15 Gross Things That Happen During Labor That Will Scar Him For Good

Mom and dad have waited for what may feel like forever to greet their beautiful baby. Delivery day is a moment that the parents will never forget. It can also be terrifying for first-time parents. No amount of reading or research can prepare them for what to expect fully. Hollywood movies tend to make labor and delivery dramatic and, usually, look so much easier than it truly is. While moms are busy doing the hard and strenuous work, dad's get to watch helplessly from the sidelines. However, dad's get the full gory view of everything going on that mom can't exactly see.

Some dads can’t handle the view and will sometimes faint vomit, or both. The things a father sees or hears throughout the delivery process sometimes never fade from his memory. This can make dad never look at his partner, or wife, the same way ever again. When dad is in the delivery room witnessing his little miracle being born, he most likely sees more than he bargained on. At least for first-time dads who have never seen anything like a live birth before.

At times, dad's may feel like they knew exactly what they were in for until the actual delivery day arrives. Some dads may feel like they are the sole person to blame for the pain that mom is enduring for their baby. Other times, dad's may not be able to get over the sight of watching their baby crown. Here is a list of reasons why dad may never look at mom the same way after childbirth.

15 Mom Will Look Her Absolute Worst

Dad’s have usually been able to see mom look their best, and during the birth of his child, he gets to see mom look her worst. Most men are very understanding of this and could care less about what their partner looks like because they know that the mom is bringing new life into this world. Other men, well, they can just be shallow and judge mom on the hairs that are out of place, or for what she looks like at that very moment in time.

While it’s not right for a dad to judge his partner for what they look like, given what they are enduring, it does happen. This could cause the dad to never be able to look at his partner the same way ever again.

14 Seeing The Head Is Scarring

Seeing the head crowning can either make dad more excited because his baby is on his or her way out, or it could go the other way and just put dad off for a very long time. Some dad's like to think that area is for them only, now he has to share with doctors, nurses, and, of course, the baby. Once he sees what's going on down there and realizes how much it has to stretch, he may never be able to view that area the same way again.

Dad may also see the birthing area as something that is no longer intimate. Knowing something as big as a baby came out of there, may make it harder for dad to want to even see that area any longer.

13 The Demonic Screams

Since giving birth is definitely not a painless process, it is expected that the mom will be screaming and yell while they are in agonizing pain. This might scare away the dad because let’s face it, the pain is so intense that at times the mom can sound almost otherworldly, or maybe possessed. Dad’s should understand this, but sometimes they are left flabbergasted and cannot believe that it’s their partner making those noises. This could cause some dads to never be able to look at their partner the same way again.

Maybe the dad’s are now scared to make the mom sound like that ever again. That they will do whatever they need to do to not hear those noises. Dad still has to wait till the last part of the child comes out, so here comes that noise again.

12 The Slimy Pile Of Ooze Will Make Him Gag

The stuff that comes after the baby is delivered, the afterbirth might be a reason that dad may never look at his partner the same way again. Some dad’s that didn't read any pregnancy and delivery books, watch videos of a live birth, or listen to the mom, might not know or have even heard of afterbirth. It might come as a shock to those dad's who never paid any attention and they might think, at first, that the doctor is delivering another baby. At least until after dad gets a look at the oddly shaped placenta.

The dad might not be prepared to see the slimy and bloody pile of ooze that kept his baby alive inside of moms belly. This could ruin unsuspecting dads for a long time.

11 Let's Not Forget Mom's Death Grip

While mom is squeezing dad’s hand during the birth of their child, he may wonder how the mom got such superhuman strength all of sudden. There’s a good chance that mom may ever actually really hurt his hand. Hopefully, the only thing on dad that mom is grabbing during the delivery process is his hand! There’s bound to be that mom that goes for other areas while they are in a ridiculous amount of pain.

If the mom were to grab something else on dad, that would be a reason he may never be able to look at her the same way again. Some dads may even consider wearing a cup during this time, just to be on the safe side.

10 The Baby Isn't The Only Thing That Gets Pushed Out

Some dads may not be prepared for the rush of fluids that spill out of mom during the delivery process. If the mom’s water, or membrane, sac has not ruptured, the doctor may have to break it for them. When mom’s water breaks, that is the amniotic fluid that the baby is housed in, inside of the womb. Add that with all of the blood, worse if mom needs an episiotomy or starts to hemorrhage, and that makes a not so nice mixture that dad is gazing at.

Seeing all fluids gush out of his partner could make dad never look at mom the same way again. He may keep the thought of so much blood and amniotic fluid locked away inside his mind.

9 The Blame Game Will Begin

Some soon-to-be fathers may feel so bad and guilty for what their partner is going through while trying to deliver his baby, that he may take the blame for getting her pregnant all on himself. He may think that it was solely his fault, so unless he poked a hole in the condom he is not the only one to blame. It take’s two to tango. It is just as much mom’s fault as it is the dad's. Logically knowing this, it still may not make him feel any better.

This could ultimately lead to the dad not being able to look at his partner, or wife, the same way after the baby is born. Sometime’s dad’s just harbor a lot of guilt when they see the mom going through the pain of childbirth.

8 The C-Section Cut Will Never Leave His Mind

Many dads think that they can handle all the blood and fluids that come out of mom during the birthing process, but once a c-section is involved he not be as strong as he once thought. If he happens to catch a glimpse of the doctor cutting mom open to retrieve their newborn baby, dad may start to feel slightly queasy. If a father would feel faint during a natural birth, he may really faint during the c-section because there is a lot more involved.

Dad may accidentally see the incision is made, and the first rush of blood to the surface. He may also catch a glimpse of some of mom’s other inside parts. Some dads might think it’s a real life horror movie up close. This could cause dad to never look at the mom the same way again.

7 The Doctor Will Manhandle The Belly

Dad’s may never be able to look at their partner the same way again if they have to see the way a doctor has to get in there to turn a baby that is breech. Dad’s may even up fainting once they see how far the doctor has to get his hand, and part of his arm, inside of mom. If they baby is up too high in mom’s belly, the doctor also has to push down on mom’s ribs and stomach to get the baby to come down further, and then turn the baby around.

It is not a very pleasant sight for the dad’s to have to witness. They get the full view when they decide to be in the delivery room with mom while their baby is being born. Dad’s may never recover from that sort of view.

6 Dealing With The In-Laws

Dad’s don’t always get along with their partner’s, or wife’s, parents and other family members that may come to the hospital to visit the new addition to the family. A lot of fights and arguments can happen at the hospital when a baby is being born. Sometimes the mom’s own mother may insist that she be in the delivery room while her grandchild is being born, even if it was planned that only dad would be in the room. Other times, people may argue over who gets to see the baby first or any number of possibilities.

These little disagreements could lead to some nasty words at times, and leave dad never feeling the same about his partner ever again.

5 One Spot, Two Spot, Three Spot, Floor

Some dad’s, especially first-time dads or the dad’s that are not so good at seeing the slightest drop of blood, may faint and drop to the ground. Other dads may even throw up their entire stomach's contents. Doing either of these two things could make dad feel really embarrassed and, in turn, could cause them to never look at mom the same way after birth.

For some men, their pride gets in the way and the embarrassment of the situation and could even make them feel a bit angry. A dad seeing the mom go through so much pain without passing out or vomiting might make him feel even worse on the inside.

4 There Will Be Feelings Of Helplessness

Some dads just feel so bad when they see their partner in such excruciating pain during the whole labor and delivery ordeal. Men can, sometimes, feel so helpless during the whole process that they can't bare to look at their partner, or wife, the same way ever again. Some men may even temporarily resent their own child because of how helpless they feel. They may want to do everything in their power to make mom feel better or ease her pain, but logically he knows there is not a single thing he could do to make it all better for the time being.

Dad’s will often lend their hand for their partner to squeeze because it seems like that is the only thing to do. They may also try to help by wiping the sweat from mom’s forehead. Dads sometimes try to do what they can since they feel so helpless.

3 And The Worry Will Come Quick

When a dad has never had any previous children, and this will be his first, there is a good chance that he may worry about every little thing that he hears and sees. The dad may think, “What are they doing to my wife?” He may worry about every little scream, cry, or even about every time mom yells that she hates him for doing this to her. At times, the mom could be much less worried than the dad is because she is focusing on trying to push the baby out. Since dad is standing by his partner and hopefully supporting her, he gets to see everything that is happening while the mom’s view is obstructed.

Dad may also worry about the baby when he or she makes their entrance into the world. If the baby is blue or discolored, the dad may freak out and worry that something is really wrong. All the worry and stress that he is putting himself through, when the mom is the one that needs to worry the most, it could cause the dad to never be able to look at his partner the same way again.

2 The Demands Will Be Too Much

Some dads could also feel bad, in general, for having to say no to mom when she says that she is really hungry or thirsty but cannot have anything other than ice chips. The dad may want to cave and give in to his partner’s every need, but he knows he can’t in case mom would have to have an emergency c-section. Having to say no to the mother of his child could cause him to feel really guilty, and he may not be able to look at mom the same way again because of all the guilt that is starting to build up inside of him.

It’s understandable that the dad would want to give in, but he needs to hold firm. If the dad gave into mom her entire pregnancy, he may feel even worse than most men would. After all, a happy wife leads to a happy life.

1 The Birth Will Feel Like A Horror Movie

Marlon Wayans and Essence Atkins perform a scene in the movie, "A Haunted House". (Will McGarry/Open Road Films/MCT) ** HOY OUT, TCN OUT **

With all of the parts of labor and delivery of mom and dad’s new bundle of joy, that alone may be enough for some dads to never be able to look at their partners the same way again. Once a dad witnesses the miracle of childbirth, he may even be afraid to get intimate with the mom as well. Some men may feel lucky to have encountered the birth of their pride and joy, others may wish that they could have the memory of it burned from their mind.

Some dads really do get more than they bargained for when it comes to childbirth. The good thing is that at least they were there and gave it their all to be supportive of the mother of their child.

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