15 Hilarious Baby Blowouts All New Parents Need To See

Well no one can deny that poop happens! Everyone poops but no one does it better than babies! They practically have poop explosions on a daily basis, thank god parents have diapers to contain most blowouts, but sometimes that diaper just isn't enough to save the furniture, floors, walls, cars, or mom's clothes! Pretty much all is fair game in the poop war!

Today’s blowouts are definitely nauseating, so if you have a weak stomach, you may want to read between meals. Changing diapers is certainly one thing, but blowouts are a whole other experience, you may think you have the diaper thing down and can handle any stench now, but a blowout can make even the strongest of stomachs churn! I’m not talking a tiny leak or smear, I’m talking poop everywhere and anywhere!

The only thing worse than a baby blowout is a curious toddler blowout, because naturally, they’ll want to explore what’s going on inside that diaper, and unfortunately, they now have the skills to whip off that diaper and free themselves! That image is horrifying but it happens, because kids think poop is absolutely hilarious! These 15 explosions will prove that poop is always funny, especially when it’s not happening to you!

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15 Daddy Gets Sprayed

Those adorable newborn photo-shoots don’t always go as planned as this photo certainly proves. Proud papa Al Ferguson was so excited to celebrate the birth of his little son, Ted, and of course a photo-shoot sounds like a great way to document this milestone! Dad was so ready for his close up with his new little one, and Ted certainly stole the show! Baby had a pretty funny way of making this photo way more interesting, he decided he needed a bathroom break during the shoot. You can see his tiny smile as he shoots poop right onto dad as if dad were target practice. It’s a little gross watching Ted’s bum explode into a stream of poop, but it’s also a little endearing, as dad doesn’t even flinch, he knows it’s all part of being a dad.

14 Oh God It Leaked!

It's like magic! First there was no poop and then in almost an instant, after blinking, there it is, a pile of poop has appeared before your very eyes! Tada! It all happens so magically fast that mom doesn't even notice the pile of poop spilling out of her daughter until nearly the end of the video! I guess cuteness can be very distracting, but you can actually hear the foaming sound coming from her invisible pants and it just keeps going! In the photo you can actually see the foamy poop spilling out from her diaper, looking like foam from a cappuccino, but yellow! Is that mustard? Please tell me its mustard! Mom is beside herself when she realizes that she’s been filming a baby sitting in a pile of foamy liquidly poop, she laughs, but I’m sure cleaning that stain will be less than funny.

13 Toddlers Are Nasty

This toddler looks so guilty, and rightfully so! She took her diaper off in the night to find some poop pellets in there to sprinkle around her crib. Mom walks in to find her toddler’s diaper off and poops hidden around the crib like mini eggs that the Easter Bunny might have left behind, only that stuff ain’t chocolate! Those toddlers can sure be tricky once they learn to take off articles of clothing as well as their diaper! This most likely means many more poop filled mornings until little Olivia gets tired of her own stench, or perhaps learns to communicate with something other than poop. After a bit of scolding from momma poor little Olivia looks absolutely exhausted from her early morning poop, I guess you can say it “pooped” her out!

12 Cozy Poo

Cozy Coo's are lifesavers when you first bring home your baby as well as baby's first few months of life. It helps baby relax and sleep, it also helps mom and dad have their hands free for a moment or two, which is always welcome. You can even say parents become a little dependent on that Cozy Coo to comfort baby and save their sanity, but what if baby completely destroys it with a blowout? Never mind that fresh newborn smell; it's going to take a while to get that stinky poop smell out of there. This wasn't just a tiny poop either that you can just wipe away, it was a pure explosion that then got wiped back and forth by baby's swinging legs. So that poop's been rubbed in real well and I’m not sure that Cozy Coo will ever be the same!

11 In, Around and Over!

Oh dear, one moment you have a busy toddler running about, the next you have a busy toddler running about with poop hanging out of their pants and spreading it around the house! Eek! The Harper's have 4 girls making it understandable as to why they might have been distracted enough to miss the poop-splosion. Dad's face is absolutely precious as he picks up his daughter to take her to be cleaned up, he's not very impressed as he holds her away at arm’s length, trying not to get the poop all over himself. What’s worse about blowouts like these is the fact that kids are so used to diapers they don’t understand that a liquid poop filling their pants will spray out the sides of the diaper if they plop down to sit, and we know that kids don’t sit down gracefully; it’s always a plop to the floor.

10 Catch It!

This picture has all the hilarity you need in one shot! It’s an awesome photo because it’s quite literally a visual definition of parenthood, just when you think you have it all figured out, the shit hits the fan, or in this case the deck. You have dad laughing so hard because he really can't do anything about it as poop spills from his lap to the floor, hey, poop happens! Mom's trying to catch liquid, impossible, but A for effort! And the dog, just look at the dog, their sense of smell is far greater than ours, so you can bet that he smells something and it just hit him that that smell is probably going to remain in the house until that baby gets potty trained, sorry poochie.

9 Big Bro Is Not Amused

If this dad can grin through this poop-tastic pic, then he will be just fine dealing with just about anything a baby can throw his way. Even though dad takes the poop smear running down his shirt like a champ, he's not really the star of this photo, not by a long shot. The true star of this photo shoot is the older brother looking a combination of amused and disgusted, he steals the show with that perfect pout, knowing full well that his little sibling is going to be one stinky mess for quite some time. Big bro seems pretty okay with it though, because like I said, kids find poop funny and this is certainly a sibling bonding moment on a non-verbal level, this is a story they’ll share with each other for years to come!

8 What The Shat?

People always warn you about those nasty poops that babies will produce, but you're never fully prepared for how disgusting they can actually be. When they say "they'll poop up their backside" you never expect something like this! This is definitely a poop story these parents will never forget, and not just because of the amount of poop, it has a lot to do with where they were at the time. This couple decided to wander into a jewelry store just to indulge their imaginations, and that store just so happened to be Tiffany’s. As mom looks at rings, dad feels something running down his arm and dripping to the floor. Baby’s poop had managed to leak and pour all over dad’s clothing, arm and now the very expensive store’s carpet! When mom noticed the trail of poop plops on the floor she shrieks and they race into the restroom to clean what they could!

7 Car Seat Stench

Poor little guy looks absolutely miserable and anyone can see why. No one would want to sit in their own poop and this little guy is certainly begging for help with that distraught little look. After driving 5 minutes up the road to take one of her 3 sons for a haircut, she gets out of the car to find baby absolutely covered in his own poop! In 5 minutes this baby managed to destroy his pants, his outfit and his car seat without even trying! It’s easy for kids to destroy things in seconds with their curiosity and this little one was definitely curious about what was happening in his diaper because he even began playing with the liquid poop he found and mom caught him mustard poop handed!

6 Mom's Face Says It All!

This mom's face says it all! The disgusted look she wears has us feeling sympathetic towards the cleaning battle that lies ahead of her. Not only will she have to find a way to keep the poop off of her, she’ll need to find a way to get that diaper off safely, so that poop doesn’t fling everywhere, then she’ll need to wipe down baby's back the best she can and throw that little guy in the tub, because that sort of stench is something only bubbles and suds can fix! I simply can’t understand how one little bum can have so much force behind it to blow out that much poop and with that much distance, this poor little guy had poop all the way up to his shoulders!

5 Sick Poo

Sick poops are the worst! Baby can't control them and baby suffers from them. They're uncomfortable, irritable, and yes they have sick poop blowouts to top it off! Kids don't ever get a break, and neither do their parents. This poor little one just so happened to catch mommy's stomach bug and pooped nearly all night long! Mom woke to find her little girl covered in fresh diarrhea as well as some that had dried to her sheets and her skin overnight! You can see all the separate plops in the crib and understand that this poor little baby had a rough night. The mess isn’t something baby is pleased about, in fact it looks as though baby is trying to escape to any clean places on her mattress that might be left!

4 Some Jackson Pollock Shiz

I didn't fully know the power of prune juice until now! This baby went from constipated to “no problem” in a matter of hours. I guess the prune juice worked so well that it even shocked mom who wasn't prepared for what came next! Little Harper had been constipated for days and mommy couldn't stand his discomfort any longer, so prune juice seemed like the right answer. But when the prune juice didn't appear to be working, mom left to retrieve a suppository to help speed things up, and when she returned, she found some brown splatter art all over the crib and walls, courtesy of Harper, who hadn't been wearing a diaper for all of two seconds. Apparently two seconds is all it takes for some splatter poop to cover your walls!

3 You Can See And Hear It Happening!

Wow, just wow! The struggle is real for this little one; I guess poopin’ doesn’t come easy for her, because she looks a little uncomfortable at the start of this video. Watch as this little girl wriggles and pushes until the farts start to blow! After the first initial fart all you hear is a bubbling gurgling sound and you know exactly what she's doing, she's filling that diaper! If you look closely you can see the diaper slowly fill up alongside the yucky sound effects she’s able to produce. The first goopy sound shocks baby, nearly startling her backwards, but after that pure relief sets in and baby is giggling and smiling, because a good poop means a good day to a baby. If only life was that simple for adults!

2 Painting With Poop

Everyone tells you about that lovely newborn smell and so you look forward to that, but it fades just as quickly as that new car smell does! Babies can’t stay smelling fresh forever when they poop so much, and the same is very much true for the toddler years. Toddlers are absolutely meme-worthy on a regular basis, but this one is whole other level of WTF! This toddler looks as though he had a rage moment and took it out on his poop, only to pass out from expending too much energy. Rage can take a lot out of a toddler! This toddler not only whipped his diaper off, he decided to dig on in there and then proceeded to smear his poop all over his dresser as well as the carpet! I’m not sure if they’ll ever get those stains out of that carpet, let alone that stench out of the room!

1 Back Tats And Blowouts

This glamour shot failed before it really got started. The photographer made use of dad's back tattoos as an interesting juxtaposition between ferocity and innocence, a perfectly brilliant idea and gorgeous photo - that is until baby decides to add a little extra fart art to dad's back. You can see that dad's restful face from the first picture is nearly buried in the bed sheets in the second picture as he tries to contain his laughter. I'm sure he can feel exactly what's happened even if he can't see the puddle of poop pooling onto his back. The warm goopy poop just sprays onto dad’s back and dad is helpless to do anything about it but laugh. Baby on the other hand looks much more relieved, he’s pretty happy to be free of that nasty poop that was brewing.

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