15 Google Search Terms Only Pregnant Women Will Understand

Pregnancy can be like a roller coaster ride. There are so many ups and downs as you experience new symptoms, learn new things, and reach different milestones. It's impossible to know what is coming next. It's no wonder moms spend so much time researching on the internet and reading books to help prepare themselves.

The internet is great for two reasons. First, you get instant results. Immediate answers to your questions that can calm your anxiety and make you feel better. Second, you don't ever have to feel embarrassed about the questions you ask. No one will ever know! You get your questions answered, ego still intact. The rest of the world thinks you are a pregnancy pro.

What if we were able to take a peek at the Google history of pregnant women? What type of searches would we find? My bet is we'd see a lot of the same questions and concerns being addressed. Validation that you aren't alone in your curiosity and there is no reason to feel so bashful.

Pregnancy does crazy, unexpected things to your body. It excludes you from participating in or using products you normally wouldn't worry about. It causes aches and pains that can be alarming. Then there are the times you want to learn from others that have been there before you. Know you aren't alone and fix your discomfort. Thank you Google for helping us all survive this thing called pregnancy.

Here are 15 Google search terms that all pregnant women will understand!

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15 Why Is My Pee Cloudy?

Pregnant women are notorious for monitoring their urination habits. So crazy that many of them know the amount of urine you should pass on a daily basis to be considered "normal" while pregnant. What?! It's no wonder they are obsessed about the color, smell, and frequency as well. Based on what all of the forums tell you, your urine can tell you so much about your pregnancy, so it's important to keep tabs on what's coming out. The amount of water intake suggested increases drastically. With all of that water going in, your urine should always be clear coming out. Anything else just throws up a red flag and has you running for Google. A change could signal things like dehydration, infection, a change in discharge, or even bleeding. One quick search at least let's you breathe easy or it helps you determine when you need to call your doctor.

14 How Can I Go Into Labor Tonight?

My doctor says I'm ready and that I could go any time. Help me get this baby out! Sound familiar? It is no surprise that as pregnancy nears it's end, women are anxious to bring on labor. There are tons of DIY, at home tips to help induce labor. Most of these searches will take you to the pregnancy forums where you can hear from other mom's that have been there, done that. They are all sharing their own experience and giving you the inside scoop about what worked for them and what to avoid like the plague. While your doctor may not approve of your Google search, you have all the answers you need. Just proceed with caution. Some of the tips out there could backfire and give you more discomfort than you bargained for. From the sounds of things, this search term may not be all that helpful.

13 How Do I Check My Cervix?

Pregnant women be crazy! You mean you actually want to try to check your own cervix to see how things are progressing? Enter Google. There is website after website that can give you the exact steps (some with pictures) to help you check your own cervix for dilation and effacement. As you near the end of your pregnancy, your doctor will begin to monitor how close they think you are. It can be impossible to stay patient as another week passes for the doctor to check again. It is so difficult to wait that women take matters into their own hands (literally). They learn how to do it themselves so they can check any time they want to. I'm pretty sure this is a Google search your doctor would not approve of. Regardless, it is extremely common. This is why women turn to the internet and pregnancy forums for help.

12 How Do I Know If My Mucus Plug Is In The Toilet?

The ever obsessed about mucus plug! It is the one thing pregnant women want to see, understand, and search like crazy. So what is it? At the very beginning of pregnancy, a small amount of mucus accumulates in the opening of the cervix. It then thickens and essentially plugs the opening. It continues to stay in place throughout pregnancy. As you begin to near your due date, chances are you will lose it. In pregnancy forums this is considered the holy grail of signs that labor is coming! The general consensus among doctors is that labor usually follows within 3-5 days. However, it could be shorter or longer depending on the person. Women go crazy on Google looking at pictures so they are sure not to miss losing their own. Definitely one of those TMI (too much information) moments of pregnancy. Thank you Google for making it so easy to be in the know.

11 How Accurate Is The Chinese Gender Prediction Chart?

Every woman that has chatted inside a pregnancy forum knows about the Chinese gender prediction charts. These charts are supposedly based on the ancient Chinese lunar calendar and your age when you conceived. Where they match up, it predicts boy or girl. Conversations go on for weeks around what it says you are having, what you think you're having, and then comparing it to what your ultrasound tech tells you. Every woman sees these conversations and then takes their curiosity to Google. How accurate is this thing? If there is a way to identify gender before being far enough along to have an ultrasound show you, then count us in! Guaranteed every woman out there has checked and rechecked their results depending on if it gave them the answer they hoped for. Unfortunately, there is no scientific proof behind the accuracy of these predictors. Just a 50/50 shot. It sure is fun to play with though.

10 What Does A Contraction Feel Like?

There are a lot of aches and pains that go along with pregnancy. Questions arise with each one as to whether or not they are normal. Then you learn about Braxton hicks contractions. Everyone wants to know if they are part of the "in crowd" feeling Braxton hicks. As you get closer and closer to your due date, the anxiety around labor and what it will feel like begins to take over. You want to be prepared and not look dumb. While there are not really any dumb questions in pregnancy, it can feel that way. Once again, you turn to Google. The fact the internet can provide these instant answers versus asking someone else makes us feel more confident in our knowledge of our own body. Thanks to Google you can now search and understand if the pain you are feeling is Braxton hicks, real labor, or something else.

9 How To Avoid An Episiotomy?

The dreaded episiotomy! Every pregnant woman fears the need for one. Basically the doctor makes a surgical cut in the muscle between the vagina and anus (called the perineum) right before delivery to enlarge the opening so the baby can pass through easier. Pregnancy forum boards go crazy with tips on how to avoid having this done as well as what to prepare for when it comes to recovery. It really kicks up so much of a stir that women take to Google to understand every possible option they have. This is definitely research they want done in the privacy of their own home because much of it will equip them with questions for their doctor, how to document it in their birth plan, and facts to help them make sure they get what they want in the delivery room. Without the internet we would blindly go into labor without knowing what to expect.

8 What Is Too Much Weight Gain During Pregnancy?

Early in pregnancy the weight gain is nothing! It tends to come on slow. We are excited because we are growing a baby. About halfway through the pregnancy, the weight starts coming at us like a freight train. Blink your eyes and 6 more pounds. You start to worry about the rate at which you are gaining and how quickly you are approaching that "expected 30 pounds". Before long, it's looking more like 40 pounds. You are ballooning right up and questioning if it is all normal. Of course your friends and family are going to tell you no, you're fine! You're afraid to ask your doctor because they are going to tell you to stop eating so much. Being this is your third trimester that isn't going to happen! So you take to Google to find other moms that are gaining weight like you. It makes you feel better to know you aren't alone.

7 Should I Circumcise My Son?

It is no wonder pregnant woman turn to Google in masses to ask this question. It is far too scary to ask this question in person. People are so opinionated over the pros and cons and they seem to get personally invested in whatever decision you make for your son. Pregnancy forums go crazy over this one. You could pop some popcorn and enjoy hours of entertainment watching people get fired up and argue with each other. Even your doctor and your pediatrician will likely have their own opinion. The best thing you can do is sit down with your partner and do your research from the privacy of home. There is tons to pour over and contemplate! Then if you are smart you won't share your decision with anyone else or talk about it ever again. Just quietly move forward with your decision. Believe me, Google saves your sanity on this one!

6 Is This Too Much Swelling?

Holy cankles Batman! Somewhere in your third trimester it's like your ankles completely disappear, especially if you have done any sort of walking that day. For some it can be painful. Your body produces up to 50% more blood and fluid during pregnancy and it likes to gather in your feet and legs, even your hands. Your doctor will tell you to prop your feet up and use ice packs. However, you are also warned to watch for uneven swelling. This accompanied by pain could mean a blood clot. Swelling accompanied with vision changes or blood pressure going up could signal preeclampsia. Women take to Google to check for those warning signs and tips to control the swelling. It helps to make them feel more confident on when to call the doctor or what might signal a problem. Another reason it is a blessing to have internet and immediate information at your finger tips.

5 How To Stop Morning Sickness?

If you have ever had morning sickness (or all day sickness) you will totally understand the desperation in this Google search! Nausea during an illness that lasts a couple of days is nothing compared to the torture you endure during your first trimester when you have morning sickness. I know I lost 10 pounds in my second pregnancy during that first trimester I was so sick. It's a wonder I ever went through pregnancy again because I wouldn't have wished that time on my worst enemy. At that stage of the game, you will seriously try any remedy out there to feel human again. Thanks to the instant information Google can provide, you will have crackers by your bedside to eat during the night so you constantly keep something small on your stomach. You will know about pregnancy lollipops and every other trick that has been tried before. You will try them, too!

4 Pain In Stomach During Pregnancy - Is This Normal?

There are lots of little aches and pains during pregnancy. With every single one women take to their pregnancy forums to see who else is in the same boat and what they have determined the cause to be. What they quickly find is that most of these pains are attributed to what is called round ligament pain. This pain starts usually in the second trimester and can cause really sharp pains on either side of the lower abdomen. The first few times it happens it can really freak you out because it can bring you to your knees. Enter Google! Luckily you discover that it is normal stretching of the ligaments that support your expanding uterus. Not comfortable, but normal. Unfortunately, there are also many other reasons for abdominal pain. These are the moments Google helps you to make sense of what you are feeling and determine when your doctor may need to intervene.

3 How Bad Is Labor Without An Epidural?

As your due date gets closer, you will begin to think about and prep for labor. During your birthing classes you will be educated on your options. Pain management is a huge concern, especially for first time moms. Your pregnancy forums will be going crazy with everyone talking about what they learned, what their friends told them, and what they have decided to do. It always feels like you are behind the eight ball and that everyone else has already done their research. Google here you come! It is the quickest way to get the pros and cons and make sure you don't look like an idiot as you join in the conversations. Plus, you want to hear from as many people as possible related to their experience with and without an epidural. The idea of labor is scary, but so is someone sticking a needle in your back. No surprise this one is a common search.

2 Can I Eat ___?

It is no surprise pregnant women are worried about what they can and can't eat. Remember the weight gain concerns mentioned earlier?! There are a lot of restrictions placed on pregnant women like alcohol, fish, deli meat, hot dogs, certain cheeses, sushi, and cookie dough. You know whenever someone tells you no, it makes you want whatever it is that much more! Pregnancy cravings rule! You will search for any reason to give in. So even though your doctor has told you no, you take to Google to double check everything. Is there any amount I can have that is considered safe? Have other people eaten it and been OK? How bad is it really? No matter how much advice you see to stay away from the things you've been warned about, you still hope to find anything out there that casts a shadow of doubt opening the possibility to you.

1 How To Sleep When Pregnant?

RUSSIA/Saint-Petersburg/Young Russian couples, inhabitants of Saint-Petersburg and Moscow, are sleeping in their own bedrooms. I photographed them early in the morning, - the time when people don't really care about their appearance, - trying to understand not only what kind of attitude do they have to each other and to this little life that is growing between them, but also making an investigation on the environment of their rooms, when the whole space can tell a story of who these people are and what are they doing. And thus get an idea of how do young families live in big cities of modern Russia, 20 years later after the fall of the Soviet Union. The project consists of 40 images (as 40 weeks in pregnancy). 2009-2011. Saint-Petersburg-Moscow. Russia. © Jana Romanova/Anzenberger

Sleep is the worst when you're pregnant! You are so incredibly tired all the time and yet you can never seem to sleep. It is a vicious cycle. So it is no wonder pregnant women look to Google to help them find tips to make sleep happen. Most women long to sleep on their stomach and so they look for ways to safely make that happen. Others want to know if it is safe to sleep on their back when they are propped up, I know I did. Then there is the group that wants to understand how bad it really is to sleep on your right side because they are so tired of always sleeping on their left side (better blood flow to the placenta). Google introduces you to the pregnancy body pillow that helps quite a bit as you can cuddle up to and support your growing belly. Otherwise, there are tips and tricks galore to get you through.

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