15Lack Of Sleep

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We know it's not technically a newborn's fault that he can't sleep for hours at a time. Newborn tummies are tiny, so they need food often. They then very efficiently expel that food, so they need their diapers changed. Plus, they are just really into their moms and can't seem

to get enough of being held. However, it's a bit much in the beginning.

When moms are trying to recover from birth, they want and need rest. Newborns exist to make sure that is not possible. While trying to heal from birthing a human, this tiny person needs mom 24/7, and that includes all through the night.

If mom is lucky, her partner or family members will make sure to chip in and let her rest. However, breastfeeding moms report not feeling much relief because they still have to feed the baby at night. Only mom has the magic milk, so while everyone else rests, mom gets to sit up and serve as a milk machine to her tiny little boss.

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