15 Hilarious Dad Fails

When the time comes to detach and leave mini me at home with dad, it's not necessarily the easiest thing in the world to do. Mothering instincts are on high alert 24 hours, seven days of the week, 365 days of the year.

You know when baby wants boob, needs burping, or when baby wants to sleep. You've become highly trained in the art of looking after the baby, and leaving your child at home after all this time doesn't feel natural.

But at least you know your baby is going to have some fun with dad! From the hundreds of dad fails that have made it viral, maybe the fathering instinct is more geared towards dads keeping themselves and the baby entertained, instead of becoming trained in the art of how to button up a babygrow. This might also be a tactic of coping with the nerve racking job of staying home with the baby and not having mom's assets available.

Or maybe the kids are a bit older, and challenge dad on different levels. You can almost expect something is going to go down when you leave the house, be it the floor of the bathroom when bath time hasn't gone to plan. Or your child's tolerance levels for having her hair put into a ponytail with the vacuum cleaner.

You can also anticipate that the internet will know about whatever happens at home before you do.

15 When He Can't Dress The Baby

The cruel and unforgiving internet will never let one poor man forget the time he made an innocent mistake, and took his 8 month old daughter to daycare wearing nothing underneath her overalls. His wife, oblivious to how their daughter had been dressed for the day, went to daycare to collect her and was shocked to find her wearing nothing but a pair of overalls.

A hilarious text message exchange then took place between the two parents which has since gone viral alongside a photograph. Since being shared on Ellen Degeneres' Facebook page, it's been liked almost 60,000 times. This overall wearing baby post did get some trolling from people complaining about the baby being cold. It's important to note it was summer at the time!

14 When He Says 'I Got This'

There's always going to be a new obstacle to overcome when you're bringing up kids. This poor dad had absolutely no idea that his little girl wasn't going to make it on his shoulders across the sea of foam bricks. I can image he had his heart in his mouth moments after he felt her little legs and arms lose their grip. Fortunately her soft landing would have left her unhurt.

And now, unsurprisingly, the internet is having tons of fun meming the hell out of the well timed capture, that illustrates all too well the challenges of parenthood. It's appeared on countless 'me as a parent' lists. Clearly, many parents know that this, or a similar event is all too likely to happen to them at some point, too.

13 When He Turns The Baby's Head Into A Kiwifruit

Kiwi Head

I can't argue with the fact that, yes, a newborn baby's head does tend to look like a kiwifruit or, as they used to call it in Europe, a Chinese gooseberry.

But I wouldn't go so far as to sticker my baby's head, like the dad of this sleeping newborn did! Okay, maybe that's a little white lie. Perhaps I wouldn't be able to resist temptation. Who said dad's should have all the fun anyway? And if Dad is going to do fun things with the baby, giving baby's head a sticker is probably one of the safer activities.

The comments that have now been immortalised along with this admittedly adorable photo are absolute genius and include: 'This is how babies are born in New Zealand,' 'This is so kiwi-yoot!' and 'I thought that kiwi just had a weird amount of fuzz on it.

12 When He Can't Make It Out Of The Room Awake

Looking after kids is hard and exhausting work. Anyone who says otherwise is either superhuman or lying. It's like 'where in hell did this energy actually come from? How does this pint sized kid have more get-up-and-go in one day than I've had in an entire lifetime? I just don't get it and when is it going to run out, when are they going to stop running and let me breathe for the first time today?'

Dads who previously thought that child rearing would be a walk in the park have plenty of sore eye, big yawn surprises just waiting for them around the corner. From the looks of things, the little princess beneath the pink duvet ran this dad into the ground. Quite literally.

11 When He Turns The Baby Into A Badass

'What are you and the baby going to do today?' Is probably not what the mother of this bearded baby said before she left her bundle of joy with dad for the day. If she'd heard the truth from the man, 'nothing much, just turning the baby into a badass motorcycle rider for the people on the internet,' she probably wouldn't have gone anywhere, and instead, would have hidden all the marker pens and anything that could have been used as a bandana.

When it comes to creativity, this dad scores high points all round. I'm just hoping that the marker isn't permanent and this little badass wasn't bearded for too long. Some hilarious meme maker captioned the photograph perfectly with 'Harley Davidson - The Early Years.'

10 When He Uses Cable Ties For Hair Styling


It's a truth universally acknowledged that, that most of the time, dads just shouldn't be trusted with hair. If you want to make a dad stressed, if you really want to see him suffer, you give him the jobs of getting the kids hair ready for school. Then you sit back and watch the fun begin.

He'll panic, he'll sweat, he'll flap around, not knowing what the hell to do. 'Hair in a ponytail? How? With what?' I know my Dad would send us to school looking like we'd been dragged through a hedge backwards.

I would love to know what the mother of this little girl said when she saw that dad had used the common household tool, a cable tie, for her ponytail. For the record, cable ties are usually used to keep electrical cables or wires organised and neat. Not hair.

9 When He Uses The Baby As A Mouse Mat

Men should know, they need to know and not deny that once the baby arrives, life will never be the same again. This applies to every aspect of life including their relationship with technology. The realisation of this will be like a punch in the nether regions. Using a laptop, for example, will be an entirely different experience with a baby around.

Dad will probably think to himself, can I keep using my stuff? And the panic will set in before he realises that it's ok to have a baby and a laptop, just as long as they're not too close to each other.

This Dad who (admittedly, looks utterly defeated like he's forgotten what sleep even is) is using his baby's butt as a mouse mat is definitely not winning at parenting!

8 When He Cuts A Cletus The-Slack-Jawed Yokel Hairstyle

Having kids is an expensive life choice. Though you wouldn't to think it to house, clothe and feed a little person. The costs mount up and they mount up fast. Which sometimes means that cut backs need to be made in order to keep everything ticking over.

I know that we needed to save the coins in my family. My mother used to cut my hair when I was young enough not to know that fringes aren't supposed to continue behind the ears.

In the case of this poor lamb, cut backs were made quite literally when his dad attacked his gorgeous locks with a pair of scissors and a razor, and ended up making him look like Cletus, the hillbilly character from The Simpsons.

7 When He Turns The Baby Into Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan

When you think of all the things that could happen when you leave the baby home alone with dad, you don't think of him transforming your child into something hilariously grotesque.

You think of the baby being sick down his back, you think of poop somehow getting on the TV, you think of never-ending crying that brings the neighbours to tears and dad to his knees. You don't think of him turning the light of your life into American comedian, podcaster and sports commentator Joe Rogan.

This one dad went all out in his transformation for his son's very first Halloween, giving him Joe's thick eyebrows, stubble and legendary muscles. The comments that came after this baby Rogan went viral, and are priceless with one saying 'I would not fight this baby.'

6 When He Makes Sure The Baby Can't Get Into Danger

When your baby learns how to crawl, the fathering job is kicked up a gear. Dad needs to be aware of where the baby is at all times, because now they're mobile and can get around all by themselves. Before long they'll start pulling themselves up onto their feet using anything and everything they can get their hands on.

When he says 'I won't let the baby out of my sight' you don't expect to come home and find your child with the legs of its onesie tied to the crib!

One dad's clever solution to stop his baby from getting into mischief has gone viral. Maybe dad needed a moment to take a sip of coffee, or prepare a clean diaper or maybe catch up on some Facebook.

5 When He Says 'I'll Be Out In A Minute'

Having kids is a test of endurance. The energy that used to get you though the day is spent a few hours after being woken up by your pride and joy.

Life is no longer just about getting you from A to B. Now you need to make sure another human being is fed and watered and cleaned and entertained, and it's hard, exhausting work that simply doesn't stop.

It would all be fine though if there was time for dad to recover, time to get his breath back so he could start again nice and refreshed.

But recovery time as a parent is a rare treasure. Life isn't how it was and it will never be that way again. If you're hungover or ill or cranky, your baby isn't going to give a damn. Your baby needs you and needs you now. This worn out dad was clearly lacking the zzz's when he lay down with the little one to help baby fall asleep.

4 When He Introduces The Baby To The Snake

Having a dog or a cat around when you have a baby isn't anything out of the ordinary. It's ok to feel safe leaving the puss or pooch in the same room with your wriggling tot, as it's pretty unlikely that they're going to try and eat your offspring at any given opportunity.

But sharing your home with a baby and a python - one of the largest snakes in the world, might I add - is another matter completely. While pythons generally don't attack human beings, if they're startled or provoked they can turn aggressive.

The dad of this little daredevil clearly didn't think that there was anything wrong with his baby getting to know the family python! There must have been something particularly good about the taste and texture of this pythons scales, because this little one looks as though this experience is thoroughly enjoyable.

3 When He Gives The Baby Eyebrows

What's a cheap but absolutely brilliant way for a dad to provide himself (and the world wide web) with years of entertainment? By taking a marker pen and providing the baby with brilliant, mega eyebrows, that's how!

The hard work of looking after a baby is made so worthwhile when the realisation drops of just how much fun there is to be had by simply drawing on their faces and letting their expressions do the work while dad stands back and snaps away with his phone.

And the great thing is... they have no idea what's going on so they can't hate! Until they're old enough to recognise themselves in the photos that is, then it's another matter entirely and dad probably ends up grovelling for forgiveness.

This perpetually surprised little tot reminds me of Eddie, the werewolf son of Herman and Lilly from the cult TV classic The Munsters.

2 When He Eats All The M&Ms

Before fatherhood, it was okay to eat whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted. If you wanted to devour a whole bowl of M&Ms you could, no questions asked. But when kids come into the equation, and unless you're a pro at keeping the candy hidden from inquisitive eyes, you're eventually going to have to share, as devastating as that might sound. (It's even worse in practice).

I don't know what the hell this cruel dad was thinking as he chowed down on the bowl of M&Ms. Actually, maybe I do. Perhaps he was trying to claw back a little bit of the independence that he had before kids came along. And thought to himself, 'I'm going to eat them all, dammit!'

His brutal behaviour led to a child being truly devastated. And now we're left with this lingering, haunting image.

1 When He Shaves Off His Beard

When the baby hasn't seen dad without a beard, ever, of course it's going to be something of a shock. They've gotten used to their daddy's furry face. So naturally, shaving it off would mean an element of confusion. The whiskers they used to tug on aren't there anymore and this can be hard for a baby to take.

Obviously, some tots can take it and are unaffected by the changes. But some, unable to process what's happened, are just unable to handle.

Maybe if this little one had watched as their dad had hacked away at his facial hair, it wouldn't be such a colossal shock. Hopefully it didn't take too long until they were used to it and could look at their dad without bursting into tears.

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