14“We’re the Only Mammals” Argument

Advocates of placentophagy remind us that most other mammals eat their raw placentas and the cords after birth. Researchers speculate that animals do this for two reasons.

To Hide From Predators

The blood, the scent, and the decomposition of the organ would attract meat-eaters in the wild. Since it would be a

dead giveaway to the position of the new mother and baby, the organ is devoured immediately after birth.

To Reduce Pain

A mother dog, for example, may feed on her placenta and lap up the amniotic fluid to reduce labor pains. But, the dog will eat the raw placenta immediately after birth. This is not what most new mothers are doing. Many women process the placenta or continue eating it months after birth.

While advocates compare this practice to animals, it is not translatable into human use.

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