15The Massage Immediately After

Finally, the baby is here. We are all happy. Now here comes the arrival of the first wave of pain for the new mother. Immediately after that beautiful bundle of joy plops out into the world, (okay, more like 20 minutes after), the mother has to sit – make that

lie down and receive the most rigorous massage of her life.

Because hey, what’s a massage after the massive load that a woman pushed out of her nether regions, right? NOTE: This massage is to be done regularly for up to 40 days after childbirth.

Sometimes this massage is done by one of the nurses, but most times, it is done by two nurses. Because hey, after everybody’s has had a peek at the most intimate regions, why not let another 2 nurses have a go at the back, right? But that isn’t even the worst part. It’s the fact that this massage is excruciating, but sadly cannot be avoided.

And it should not be avoided because ‘the massage’ increases blood flow to the mother’s muscles, increases the amount of Oxytocin produced among other things.

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