15 Hilarious Gender Reveal Announcements

In today’s world of social sharing, people everywhere feel the need to photograph or video their entire lives, and sharing the documentation of major life events has become all the rage. This has caused such things as gender reveals and pregnancy announcements to flood the Internet. Every new mommy and daddy wants to share their happy news with friends and family, but they want to come up with new and original ways of telling that exciting news to the world.

Different parents choose different ways to share their baby’s gender—some prefer an elegant or cutesy announcement, and others prefer to give their friends and families a great big belly laugh. There is no right or wrong way to share the news, but I happen to be firmly with whatever camp has me falling off my chair, or choking on my coffee. Give me a gender reveal that will make me bust a lung, whether I’m laughing at you, or with you. All that cutesy stuff is sweet and precious, but the world wants something to entertain, you feel me?

Parents typically want to outdo whatever they’ve already seen, whether they make themselves ridiculous or not. The following collection of gender reveal announcements are certainly entertaining and range from funny/weird, to the funny/cute, all the way to the funny fail. Whatever these parents were thinking when they decided to share their news, humor has now become one of the results. At least we hope they don’t mind our laughter, because these announcements are hilarious.

15 Paint The Body And Jump Around In The Bathtub

Wow. First up is a gender reveal that is hilarious, but it's also downright scarring. I don't think this image will ever be erased from my mind again. This man has not only painted his entire body in blue paint, but he's also wearing a man diaper and squealing like a crazy person. Lindsey and Cliff, are you guys having a baby, a Dodo bird, or a raptor for a child, because this video has me questioning what it is you are revealing--possibly your penchant towards insanity?

This comedian has made the funniest (creepiest) gender reveal video that I have ever seen, and I'm not sure it will be topped anytime soon. Whoever said the Dodo bird was extinct obviously hasn't seen this video of a grown man flapping around in a bathtub. Cliff and Lindsey, please have more children. I'm dying to see how your next reveal is going to top this one! Good luck raising your son, guys. Please don't show him this video when he grows up. Because terrifying.

14 Include The Kids And Make At Least One Cry

I absolutely love torturing my own children, so this video has a special place in my heart. Here we have two kids who are being told the gender of their sibling-to-be, preserved for future memories—or to share their unhappiness with others—because it’s funny! The little boy in this video is learning just how disappointing life can truly be. It's a tough lesson to learn, to be sure—poor little guy doesn't want another frickin' sister, world. And that pink sucker isn't going to quite take the suck out of this terrible lesson--and that horrible news. Go buy him a dirt bike, or something instead, Mom.

It's sad that this video is so funny, because we shouldn't laugh at others' misery. Seriously. But, there is just something so funny when a child goes from excitement to anguish in the time it takes to rip off a dum dum wrapper.

13 Why Is Raunchy So Funny? Because. It. Is.

Pictured above we have a charming gender reveal card that is very revealing, and can be shared with all your relatives. Who says snail mail is dead? The world will want to bring it back if they get mail this clever—and hilarious—on a daily basis. If I opened my mailbox and got a chuckle every day, I would never use email again. This announcement can not only be shared on the Internet, but also mailed to Grandma and Aunt Sally. Can you just picture Grandma putting her spectacles on to get a better look at this card: "Hmmm, I can't quite see...what am I supposed to do here? Okay, I put my finger into this little hole here and— Oh. My-oh-my. I wasn't expecting that." I don't care what you say...this card is funny! Wildly inappropriate, but no one can doubt that this little boy is well endowed—get your mind out of the gutter—I was going to say well endowed with funny parents.

12 Hairy Hooha Cake! It's A Girl!

Um, yum. Admit it, this hairy hooha cake just made your sweet tooth twinge and your stomach rumble. Don't lie. I'm not sure how it tastes, but this cake has surely whetted my appetite—it looks positively delicious. Not only is this cake informative—see the pink frosting in the middle serving duel purposes—I know it's difficult to focus on, what with all the (pube sprinkles?), but it's also cute. Look at that baby's face—can you say, "awwww"? I especially like the shapely derrière and realistic butt crack. Never has a crowning baby made me so hungry! I'm not lying, I would eat this cake, and I want to be friends with whoever made it, because they are funny—or crazy—and those are my people. This cake is screaming, "If you are looking for a way to reveal your baby's gender to the world, I'm your huckleberry!"

11 She's Got A What In That Oven?

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Nothing can take you back to the joys of childhood faster than dressing up in costumes and acting like goobers. This couple seems like a whole lot of fun, and chef dad seems to have convinced his wife how funny it would be to depict the stereotypical 'bun in the oven' bit in costume. Sometimes people don't understand your costume, so you've got to really go big or go home, for them to grasp what you're getting at. I totally get how frustrating it is when you've put a lot of work into a costume, only for people to scratch their heads in bemusement. This couple has taken all the guess work out of this costume, so I don't think you need more than two brain cells to rub together to understand this pictographic representation. They probably didn't have the artistic capabilities to draw an entire baby inside that oven, so this mama is just giving birth to a penis instead.

10 'Throw Some Glitter, Make It Rain"

Pink and blue glitter or smoke has become a popular choice for revealing a baby's gender. I'm sure that's because it looks great when captured on video, or even in a still shot at just the right moment. But Wowza. I'm sure this mom-to-be didn't intend for this gender reveal to be funny, but it’s certainly funny now because she didn't execute this moment quite right. Maybe she just got over-excited (what chick doesn’t get excited over glitter?), or since she was looking at the camera and not at her spouse, the glitter didn't go where it was intended. Poor dad can't even see the color of the glitter, because he won't be seeing anything but red—or tears—for a week. Hopefully mom will practice her glitter toss a little better for next time, if dad even still has his vision, or the ability to breath without hacking up a disco ball.

9 Cross Dress The Reveal

Dads everywhere are starting to find it socially acceptable to play dress-up with their little girls, and we think that's awesome! As is this hilarious papa-to-be, who finds no embarrassment in dressing up in a pink, frilly dress to announce the birth of his baby girl. And what a proud papa, just look at the joy on that man’s face! If you are going to try something different, may as well go all out. You look as pretty as Fancy Nancy in your sweet dress, Sir. Better get used to it. Your daughter will be asking you to join her at tea parties and princess dress-up soon enough. I will have to ask that you add a few accessories to this ensemble next time. Where are the heels? Where's the bling? Get it right, dad! No self-respecting woman would be caught dead without a full face of makeup and matching purse as well. And some undergarments?? Just saying.

8 When Your Family Is A 50/50 Split, Tug It Out For The Win

It's got to be difficult to come up with new and inventive ways to share a gender reveal with the world, but sometimes you've got to work with what makes your family special and go that route. This awesome family has nailed it. Check out this funny and adorable gender reveal photo. These parents already have two and two, so they are thinking, “Now for the tiebreaker!” What is more fun and inventive than a tug-of-war game of girls vs. boys? What a fun and unique way to announce your fifth child. That's a lot of kids. Sorry—got sidetracked doing math—won't happen again. I especially love how the girls are all wearing pink, and the boys are all in blue—keeps it simple and perfect for the photo. This family planned this reveal perfectly, right down to the ground. This is one of those funny and cute reveals. Well played, family. And the win goes to Team Pink!

7 Kids Are So Funny When They're Pissed

Oh Christmas. A time of joy, peace, and crushing disappointment. This gender reveal is so funny, because it’s so completely honest. It also kind of reminds me of my daughter...when she found out she was getting a baby brother for Christmas. Her little face crumpled and there were a lot of tears. “I don’t understand, Mommy! I asked for a little sister…”

Doesn't seem fair to this baby girl, does it? She's already got two brothers, and if she still believed in Santa before—she won't now—because her Christmas wish just got denied. "I don't understand, Mom! I've been a good girl! I'd rather take some coal than another stinky brother!" My sentiments exactly, sweet cheeks. Despite all my penny wishes, I got four of 'em, wrapped in farts and superman capes. If anyone feels your pain, it's me. Maybe be extra good this year, and you might get a sister next Christmas. Here’s hoping for a little wish fulfillment.

6 Share The News With Expanding Toothpaste?

What is more special than a gathering of your closest friends and family for one of the greatest events of your life? The reveal of the sex of your baby, obvs! Okay, so the actual baby is not being born yet, but as we said earlier, any excuse to put a party together and celebrate (and document) is what life is all about! Right?! Just nod your head. This video is pretty awesome, I have to admit. Are you having a baby blob, though? This was great, until it started looking like the expanding toothpaste was going to take over the assembled crowd. Everyone seems super excited about this reveal, and I surely would be too. Don't get too excited, though. Dad-to-be isn't quite sure how this situation is going to turn out. Oh, wait...It's a girl! He's more excited with the eruption, but that's cool. Just wait, Dad. Your baby can make liquids explode into the air too, but the color won’t be pink. Intrigued?

5 People Are Dense. Spell It Out For Them.

Gender reveal announcements are cool and all, but why just post a photo to Facebook, when you can have a whole 'nother party, just because you can. Babies are life changing, and they are exciting, so people want to celebrate and drag out all the fun they can—because they won't be having any more fun, like, ever again. Well, they will still have fun, but it will be a different kind of fun. That's what people always told me, anyway. When they said different kind of fun, I didn't realize they meant, "Staying up all hours of the night sober", kind of fun. Or, "Cleaning poop off the walls while singing Disney Songs", kind of fun. Yes. That is a different kind of fun. Be more specific, people! Spell it out for me, so I know what I’m getting myself into! Oh yeah…just like this announcement. Almost forgot. Nuts. No nuts. You get it. Do I have to spell it out for you??

4 If You Can't Think Of Anything, Say It With A Button

Coming up with ideas is excruciating! There is so much pressure to outperform all of those other brilliant moms and dads who came before you! And that man who painted his body blue and squawked around in the bathtub, like a giant blue bird! How could we possibly top that? I'll answer that for you--you can't. So, just go ahead and have a couple of these handy-dandy gender reveal button announcements made up with the image of a sperm wearing a bow. Blue for boy, pink for girl. Easy, peasy. Pass 'em out. Give them to a couple of your neighbor's children. That way, they can go home and have the talk with mommy and daddy about how giant black dots develop tails and turn into babies. Your neighbors will surely curse you and sick the HOA on you, for two weeds and a trashcan left on the curb 3 minutes longer than is strictly allowed, but they're just overreacting. It’s only a sperm button, people. Get a sense of humor!

3 Mommy Or Daddy's Face On A Baby

Dear Lord in Heaven, this announcement is something else. Slap dad or mom's face on a baby, and call it a gender reveal announcement. I can't tell if these people were just lazy, or if this is the best gender reveal yet. What do you think? Brilliant? Or disturbing? Well, it's definitely funny, and I can follow this logic. We all know parents are just dying for their children to look exactly like them. We are always staring at their features trying to figure out which parent baby most resembles. I guess if you are having a boy, you probably would hope he looks more like his father than his mother.

Sure, it's cute when Junior looks just like his dad, but let's hope it takes a little longer than three months for baby to grow a full beard. Still, this idea is definitely unusual. Full marks for taking 'mini-me' literally, and your photoshop skills are unparalleled.

2 Just Spray The Heck Out Of Her

Hands up lady, you're under arrest for the age-old crime of getting yourself pregnant with—you guessed it—a girl! Getting knocked up with a girl is a crime in this crazy community, so we’re takin’ you down. Chicks got their heads chopped off for having girls in the past, so in our book, you’re getting off easy. You complied with our verbal commands, but we're still going to shoot you! Because it's fun.

Silly String will never go out of style in my book. Not exactly original, but it's really the perfect way to take out your anger at the world, and announce that there is a baby girl in these people's future. Passive-aggressive is out, real aggression is totally in. Shoot an unarmed pregnant woman with gads of sticky, pink string all over her body. That is completely acceptable, and she asked for it. Why is everyone having so much fun shooting this poor woman with goo? Who cares! It's awesome!

1 Make As Big A Mess As Possible

This gender reveal announcement is completely appropriate since boys are messy AF. You’d better get used to it. Except, why is this mom having so much fun? Do you get the feeling that is a sinister grin she is wearing, like she can't wait for her housekeeper to see this ginormous mess she just made for her? The truth is, this mom better just leave that mess on the floor, because her house will never be clean again, anyway. In fact, a little confetti is the least of her worries. For the next eighteen years—maybe longer, boys seem to remain at home past that eighteen year cutoff—this mom will be dealing with much more disgusting messes than this! Like muddy cleats, boogers, dirt, and other unknown grime. You’re laughing now, mama! That's fine. Have your fun. This mess is good preparation (and possibly an omen) for what's to come...

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