15 Hilarious Accidents Parents Regret Doing

As parents we obviously want the best for our children. When we don’t have it together like we think we should, we often experience “mom guilt” so imagine how much worse we feel when our kids accidentally end up in sticky situations thanks to us. Newsflash, as hard as we try we are going to make mistakes as parents, especially at first. This is totally normal and unavoidable. Giving your little one a terrible haircut or accidentally leaving a bag of flour at child level might not seem funny at the time, but these are often the types of moments you will look back and laugh at when your kids grow up and tell stories about for years to come.

Sometimes parenting mistakes are absolutely hilarious, as long as nobody ends up injured that is. They are easy to make too. For example, while leaving your makeup bag open on the bathroom counter might seem like a normal thing to do pre-kids, if you do that post-kids be prepared for a potential disaster like lipstick all over your little one and your living room. But you can you blame them when you ask why they did it and they respond they wanted to be pretty like you mommy.

The parenting moments you capture could be so funny they not only have you rolling on the floor laughing, but end up on daytime TV or YouTube for millions to see. So when hilarious accidents happen, don’t beat yourself up. Take lots of photos and videos and don’t take life so seriously. Think of these parenting fails as lessons for others to learn from regarding what not to do.

Let’s explore some of the funniest mistakes parents regret making.

15 Giving The Little One A DIY Haircut

Have you seen those fancy tot salons? The ones were kids get haircuts while sitting on cute toy animals and are rewarded with lollipops for being good? Those places might seem elaborate but unless you know what you are doing, you  should leave cutting your kids hair to the professionals. You might have good intentions of just cutting off their dead ends, but get too scissor happy and your kid could be left with an epic haircut fail worthy of its own meme. It could be so bad strangers will wonder if junior got access to the scissors themselves. For the types of looks you should avoid, check out these hilarious kid haircut fails. Thankfully hair grows back so your kid won’t be permanently damaged. If your spouse is the barber want to be at fault, be sure to take lots of photos so your spouse can’t live this one down anytime soon!

14 Making The Mistake Of Moving A Sleeping Baby

When you finally get a baby to sleep and have to transport them because your arms are falling asleep and you have to pee or you just got home from a car ride and need to go inside, you are likely going to have to move a sleeping baby. This is usually a disaster waiting to happen. Few new babies will settle back to sleep right away once they are woken up, I know mine won’t! This becomes funny when parents become trapped in awkward positions by their sleeping babies. Stuck in their driveway for an hour surfing their phone or text messaging (because a phone call will wake up the baby), sitting on the porch for hours because baby is in their stroller and you don’t want to risk taking them up the front steps, dying for a snack in the kitchen while they are trapped on their living room couch, it’s all too common for new parents. If your little one is getting sleepy do yourself a favor and get them in their bassinet or crib right away, or be prepared to have a mom survival kit of water, snacks and a phone charger close by so you don’t have to move your sleeping baby.

13 Leaving The Makeup Bag Accessible

Children often like to watch their mama’s put on makeup. The bright colours and brushes could easily be mistaken for art and craft supplies. For some reason, they seem to gravitate towards lipstick, maybe it’s because they mistake the sticks and glosses for crayons. If you give a kid a tube of lipstick it’s bound to end up coated all over them and your furniture. Nail polish is a whole other level of disaster that’s not nearly as easy to clean up post-mess. Trust me when I say you are going to regret it if your kids get into your makeup bag. It might make for a hilarious photo or video but the clean up won’t be fun. This is the kind of stuff that has made the cut on Ellen’s “Why I Don’t Have Kids” segment.

12 The Newborn Baby Photo Shoot

There is something miraculous about a newborn baby. No wonder capturing your new bundle of joy during the first few weeks after they are born via a newborn photo shoot is becoming a popular trend. The photos are precious and are keepsakes for a lifetime. What’s not so cute about newborn photo shoots? Despite all the cute outfits and props, your new baby doesn’t exactly know they are on set and baby spit-up and poopy diapers aren’t going to stop while you capture photos. Baby photographers have seen it all. While your little one might look cute naked on a white fuzzy blanket, you better hope you have a back up blanket for the mess that is sure to follow. The most hilarious baby photo shoots are the ones where the parents are propping up their little ones and get caught in the line of fire. Those hilarious accidental photos might not make the coffee table book, but are sure to be memorable!

11 Deciding Junior Should Feed Themselves Before Going Out

Experts recommend children start feeding themselves with a spoon between 13 to 15 months. It teaches them independence and is a crucial moment in their development. No matter when children start feeding themselves, it’s going to be messy. In fact you will be amazed at how much of a mess one little person can make. Babies need to make a mess at first, learning about texture in order to get comfortable with their food. Don’t make the mistake of letting your child feed themselves when you are rushing out the door to a social event. It’s simply not going to end well. In fact food is going to end up in their hair, all over your floor and on both of your freshly laundered outfits. The worst offenders are things that stain (think blueberries and beets). Do yourself a favour and make sure you are in the right mindset before letting baby feed themselves, otherwise it’s going to end in a hilarious mess.

10 Leaving Baking Supplies Accessible

For some reason, kids love flour. They love opening the flour bag and watching it float all over your house like fairy dust, except it isn’t fairy dust or snow, it’s messy flour that gets all over them, the couch, the dog and is a recipe for disaster. I bet you have seen countless photos of kids covered in flour, or peanut butter and the like. It’s a hilarious accident when someone else’s kid gets into baking supplies, you know on the Ellen show or an internet meme, but not when it happens to you mama! Want a good laugh? Just check out this video of kids running their mothers house with just one bag of flour. Thankfully protecting yourself and your baking supplies is easy. Be sure to baby proof your cabinets and better yet, keep baking supplies out of lower cabinets if you have a choice because flour will get everywhere and you will regret it.

9 Shaving Off The Facial Hair Or Changing Hair Colour

When you go to the salon or barber for some me time and decide to go for a totally different look you probably wouldn’t think your biggest critic could be your baby. Babies know their parents well and have been known to freak out when dad shaves off his familiar beard or mom comes home with a different hair colour. My kid once had a meltdown because my hair was wet and it took him a moment to clue in that it was me. If the makeover is dramatic, your little one might go into total meltdown mode. Check out this hilarious video of a little girl who doesn’t recognize her own dad after he shaved his beard off.Or this one where a baby doesn’t recognize her mom after a glam makeover on live TV. As great as you might look or feel, be warned your little one might have a hilarious reaction to your new look.

8 Forgetting A Backup Outfit When Using A Baby Carrier

I’m not talking about a back up outfit for baby, I’m taking about one for you. There is a hilarious picture online of a parent with their little one in a baby carrier facing out wearing a white shirt, that is no longer while because the sweet baby happened to have a blowout while in that carrier. Again, this is only hilarious because it happened to someone else. In real life this would be one of the worst accidents that could happen to a parent and they would totally regret it. As a parent it makes sense to have a backup shirt on hand at all times. From diaper leaks to breastfeeding messes, it’s best to be prepared. Roll one up and put it in your diaper bag now! If you are a mom-to-be you might wonder if this is necessary, it is! You don’t have to stop wearing your baby, in fact there are many scientific benefits to wearing your baby, just be prepared for the potential mess.

7 Lifting The Little One Up In The Air Post Meal

It might seem like a playful and fun idea to lift your little one up in the air. It gets them to giggle that infectious baby laugh and let out squeals of joy. Airplane is a favourite game for many babies. Do you know what’s not so cute? When you are looking up at baby mid lift and baby puke spills out over your hair, face and clothes. It might make for a good laugh for those around you but it’s an accident you will instantly regret! If you are going to have playtime with baby make sure it’s not post meal. If it’s not your baby you are playing with and you aren’t sure when the baby ate last it’s better to be safe than sorry and hold off lifting a baby up in the air. Throwing a baby up in the air and catching them isn’t a hilarious mistake, it can be serious if the little one falls so whatever you do hold off that game.

6 Giving The Little One Car Keys

I’m not talking about keys to your actual car, rather the electronic or pedal ones made for kids. You know the fancy baby Audi’s or Cadillac’s that look beyond adorable in the store and give you car envy because kids wheels are nicer than yours. These cars are a favorite first birthday gift for the grandparents to buy. Be warned, children often behave like tiny drunk adults, and those motor skills carry over when they are behind a mini-wheel. From not being able to turn the steering wheel to having a lead foot, assuming your little one doesn’t get injured, watching little people drive is hilarious. There are countless videos of them getting stuck in snow banks, racing their pet dogs or scaring their equally mini passengers with their driving skills. Be warned, if your little one ends up playing bumper cars with your real-life car or tipping their car over you might regret giving them the keys.

5 Forgetting The Brakes

When you first get a stroller you might think you only need to use the brake if you are on a big hill. You will soon find out that’s not the case. Anytime you park your stroller the safest thing to do is put the brake on, otherwise you risk it taking off on you. Seriously, those things can roll on flat ground when baby moves around. The runaway stroller is only a hilarious accident if you are able to catch it and end baby’s joy ride before any damage is done. Heartbreakingly there have been cases of babies rolling onto train tracks and the like when mama’s forget the break. It seems simple enough to remember to put on a brake, but when you have postpartum baby brain you’re not always thinking clearly. It’s a good idea to establish safety habits right away so they become second nature to you and keep baby safe.

4 Using The Wrong Cream On Baby

The first few months of your baby’s life will be a blur. There is no day or night, no break time and exhaustion can make you do some crazy things. Sleep deprivation truly is a form of torture. So when you are on what seems like your hundredth diaper change of the day it’s not surprising you could reach for the wrong baby product. Putting face cream on your baby’s bum probably won’t harm them. But your little one sure will notice if you make a mistake like putting diaper rash cream on their toothbrush for example. If you make this parenting blunder don’t worry your little one should survive. You can try to use as many natural, non-toxic products as possible for your baby so you can laugh off these everyday accidents without worry. It is a good to have a poison control centre number handy just in case.

3 Letting The Little One Dress Themselves

Some kids just hate getting dressed. Fighting with them over what they are going to wear then chasing them around the house trying to put it on can be exhausting. It’s no wonder many parents opt to let their children dress themselves. One battle down so you can move onto the important stuff right? The results of giving your little one free range in their wardrobe can be pretty hilarious, especially when they combine their dress up clothes with their everyday wardrobe and accessorize with princess wands and the like. Check out the unique looks these mini fashionistas came up with.

My mantra is they are only kids once, so if they want to wear a cape to the grocery store or a tutu to the park let them go for it every now and then. A tip to reign in your little ones wardrobe is to help them choose outfits the night before and give them options to choose from so they feel involved in the decision. But then you don’t get the fun of the boho inspired outfits they come up with!

2 Texting The Kids When You Mean To Text Someone Else

There are countless screenshots of text messages gone wrong on the Internet, like texts from last night. Examples of messages gone wrong include the one where a parent asks who is picking up the little terrors from school then sends it to their kid instead of their spouse. Ouch. It’s an easy mistake to make when you have group family chats on the go all the time and your kids and spouse are both on speed dial. It goes both way too, kids have sent their parents some pretty funny stuff by mistake as well. If this does happen to you, do some disaster control and laugh it off. Or if the content is really good you can always post it online for others to get a chuckle out of like these parents did.

1 Forgetting The Tooth Fairy

Your precious child just lost a tooth, maybe it’s their first tooth, and no doubt they have heard all about the tooth fairy. They place their tooth under their pillow (sometimes without letting their parents know) and expect to wake up to some shiny silver (or bills these days, apparently the tooth fairy keeps up with inflation). In the morning they are surprised to find their tooth is still there. Tears are sure to follow. Forgetting the tooth fairy is a simple mistake, especially by busy parents who don’t always keep cash in their wallets. What do you do when you are caught in this parenting mistake? I know a creative mama who let her little one know the tooth fairy’s bag was overcapacity and she would return the next night, now that’s smart thinking on the fly! Keep tooth fairy funds on hand, or be prepared to improve some creative answers.

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