15Not Always Happy

Try this out: go to your favorite image search engine and look up “pregnancy.” Chances are, there will be photograph after photograph of women of all shapes and sizes, all in various forms of happiness. Some will look overjoyed about their baby bump as they bask in

a field of sunshine. Others will sit calmly with a contented expression on their face, looking as if they’ve found the much elusive inner peace.

But reality check: these are much curated photographs of pregnancy. If the mom-to-be expects to be super happy all the time, she’s in for a surprise. After all, a baby in the tummy doesn’t always equal happiness, in all its forms. And some of the reasons why this is so we’ll be covering in this very article. Our advice? Just take each day as it comes. Sometimes it will be good, sometimes it will be bad. And accepting that can help mom cope with the whole thing.

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