15 Hilarious Co-Sleeping Fails

Co-sleeping can be absolutely adorable –parent and child snuggling all throughout the night. That is until mom wakes up with a baby smack dab across her face. This list explores the most hilarious co-sleeping fails. For any parents who ever let a little one sneak into their bed, they’ll laugh right along with these epic co-sleeping fails.

Co-sleeping is on-trend right now with many parents who want to remain close to their little ones (although it goes against the sleep recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics). It follows in the thinking of attachment-style parenting which encourages close contact and bonding between parent and child.

Just ask parents who do it and they’ll rave about all of the benefits…increased bonding, no trips to baby’s bedroom, more sleep for breast feeding mamas and of course incredible snuggles.

But it’s not always rainbows and unicorns.

Just as with any parenting technique there are mega fails. I’ve been co-sleeping with my two sons (3 years old and 1 year old) for their entire lives. Some moments are incredibly precious. Others make parents wonder what they’re doing (and who just kicked their kidney!)

This list includes the most hilarious co-sleeping fails (every single one I’ve experienced!) From pushing dad out of the bed to inviting pets in, parents with little ones in their beds know exactly what these bed sharing fiascos are like.

#1 is my favorite –hilarious! Make sure to comment at the bottom of this article with funny personal co-sleeping fail stories!

15 Toddlers Need Toys To Sleep

Via: How To Be A Dad

Yes, of course, it’s absolutely reasonable you might need a toy airplane, dump truck, or any of this other crap in the middle of the night!

Kids love to drag all sorts of toys to bed with them at night. Sometimes it just seems easier to let them do it –at that moment. That is until you wake up with a toy soldier poking at your nether regions and you wonder how you woke up in a Thai prison. “Oh no, never mind, I’m in the safety of my own home just sleeping with 10,000 toys cluttering my bed.”

Take a peek at the little one. Do they have any toys around them? Of course not –they are all kicked away so the parents can sleep peacefully on top of them.

14 In Yo Face Mommy

The moment you wake up and think someone is suffocating you only to realize your precious little angel has for some ungodly reason decided to sleep on top of your face. It suddenly makes you wonder if she was part of the mafia in a past life. Was she sent here for some face smothering mission?

Suddenly you’re looking suspiciously at your baby no matter what she’s doing. “Oh yeah, I’m sure she just forgot some toys on the stairs. Is my coffee safe to drink? Is that a cryptic message on the Etch-a-Sketch?”

You might find yourself wondering where you went wrong in these short first 9 months. Don’t worry Mama, it was probably just a mistake.

My son was notorious for the “over the face” move…but only to me, not his dad. I would move him away and right away he’d be crawling back on top of my face. How could this possibly be comfortable for the baby?

13 She’s All MINE Daddy

Via: Inhabitots

Daddy, get used to it. Baby is getting the best seat in the house for a while.

I hear this hurts a lot of dads’ feelings. They feel left out.

But take a look at that picture of dad sleeping on the couch. The part that is cropped out is the TV safely on whatever man-show he might like to watch, frosty mug drained next to him, and no one’s waking him up for milk or a diaper change every two hours.

Well played dad. And for a minute we felt sorry for you big manly man that has been excommunicated from your bed by an itty bitty baby.

12 Kick To The Face

What is it about kids –as soon as you slip in bed next to them they all turn into little Jackie Chans. Who knew a person could get kicked so many times during the night.

And what about that position? “Could you really have accidentally gotten your foot buried in my face?” Umm…yeah…he sure could have. Try sleeping with a tot and you’ll soon find out they can get that tiny foot stuck in any number of places.

Just like in the womb, everyone is a soccer player. In bed, every kid is a kung foo star. It must be a special gift children have to kick nonstop throughout the entire night. Maybe it’s some sort of baby-restless leg syndrome. I’m not sure if it’s been officially diagnosed but I think it’s a pretty common problem. Parents, on the other hand, turn into sleeping statues for fear their tossing and turning might wake the baby.

11 It's A Zoo In Here

Via: How To Be A Dad

Before parents become parents, some of us are pet lovers. This doesn’t usually change once the baby enters the scene. We just tend to toss the baby in the mix.

The “petting zoo” is a perfect illustration of just that. The same people that loved cuddling with their fuzzy friends also want to snuggle their baby all night.

The problem? Hmm…too many living things moving, kicking, scratching…just plain waking each other up.

Of course we love our pets and our children but when did we decide we hated being comfortable?

I had to decide to kick my adorable long haired cat out of the bedroom when baby number 2 came. There just wasn’t enough room any more. Plus the cat would sometimes start meowing around the room in the middle of the night. No one wakes the baby, okay cat? NO ONE!

Who would get the boot for you? Pets or kids? Okay, maybe you shouldn’t answer that!

10 Now Seems Like A Good Time To Exercise

“Hey Mom, did you know hard it was to coordinate your arms and legs for a jumping jack? If I do it when I’m laying down, I’m much better at it! Oh, were you trying to sleep or something?”

I remember those days…when I used to have my own bed (like at my parents house). I loved stretching my arms and legs out as far as I could. It was so comfortable.

And baby? Yeah he loves to do it too! Over and over again in between mom and dad!

How do some babies move so much during the night? It’s like they’re getting a full workout while they’re sleeping. No wonder they sleep for 12 hours, wake up for a few then take a nap. Of course then they have to round out their day with a second nap. Ah, the life of a baby (assuming you have one that will actually sleep!).

9 Finding Solace On The Floor

Think sleeping with one baby gets rough? Try adding more kids, pets, and husband. Mom’s dirty little secret? The floor is the perfect escape to stretch out and catch some Z’s.

But don’t tell anyone! The first little booger that notices mom is camping out on the floor will want to join. So will the second….and the third….

On second thought, maybe someone should leak this news to the tykes. Everyone will want to join in. Then mom can sneak back onto the bed! Hmm…this plan sounds good…

I haven’t actually tried this one but I can see the appeal in it. If someone is tossing and turning or it’s just time for a bigger bed or maybe someone is ready to graduate to their own bed.

Regardless of the reason sometimes mom just needs a quiet night’s sleep. Or maybe mom is so exhausted she collapsed right there on the floor! Poor mom, someone should give her a break.

8 Love Is Torture

Have you ever suddenly woke up thinking you had a kidney stone only to realize a tiny foot just landed a kidney shot better than a championship MMA fighter?

In this position the tot stretches out to reach dad’s kidneys with his fists and mom’s with his feet. He remembers clearly when you wouldn’t let him climb on the table earlier and he’s out for revenge now.

Mom and dad drift in and out of consciousness as tiny feet and fists jab at them (packing more punch than you would realize).

How to Be A Dad got it right when he named this position “H is for Hell.” Even if baby misses the kidneys he’s still sure to hit the spine or side. Ensuring no parent slips through the cracks in this assault.

Since babies are used to sleeping without a pillow under their heads it seems like they easily get turned around in odd positions. I can’t remember the last time I accidently ended up horizontal across the bed.

7 Don’t Poke The Bear

Via: How To Be A Dad

In this position everyone curls up into the fetal position and hopes not to wake the baby. Accepting just enough space to actually remain on the bed, Mom and Dad are wishing for a little shut eye without disturbing the baby.

No one touches. No one talks. Everyone curls up in their tiny little spaces like hibernating bears in a den.

I think this one usually happens after too many kicks or punches from tiny fists. Mom and dad give up and resign to any sort of sleep that doesn’t end up in a bruise from baby. Bruise to ego? Maybe after spending the night curled up in a tiny ball.

6 Don't Fall Asleep Just Yet

Does baby seem to have dancing fingers? Always in motion on your back? Maybe she’s trying to give you a tickle or a relaxing backrub.

Worst case scenario, you’ll wake up thinking a creature is crawling on your back! Just don’t swat away baby!

Maybe she’s just making sure you didn’t fall asleep on her. Baby loves to have you gaze lovingly at her while she sleeps. You certainly can’t do that if you fall asleep!

Of course baby is gorgeous but every parent needs a little shut eye (at least once in a while!).

Don’t worry; this baby is certain to have her name in bright lights in her future. Always wanting to remain the center of attention. And of course always perfecting those fabulous jazz hands!

5 King Of The Castle

Via:How To Be A Dad

“Me baby! Me Rrruullle!” Of course baby is already king of the castle (every castle, anywhere, since the beginning of time). With this position he just wanted to make sure that every person in the kingdom knew it.

Exerting his dominance over mom and dad in bed, baby stomps them down to their rightful place. He holds his pillow over his head in victory.

If your baby is showing dominance at this early stage in such a flamboyant fashion he may be looking toward a position as future Czar. Or he might just be living out some babyhood fantasy. Either way, good luck!

4 Somebody’s Watching You

Ever get the feeling that someone is watching you? Just a creepy little sensation that eyes are on you? Only to wake up to baby leaning over you, staring?

Maybe baby is just lovingly gazing at you as you sleep (you do that to baby, right?). Maybe he’s secretly plotting revenge for a diaper left wet too long. Not sure if you’ll feel like giggling or ducking under the covers when you wake up to “stalker” baby.

It seems like this might be a warning to dad. A little “this is who’s boss around here” sort of speech.

Poor dad, baby is always showing him his rank in the family (which is clearly behind #1-boss baby and #2 -milky mom).

3 This Isn’t The Setup I Had Planned

Via: Sue's Corner Web

Sometimes we work all day on a plan that we think is going to work for bed time. Some how it all falls apart once the kids hit the bed. You might think your plan is fool proof, but your kids will find the loop holes and exploit them to their favor.

“What happened to my plan! Now each kid gets their own full sized bed.

I guess I have 3 choices;

1- wake them up to move them (I’m not crazy)

2- sleep on the floor (I’ll put that under consideration)

3- just sleep in my ingenious side car (It probably won’t be that uncomfortable…until I wake up in the morning stiff as a curled up board.).”

None of these choices seem superb. But then again what parent hasn’t settled for cold coffee and the left over cereal in someone’s bowl?

2 Snuggling Right In The Armpit

Via: How To Be A Dad

“Oh baby, how do you manage to nestle your head right there in my pit?” Could this really be very comfortable (or pleasant) for baby?

“I hope I remember to wash your head in the morning. Grandma’s really going to wonder what happened to your sweet baby smell.” Let’s not pretend that this adds to or even creates baby’s sweet smell.

“Maybe I should switch to an all natural deodorant…it would be better for baby’s head and skin health.” Natural deodorants are a great idea until you actually use them. Did you see the episode where Khloe had to break it to Kortney that her all natural deodorant wasn’t working? That’s pretty much a ditto for all people that use it.

I don’t think it really works, no matter how much you want to believe it does.

1 Are People With Babies Really Supposed to Sleep?

Sometimes babies sleep through the night. Sometimes. That is once they’re 6 months old (or older). And just as long as they don’t nurse frequently (like co-sleeping babies do…what can we say, our milk is incredible!).

And if they’re not teething…or have a cold…or growing…or distressed…or too tired…or not tired enough…or the air brushes their skin the wrong way.

Yes, yes it’s true. Babies do sleep peacefully through the night (wink). Otherwise, why would there be that saying, “sleep like a baby”?

Don’t worry Mama, I don’t think the world is conspiring against us to make us think babies should sleep easily and peacefully through the night. The world is just hoping we continue to have babies so that our species survives.

And we’ll probably survive this too. We might be tired now but those snuggles we’re getting throughout the night will be memories we treasure for a lifetime. I can see a time in my future when I’m very old and sleeping alone that I would trade anything for one more not so restful night full of snuggles.

Snuggle on America! You’ll be glad you did.

What makes you keep the snuggle alive? Comment below to let us know about it!

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