15 Hilarious Moms On Social Media That Are Killing At Life

It's important for moms to have friends and community to help them on the parenting journey. However, many moms also find that following moms on social media helps them feel less alone on the days when they are stuck in the house with sick toddlers or dealing with endless tantrums. Social media moms relate to our troubles and make us feel less alone and less like we are doing everything wrong.

They also make us laugh. Many moms on social media who have become popular have done it using a combination of authenticity, hope, and humor. When we have a day that could easily lead us to tears, social media moms can help us see the humor in the situation and try again tomorrow.

There are people who criticize moms who share their parenting journeys, but many social media moms are choosy about what they share about their children's lives. The main focus is usually on how they handle being a parent and on building a community that cheers each other on. This is a beautiful alternative to the Mommy Wars and sanctimommy judgment most of us have endured.

There are so many moms doing great things on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram right now that's it's not always easy to know who to follow. The 15 moms on this list were chosen for their particularly comedic posts, the kind that might make us accidentally shoot coffee out of our noses while laughing.

15 Liz Gumbinner

Liz Gumbinner @ mom101 keeps her hilarious parental observations coming through social media, articles, and interviews where she is often called a parenting expert. She finds the description, well, hilarious.

Previously in advertising, she now spends much of her time writing, though she spends less time tending her blog now that she is Editor in Chief of Cool Mom Picks and Cool Mom Tech.

She's written books, but most people know her from her social media posts that lament crawling into bed at the end of the day to find random items placed there by children and not even being shocked. Gumbinner's feed is also full of political news and information she finds important, making her feel like every other mom who is staying involved to try to ensure a better world for our kids.

For a sample of her writing, her blog offers an other writing tab that will let readers choose either serious or hilarious topics. This is a mom worth knowing.

14 Ilana Wiles

Ilana Wiles has over 100,000 Twitter followers who follow her every move on Mommy Shorts. Witty and hilarious, Wiles documents her life in New York with her children with beautiful photos and funny captions. She also runs the Mommy Shorts blog and has another Twitter life speaking from the voice of a two-year-old on Insta2YearOld. With so many funny parts of parenting, it's no wonder Wiles doesn't limit her observations to just one outlet.

Wiles quit her job as a creative director in 2015 to focus on launching her blog. She doesn't sugar coat the difficulties of running her own business, but she enjoys the life and is obviously great at it. Her blog is interactive and engaging, featuring contests, interviews with celebrities, and constant updates on life with her two daughters.

Wiles is funny and thoughtful, and her pictures are breathtaking and can make anyone living anywhere feel like they are on the streets of New York with Wiles and her family.

13 Anna MacFarlane

Via: www.d3ewd3ysu1dfsj.cloudfront.net

Anna MacFarlane started the Instagram Kids are the Worst, and other parents quickly jumped on board. Macfarlane acknowledges that parenting is a great calling, but she found that after she and her friends shared stories of their children's less-than-stellar stunts, they always sarcastically signed off with "kids are the worst". An Instragram feed was then born.

Parents everywhere can feature pictures of their kids doing crazy things, such as coloring all over the walls or sitting in egg yolk, and receive sympathy and understanding from other parents on the Internet. It offers laughs and camaraderie as we all struggle through this parenting thing together.

MacFarlane also runs her own blog and has received positive responses to her Instagram account. With over 300,000 followers, she obviously hit a nerve when sharing funny but frustrating parenting experiences. Though some might take offense to the idea of calling kids the worst, those who understand MacFarlane's sense of humor will know that she means the worst in the best way possible.

12 Karen Alpert

Via: www.parentnormal.com

Karen Alpert runs Baby Sideburns, both the blog and the Instagram page, and she is hilarious. She likes to curse in her blog posts, and as parents we totally understand that. She wrote the New York Times bestseller, I Heart My Little A-holes, and the title alone gives tons of clues about her humor.

Her pictures on Instagram are lovely, and readers can scroll her feed to also check for blog updates and then click on the image to be linked to the post. She is also active on Facebook. Alpert addresses the absurdity of registries for children's birthday parties while also posting sweet pictures of her children's grandparents in their 90s still holding hands and playing with the grandkids.

Alpert's love for her kids is obvious, and so is her authenticity. She doesn't pretend parenting is easy or always cute and picture-ready. That's why we love her.

11 Kristen Howerton

Kristen Howerton blogs at Rage Against the Minivan, but she may be best known as the creator of the Instagram success A$$hole Parents. Howerton decided to post pictures of her children crying for completely crazy reasons, like all kids do. Parents started  contributing to the feed with pictures of their kids upset and captions underneath that said why. Pictures of children who had been denied access to a power tool, told to please put on pants, or offered food they asked for then decided they hated started streaming in.

Reading these captions is a laugh-out-loud experience for most people, but Howerton receives flak from critics who feel this feed is child shaming. They don't think publicizing a child's tantrum, no matter how ridiculous it is, is a good parenting tactic.

Each parent will have to decide if this humor works for them, but for those who can appreciate it, reading through the feed can actually make parenting easier. It's easier to feel less alone when we see parents struggling with the same things we are. Plus, laughing always helps a mom's mood.

10 Meredith Hernandez

Via: www.cdninstagram.com

Meredith Hernandez titled her Instagram Does This Match because she often posts pictures of her kids after they have dressed themselves. The answer to her matching question is usually no, it does not match, and that's what makes it hilarious.

Hernandez also offers memes and photographs that are funny, inspiring, and great representations of everyday life with children. She can also be found on Facebook. She covers everything from kids' fashion to birthday present karma, meaning whatever annoying present someone buys for our kid, we will hit them harder with a worse gift next time we have the chance.

Hernandez is relatively unknown, with just over 1,000 followers, but she could be an up and comer. She's quick witted and honest, requirements for succeeding with the mommy crowd, and she doesn't seem to take herself too seriously. It's obvious she enjoys parenting but isn't stressed about acknowledging the hard parts.

9 Jenna McCarthy

Via: www.tedcdn.com

A mom who says she is paid to talk since she is a speaker and writer, Jenna McCarthy's TED talk is considered must-see viewing by most. She runs Jenna Talks, and following her on Twitter is like sitting down with a girlfriend over wine and rehashing the day. It's relaxing, hilarious, and one of the times during the day mom can feel sure she will walk away from social media feeling better, not worse.

McCarthy has written books for adults and children, so if mom wants to pass the funny to her kids, she can add some fun to story time with her tales. She also runs a blog that she updates with hilarious stories from her life as a working mom.

Witty and naturally funny, McCarthy expresses her opinions honestly and hilariously every time. She also talks about wine, a lot, so anyone who likes to unwind at the end of the day with a glass should scroll through McCarthy's feed at the same time.

8 Jenny Lawson

Jenny Lawson, better known as the Bloggess, has been blogging and tweeting her adventures for years.  With best-selling books out that cover everything from living with mental illness to taxidermy, she is the go-to woman for pretty much anything.

Lawson features her daughter in some of her photos and stories, and she shares what it's like to parent while battling mental illness that is sometimes crippling.  Due to the subject matter, people might not expect her Twitter feed to by hilarious.  It is.  It's the kind of funny that will leave moms laughing long after they have shut down the computer and move on to the next task for the day.

Lawson is supportive and has a way of bringing out the best in her followers, encouraging us to help each other out on this journey. She is honest about every aspect of her life, and seeing her updates on her daughter and husband draw us even further into her world.

7 Amy Flory

Amy Flory runs Funny is Family, and any mom not following her needs to start right this minute. She's been named one of Mashable's funniest moms tweeting and is on Parenting's top 10 handles to follow list. Anyone who writes a book titled I Just Want to Pee Alone is a friend we need to have.

Flory also runs a blog where she combines her passions: family, food, and laughing. She has over 11,000 Twitter followers, and when she's not creating hilarious content to share she's retweeting some of the other funny voices from the Internet when it comes to parenting.

Flory's sarcasm mixed with her sincerity are key to her success, and she can also be found on Facebook making moms laugh. She has a Pinterest account with recipes for busy moms, so when moms finish scrolling through Flory's Twitter feed, they can go to her Pinterest and find dinner.

6  Zoe Foster Blake

Zoe Foster Blake has a long list of accomplishments to her name, including author, editor, and entrepreneur. She lives in Australia with her husband and child and shares her wit and creativity on her Zo They Say blog and her Instagram of the same name.

Pregnant with her second child, Blake still manages to update us on all things parenting and beauty, and she does it in a hilarious way that makes us feel like we know her. Her pictures are glamorous, so be prepared to swoon over the beautiful Australian backdrop and Blake's charmed life on television and at fancy parties.

Despite her status, Blake still feels like just another mom who is figuring out as she goes. She's real and offers advice from what's she's learned as well as funny observations on life in general. That's what makes her so fun to follow.

5  Kelly Oxford

Kelly Oxford has been defined as someone who influences social media on top of all the other things she's done. She's an author and a screenwriter, as well as a mother of three children. Her Twitter and Instagram accounts allow moms everywhere to follow her funny, sometimes dark thoughts about life.

Already a New York Times Bestseller, Oxford has a new book out titled When You Find Out the World Is Against You. She also created a Twitter sensation by asking women to tweet to her about their first assaults, a request that drew over 25 million views and millions of responses.

Oxford is funny and involved with the issues affecting our times. She helps add humor to the sometimes dark problems facing us, and that's something moms can appreciate. Worried about our own kids in the midst of so much chaos, it's good to follow someone who is socially active and witty, a combination that gives us hope and keeps us laughing.

4 Kristin@shriekhouse

Kristin @shriekhouse on Twitter is influencing the mom community one tweet at a time.  She is funny and involved, and she also runs a blog called Shriek House.  There are many notable things about Kristin's approach, but one of the first things most people notice is that her pictures are of what look like Lego figures.  She doesn't put personal pictures on her blog or Twitter from what can be seen.

This may be because on the blog she dives into deeper depth about the challenges of being a parent, sharing the challenges her kids face when going back to school or issues with behavior.  Her Twitter feed is lighter, though she does dive into the political arena where she admits that even her kids are worried that this current political climate may spell ruin.

With just over 1000 followers, Kristin is still relatively unknown, but since she's sent out almost 40.000 tweets, she still has plenty to say.

3 Chrissy Tiegen

She's a well-known model and host, and she also dominates on Twitter. Chrissy Tiegen is mom to daughter Luna with her husband John Legend, and her Twitter game is unbeatable.  Tiegen is funny and quick, posting responses and observations that are accurate, hilarious, and real.

Tiegen used Twitter to reveal to all moms that babies aren't the only ones to go home in diapers after birth, and she has also used the Internet to troll her husband to all of our amusement.  Tiegen also does not let mommy shamers ruin her day, and she even shuts them down hilariously.

While Tiegen also often shares sweet pictures of her family, including now one-year-old daughter Luna, a large portion of her posts are simply hilarious.  She expresses her political opinions and views on everything, and whether people agree or disagree with her, they can't stop laughing.

2 Bunmi Laditan

Bunmi Laditan is the mom behind one of the most popular social media feeds ever.  With huge amounts of followers on both Facebook and Twitter, she blogs @honesttoddler from the perspective of a toddler.  It's as crazy and awesome as it sounds.

Laditan uses her blog to also create blog posts from a toddler's point of view, explaining why parents should be the ones to apologize for everything and showing a true dedication to toddlers' favorite snacks, crackers.

The @honesttoddler Instagram is also a place to go for laughs, and right now Laditan is also promoting her new book from there titled Confessions of a Domestic Failure.  I think we can all get on board with that.

Laditan's observations as a toddler are hilarious and also actually help us offer empathy to our kids during this time. They really are nuts, but laughing through the crazy is one way to stay sane, and Laditan can help with that.

1 Jenny Pentland

Jenny Pentland has been listed as one of the funniest moms on Twitter by Mashable, and she deserves the title.  However, Pentland uses her humor to rise above the challenges she's dealt with in life, including problems with anxiety and food as well as being in lock down facilities.  She's not afraid of talking about any of these issues, and she can still make us laugh while she does0

Actress Roseanne Barr is Pentland's mother, and Pentland has been open about her less-than-stable childhood.  She's trying to provide a good life for her four sons, and she shares so much of with other moms to help them through the journey.

Pentland's Instagram feed is a visual pleasure with pictures of her kids, beautiful scenery and makeup free pics of Pentland herself. She is a raw and authentic voice who happens to be hilarious.

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