Although some mothers and well fathers too may not want their daughters to share a name with Kylie Jenner, the 19 year old with lip implants, Kylie is a name with many different meanings and a solid popularity. Kylie has both Celtic and Gaelic origins. The name has been

said to be the female form of the name Kyle meaning handsome or near the chapel. Another meaning that was found of the name Kylie is "a boomerang." Finally, the name has been said to mean "victorious; a narrow strait or channel." It seems that there is no set definition but a few for parents to choose what best fits their daughter. 

Two alternate spellings of this name include Kyleigh and Kylee. As of 2016, Kylie ranked in at number 97 on the most popular names list. In America the name quickly caught popularity about the famous Australian entertainer Kylie Minogue.

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