15 Gross Things Doctors Have Pulled Out Of Children

All these scenarios are gross because of bodily fluids, but there’s a whole wide world of “gross” out there that has nothing to do with bodily fluids.

Ask any non-parent and they won’t hesitate to admit that kids are sort of gross. Scratch that, any parent will also say the same: kids can be super gross at times. Especially when they wipe their boogers all over another human being in lieu of a tissue. The only difference is that parents, to some degree, get used to the grossness. Taking care of a child means that there will be bodily fluids that must be dealt with: poop, pee, vomit, spit. Sure, all of those things are gross, but parents deal with them because they love their child.

Come to think of it, kids aren't the only ones who are gross. Adults can be just as gross as kids; they just hide it better. Who hasn’t seen a grown adult picking their nose while driving? Pretty gross. Even labor can be pretty gross to anyone observing the process. Necessary and beautiful process but still gross. Ever see a husband in the midst of a man cold, hacking phlegm and snotty nosed? Also gross.

All of the above scenarios are gross because of bodily fluids, but there’s a whole wide world of “gross” out there that has nothing to do with bodily fluids. Sometimes it’s a bug that’s gross. Sometimes, it’s a smell that’s gross. Sometimes the gross thing is something that is stuck inside a child’s body. Here are 15 gross and horrifying things doctors have pulled out of children.

15Kissed By A Fly

When someone says they have worms, most people assume tapeworms or maybe even pinworms. It’s especially easy to contract parasitic worms when traveling abroad, and luckily doctors can easily treat these with medications. Whether you have tapeworms or pinworms, the point is most of the parasites we hear about are intestinal.

The poor girl who tops this gross list surely had worms – but not in her intestines. This girl went to her doctor with a massively swollen lip, assuming she had an infection. However, much to the disgust of anyone who watched the viral video, the doctor diagnosed her with worms in her freakin lip! The viral video showed the doctor slowly pulling out a worm (the maggot of a bot fly, to be precise) from her incredibly swollen upper lip. The de-worming video might rank as the grossest thing I have ever watched. Ever.

14Just A Little Wax

Although people joke about how gross ear wax is, it is actually necessary for good health. Ear wax, which is naturally a little bit sticky, acts as a filter and prevents debris and germs from getting in the ear. However, like all things in life, too much of a good thing can be bad – and ear wax is no exception. Too much ear wax can become impacted in the ear canal. Impacted ear wax can affect a child’s hearing – it’s like wearing ear plugs! It can also prevent doctors from properly examining the ears.

This sounds logical in theory but watching a doctor actually pull out the impacted ear wax is pretty gross. Okay, really gross. SOUTHZONEENT12002 posted a Youtube video in which a doctor removes impacted ear wax from a three year old child. The doctor was able to pull out the wax, which no joke resembled a blob of poop, from the poor kid’s ears. Before you start mom-shaming, impacted ear wax is not a hygienic issue – it is affected by genetics and climate.

13Listen To The Time

When a little boy’s ear started to hurt, he told his grandma that he stuffed a pencil in his ear and the eraser part snapped off and got stuck in his ear canal. When grandma couldn’t locate the eraser, she headed off to the doctor.

The doctor removed the object, which was actually a button battery from a watch. Oops, like somebody was caught in a lie!

Despite fibbing about what was actually in his ear, the doctor gave a scary warning to the grandma and the boy about playing with batteries. Button batteries are extremely dangerous to kids as they can start to erode inside the body – and erode tissue right along with it. Removing a button battery may not be gross, but it can certainly be horrifying to learn how quickly they can cause damage to kids!

Safety note: always make sure kids cannot access button batteries or open any battery compartment.

12The Moth Man

Any parent knows that kids and ear infections go together like peanut butter and jelly. Unfortunately. So when kids start tugging on ears and developing a fever, parents dutifully head off to the doctor for a round of antibiotics.

One 12 year old boy, however, takes ear pain to a whole new level. He wasn’t just tugging at his ear, he was screaming and writhing in pain so his parents skipped the doctor's office and headed straight to the ER. When the doctor went to examine the boy’s ears, he found the source of the pain: a live, fully grown moth. I don’t know how you miss a live moth flying into your ear, but apparently this poor boy did. According to his parents, the doctor removed the moth with a pair of tweezers – in tact – and it fluttered around the ER room. Gross, gross, gross.

11Seriously? More Bugs?

The next gross thing to be extracted from a child is another bug from an ear canal: a cricket.

Similar to the worm in the lip and the moth in the ear, the doctor relied on tweezers to remove the beast, I mean bug. Unfortunately, the cricket seemed to wriggle and dive deeper with every attempt by the doctor. Finally, the doctor retrieved the cricket. I can’t imagine the relief that boy felt: physically and mentally.

If you’ve ever listened to the noisy bugs on a summer night, you know that crickets can make a whole lot of noise. Can you imagine all that racket in your ear? The doctor was fairly certain it crawled into the boy’s ear while he was sleeping. I may be sleeping with ear plugs firmly in my ears from now on. What is with all these bugs in kids’ ears!?

10Getting Into The Holiday Spirit

When I was growing up, my favorite time of the year was decorating the Christmas year. It was an all-day event, but when we were done, we had our very own winter wonderland. One of my jobs was always to hang the candy canes on the tree. I never once thought to do anything besides actually hang up the candy canes. Unlike the next girl.

When one mom was decorating for the holidays, her daughter who was in the middle of potty training, swiped a stash of the candy canes and went off to play in her room. When the girl had been quiet for too long, the mom went to find her and saw her with her diaper off and the candy cane stuck in her … uhh… butt. Because bits had broken off, the mom took her daughter to the ER to make sure all the pieces were not puncturing any vital organs. This clearly demonstrates the mom phrase: “Silence is golden unless you have a toddler.”

9Arts And Crafts Gone Wrong

Arts and crafts is a staple of childhood: finger painting, glue sticks, construction paper, playdough. I don’t know one kid who doesn’t like a good ol’ session of finger painting. Art time seems innocent enough – a constructive outlet for kids to get messy and creative.

But one little girl may have taken it a little bit too far during art time, specifically during playdough time. When her mother took her to a well-child visit at the pediatrician’s office, her doctor was puzzled. “When did she get ear tubes put in?” he asked the mom. The girl didn’t actually have tubes put it and now the mom was puzzled too.

When the doctor tried to look in her ears, all he saw was green, which he thought was the standard green ear tubes. As it turns out, the green stuff was really hardened playdough that the girl had jammed into her ear. What puzzles me is how no one thought the girl had gone deaf with all that playdough stuck in there!

8Flower Child

We are constantly told to slow down and to stop and smell the roses. By “we,” I mean adults. Adults are the ones who live too often in the fast lane. Kids, on the other hand, are professionals at stopping to the smell the roses. There’s a reason parents joke about “toddler time.”

But this girl may have stopped and smelled the flowers a bit too much. A doctor in China saw a young girl for an ear ache caused by… a growing dandelion. The dandelion, which was implanted root first into her ear, had actually started to grow. Once the dandelion was removed, the doctor calculated that it had grown about 2cm while in her ear! Quick question though – how do you miss a dandelion sticking out of your kid’s ear?

I guess you could say that this girl stopped to grow the flowers!

7Gotta Accessorize

All parents want their children to be healthy and happy, and when anything threatens to compromise either of those two things, it can be quite unnerving.

The parents of a young boy were understandably upset when they discovered a “mass” growing in their son’s ear. Seeing the tumor, their doctor agreed that a biopsy would need to be done to figure out what kind of mass they were dealing with.

During the procedure, the doctor realized that the mass wasn’t really a tumor after all. The culprit: a small plastic Barbie shoe. However, because the Barbie shoe had been lodged into the boy’s ear for so long, the body’s own tissue began to grow around the ear, creating the appearance of a large tumor. I’m willing to bet this boy doesn’t get to play with Barbie for a long, long time.

6Her Tooth Went Where?

Ah, the tooth fairy! I mean who doesn’t love a little folklore to help ease a child into a major childhood milestone? After all, the thought of pulling out your own wiggly tooth is just a tad bit easier when you know you are promised a visit from the tooth fairy. Unless, of course, you don’t want money.

The next little girl on the list definitely did not want a visit from the tooth fairy. The thought of money could not entice her to hand over her hard-won tooth; she never placed her lost tooth under her pillow. The next morning when her parents asked what happened to her tooth, the girl said she hid the tooth.

Flash forward a few weeks when the girl was having some ear pain – you know where this is going. Yep, the doctor extracted her tooth from her ear.

5Master Builder

I have loved Legos since I was a kid. My favorite set was a giant yellow castle that took days to build and had a working draw bridge. Now my oldest son is super into Legos, but I’m careful to allow him to work only in a small spot so no little pieces can be stepped on (ouch) or eaten by his younger brother.

Although, after reading about this next boy, I guess I shouldn’t just worry about toddlers eating Legos; apparently, up the nose is a better option for curious tots. When Isaak Lasson was 6, his doctors were determined to solve his three-year-long battle with sinus issues. The problem: a Lego tire had been stuck in his nose for 3 years. After the doctor pulled out the tire, Isaak’s sinus problems went bye bye. He also could sleep and eat better afterwards too!

4What Goes In Must Come Out

Kids swallowing odd objects isn’t that strange considering the vast amount of foreign objects that they actually stick into their mouths. Not that it makes it better for the worried parents, but it is common. Luckily, most objects pass on their own… if you know what I mean.

Wedding rings tend to be a popular item for kids to swallow, especially for ring bearers who get a little bit too tempted while they make their journey down the aisle. These kids are usually told to just wait it out until they poop it out. One girl, however, was not so lucky. When her mother took off her rings to wash dishes, the little girl swallowed her mother’s rings. Because the rings hadn’t passed after two weeks, doctors had to remove the rings – surgically.

That poor mom – sifting through poop in vain for two weeks! Gross!

3What Has Eight Legs And Is Gross?

The infamous “they” like to say that the average person swallows about eight spiders per year while sleeping. Who’s going to have trouble sleeping tonight?!

Well, eating a spider may be the least of worries after you read about this next boy. Jesse from Albany was nine years old when he told his mother that his ear kept popping. I mean, ear popping is super annoying, especially after an air plane ride! After a few days, the popping turned into an earache so off to the doctor they went. The doc saw a “foreign body” in the ear canal so he flushed it out. Here’s where the story gets super gross: a dead spider floated out. Just to make sure the doctor got everything, he flushed the ear again. A live spider came out! Remember that popping noise? The doctor said it was the spiders walking across the ear drum. Yuck.

2Nose Art

Remember the girl with the playdough? Well, another staple of art time, the crayon, makes an appearance in this entry. Of course, what kid hasn’t stuck a crayon up his or her nose? For whatever reason it’s just really tempting when you’re a toddler. Most of the time, the kids just remove the whole crayon without any issue.

Unfortunately, one little child stuck his crayon up just a little bit too much to easily remove. When the parents couldn’t dislodge the crayon, the ER docs ordered a face X-ray and a CT scan of the sinuses. The scan revealed the crayon lodged so high up that it actually ran into the sphenoid sinus. Thankfully, the doctors were able to pull out one very, very boogey red crayon. I bet (or at least I hope) this little boy never sticks anything up his nose again.

1Read At Your Own Risk

You know how sometimes you read something gross (like live moths inside an ear) and you start to get that creepy crawly feeling? But sometimes other gross stuff doesn’t give you a creepy crawly feeling; in those cases you just want to throw up. This entry is definitely falls into the “I am going to throw up” category.

One anonymous mom confessed to taking her daughter to the hospital to remove a foreign object from her daughter’s nose. What is that foreign object you ask? POOP! The girl was playing with her pet guinea pig when it pooped. Before the mom could swoop in fast enough, the girl jammed the poop (or jelly beans as she called them) into her nose! The mom tried to pull it out but it was just mushing (ew). The doctor was able to flush it all out, but seriously? That’s enough to make me want to just throw up.,,,,


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