15 Hilarious Memes Only Moms Will Understand

To keep their sanity in check, new moms LOVE to occupy their downtime sharing pictures of their new little love bug on their social media accounts. At nap time, at bed time – basically any time they can have a moment's rest – most moms can be found in the kitchen, scarfing down their meal, phone in her hand – just trying to make contact with the outside world!

And it’s on these social media accounts that we can see other moms entrenched in the same fight as us. Just trying to keep a little of their sanity intact. Some clever moms, may even be able to articulate and create a funny meme to relay just how they are feeling at any given point in their day.

Then they’ll share that meme.

Some other mom might see that meme come across their social media account. She might LOL, or LMAO. If it’s really funny, she may even ROFLMAO – then share!

There are so many memes out there that can perfectly sum up motherhood or parenthood in a few short words and a hilarious picture. These memes help us realize that we’re all fighting the same good fight in our daily lives and even if we don’t talk about it out loud, we’re all still feeling the same way, most of the time.

So without further ado, here are some of the internet’s most hilarious memes for moms – the ones that will make us REALLY ROFLMAO – to help get parents through the trials and tribulations, to the best part of the day – bed time!!!

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15 Mom Transformation

Every morning, vows are given that “Today – I’ll do better.” Frustrations – with kids who don’t listen, whine too much or throw daily temper tantrums – will be handled better than the day before.

Every morning, moms pretty much resemble a modern day Mary Poppins, with a singsong voice and a pleasant manner! Waking up with morning snuggles for all and showing their children all the patience in the world - getting their kids off to the best possible start to the day!

As the day goes on though, so do the issues of the stages that the children are in. Separation anxiety for the wee ones. Whining and crying bouts for the toddlers and preschoolers. Not listening for the school age children.

Frustrations grow throughout the day, and by the end of the day, mom's hair is frizzy, her nerves are frazzled, her voice is raw, she resembles Cruella DeVille, and she's just wishing it was bedtime…or finding any reason in the world to put the kids to bed early and hunker down with a nice cold glass of Chardonnay!

14 Mental Pictures

Most moms that picture their lives with children just visualize it like a Babies’R’Us catalogue, filled with happy, smiling pictures of photogenic moms who seemingly have “got it together”.

Their hair brushed and perfectly pulled together in a low maintenance ponytail. Baby smiling up at mom, with a look in their eyes that says "I KNOW you've got this mom". Everything in the image is working together to create this ultimate picture of motherhood.

In all actuality, motherhood is hard. Harder than anything else. Nothing works together in perfect harmony. There’s so much STUFF that goes along with having a baby, and it drags moms down. Messing with our picture perfect image.

Hair isn’t brushed, boobs are leaking and the stroller is neither unfolding or folding up the way it shows in the Babies’R’Us 2016 Baby Catalogue. And just when you think you’ve got it – when you finally have it all together and everything seems to be in perfect harmony – your baby will undoubtedly have a diaper blow out and you’ll realize that you forgot to pack a spare set of clothes and replenish your diaper stash in your diaper bag. FML!

You’ll get ‘em next time, Tiger!

13 Problems We All Face

We’ve all been there. Not one of us, that has children of our own, is judging another mom in this situation. Instead, we’re sending {{{Good Vibes}}} telepathically to the mom who is currently faced with a tiny unreasonable tyrant of a child.

There’s nothing worse to a mom who is dealing with a screaming toddler, than unsolicited advice from strangers advising her how to properly deal with that screaming child who is not getting their own way.

When children throw down, they can really throw down and how a mom handles it is her own business. Unless you see something that concerns you - keep walking. Maybe shoot the mom a sympathetic glance that says “I feel your pain”. Otherwise, just keep going on with your day! And hey – just be thankful that you and your little one made it out of there unscathed…This time!

12 I didn't Know Dad Could Do That

Why is it that when a child needs something, they almost ALWAYS ask their mom first?

Regardless of whether their mom is a stay at home mom, or a working mom, children will usually only ask mom when they need something. They may, or may not, use manners when they ask for whatever it is that they are wanting, meanwhile, dad is able to sit on the couch, basking in the glory of being left alone!

Have you ever noticed though, that children actually do know how to ask their Dad for things? Children display this knowledge when they have previously asked their mom for something and have been denied. It is only then that a child will seek out and ask dad instead – sneaking up to their unsuspecting victim, who has zoned out watching Sunday Night Football and has no idea what has previously taken place. They’ll sidle up to him, and using their best manners, ask: “Daddy, can I please, please, pretty please have another bowl of ice cream?”

In the middle of the big play, dad will usually respond, “Sure can!”


11 Why Not Whisper?

Double WIN! Not only is a scene diverted, whispering to children that they better behave can actually make them listen! Can you IMAGINE?!?!

To pull this off with great success, moms need to ensure that they somewhat resemble Crazy Eyes from Orange is the New Black. If you widen your eyes, get down to your child’s eye level, and whisper away, your children will not be able to do anything but listen to you – guaranteed!

When the child’s eyes widen in return, don’t ruin the effect by cracking a smile. Tough as it is not to, you must remain stone faced. If the temptation to start giggling at the terrified look takes hold, simply turn your face away!

When the moment has passed, stand up, look at the child and continue on your way, talking normally in an almost singsong voice to your child as though it never happened.

10 Silence Is Golden

Toddlerhood! The wonderful time in which a child can FINALLY start to play nicely on their own! Moms can finally take out some toys and have a relaxing coffee in the morning, or be able to attempt to make dinner without needing to be attached at the hip to their little one! This is a great time for all Moms!

But sometimes, that silence is deafening.

Sometimes that silence can spell disaster. It can be scary to be in a room beside a child and have literally NO IDEA what is going on, just on the other side of the open doorway.

The silence goes on and the mind starts going as to what that toddler could be up too. Are they still coloring with the paper and crayons that were set out for them? Suspicion sets in and as mom turns the corner, she see’s it and stifles the urge to scream obscenities. There it is. A crayon masterpiece all over all of the walls.

Maybe an older sibling left out a pair of children’s scissors and now there’s a hair cut disaster!

The possibilities are endless. One thing is for sure, silence is never golden with a toddler. Silence is unsettling!

9 Mini Vacation

When a mom has so little time to herself, heaven comes in many forms. A trip to the grocery store without the little ones tagging along, asking for candies, cookies, and sugary cereals – nay saying all of the healthy things that are set in the grocery cart.

Target all alone on a weeknight feels pretty close to heaven. Being able to peruse every aisle, looking at every little thing that takes your fancy. Putting items in the cart to be carefully thought through before getting to the checkout counter, where items that don’t make the cut this time, are removed and placed in the basket at the front of the lane. Someone else can put that away! You do enough of it at home. You DESERVE this! #TargetVacation

On the flip side, vacationing with little kids is hardly a cakewalk. It’s hard work. Packing up all their gear. Packing up all your own things AND your significant other’s things. Planning for all situations the family may encounter is tough. Doing all the thinking for everyone to ensure a great vacation is had by all, is hard work.

Maybe stick to Target next time!

8 What Happens When Dad Comes Home

Sometimes, a stay at home mom just needs to GET THE EFF OUT! Sometimes it’s as soon as dad walks through the door. Other times, it’s as soon as dad pulls into the driveway!

It's hard for others to understand what a stay at home mom goes through on a daily basis. Taking care of the children all day, is work. Unlike, other parents, stay at home moms don’t get to leave their work. Home is the office, and the work is 24/7. No sick days are given, and the clients can be tough and unfeeling! It’s not for the faint hearted, but it’s definitely rewarding, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

The lack of adult interaction and alone time can take it’s toll on stay at home moms, so sometimes, after a particularly rough day, moms might find they are running for the door, as soon as daddy walks in.

7 Bedtime Struggles

Christian Bale Batman voice – not Michael Keaton Batman voice.

This rings especially true in the mornings, when faced with the time constraints of having to get kids out the door to get them to daycare or school, or you to work.

When moms know they need to be somewhere at a specific time, they’ll usually start trying to corral their kids to the door, and get them starting to get ready to go a few minutes early. Moms usually start out asking nicely.

But children don’t always listen, preferring to dawdle, lollygag, goof around, daydream, or just plain old ignore their mom. Sometimes, moms might give their children a gentle reminder every couple of minutes to hurry up.

After around 5 times of trying to get the kids out the door, and continuously being overlooked, moms will undoubtedly make themselves heard when they growl the last warning that it is indeed, time to go!

6 No Privacy...Ever!

Most moms simply don’t understand the warnings about not being able to go to the bathroom alone after they have children. Often wondering “how on earth can you not go to the bathroom alone after kids?”

When babies are little, they are usually brought into the bathroom with their mom, unless they’re sleeping. And even when they're sleeping, moms will rush to get their bathroom break finished before their little one wakes up.

When those babies become toddlers, they are so used to being around their mom constantly that they will seek them out at all times during the day and night. Babies and toddlers are funny in that they will go through separation anxiety from their mom at some point

After dad comes home, moms may get the opportunity to use the bathroom with the added luxury of being able to shut and lock the door, while the children are still awake.

Be warned – the children will look for you and they WILL find you.

5 Not As Good As Pinterest

It's hard when logging in to Pinterest for ideas on anything and EVERYTHING - seeing all those moms that take their crafting to the next level of professionalism. Everything from healthy homemade snacks carefully crafted into edible works of art. Birthday cakes that put wedding cakes to shame. Bento Box lunches for school that are just too pretty to eat.

As moms, we like to try and make all of our kids experiences just perfect, but at the same time, we can’t help giving in to the pressures of trying to impress other moms with our creative flair.

It’s time to start celebrating the major victories rather than the superficial ones. Take a step back and ask whether the 1 year old child will know or care about the difference between a cupcake that came from a boxed mix versus a cake that was laboriously crafted and cost an arm and a leg to create.

You’re showered and you kept the kids alive! Yay for you!

4 Setting The Rules

There is nothing worse than when you've spent your precious time cleaning up the messes of those tiny tyrants in the house, and not 5 minutes later, the house has turned into a disaster zone again. It’s frustrating! It’s maddening! It’s obnoxious!

Before those children learn to read, you’ll use your voice to get your point across that a mess is unacceptable when so much time has been spent cleaning it all up. When the children grow old enough to help clean up, you'll sing songs about cleaning up.

But when they learn to read, you can begin to get your point across without losing your voice, by leaving them little love notes like this! At some point, they’ll get it!

Situations like this can always escalate quickly when you feel like an overworked and underappreciated maid mom.

3 Better Than Lint

Better get used to it. Having kids means using a diaper bag for WAY too long and when that diaper bag finally is retired, a giant purse will take up its place.

Maybe it’s keys that get misplaced in there, or a cell phone. Whatever it is that moms search their purse for, the reality is that they will come up with fistfuls of raisins, snack wrappers, crumbs, whole goldfish crackers, empty water bottles, and everything else, including the kitchen sink, before finding that thing they're looking for.

Even when moms find a few minutes to sort out their purse – tossing out the garbage and sorting the receipts that have been stuffed into their purse haphazardly – it won’t take long for the disorganization to take hold again. Moms might vow that this time they’ll get their act together. That they’ll stop lugging around the additional 3 pounds of unnecessary cargo weight they’re carrying around in their daily life via their purse garbage contents.

It doesn’t matter. The purse is DOOMED. Don’t fight it. Embrace it.

2 First Day Of School Excitement

When there are two or more school age kids in the house, Back To School really is “the most wonderful time of the year”. It’s no wonder that these memes make the rounds every year at the same time. Kids are fresh off their summer vacation, spending 24/7 with their siblings where even the smallest of issues gets blown into a full fledged argument between kids.

Parents rejoice! The kids are back to school! The constant bickering about boundaries (“MOM, HE’S IN MY ROOM!”), toys (“MOM, SHE SNATCHED THE TOY FROM ME!”), touching (“MOM, CHARLIE BIT MY FINGER!”), and food (“MOM, SOMEONE ATE THE LAST COOKIE!” – OK so maybe that was you, but you BOUGHT  the cookies. You earned that cookie. Never apologize!) are OVER!

You MADE it! You survived their summer vacation! #Winning

You can now look forward to corralling your kids into getting ready to get to school on time!

Time to start brushing up on your best Christian Bale impersonation.

1 Night-Time Bed Wetting Hacks

If this is wrong, why does it feel so right at 3:28 a.m.?

Let’s just agree that it’s right!

It is sooooo not worth turning on all the lights, making all that noise just to remake the bed. All that you need to do when a night-time accident occurs is just change the little ones pyjamas, and pop a towel down to minimize the night-time disruption. It really does just feel right!

So what if you’re just creating an extra task in the morning of putting the sheets, mattress protector and wet pyjamas in the washing machine. Better creating an extra task in the morning rather than at 3:34 a.m.

Your sleep is worth it!

Just make sure that you don’t forget about the dirty sheets on the bed for the day! Let the room breathe and air out.

Nothing ruins the bedtime routine quite like needing to remake a bed in a room that has a urine smell in it with a toddler or preschooler that is over tired and needs sleep NOW!

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