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kids drawings
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Though this kid drew a dark picture, at least it was out of love for his grandma.

When the loss of a grandparent occurs, it is typically a child's first exposure to experiencing the death of a loved one. This kid already knew that his grandma wasn't going to make it much longer, before anyone else in the family. He knew this even when she was still

alive. Odds are, that one of his friends at school had a grandparent die and he told him about it. Then, he came to the realization that someday his grandma was going to wasn't going to live to see another day, because of what his friend told him. Some kids realize from a young age, faster than others, that old people have a tendency to leave us.

Good thing that grandma shares the same dark sense of humor because she is the one who posed in the snapshot holding this kid's drawing up by her face. The drawing is a stick figure of him holding flowers over his grandma's grave. He wrote: "I love you when you die."

When this kid's grandma actually does pass, there will be some grieving stages later down the road. According to kidshealth.org, primary school children are still learning about the concept of death and may be confused about it. hey, may think death is temporary, or that the person who has died may still feel things.

kids drawings
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