15 Heartbreaking Stories Of Babies Disappearing At Or After Birth

It’s the most exciting time of a woman's life when she realizes she's expecting a baby. All those little clothes, the tiny shoes, the thought of snuggling this tiny being against her chest and being the most important person in their life. But, along with all the amazing parts of pregnancy, this journey can also be one of the mot frightful.

A mom-to-be can worry and stress about everything from how good of a parent she's going to be, whether she is truly ready for this big event to making sure she's eating healthy enough and wondering whether her baby is healthy and developing correctly. She's probably even stressing about the birth and if she’ll know “when it’s time” (no worries, we’ve all been there).

But one thing a mom and dad should never have to stress about is losing their baby. In this instance, I’m not talking about miscarriage or SIDS, the other frightening health risks on a parent's mind. No, I’m talking about the parents whose babies disappear right at birth or afterward in one of the worst ways possible. A planned and executed abduction right out of the hospital.

It’s a nightmare that no parent should be forced to face, but it is a reality that far too many parents have already encountered. While there are multiple cases of this happening scattered across the internet, these are the most heartbreaking stories that are going to shake any parent and make a mom keep an even closer eye on her little one…

15 "False" Brazilian Pregnancy


A couple in Brazil are filing a report with police after the would be mom completed her scheduled C-Section only to wake up and have her doctor explain that she had imagined her entire pregnancy. The couple, 30-year-old Claudia Aparecida Lopes and her husband 23-year-old Alexandro Donizete Alves, were absolutely ecstatic when they found out they were expecting.

Lopes did a simple pregnancy test at a chemist and as soon as it came back positive they booked an appointment with their doctor. He was quick to confirm the results – they were, in fact, pregnant! He even confirmed that it was a going to be a baby boy.

The couple swooned over the baby on the ultra sound and didn't hesitate to complete prenatal treatment, adjusting their lives for the new family addition, diet changes, and also went through all registered ultra-sounds, during one of which the doctor explained the birth couldn’t be natural caused by the baby's sitting position.

Lopes would need a C-Section. But after the completed surgery, her and her husband are greeted with startling news – the entire pregnancy was psychological and there was no baby at all. It didn't take long for serious outrage. Both parents are claiming that their baby was stolen from them.

After all, they both witnessed the baby on the ultra-sounds and why would the doctor accompany the entire pregnancy if it had been false? The police are still unsure of the outcome of the case simply because they are claiming they are unsure of how to handle the case.

14 Unsolved Missing Babies At Homer G. Phillips Hospital

Mother-Daughter-reunion 50 years

The Homer G. Phillips Hospital in St. Louis, Missouri is finding itself tied up in a bout of court cases after a mother has just been reunited with her daughter - 50 years after she was told the baby had died at birth. The heartwarming reunion has gone viral (they are pictured together above) and has sent women everyone wondering if they to were also deceived in the death of their newborns.

A very special law firm is taking on the newfound cases to help moms  and daughters just like the two above to get their answers from what the law firm is calling "a sin of the worst kind." Some of the answers lie in age-old documents that can be difficult to obtain even with a social security number. Two of the cases have already been cleared once the death certificates of the babies were found in the old documents.

But still others are waiting for an answer.

13 Payment For Return


Those are the words of Milton Maxwell, a father from the West Indies who is on a desperate search for his one-day-old baby girl (pictured above) who reportedly went missing from the hospital while her mom was napping.

The incident took place in the University Hospital of the West Indies, where ironically both mother and father are employed as nurses. The story which is retold by Maxwell states that his wife had just received her medications when she took a small nap with her baby girl sleeping in a cot directly beside her. When she awoke at 10:30 am, she found the cot empty. Her baby was missing.

Hospital staff was instantly alerted and the hospital was searched for the baby girl, but to no avail. The police were called and two different diversions both from Kingston and St. Andrews are working together to solve the case. But it's not enough for Maxwell. He's willing to offer a payment for the safe return of his baby girl.

There have been no leads as to the whereabouts of the baby girl just yet, but the parents are hopeful that she will be found and returned to them.

12 Where Is The Real Paul Fronczak


It was on April 26, 1964 at Micheal Reese Hospital that Dora Fronczak gave birth to a healthy 9-pound baby boy. Along with her husband, Chester Fronczak, they name their new baby Paul Joseph Fronczak. But only a day after the baby's birth, mystery strikes. A strange woman is seen in the maternity ward several times throughout the day and even a few times the day before.

On April 27, she enters Dora's room dressed as a nurse and looked at the baby before she left without a single word. A nurse recalls seeing the woman walk into Dora's room, dressed in white and she told Dora that the doctor wanted to see her baby. Without hesitation, Dora handed the baby over and the woman exited the room.

45 minutes later, the baby was reported missing. Hundreds of leads were followed but there were no answer. Until fourteen months later a little boy was found abandoned 800 miles outside of New York City in Newark, New Jersey. He had been left in a busy shopping mall. He was suspected to be about 15 months old and was at first placed in foster care under the name Scott McKinley.

Despite contradictory bloodwork, Chester and Dora could not be proven or disproven as Paul's parents and they were legally required to adopt him. The case of missing Paul Fronczak was closed and two years later the family moved back to Chicago where they raised the little boy as their own.

Authorities are claiming that they are making progress with the now reopened case and they are hopeful that they will finally be able to solve it, this time. For more insight on this mystery, check out the full story and video interview with Paul and his wife here: http://abcnews.go.com/US/stolen-birth-real-paul-fronczak/story?id=20743646

11 Twins Abducted And Sold


In Shaanxi, China, only a day after she gave birth to her twins, Mother Wang Yanyan and father Qi Kunfeng are greeted with heartbreaking news: their babies are incredibly sick and will not survive. They were told it would be in their best interest to allow the hospital to take are of it.

Unwillingly, they signed the papers handing their babies over to the hospital, but soon afterward mother Wang becomes suspicious and begs her husband to call the police. And it's a good thing that they did. As it turns out, the babies were not sick at all, but had been abducted by the family's trusted obstetrician who was involved in a gang that has made it their mission to abduct and sell babies for human trafficking purposes.

After nine suspects had been arrested, the babies were reunited with their family. But this is not an unlikely case for the hospital. In the past, they have been subject to over 50 child abductions, 26 are claimed by the gang mentioned above. Authorities are working to destroy the gang, as human trafficking in Chin can be met with a death penalty.

But accordance to laws is close to nonexistent and with a strict one-child policy and preferable male heirs, trafficking is incredibly profitable and remains a large problem in China.

10 Tired Mom Handed Baby Over To The Abductor

At Fort Logan Hospital, located in Stanford, Kentucky, a tired mom who had just given birth was relaxing in her room with her newborn baby. It was the middle of the night and as the mother was falling asleep she saw a woman dressed as a nurse in scrubs enter her room and take her baby away from her.

The frantic mother called for hospital staff who searched the hospital before contacting police. The woman was finally caught and arrested after the tiny baby was found abandoned 150 miles from the hospital. The mother and baby were reunited shortly there after and the abductor was a nurses aid named Tanya Sholtz. Tanya now faces serious charges and jail time.

The baby was found by a passerby and still had her umbilical cord attached. Tanya was not on duty when she abducted the baby.

9 Baby's Abduction Disguised As A Circumcision

baby boy 2

A woman who was claiming to be a nurse entered a mother's room in Salt Lake City. She explained to the mom that she was there to take her baby boy to be circumcised. The mother consented and handed over the baby. But instead of carrying out the procedure, the woman attempted to steal the small baby boy.

Te abductor, Elizabeth Alarid flashed an ID card at the new mother and then wheeled the baby out of the room and toward the elevators. Once at the elevator, Elizabeth picked the baby up out of the cot and left the hospital with the 3 day old infant. When staff saw Elizabeth with the baby, Elizabeth claimed to be the baby's aunt.

Hospital staff was alerted of the incident and the woman was caught only a few blocks from the hospital. Mother and baby were reunited shortly after.

8 Premature Baby Was Abducted And Passed Too Soon

A startled mom gave birth to her baby premature in a small hospital located in the suburbs of Chicago. Only a short while later, her baby was gone. It's unreported at the time of how the baby was abducted, but one can guess that it was like most other cases and was conducted by a woman wearing a nurse uniform who tricked the mother into handing over her beloved baby.

Although it has been noted that the woman who abducted the baby was possibly someone close to the family. Unfortunately there's not a happy ending in this case, which resulted in the baby's death after the abductor hid the tiny baby boy in a clothes hamper. The baby was found a few hours later and the cause of death was asphyxiation. Authorities are ruling it as a murder for now with further investigation pending on the case.

7 The Baby's Abductor Blames The Mother

As new parents prepared to be discharged from Magee Womens Hospital of University of Pittsburg Medical Center their baby was abducted by a woman dressed as a nurse in black scrubs and pink shoes. The hospital immediately jumped into action and completed protocol in shutting down the hospital to search for the abductor and baby.

Authorities were called and that was when Breona Moore was discovered on surveillance walking from the hospital with the new baby. Police managed to track her down thanks to a tip from a family member about a Facebook post claiming that Breona had recently had a baby. They found and arrested her only a few blocks from the hospital.

The baby was returned to his parents unharmed, but Breona is insistent that the abduction was not her fault alone. As she was being transported into the police station from the car she yelled: “Guess what mom? It’s all your fault!” Despite her allegations, Breona is facing a kidnaping charge for her abduction. The family is pictured above during their emotional reunited.

6 Dying Mother Helps Lead Authorities to Son

At 5 a.m. this Tuesday morning, police responded to a call from the home of Amanda “Mandi” Mangus. They found the 23-year-old with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest. But the woman wasn’t concerned with herself. Her first, and last, words to the police were: “Where’s Winston?” in which she was referring to her 10-month-old baby boy.

Police instantly knew that the baby boy was not in the home by her words and launched a multi-state search for the infant. Amanda also managed to give authorities the name of the Winston’s father’s, James Ramsey, who was the suspect of the shooting. She had just recently taken out a restraining order against the man.

Amanda was quickly transported to a nearby hospital, but she was pronounced dead when she arrived there. An Amber alert was sent out for little Winston and a few hours later he was found safe in the backseat of his father’s vehicle at a traffic stop 150 miles away in Fulton County, Indiana.

As of now he is charged with aggravated murder, but more charges are expected to be filed on Ramsey. Amanda’s father, while heartbroken, says that his daughter was a wonderful mom and he is proud that her last thoughts were with her son.

5 Women Felt That Something Wasn't Right


That was the thought of 23-year-old Carlina White  (above) for most of her life growing up. Although she wasn’t aware of her kidnapping until she was 23, the young girl knew that she didn’t belong in the family that was raising her…

On August 4, 1987 Joy White took her infant daughter to the hospital for treatment when she contracted a high fever. Thinking her child would be safe and cared for, she went home to rest for a few hours. But when she returned to the hospital she was greeted by the unthinkable – her daughter was missing. Holding onto the only picture that Joy had of her daughter, she begged for someone, anyone, to help her find her three-week-old baby.

But it wasn’t until 23 years later that Carlina was curious enough about her suspicions when the woman who raised her was unable to provide her with a birth certificate that Carlina searched through the internet and found a website for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

On the website, she stumbled upon an item focusing on a baby girl who had been taken from a hospital in New York. She called the center, which in turn notified authorities. Carlina contacted the woman, Joy White, and sent her a picture of herself. It was compared to the tattered photograph that Joy had saved all these years. And it was a match! The two were happily reunited after all these years apart.

4 Abductor Befriends New Mom In Hospital And Abducts Her Baby

In 1998 on July 10 in Jacksonville, Florida a new mother, Shanara Mobley, who was only sixteen at the time, had a visitor to her room whom she assumed was an employee at the hospital. The woman, Gloria Williams, stayed in Shanara’s room with her getting to know her and helping her with the baby. But when Shanara asked Gloria to place her baby in a carrier, Gloria simply takes the baby and exits the hospital.

True hospital staff were not alerted by the woman because they thought she was a relative of Shanara’s. After months of searching, the baby has still not been found and Shanara sued the hospital. She was awarded a total of 1.5 million dollars.

But Shanara never gave up hope of maybe one day finding her daughter. And 18 years later she was found living in South Carolina with Gloria. After a DNA test and a series of tips, Gloria was arrested on kidnapping charges and Kamiyah Mobley was finally reunited with her actual biological mom.

It was because of this very story in 1998 and the lawsuit that followed the abduction of the baby girl that hospitals jumped into action to stop things like this from happening again. It began in this Jacksonville hospital but soon spread to others across the country. This lead to the bracelets and wristbands that hospitals place on babies for security purposes.

3 Daughter's Best Friend Is Kidnapped Older Sister

In Cape Town, South Africa, a baby was taken from her mother while in the hospital. A search is launched to find the missing baby, but to no avail. The parents are forced to move on with their lives, while still holding onto the hope that they will someday get to be reunited with their baby girl…

Seventeen years later they are enrolling their second daughter, born four years after the kidnapping, who is entering 8th grade into a local school in the community they have lived in for years. As their daughter in settling in at her new school, a friend informs her of a striking resemblance she bares to another girl in the school who is starting her senior year.

Full of curiosity, the two look-a-likes become friends. A little while passes before the Nurse’s daughter brings her new friend home. And her parents are blown away by the resemblance. So stunned, in fact, that they call the authorities, wondering if their hunch just might be right. Turns out, after a DNA test, the family was correct.

Their 8th grade daughter’s older friend is their daughter who was stolen from them seventeen years ago. She has been living in the same town as them all these years. They have even crossed paths in the local school that the girls have attended.

The young girl, who is being given the name Zepheny in order to protect her since she is still underage, is remaining in foster care during the trial. The case is marked as very sensitive due to the amount of emotions involved and extreme caution is being taken for each person involved.

2 Kidnapped Before Feeding

Karli Hawethorne was abducted from an Essex hospital in the UK before she had even received her first feeding. Three hours after the Cesarean birth, Karli’s mother was still drowsy from her anesthetics and was resting on her bed in the hospital while little Karli lounged in a cot at the foot of the bed.

Her father was out of the room phoning the family about the birth when Denise Patricia Giddings entered the room, snatched up the baby, and rushed out. It was a patient in a neighboring room that alerted the hospital staff of the situation. They quickly gave chase to the woman, but when they were unable to catch her they phoned for police.

Airports and Ports were on full alert, roads were blocked and dogs and helicopters aided in the search for the tiny 6lb 5oz baby who was still only dressed in a light hospital gown on a rather chilly night.

In only five hours after nearly 300 calls, police were led to the place where baby Karli had been taken. She was found safe and sound, had appeared to be fed, and the woman who abducted her was arrested. The baby was returned to her parents in sound health and was reported as “sleeping as though oblivious to the entire thing.”

1 Baby Boy Abducted From Mother's Arms

In addition to begging the kidnapper to return a one-day-old baby boy to his mother, authorities are urging the kidnapper to please take the baby to medical care. The little boy, whose name has not yet been released, is newly circumcised which leaves him in danger of hemorrhaging. He was also born jaundiced by Cesarean.

The little baby boy was taken from his mother’s arms by a woman dressed in a white lab coat who was presumed to be employed at the hospital when she said he was needed for tests. He was taken while the mother’s priest was visiting. The priest became suspicious immediately and wasted no time in notifying the nurse’s station.

Security systems have not been changed at the hospital and there have been no restrictions on visitors, but authorities are working nonstop to find the missing baby boy and bring him home safe and sound to his parents.

It’s suspected that the woman seemed to be aware of the hospitals security and procedures and exited the hospital through Shipping and Receiving, where the workers claim that they witnessed nothing suspicious. The Police have received no solid leads and have no clues as to where the baby and the kidnapper could be right now. They don’t know if the baby is hundreds of miles away or simply right around the corner.

The little baby boy was born with brown hair and weighs only 5lbs 6oz.

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