series, Will & Grace, which we've all been guilty of watching hours of repeats of, has the well known character Karen Walker.

21 Kristen

Kristen is a version of the old school name, Christine. Kristen means "a christian" or "a follower of Christ." Kristen comes from Latin origin. Kristen was popular and peaked in the 1980s. As of 2016 it ranks in at number 873 which is up 54 spots in the past year.

It recently had great name recognition when the Twilight movies came out due to Kristen Stewart, the main actress who plays Bella. Other than that, the name was popular between the 1970s and 1990s. The name might be more popular, or even less, as many of us don't know that the reality TV personality and infamous "mom-ager" Kris Jenner's full name is Kristen Mary "Kris" Jenner. Her youngest daughter Kylie rocks Kristen as her middle name in tribute to her mother.

Many shorten or use a more popular variation of this name now. Krissy and Kristy are two popular nicknames. Khris and Kris are frequently used as well. Some change it to Kristina or Khristina.

20 Kendall

The name Kendall means "valley of the river Kent." It has an English origin and likely refers to a river in England. It was previously a surname but today has become a popular unisex first name.

Kendall Hart was a character on the class TV show All My Children that may have brought this name into popularity. As well there is Kendall Jenner the supermodel, reality TV personality, and daughter of Kris and Caitlyn (formerly known as Bruce) Jenner. The TV show Dance Moms also has the dancer Kendall K Vertes which brought some popularity to the name.

Today the name ranks in at number 181 on the 2016 list. Kendall was popular back in 2010. The name still remains popular among soccer stars. According to the name list trends, it looks like the name came into popularity back with Kendall Hart. However with the ongoing rise of the Kardashians and their day-to-day lives it looks like some moms are saying "bye-bye" to the name Kendall in a way to ensure they don't link their daughter to that  name and all that follows.

19 Kimberly

Well, it looks like the Kardashian clan has definitely checked out a great deal of the names on the K-list. Kimberly has English origin and has remained in popularity spanning from the 1960s to the 2000s. It ranked in the top 5 between the 1960s and 1970s according to Nameberry. The name means "royal fortress meadow." In 2016, Kimberly came in at number 347 on BabyCenter's list of top names.

Traditionally Kimberly was a boys name, but lately it tends to be used for girls primarily. Nicknames include Kimmie, Kim, and Kimmy. This timeless name is full of various pop culture references. Along with Kimberly "Kim" Kardashian the reality TV personality and media mogul, there is Kimberly Jones "Lil Kim" a rapper, Kimberly Wyatt singer and member of The Pussycat Dolls, and Kimberly Perry the lead singer of The Band Perry. Kimberly "Kimmy" Gibbler provided us all with a great deal of laughter as a character in the 90s TV series Full House. There was also Kimberly "Kim Possible" the star of the animated Disney show Kim Possible. 

18 Kenzie

Kenzie has been a long known nickname for the unisex name Mackenzie or McKenzie. Today it is growing in popularity and standing on its own as a girl's name. Kenzie comes from Scottish origin. It means "light one" or "fair one."

Many parents today love how short, light, and absolutely adorable this name is. It ranks as number 279 in 2016 possibly because it has a fresh appeal to Mackenzie. This name definitely carries some strength and sass along with it. Many can still use it as a nickname and give their daughters the full name of Mackenzie or McKenzie.

There are Kenzie's all over the board doing all kinds of things making the name incredibly versatile. Kenzie Ziegler, whose full name is Mackenzie, is a dancer on the TV show Dance Moms. Kenzie Ruston is an American NASCAR driver. Kenzie Dalton is an actress and Miss North Carolina USA 2009. There is also Kensi Blye, a female agent and character on the TV series and spinoff of NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles.

17 Karissa

Karissa is a Greek name that can be a spelling variation for Carissa. It means grace and kindness. Both of these names are on a downward trend with Karissa falling out of the top 1,000 names in 2014 making this a rather unique name for today's babies! The name first rose to popularity in the 1970s. According to BabyCenter, Karissa ranked number 1,682 on 2016's list. The name has dropped 102 spots since last year.

Karissa can also be spelled as Karessa. Some girls shorten it to Kari as well. This name varies greatly between different countries and cultures. In French, Karissa means caress. On the other hand in Italian, it means embrace.

Karissa Shannon is an American model and is the twin sister of Kristina Shannon. Karissa Staples is an American actress. There is also American Paralympic cyclist, Karissa Whitsell.

16 Katarina

The name Katarina is a Czech variation of the name Katherine. It also comes from Scandinavian and Russian origin. The name Katarina means "pure." This name has roots in Sweden, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, and Slovenia. In all of these countries it is within the top 10 most popular names.

The Russian version  of Katherine is actually Ekaterina; however, in America and most of Western Europe Katarina is more well known.

Katarina has quite a few connections to Eastern European royalty. Katarina Eriksdotter is the daughter of Sweden's King Eric the Saint. There is always Katarina Stenbock who was the third queen consort of Sweden's Gustav I. The princess of Yugoslavia is also named Katarina. There are also many athletes with this name as well.

Katarina Witt is a German figure skater. Katarina Waters is a German-English pro wrestler. Katarina Bulatovic is a Serbian Olympic handball player.

15 Kelly

The name Kelly is of Irish origin. It is a unisex name that names "warrior" or "bright-minded." It can also mean "farm by the spring." This name rose to popularity in the 1970s and 1980s. It can also be spelled Kellie or Kelley. As of 2016, the name Kelly was number 761 on Babycenter's name list. Kelly has definitely dropped in popularity, but it is still a rather solid name and common as well.

Kelly was a very popular name back in the 90s with the character Kelly Kapowski, a perky cheerleader, in Saved by the Bell. There was also Kelly Bundy in Married with Children. The name Kelly still remains relevant in more recent shows such as Kelly Gibbs, the daughter of lead character Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS. Kelly is also the name of main characters on 90210 and The Office. 

14 Katherine

Katherine is a Greek name meaning pure and innocent. The name Katherine has incredibly long standing roots and is very diverse. There are many different spellings and variations that show that. There is Catherine, Katharine, Kathryn, and Kathrine. The name Katherine is timeless and elegant. It is also pretty and classy. Katherine is a simple name that is still completely beautiful and can fit any girl. It comes with an air of grace as well especially with roots in royalty in the past.

There are Katherine's who are legislators, actresses, dancers, writers, and Duchesses. Today many know Katherine Heigl, who was in Grey's Anatomy, 27 Dresses, Killers, The Ugly Truth, and Knocked Up. There is also Katherine "Kate" Upton the well known American model. There is Katherine Beckett a main character in the TV show Castle. Many moms also remember Katherine Mayfair, the mom who went from unattainable to completely relatable, in Desperate Housewives. 

13 Kay

Via: hdwallpapersact.com

The name Kay comes from the name Katherine. It has both English and Greek origins. It shares the meanings of pure and virginal. The name Kay made a comeback in popularity over the past year moving up 2,842 spots on Babycenter's most popular name list. It is still ranked rather low though at number 2,896 in 2016. This name was most common during the 1930s.

The name Kay began not only as a variation of Katherine but also as a unisex name. Sir Kay was an Athurian legend and one of the Knights of the Round Table. Today, we've all probably heard of the television show Duck Dynasty where the matriarch is Marsha Robertson who is also referred to and known as "Miss Kay."

Kay Jamison is an American clinical psychologist. There is also the well known jewelry store and company whose slogan we have probably memorized, "Every kiss begins with Kay," Kay Jewelers.

12 Kyra

The name Kyra is of Persian origin. It means sun, lord, and throne. Kyra is also known to be the feminine version of the male name, Cyrus. Although the name Kyra sounds like Kiera or Keira, it has a different root. The name Kyra ranks in at number 477 in 2016. It is pronounced usually as "KEER-a."

Kyra Blaine is a character on the show Castle. There is also Kyra Hart, who is a main character and rebellious teenage daughter on the show Reba. Also everyone's favorite show Game of Thrones has a tavern wench named Kyra. Kyra Mintrun Sedgwick is an American actress. Kyra Phillips is an American news reporter.

Kyra Sivertson is a well known Youtube star who runs a family blog known as "OKbaby" that features her growing family as a teen. She started the channel in May 2015.

11 Karrin

The name Karrin comes from English and Danish origins. In English, it is a variation of the name Katherine. Karrin can also be a variation of the name Karen. Despite having two different origins, the name Karrin means "pure." As of 2015, the name Karrin ranked in at number 9,468. (There was no data for 2016 or 2014 on Babycenter's most popular name list.)

There are many different variations of the name Karrin. They include: Keryn, Karyn, Karren, Karon, Carryn. and Caryn. Some others are Caren and Carin. The name is rather unpopular and ranks outside the top 2,000. It reached its peak in popularity about 55 years ago and has since fallen again.

Karrin Allyson is a famous jazz singer. She is a Grammy nominated vocalist, and is most well known for hits like "I Didn't Know About You" and "Wild for You."

10 Kali

The name Kali comes from Sanskrit origin. It means "dark goddess," "energy," or "black one." Kali is known to be the Hindu goddess of destruction. She is the fierce version of the goddess Devi. Kali, the Hindu goddess, wears a necklace of skulls that can change into blooming flowers. She is usually described as having four hands. This goddess depicts the natural cycle of life and death. According to the legend, the goddess Kali offers you a bowl of rice with one hand, has a sword in the other, and a human head in another hand.

Kali brings love, ecstasy, and life. On the other hand, she can also bring darkness, terror, and death. The name Kali is ranked number 303 in 2016, up 29 spots from last year and hopefully coming into popularity.

Kali Hawk is a famous actress. Kali Uchis is a Colombian-American singer. The name Kali is also portrayed for its meaning in a character on television shows, Teen Wolf and Supernatural. 

9 Kara

The name Kara comes from Greek origin. It means "pure." The name Kara can also mean dear and friend. Kara is more popular than its variant Cara. Kara ranks in at number 408 as of 2016.

Those with the name Kara are often solid and dependable. They are practical, hard-working women. Kara is also said to be studious. The name Kara is also said to bear conservative characteristics.

The name Kara is rather popular for children. There is Kara, a Barbie doll character. Kara is also a jungle princess in Exciting Comics. Kara Danvers also know as Kara Zor-El is Superman's cousin, and best known as Supergirl. There are also also Kara Hayward and Kara Lindsay who are American actresses. Kara Walker is a collage artist.

Kara Elizabeth Drew, who is better known as "Cherry," is an American pro wrestler.

8 Kaylyn

The name Kaylyn is a variant of the male name Kalin or Calin. It comes from Irish origin. According to Babycenter.com, Kaylyn means "slender." The name Kaylyn is in the "Kay" family along with Katelyn, Kaitlyn, and Kay. It is a less used variation though. There is also the spelling of Kaylynn.

Although Kaylyn still remains in the top 2,000 on Babycenter's 2016 list, it is barely hanging on at number 1,970. The name Kaylyn dropped nearly 500 spots since last year.

Along with being a more one-of-a-kind name, the name Kaylyn also has some pretty sweet meanings. Its characteristics include being social, creative, and happy. Other characteristics of Kaylyn are optimistic, communicative, and popular.

Kaylyn Dicksion is an American actress and critic. Kaylyn Mckenzie Kylie is a Canadian footballer. She played in the FIFA Women's World Cup and the Summer Olympics. At the 2012 Summer Olympics Kaylyn Kylie won bronze with the help of a teammate.

7 Katrina

We probably best recognize the name Katrina from hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans  in late August 2005. Katrina is also a popular variation of the name Katherine. It stems from Greek origin and means "pure" or "virginal."

The name Katrina was most popular during the 1980s. Maybe it was the hurricane association but the name Katrina's popularity has been dropping and still is. As of 2016, it ranked at number 1,450. That means it fell 110 spots since the year of 2015 alone.

For children though the name could be rather popular. Katrina Charlotte Coretta Scott Cooper best known as "K.C." the star character in the popular Disney series K.C. Undercover. Katrina Karamakov is a character in the Australian television show Dance Academy. Katrina Van Tassel is also a character in The Legend of the Sleepy Hollow. 

6 Klarissa

The name Klarissa is of Latin origin and is also a German variation of the name "Claire." Klarissa means "bright." It can also mean clear as well. Along with being a variation of the name Claire, Klarissa is also a variation for Clarissa with a C. Variations of Klarissa include Klarisa, Klarrisa, Klarrissa, and Klarysa. There is also Kleresa, Klarysse, and Klarisza.

The name Klarissa seems to be rising in popularity coming up more than 200 spots since the year of 2015. In 2016, it ranked as number 4,142.

According to astrology, the name Klarissa is a symbol of confidence. People with this name are likely to do things that benefit others and bring about a friendly atmosphere.

An analysis of the name Klarissa by Themeaningofaname.com, says that people with the name Klarissa are often insightful, sensitive, and hardworking. They are also patriotic, and often times rich yet humble.

5 Khloe

The name K version of the name Chloe is most likely best recognized for Khloe Kardashian. Both spellings come from Greek origin. They also both mean "young green shoot." The spelling Khloe has risen in popularity in the last decade. As of 2016, it ranks in at number 127 on Babycenter's list. This popularity could be due to parents wanting their child's name to vary from the more used and traditional spelling of Chloe.

Khloe is the name of the daughter of Joey Macs on 16 and Pregnant. Canterwood also features a character named Khloe Kinsella. Khloe Evans was a part of the show The Bachelor UK. The most well known is most likely Khloe Kardashian who is known for her family's reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians and her high profile marriage to NBA star Lamar Odom. Kardashian is known for her love of fitness and encouraging women to love their own bodies after formerly being known as the "fat but funny" sister.

4 Kathleen

The name Kathleen comes from Irish origin. It can be a variation of Caitlin as well as a mix of Katherine and Lynn. The name Kathleen means "pure." Kathleen held popularity for quite some time being used rather frequently between the 1930s all the way through the 1990s. It took a break for a while as it ranks in 2016 at number 1,250 but some believe after some time off, the name Kathleen could definitely rise to popularity and the top of the charts again.

Many of us know of Kate Walsh, a famous actress, whose full name is Kathleen Erin Walsh. Kathleen Kelly is a character in the well known movie You've Got Mail. Along with her is Elliot Stabler's daughter, Kathleen "Kathy" Stabler on one of everyone's favorite crime shows, Law and Order SVU. Kathleen Doyle Bates is an American actress.

Bates is best known for her role as Agnes Mary Instead in the television series American Horror Story. 

3 Kendra

The name Kendra has English origin. It means "knowledge/knowing" and "understanding." The name Kendra ranks in at number 507 in 2016. It rose in popularity, coming up 97 spots since 2015. Formerly, Kendra was a female version of Kenneth or Ken.

Now it has established itself as a female name. In 2013, it was one of the fastest rising names, but flip flops back and forth entering and falling from the Top 200 names. This name and its popularity seems to be rather modern.

Kendra seems to be a rather versatile name. There is Kendra Wilkinson, the former Playboy bunny, model, and reality TV personality. There is also Kendra "Keni" Harrison an American hurdler. Kendra Smith is an American musician. Then there is Kendra Scott, an accessories designer. Finally, Kendra Wecker who is an American basketball player.

2 Kacey

The name Kacey is from Irish origin. It means vigilant and brave in battle. It is also popular in the variations KC and Casey. Some people with the initials of K.C. also adopt this name for themselves. The name Kacey can also be unisex and include the spelling Kasey.

The greatest number of people named Kacey happened in the year 1991, with 401 people being given this name. As of 2016, the name Kacey ranked as number 1,616 on Babycenter's most popular name list. It dropped 276 spots from 2015. it's a little surprising that such a casual and fun name is dropping so fast in popularity.

There is country music singer Kacey Musgraves. Kacey Ainsworth and Kacey Barnfield are both English actresses. Kacey Bellamy is an American ice hockey player, and Kacey White who is an American soccer player.

1 Kennedy

Following the former president, John F. Kennedy, the name has significant name recognition. Today the surname is often used as a first name for both boys and girls. It stems from Gaelic origin. Kennedy means "helmeted chief."

The name Kennedy can also come from Irish origin in which in means "misshapen head" which is ironically fitting for most newborns, but not a meaning we may necessarily want our children to carry around for a lifetime. It just depends on how much merit we want to give the varying meanings there are out there today for a child's name.

Lately, it has been rather popular with girls. The name, Kennedy, ranks in at number 54 in 2016. The name spiked in popularity in 2010. It's no surprise this name has risen to popularity as it carries the charm of the Kennedy family while simultaneously being modern and classic.

Kennedy Fraser is a well known American fashion journalist. There is also Kennedy Cutler the American child model. Many different well known people have named their daughters Kennedy from NFL players to comedians and singers.

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