15 Hilarious Pics Of Kid Drawings That Deserve To Be Hidden Far Away

As the old saying goes, "kids say the darnedest things." If someone were to ask any kindergarten or daycare teacher, they also draw the darnedest things too. Kids have an unlimited imagination that gets restricted when they reach adulthood, which means there is no way of knowing what is going to come out of their mouths or their drawings. Kids see the world through a different lens, so the adult world that cannot be explained to them until they are older can be seen as something strange. So strange, in fact, that their interpretation is often found in their artwork, making their parents shocked and tickled with some adult humor.

Sometimes, kids are more observant and have a darker sense of humor than we think. When they make their drawings with magic markers or crayons, they are expressing their innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences. No one can ever predict what a little kid is going to create when they are handed a  blank sheet of paper and told to, "make a drawing of (insert whatever assignment the teacher gave them here)." The results can be both hilarious and a little disturbing at the same time. It makes their parents realize that their kids are picking up on what is going on, even though they think that they can hide it from them.

Here are the 15 hilarious kid drawings that make us wish we could hang them up on our refrigerator.

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15 Already Counting Down The Days Until Grandma...

kids drawings
Bored Panda

When the loss of a grandparent occurs, it is typically a child's first exposure to experiencing the death of a loved one. This kid already knew that his grandma wasn't going to make it much longer, before anyone else in the family. He knew this even when she was still alive. Odds are, that one of his friends at school had a grandparent die and he told him about it. Then, he came to the realization that someday his grandma was going to wasn't going to live to see another day, because of what his friend told him. Some kids realize from a young age, faster than others, that old people have a tendency to leave us.

Though this kid drew a dark picture, at least it was out of love for his grandma.

Good thing that grandma shares the same dark sense of humor because she is the one who posed in the snapshot holding this kid's drawing up by her face. The drawing is a stick figure of him holding flowers over his grandma's grave. He wrote: "I love you when you die."

When this kid's grandma actually does pass, there will be some grieving stages later down the road. According to kidshealth.org, primary school children are still learning about the concept of death and may be confused about it. hey, may think death is temporary, or that the person who has died may still feel things.

14 This Escalated Quickly

kids drawings
Scoop Whoop

It's sweet to see a kid that shows love for the jolly fat man that brings toys every year. He deserves some gratitude after riding around in a reindeer sleigh, busting his butt for all the good little boys and girls of the world. I'm sure that he can overlook that his name was spelled as "Satan" with a backward "N". Since little kids at this age aren't known to have correct spelling, we will overlook this as an innocent, honest mistake.

Or, we can give her the benefit of the doubt and factor in the possibility that maybe she is a little satan worshipper in the making. Look at that dazed and spaced-out look on her face. Could it be a sign of the exorcist coming out from the pits of the underworld to take her down to the pits of dark despair? We will never know for sure.

Interestingly enough, there is a demonic version of Santa Claus. It is known as Krampus and who is Santa's demonic companion. According to Mental Floss, this character is celebrated in Austria and the German-speaking Alpine region. When Christmas Eve comes around, Krampus leaves sticks and stones for the bad children. This gives them more motivation to behave during the year.

13 Zombie Cinderella

kids drawings
Funny or Die

Someone has been letting their kid watch some inappropriate, gory movies otherwise there would be no bloody tears coming out of Cinderella's eyes here. Maybe the parents allowed the kid to binge-watch a marathon of zombie apocalypse movies or Walking Dead and they patted little Timmy on the back for being this creative. Cinderella just had it up to here with her step-sisters and now she is going to get her revenge zombie-style and it will not be pretty.

The kid did scribble outside of the lines with the hair and the skin color, but the eyes could not be more precise.

Crying tears of blood is not the most flattering look on Cinderella, but no one will ever mess with her. She no longer has to live in fear of her evil stepmother bossing her around because she now has the power of intimidation.

According to debate.org, Disney princesses can give kids mixed messages. Princesses like Cinderella are fragile female characters that need to be rescued by a prince. On the flip side, they offer moral values and there are many lessons to be learned. For example, having a clean house is always best for the moral. Or what about, when you're kind to others, eventually you will be rewarded and those that were not so kind will face the consequences.

12 When You Can't Make Friends On The Playground, You Make Friends With Aliens

kids drawings
Scoop Whoop

Many conspiracy theorists speculate that aliens are among us and they like to interact with human beings. Since young children are more impressionable, they would seem like better people to acquaint themselves with. Adults would just be dumb-founded or terrified if they saw some dark alien, even if they had a big, welcoming smile on their face. Instead, this little girl found herself a kind extraterrestrial from another planet looking to get to know the human race. If you've ever watched a movie where little children have invisible friends or friends in objects like dolls, you know that this is beyond creepy. Let's just hope that this is just an image, and not something darker and demanding in your home.

The phrase "we come in peace" looks like it rings true in this picture. Even though the alien is colored black, he has a little smirk on his face that doesn't phase the little girl. The parents were probably thinking that their daughter just has an overactive imagination and that it is cute that she has an imaginary friend. In fact, this isn't as uncommon as you would think. According to a study conducted at the University of Oregon, by the age of seven, about 37% of children take imaginative play a step further and create an invisible friend.

11 Mommy Must Have Done Something To Be Out Of Favor With This Kid

kids drawings
Scoop Whoop

So, if this kid is drawing a picture of both him and his dad, happily dancing on the grave of his mother, he has picked up on something. The best guess here is that his parents are either separated or divorced and he hears a lot of bad talk about his mother. Perhaps his dad is the one that always says yes to everything that he wants and overindulges him. Mom, on the other hand, has to be the disciplinarian and say no when dad says yes. This is what makes him form an unhealthy friendship with the dad that puts mom in a bad light. Of course, these are just assumptions.

One thing we can assume though is that he and his dad collectively share some sort of frustration with mom.

Or maybe, this child simply thinks this is typically how funerals arise.

Bonds with our mothers are one of the most important that we could have in our life. According to Live Science, researchers found that children who had been more securely attached to their mothers and have now grown, did better at resolving relationship conflicts, recovering from those conflicts and enjoying stable, satisfying ties with their romantic partners in early adulthood.

10 Life Imitates Art With Horror Movies

kids drawings
Scoop Whoop

Just like the alien drawing in the above entry, this little girl has a creepy imaginary friend that hides in her closet. She can see it, but her dad can't even if she talks about it openly with her dad. Unlike the previous black alien, this one looks more malicious. It has red eyes and it's hiding in her closet ready to jump out and scare her. This is funny in a dark humor kind of way. She might even look back at it, in her adult years, and have a laugh or two. Hopefully, her future children don't wind this image, or she will be in for many nights co-sleeping with them. Again, let's hope this is just an image and we don't need to call the Vatican to intervene with this family and their home.

Since she isn't smiling unlike the previous little girl with her alien friend, she is frowning. She is frowning while her dad is giving her disappointed body language because he doesn't really know what is in the closet. This is one of those drawings that will only be hilarious with time but creepy while the little girl is still young enough to see such things.

9 Sometimes Even Mommies Need A Girl's Night Out

kids drawings

This type of hilarity was staged since there are already pre-screened words encouraging the child to draw something. "This is what mom looks like in the morning" and "this is what mom looks like when she goes out" are clearly printed on sheets of paper. The writing is just too good for it to be a little kid's handwriting. What mommy looks like when she gets up in the morning is bland with black and white. She basically looks like a skeleton to this kid, who definitely needs a pot of coffee or something stronger for that matter. If you look close enough, her shirt says the word "pink" on it, which is probably from Victoria's Secret PINK line.

On the right, we have some overdone makeup, with his mommy dressed to kill and out for a night on the town.

Who says that you can't have kids and still party?

Perhaps this kid's mom is a single mom, that is looking to attract a new man into her life. Otherwise, we have to worry what type of work she does and why this little child knows what she does. Look at that sparkly manicure mom is rocking, let's say we go with the latter option.

8 That Cat In The Hat Doesn't Know Who He's Messing With

kids drawings
The Chive

The Cat in the Hat is a classic illustrated children's book by Dr. Seuss that everyone knows and loves. If you really think about it, The Cat in the Hat is basically an intruder and just walks into some kid's house when their mother is out. If the Cat in the Hat was a middle-aged man, breaking into someone's house and chatting up someone's kids, child services would be called immediately in the real world. It's my assumption that this child has been watching many of the Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit's episodes and knows exactly what to do in case of an unexpected intruder. Sometimes, watching adult shows like SVU is definitely something that can benefit children... I said sometimes.

Most kids read this book and adore the character, but this kid has the right idea and a more grounded approach. If this kid is a boy, then he is being the man of the house by protecting his family from the intruder. The Cat in the Hat picked the wrong house to break into this time around because this kid just isn't having it. Rather than listening to those cheesy songs, he shoves him down the stairs.

7 Only The Children Of Star Wars Fanatics Can Draw This

kids drawings
Funny or Die

This kid needs to win a prize for creativity and the knowledge of Star Wars. No other little kid can come up with this beautiful drawing giving new nicknames to Star Wars characters. This is another testament to how cool these kid's parents are by allowing him to watch Star Wars with him being such a young age. Not only is he already a seasoned Star Wars expert, but knows a good brunch when he sees one, which is a double win for this kid.

Of course, Darth Vader gets to play the role of the most desired brunch item: bacon.

His nerdy mom and dad must be proud of this kid and also proud of themselves for starting him off at such a young age. May the force be with him and his breakfast plate.

Many Star Wars fan parents face the decision of when they should introduce their kids to Star Wars. In an interview with several parents conducted by starwars.com, they would all agree that Star Wars is a communal experience to be shared by all.

But, let's go back to the most important thing about this picture, this family definitely knows how to brunch. So the question I have to ask is, where's brunch going to be hosted this weekend?

6 Demons Are Accepted Members Of The Family Too

kids drawings
Bored Panda

So this one marks the third imaginary friend on our list. It is clearly a favorite among children, which makes us wonder if the statistics are true that only 37% of children draw them out. However, there is something to be said about the imagination of a child. For people who really believe in the spiritual life and their beliefs, it might not even just be merely a child's imagination to them. Perhaps these kids are really seeing beings from other worlds that we, as adults, are simply blind to. Isn't this the question that all skeptics ask? Or maybe these kids have psychic gifts that may or may not fade away as they get older.

Just like the spooky imaginary friend with red eyes, hiding in the little girl's closet from the previous entry, it looks like this imaginary friend is a negative force as well. It looks like the kid can see this "demon" even when there are other people around. Maybe it's a disturbed spirit that hasn't crossed over to the next dimension. Again, this is something that you can only laugh off when the kid grows up and can look back on it. But at its' current state, I'm sure his parents' aren't laughing.

5 This Man Looks Too Happy For Smashing A Flower

kids drawings
Scoop Whoop

Stepping on a poor pretty flower is just destructive behavior. If this kid is drawing a picture of himself stepping on a flower, then this is just the start of rascal-esque behavior. At least he is taking his anger out on a flower, and not an animal or a human being, so you have to give him credit for that. However, perhaps this is just the beginning phase of a sadistic behavior, or we are just overanalyzing everything.

But with the glee in his eyes and that quirky smile, and definitely, the word DESTROY written above, this kid is extremely satisfied with his behavior.

On another note, look a the "sun's" facial expression in this looks ambivalent. As if he were saying, "oh here we go again with this kid destroying a flower." It's pretty dry how there is only one word and that's "Destroy" with one lonely flower about to be crushed. At least the flower doesn't have to live a life of loneliness anymore, because that garden looks super lonely. I wonder where this image takes place, where there are only one flower and one tree, and a meh looking sun. Here's the bigger question, did the parents add this gorgeous picture to their fridge or on their pegboard at work?

4 Don't Put A Cork In Motherhood

kids drawings
Elite Readers

Many women come home from work and have a glass of wine, just to take the edge off. If single women can do it, then why can't moms do it too? Oh yeah, that's right. It's because they have kids around and they don't want to set a bad example. No worries. Just tell your kid that it's mommy juice and only mommies can drink it, rather than referring to it for what it really is. This kid's mom must have had a laugh when she saw this come home from school but the teacher may have gotten the wrong impression.

Never judge a woman and her wine. Just like you can't judge a man and his beer. Everything that is consumed in moderation cannot be bad for you, no matter how many drawings your kid makes you drink.

Drinking in front of your kids can be a harmless activity as long as they are taught about the possible hazards that come with alcohol. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), children are more likely to view drinking as harmless when their parents drink, and when they start drinking earlier. However, if there is a lack of communications and monitoring, it is more likely to lead to the child turning into a teenager who sees no wrong in indulging in heavy drinking.

3 Not A Positive Outlook For The Future

kids drawings
Life Buzz

It looks like some creature that is eating planet earth alive. From the mind of a child, it is hard to tell what creature this is. Is it a snake? A dinosaur? It doesn't matter, because we are all going to be destroyed by it anyways. We have all been told from a very young age how pollution is destroying our planet, and this kid is taking it more seriously than anyone else. Though, this is a bleak outlook for the future as this kid describes in one word, are they wrong? The scary part is that they are not wrong.

This is another cute example of a kid having a dark sense of humor, by drawing an imaginary creature swallowing the planet whole. No biggie.

It is funny, yet not funny at the same time. If that makes any sense. This is because climate change is actually a real thing and it is taught to young children in schools to increase awareness. According to National Public Radio, scientists warn that a catastrophic tipping point is possible for the next few decades. By the midcentury, the average global temperature is projected to rise by more than 2 degrees Celsius that will trigger cataclysmic consequences. This kid is not being fooled by anyone here.

2 Already A Rhyming Poet

kids drawings

Once again, we see a kid with some nerdy parents, that are already getting him into nerdy interests. Star Trek's Spock is a humanoid extraterrestrial breed of species, who originates from the planet of Vulcan. For being a kid's drawing, the lines and colors are well illustrated on the left, but not as well on the left. Not only is this kid relaying what he sees when his parents let him watch Star Trek, but he is also learning to be a poet with the rhyming. Not to mention that his spelling is completely correct in this double drawing.

Since Vulcans can only live by logic and reason, that means that they can be lacking in the empathy department. They have little interference from human emotions and they can come off as mean. This kid is already smart enough to pick up on that. But the fact that Spock is telling Jimmy not to do something, one must assume that this is his kindergarten teacher that may be a little too into Comicon, or Halloween for that matter. If that is the case, who can blame this kid for drawing exactly what he sees day in and day out. I know I have definitely drawn a few unflattering images of my teachers in the past, and thankfully, they never saw them... I hope.

1 Can't End This List Without A Smelly Joke

kids drawings
Elite Readers

Kids seem to find fart jokes the funniest out of all age brackets of their lives. Farting is just funny whether you want to admit it or not. It can be either loud and proud, or silent but deadly. This kid just had one word to describe this drawing "Fart" with a period at the end of the sentence, to give it more importance. So we have to assume that she is definitely proud of her toots. The girl in this drawing just can't seem to stop farting. There are a series of little farts before the grand finale of one big one. And with her smile on her face, this is clearly something that happened after a movie night and bowl full of popcorn.

This kid must have been going through some "fart" phase, where all she could think about was people farting and how much it made her laugh.

Is there anything really more innocent than that? For some reasons, farts just aren't quite as funny and talked about as we get older and that is a shame. According to kidshealth.org,  children with a well-developed sense of humor are happier and more optimistic, have higher self-esteem, and can handle differences (their own and others') well.

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