15 Hilarious Baby Photobombs You Gotta See

Babies. All moms love to take their photographs and bore the entire world with a blow by blow account of their day. But these are not boring.

Babies. All moms love to take their photographs and bore the entire world with a blow by blow account of their day, and now that the world has digital photography, it is even easier to capture every last smile, nose wrinkle, and adorable look.

The trouble with this is we appear to be breeding an entire generation of camera-hogging infants who cannot bear to see someone else step into the limelight for a second. Our mini divas are doing all their little arms and legs can manage to ensure they are in every last image you capture, whether you want them in the photo or not. How else do you explain some of these hilarious photobombs with little ones grabbing the spotlight?

So next time you are lining up the perfect selfie, a picture of your lovely little puppy or a group shot with the girls during a night in with some Netflix and wine, take a good look around first. You never know if a tiny terror has managed to get themselves into the frame.

15I'm Behind You

You know how it is. You are sitting in the car park, waiting for the time you can drive down the block and pick up the older kids from school. The fella in the car seat in the back has been snoring for the last twenty minutes so you can't get out and go for a walk, so you start playing with your phone.

After skimming through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram then adding a few things to the Pinterest board of "crafts you would like to do with the children, but realistically you are never going to get around to" there is nothing else to do but take some photos.

You know you shouldn't really do it but, you can't help yourself, and you end up making a series of mom selfies, in the car, on your own. Luckily for you, baby wakes up and livens things up for you.

14Whatcha Doin?

Apparently, this little one didn't want to be at the library listening to the person up front talking to all the big people. No, this girl wanted to go to the park and get pushed back and forth on that nice swinging thingy that goes back and forth.

That is why when mom or dad took out the camera she suddenly perked up and assumed the photo was going to be of her. No matter how high that phone or camera is going to be held up, this picture bomber is going to find a way to get in on the action.

Unfortunately, it looks like the park might still be a long way off but I am sure that if she doesn't get her own way this little sweetie can keep mom and dad awake in vengeance tonight.

13You Don't Look As Good As You Think

Weddings can be fun for grown-ups but not so much for their small sons and daughters who have to take a back seat for the day.

I just know that unimpressed little girl is thinking something along the lines of:

If it wasn't bad enough that the princess in the big white glittery dress got all of the attention, now the older boys and girls are getting in on the action. Look at them, posing for the camera like they're all that. I know for a fact that those two girls look completely different without their hair and make-up done.

The boys are at it too. They think they look fabulous with the flowers on their clothes but wait until later, I'll be doing something to wipe those grins off of their faces.

12Do You Know How Much You Drank Already?

I love the incredulous look this boy is giving the guy drinking wine. Perhaps he is wondering why all he gets to drink is milk and water while everyone seems to be really enjoying those big glasses of clear, sparkly water or the red stuff.

Is it the side eye look at the camera that has caught his interest? Is the kid judging the wine drinkers choice of hand woven hat? Or maybe this junior fashion judge is amazed at the hat / tee-shirt / stubble combo.

Of course, I could be entirely wrong, and this could be a miniature wine critic who cannot believe his eyes. "Drinking a sweet white wine after sucking up all of that full-bodied red? You're just asking for a stinker of a hangover you know that don't you?"

11Hey, I'm The Cute One

Some people think that having a puppy is a good practice run for having a baby. This is, of course, the most ridiculous piece of seemingly logical thinking possible. Nothing can prepare you for having to put every need of a miniature person first, especially not a puppy who is cute and cuddly and can be shut out of your bedroom at night.

These people seem to have done it all the right way round. They obviously had a baby as a practice run to see if they were up to having a puppy. However, nobody told the child that he was the test run and now they have the puppy he can take a back seat.

I can understand the photographer though; it is an adorable puppy and kids are just so much work, aren't they?

10A Moment To Yourself? Nope

Being a parent is tough. Not just having to wait in the checkout twice as long because some ass hat has emptied their entire shopping cart at the eight items or less line tough. We're talking crawling on your hands and knees across acres of broken glass to get to a glass of water when you've had nothing to drink for three days, and it's 104 degrees tough.

So it is unsurprising that many parents try and grab a few moments to check out their outfit when it is the first time they have dressed in anything other than yoga pants for what seems like an eternity.

This mom got her moment in the mirror, but she did have to share it with yet another cheeky chappy getting in on the action.

9Sibling Rivalry Is Strong In This One

Some kids get along like a house on fire straight away, and others seem destined to try and one up each other for their entire lives.

No matter what you try to do as a parent, no matter how equally you treat them, their natural relationship will shine through, and if you are lucky you will have the opportunity to capture a "Don't look at him, look at me, I'm the more important child" moment like this.

Admittedly, the little ones do tend to be considerably cuter than their older brothers and sisters, but the subtle art of the amusing photobomb isn't confined to the under one set. Our oldest boys have been trying to be number one since they discovered they were individual and they haven't stopped yet, even fifteen years later.

8Are you Helping Him Photobomb Me Now?

While mom tried to take this photograph of three of the kids, dad took the opportunity to throw the fourth one into the frame.

Evidently, the little one in the hat is more than a little bit miffed that dad and her big brother have chosen this moment to upstage her. Her older brother and sister are happy enough to have the littlest brother in the family join in the fun, but wow, dad is in big trouble from the tiny terror giving him the evil eye.

Maybe next time dad will think twice time about trying to squeeze all of the kids into the frame. If mom had set up a picture of three, she should have made sure dad wasn't around to cause mischief.

7The Evil Eye

If I were the kid in the hat and jeans, I would be worried, very worried indeed. It might not jump out at you straight away, but when you look carefully, you can quite clearly see a second kiddo lurking in the background.

From around the corner, he is giving some hardcore devil eyes to his poor unsuspecting brother. This is the kind of thing that results in one brother shaving the hair of off the other in the middle of the night, drawing on fake mustaches with a permanent marker or filling up his water bottle with pee when he's not looking.

Now is the time to install cameras and maybe a tracking device on the diaper-clad bandit, so you know where he is at all times.

6Mine, All Mine

No matter how many times I see this photograph, it makes me smile. Just look at that gorgeous chubby cheeked baby's smile. These large joy filled eyes, that cheeky expression, wouldn't you just love to scoop the baby up and give it a lovely hug?

The photo bombing baby is even more beautiful looking than those tasty chocolate covered confections in the background, but doesn't he look smug and happy that he is there with all of those goodies and you are not?

If I were there, I would have a hard time choosing between the chocolate cake and the baby. Perhaps I could take a seat and eat cake while bouncing that adorable cutie pie on my knee, that would be the perfect solution for me.

5You Really Wearing Those Shoes With Those Shorts Girl?

There is a scene in the movie Erin Brockovich where Erin is asked where all the other staff in the office are: "They are having a girls lunch" she says "Well you're a girl, why aren't you there?" she is asked. "I guess I'm just not the right kind of girl" she replies.

I have always related to this scene, being the wrong kind of girl myself and that is the first thing I thought of when I saw this picture. The girl in the blue dress is apparently the 'right' kind of girl. The kind that knows the 'right' way to dress, the 'right' things to do and the 'right' things to say. I am completely with the girl in the shorts. Wear what you like, do what you like, say what you like, and never worry about being the right kind of girl.

4No Matter Where You Go, I'll Be There

Someone in this photograph was either very bored or didn't like the food he was given and was forced to lick the window instead.

Having said that, maybe he is just an attention seeker who will grow up to be that kid who always manages to get into every photo. You know the one. You take a look through the images from your son's birthday party, and one kid has managed to get into every single photograph.

When he is older, he will be that guy who is in all of the wedding pictures, but nobody is entirely sure who he is and how he got into the wedding, let alone how he had his picture taken with the bride and groom.

You work it background-window-licker.

3How Long Do I Have To Lay Here?

Sometimes, when you are a parent, there is something you really really want to do right now. Once you have been at this parenting lark for a while, you begin to realize that this is not going to happen unless you have the opportunity to ship them off to a relative for a week and even then they can manage to sabotage you without even being there.

This is a lesson this mom hasn't had the opportunity to learn yet. She thought she could take a selfie in the mirror on the back of the door, but she was wrong. Telling your child to stay in the other room or out of the way is actually heard by them as an invitation to come in and interfere with whatever you are trying to do. You have been warned...

2Hahaha (Insert Evil Laugh Here)

This for me is pretty much the perfect baby photo bomb. You have the subject of the picture, in this case, a beautiful little girl, looking at the camera and waiting for mom or dad to take the snap.

Then you have the cute little usurper. Peeking out from behind the girl with that knowing smile. He knows something you don't know, and he is not going to tell you what it is.

I suspect the little girl is about to discover someone has taken the wheels off of her walker, her shoelaces have been tied together, or her lovely knitted jacket has had one end unraveled, and as she makes her way across the floor she is going to leave a trail of soft and fluffy wool behind her.

1This Is What Happens When You Are Asleep

Do you remember when you were a child and you used to imagine what it might be like if your toys woke up when you were asleep and went around doing all kinds of interesting stuff?

Now you know that that is exactly what happens with your baby when you fall asleep. Now you know that when you are catching a cat nap in the middle of the afternoon because your child is sleeping, your baby is getting up, watching some TV and making themselves a sandwich before curling back up in their crib again.

Either that or this picture is purely an image captured to demonstrate how this baby is super pleased with herself for exhausting every family member while staying bright-eyed and bushy tailed enough to pose for photos.

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