15 Hilarious Kids Trying Solids For The First Time [Videos]

For little ones starting solid food for the first time, food can be exciting. There's a lot of color and texture to try and the fact that mom and dad are willing to share can make some babies really happy. Most parents remember the first time they fed their babies because of how funny the experience was.

Some of the babies in this article have quite an unfavourable reaction to first time food. Texture, flavor, or lack of it can throw a baby off, especially when they’re used to only ever ingesting milk. Everything is a learning curve, for parents as well as for baby, eventually they’ll get it, and until then, get ready for some entertainment!

Kids are absolutely hilarious without even trying. They are far too honest, which is refreshing, heartwarming and downright amusing. Their tiny little faces tell all, especially when it comes to trying new foods! If you’re looking for the “aww” and the “lol” factor today, this is it!

Watch as these little ones experience the magical world of food for the first time and their absolutely hilarious reactions to it and I’m sure most parents can relate to at least one of these kiddos.

Trying food for the first time is a big step for baby and can take some getting used to. Some babies will take to it right away, others it might take a few months. One thing’s for sure, when babies find a food they loves, they’ll let their parents know it! Smacking their lips, making, "Mmm mmm," yummy noises and watching them squirm with excitement when the food comes near.

These are just some of the hilarious babies shown today in this article.

15 The Critic

No matter how many “mmm” sounds they make or how much they encourage, it looks like Abby’s not a fan of the Mom and Pop Café! Dad mentions it being their fourth attempt at eating solids while mom jokes about it being nearly the twentieth! Oh dear!

Watch as Abby criticizes every morsel that enters her mouth, furrowing her brow with uncertainty and confusion. You can almost hear her say “yucky” at one point! She’s not loving this food, which looks to be rice cereal. Perhaps Abby is looking for more flavour?

It’s impossible to know exactly what baby wants, but one thing is certain Abby is completely over this meal before it began. As mom and dad try spoonful after spoonful, Abby starts to take matters into her own hands by spitting it out and making the most disgusted face she can muster. If that wasn’t enough for mom and dad to get the hint, she starts whining and looking to escape!

14 Barf Barf Pass

She is not having this! Poor mom tries to encourage and tell her “it’s yummy” but babies taste buds say otherwise. Watch as she covers her face, trying to shield herself from further torture. She hilariously continues to gag and you can tell she’s putting it on a bit because mom is laughing. Kids know when they’re being funny and entertaining, and she loves hearing her mother’s giggles, but what she doesn’t love is that food! She looks nearly ready to throw up, almost as if she was fed something vile.

Mom tries round two of what looks to be sweet potato or carrot and unfortunately she’s greeted with more the same look of disgust, more gaging, and eventually baby brings up the food and whatever else was hanging out in her stomach before! Yeesh! Although she looks a lot happier once she barfs it all up. I guess she’s just not ready for this just yet.

13 Can't Fool This Baby

It was going so well, what happened? This baby nearly dove at the food, definitely showing readiness to eat as the adults do. The first spoon went in without complaint, and baby actually looks excited, the second spoon, not so much!

Well, it looks as though mom was alternating between sweet and savoury and clearly baby is a bigger fan of the first! The apple sauce went well, but I find applesauce always does, it’s sweet, what’s not to love? What didn’t go well was the blend of sweet potato and corn, baby immediately said no thanks with screams and cries of disapproval. It’s pretty adorable to see how mad they get with momma.

Mom thought she was so smart, trying to trick baby into eating their veggies and alternating fruit before and after veggies, but you can’t fool this one. They know that sweet flavour is what they want and no one is going to convince them otherwise!

12 This Is The Worst

A quick video, but you definitely get the gist of it. He seemed interested before the food hit his lips, but this little guy hates his new food and his reaction is absolutely priceless! If you could read his lips they would say “Oh god! What is this garbage?” Mom doesn’t push too hard after seeing his hilarious reaction a couple of times; he nearly flew backwards with such disgust.

Little guy is most likely thinking “What did you put in this mom?” He was so willing to give this new food a chance, but curiosity faded quickly. Perhaps something in the flavour just completely threw him off? It looks like cereal, but has a green tint to it, so perhaps it’s a veggie cereal blend? Babies and veggies don’t always mix, and it’s clear this little guy isn’t a fan as he gags and shakes his head in disapproval.

11 So Many Flavours

Baby Kaila is just adorable as she tries multiple new foods, in this montage put together by her momma. The lucky ducky even gets to try ice cream, she shivers from the sheer cold of it, but definitely gives it another try. The most hilarious thing about Kaila is her initial reaction and then how it changes as she swishes the food around in her mouth.

Her initial reaction to anything is a look of confusion and a furrowed brow, she’s unsure and it’s quite comical, but as the food is introduced, she sort of gets used to the flavours quite quickly and confusion turns to excitement! You can see her already large eyes widen with excitement as she begins to enjoy the new foods, she even hops up and down a few times for the foods she really loves, like pears. Kaila seems to be in love with food, it might take a moment or two for her taste buds to figure it out, but when they do she’s in food heaven!

10 Reluctant Eater

She tolerated the first couple of spoonfuls given to her, but that’s about as far as it goes with cooperation for this little one’s first introduction to food. If you can look away from this baby's perfectly manicured and adorable little comb over, you can see that she's not particularly fond of her first taste of cereal. She’s trying to go for the spoon, but as soon as it hits her mouth, she gives up on the idea entirely, spitting the cereal out as quickly as it goes in.

By the third spoonful, she’s completely ready show her parents her total and utter disapproval of the meal with the disgusted look on her face, almost looking uncomfortable with the flavours in her mouth. The only smiles you’ll see are the smiles she has when she’s not being forced to eat, she’s much happier just playing with the spoon, perhaps a pretend meal would go over much better?

9 Feed Me More

This little one is nearly hopping out of their seat to try and get to the food, almost looks as though they want to attack mommy for the food, begging her to “hurry up” already!

Watch as baby starts grabbing for the spoon ready to steal it away, licking their fingers, while they wait with mouth open, pleading for the next bite eagerly. The food can’t get in their belly fast enough, as they are nearly bursting out of their seat to get to the food, there is nothing this kid doesn't like about the yummy food mommy is providing!

It’s so funny to see this kid attacking their food while so many others would typically look on in disgust; this is so far on the other side of things that it’s simply side-splitting. I hope this little one continues their healthy eating habits and excitement for food as they reach toddlerhood.

8 Super Excited

In this undeniably adorable video, baby is trembling with absolute excitement and delight, this little guy loves his food! With dad cheering him on as he tries his first foods, there isn’t any wonder why this little guy is thrilled. It seems like a fun event, not just a meal. I’m not sure what’s funnier, baby’s excitement or dads!

Before the spoon even gets to his lips, he already has his mouth open like a little baby bird waiting for momma bird to swoop down share some tasty food with him. It looks like baby might be trying some smashed up banana with some cereal, a winning combination in the tasty department. It’s a win when a little guy's eyes are wide and his little hands are going up and down showing he simply can’t wait for that next bite. There are no looks of disgust here, he’s thoroughly enjoying his first real meal.

7 Unsure

This little guy is all smiles, but he's not sold on this solids thing just yet. Little Nolan looks so excited at first, giving mom and dad a huge smile and lots of hope for their first food mission as mom prepares the sweet potato.

Unsure of what to do with the spoon, Mom shows him by taste testing some herself, which entertains him and intrigues him. But when mom offers it to him and the sweet potato actually hits his lips, he starts to look concerned for the first time. With mom and dad smiling, it's hard for him not to smile too, and this encourages him to keep trying, even if the first bite was strange. He smacks the food around in his mouth but spoon two is greeted with the same confusion and he's unsure if he wants to keep the food in or spit it out.

6 Curious

First off, this mom in the video is hilarious! She makes everything so musical and animated! The goofy vibe to the video sets you up for the “big day” aka first food day! Mom takes us on a journey to get to know a little bit about her family and her research before selecting foods for her little girl.

It’s a long winded video, but only because mom is so excited to document this huge milestone in baby’s development and when the first bites are successful mom nearly breaks down into tears with joy!

As for baby, she adorably accepts the food, definitely curious about trying it, curiosity soon turns to enjoyment. Clearly the bananas are a winning first food because they film her finishing the entire bow, with dad even getting a chance to feed her. Licking her lips with delight, this baby looks like she’s thinking “what took you so long?”

5 Food Is Fun

Just another satisfied customer! This baby is loving her first food! Just look how happy she is as she gets her first bites. This cereal is a clear winner, baby isn’t even putting up a fight as mom feeds her spoon after spoonful.

Baby is so excited she can barely contain herself. In fact she’s squirming about so much it’s almost impossible to get the food into her mouth without making a huge mess. Mostly the food gets all over her mouth and mom has to keep cleaning her up as she goes along.

This baby’s first meal has gone so well it leaves me wondering if it’s the food itself or the meal experience she enjoys. There’s only one way to find out! On to the next food! With a first success and many smiles, I’m sure the next meal will be just as smiley! I hope baby’s tummy is smiling just as much as she is!

4 He Hates It

He hates the food and the experience, my goodness! Baby Max wants nothing to do with the eating process! Tears over spilled milk is one thing, but these are pure tears over puree! It’s all downhill after that first micro-taste of food. Maxwell nearly gasps with shock when the food touches his tongue. His face says it all; do not give me any more of whatever that is!

What it appears to be is avocado, not always a first favourite. The next spoonful go less well, before the food even gets to his mouth he is cringing, sobbing and gagging, clearly trying to send mom and dad a clear message that he wants nothing to do with the food. At one point he just coughs at the food. They try giving him an empty spoon to encourage him to try, but he’s so thrown off by the first taste that he thinks every spoonful is going to be disgusting.

3 Won Over By Food

Carson is about to try some avocado mixed with breastmilk, this comes after being exclusively breastfed for about five months. Want to know what he thinks of the meal? Watch to see his expressions change as he discovers food for the first time.

He’s all smiles to start, which is always a good sign when embarking on a new adventure. When the food hits his mouth, he looks a little confused. He moves the food around in his mouth and that confusion turns quickly into to love. As he smacks the food around in his mouth he begins to understand that flavour is a good good thing! Spoonful after spoonful, his smile widens, he’s clearly getting the hang of this whole food thing and to his parents excitement he begins to swallow his food and give a big grin after each successful mouthful. He’s not only loving the food, I think he’s a little proud of himself too!

2 Is This Food?

It might as well be poop with this sort of expression! Baby Anna does not seem to be loving the eating experience at all. She's excited until she accidentally gets the spoon in her mouth. As the flavours hit her taste buds, her eyebrows immediately furrow and she looks more worried than anything else.

Her eyebrows furrowing is too hilarious, she looks so angry about the entire feeding that you can’t help but giggle. Rather than eat the avocado she keeps playing with it, sticking her tongue out hoping it will expel the revolting food from her mouth, but instead the food keeps coming. Mom and dad don't give up, which is good, and maybe Anna will get a taste for it eventually.

Not being successful with food yet, mom admits she's been freezing the avocado and Anna only eats half a thawed ice cube so far. Perhaps Anna’s appetite isn’t quite there yet, she’s perfectly happy ditching the spoon for now.

1 Broccoli Fail

We all know kids and vegetables don't usually mix well, especially when it comes to broccoli, but this is one extreme reaction to the green veggie that is just too hilarious to miss! The experience leaves baby so stressed out that it appears that broccoli might have ruined her entire day!

Baby is calm and content until she is fed that broccoli, then she is quick to place her hands to her forehead almost as if she has a throbbing headache coming on. This reaction is so hysterical that mom continues to feed her broccoli and film it. Each time baby tastes the broccoli, she repeats the actions of looking disgusted and placing her hands to her head, almost asking for help.

What’s even funnier is baby keeps going for the food, only to be disappointed after every spoonful. I guess she kept hoping the flavour would change? She’s clearly an optimistic baby.


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