15 Hilarious Pics Of Babies With Better Hair Than You

Some babies are born bald, and others have the fluffy, downy newborn hair that drops out over the first few weeks to be replaced with “proper” hair. Then there are the babies who are born with a fabulous head of lush, shiny locks that any one of us would give our right arm for.

Whether you will have a bald baby or a furry-headed bundle of joy can be tough to predict. The hair your child is born with is dependent on genetics, ethnicity and a big helping of luck but if all the babies in your family are baldies, you are likely to have a fluffy topped tot. Likewise, if your family's photo album is full of pictures featuring shaggy-haired cherub you are probably going to have to buy a hairbrush.

Doctors will tell you that some babies grow a lot of hair in the hormone rich environment of the womb and once they are born, those hormone levels drop causing the newborn hair to fall out. However, that is not always the case and as these photographs will show you there are plenty of little ones out there who are rocking heads full of beautiful hair.

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15 The Barber's Friend

Meet Fergus Hillman, the six-month-old baby boy who has already visited the barber twice. While most little ones are toddlers before you even think of having to get them a haircut Fergus’s mother has had to work out how to keep a three month, then a six-month-old baby occupied while the barber does his magic with the scissors.

Born with a full head of thick wavy hair, Fergus is following in the footsteps of his mother, sister, and grandfather who were both similarly endowed at birth.

His mother Haley, a nurse from Saltash, Cornwall in England said "I was hairy and my dad was hairy. I think it's only really when you see him against other babies that you realize how hairy he is, but people generally just sort of laugh at it."

14 Gorgeous George Georgious

With both parents being of Greek descent the family of George Georgious was not that surprised to discover he had a healthy head of hair. What was surprising was the way in which it formed into a wicked wave and left the little Londoner with natural sideburns bordering his face and a quiff that of which Elvis would have been proud.

George's mother, Maria is regularly stopped by people who comment on her little man's head full of hair, and she thinks there may be something to the old wives' tale that if you have digestive problems when you are pregnant, you will have a baby with plenty of hair.

Maria suffered from ulcer colitis, a form of irritable bowel syndrome, during her pregnancy and kept up her energy with a Mars bar a day - apparently a hair growing combo.

In the picture above he is aged just ten weeks!

13 Baby Bear

Meet nine week old Junior Cox-Noon, nicknamed “Baby Bear” because of his impressive head full of hair.

Mom Chelsea said all of the doctors and midwives warned her that the hair he was born with would quickly fall out again but that has not been the case. “He hasn’t lost any,” said Chelsea “There’s none in the cot, none in his little chair or the pram, it’s literally just growing, and it grows out not down, so it sticks up.”

Asked if she would be trimming her third son's hair, Chelsea said: “I definitely don’t want to cut it, I want to see how long it actually does grow out.”

The one downside to all of this hair is that the weekly shopping trip that used to take 30 minutes now takes two hours because of all of Junior's hair.

12 Handy For A Hairdresser

Olivia Hartburn may be a tiny tot, but at seven months old her hair is anything but tiny. The little girl from Epsom in England was the star attraction in the maternity ward when she was born. Midwives, doctors, other mothers, and nurses came from all around the hospital to visit the baby with the full head of hair.

Colin, Olivia's dad, says that the downside of all of this hair is the fact that everyone thinks she is much older than she is. People tend to believe she should be toddling around the place and doing much more than she should and are surprised when they discover the tiny tot is only six months old.

The upside? “Olivia has had several haircuts already, which is easy for my wife as she is a hairdresser, and Olivia loves having it styled and doesn't mind having it washed.”

11 Glamorous Coral Rocks The Net

Another believer in the “digestive issues during pregnancy equal a baby with plenty of hair” theory is Andrea Rader. Andrea suffered from heartburn during her entire pregnancy, and at one point she even ended up in the emergency room, the pain was so bad, and she wasn’t surprised to see her little one with a full head of flowing locks.

When Michael Rader, Corals father, posted a picture of the little lady on Instagram the combination of her striking blue eyes and her lovely hair took the internet by storm.

“I really wanted her to have nice black hair like her mom,” Rader said. “When she went viral, I felt like the world was sharing in my joy. Beyond just her hair, she's one beautiful girl! It was exciting to share her beauty. She has my blue eyes and momma's black flowing hair.”

10 It’s Not A Wig

Baby Theo from Pennsylvania whipped up a storm of fascination when his mom Andrea submitted a video to Ellen Tube, and it racked up an incredible 50 million views.

Following the Ellen Tube frenzy, mom and baby were invited to appear on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where Andrea said that she had been accused of dressing her little fella up in a wig.

Andrea told TV host Ellen "Every month I post a picture on Facebook for my friends and family showing his hair.”

"People told me 'it’s gonna fall out. It’s totally gonna fall out.' And it never did. It went out; then it went long. It has just kept growing.”

Theo isn’t the first in the family to sport such a fantastic mane. His older brother, Brody, was also born with the rock star look.

9 So Many Styles

Sahar Hafeez of Toronto says people have been making comments about her son Pasha’s hair from the moment he was born.

“The first thing his delivery doctor said was ‘Wow, you've got a boy with a lot of hair.’ The comments haven't stopped since then,” said Sahar. “All sorts of things like ‘He's making me jealous, I didn't have that much hair even when I was 18,’ and comments about the heartburn I must have had while being pregnant.”

Little Pasha loves to have his hair washed and styled, and his dad enjoys being the one to craft the lovely little boy's hair so his mom thought it would be fun to picture some of the hairstyles they have tried out. This chart “The Hairstyles Of Pasha” was the result and when it was posted to Reddit, the world loved tiny Pasha too.

8 Baby Doll

Bella Cole is eight months old and only 11pounds in weight but what she lacks in heft she more than makes up for in hair. Mom Phillipa Rabbitts was briefly worried when the surgeon who delivered Bella by cesarean section said: “Your baby has a lot of hair.”

"I just thought, 'what the hell?' - I was expecting her to be covered from head to toe, but then I saw this massive mop of black hair on her head.

"She was only 4 lbs 11 when she was born and three weeks early, and with this thick, dark hair she looked just like a little doll.

Bella is currently having lots of medical investigation to try and discover why she is not growing and as you can see from the photo she is fed via tube, but that hasn’t stopped her hair.

7 Big Hair From Down Under

Kelly Buchan from Sydney Australia is our third believer in the heartburn equals hair theory.

“I had a terrible pregnancy with horrible heartburn, so I think the old wives tales are true.” Said the proud mama of four-month-old Isabel.

"Every time I would take her out people (especially the old ladies) would just walk up to us and without asking they just reach out and run their fingers through her hair."

Kelly says that on some days the number of people who run their fingers through Isabel's hair or tousle the top of her head is so big that when they get home Isabel's hair is greasy. That means that most days little Izzy needs to have her mop top washed, conditioned and dried before she can go down to sleep for the night. Or for the next few hours at least anyway!

6 A Scan Saw It

Six-month-old Alexis Bartlett is another Australian with a bouffant for the ages. Dad Adrian and mom Nicola were pre-warned about their baby's shock of hair because she had so much it showed up on her ultrasound.

'At first, we were both shocked; it wasn't just her scalp, she had a hairy forehead and hair all over her back-not to mention her hairy butt,' Adrian said. He carried on “'Our family loves her to bits although her great-grandfather hates all the hair ties and hair clips, but he will get over it.”

Just like other babies born with a headful Alexis turns heads wherever she goes.

"Shopping always takes a little longer, and dinners out always get interrupted by everyone sitting nearby. Strangers are always stopping us wherever we go to the extent that we couldn't imagine having a bald baby."

5 A Hat Is A Mom's Best Friend

Primrose Holloway is just four months old, but you wouldn’t think it when you saw her beautiful locks. Some people are so disbelieving that they ask her mom, Kate Mason, if she has put a wig on her baby.

Just like Alexis whom we have just met, midwives spotted Primrose's hair on her ultrasound. There were fears that Primrose was not growing in the womb, so Kate had a number of ultrasounds through her pregnancy to track the baby's growth. The fears were unfounded, and Primrose was born weighing a very healthy 8 pounds 1 ounce with a fair amount of that weight being down to her hair we expect.

Now, if Kate wants to go to the store and she is in a hurry she makes sure Primrose is wearing a hat to cut down on the number of times she has to stop and chat about her baby's hair.

4 Shaggy Headed Siblings

Meet Stanley who had his first haircut when he was just nine weeks old but he is not the first hairy baby in the family, his brother George was also born with a full head of hair. However, George made it to the grand old age off one before his first visit to the barber.

When Stanley went to the barber, he couldn't even sit up properly, and even though mom Lindsay took him to a specialist children's hairdresser, nobody wanted to be the one to take on such a tiny client.

"He couldn't hold his head up but his hair was all in his eyes, the hairdresser was shaking like a leaf. They even took a picture as they'd never seen anything like it." Lindsey said.

Apparently, Stanley loves the hair dryer and also enjoys people playing with his hair.

3 A Wash And Blow Dry For Sir?

Amy Price has a hard time remembering all of her shopping these days. The number of people that stop to comment on and stroke tiny Jessies hair make a carefully written shopping list a must.

"I went to the store the other day and forgot half my shopping because I got so distracted with talking to people,” Amy said.

That is not the only unusual time stealer in the Price household though. Jessie has to have his hair washed and blew dried every morning, and while most babies lose their hair during the first six months, Jessie's has just continued to grow. He was the youngest child the hairdressers had ever given a trim to which is unsurprising as he was a remarkable seven weeks old. Amy hadn’t wanted to cut his hair, but he was suffering in the summer heat, not a problem most moms of newborns have to deal with...

2 Silky Haired Sisters

Little Emelia Rock was born with an enormous, glorious mop of blonde hair. The nurses were stunned, her parents were stunned, and passers-by are stunned, but this is not a new experience for parents Jessica and Nathan. You see, Emelia's little sister, Scarlett was also born with a ridiculously thick mane and now has a mop top full of curls.

Now the Rock family needs to plan in extra time for their trips out to take into account the number of people that stop to chat about the silky haired siblings.

Mom Jessica said: "We would always get stopped because of Scarlett's curly hair, but we're getting stopped more since I've had Emelia. Whenever we go out someone wants to run their fingers through her hair. I don't mind it at all - and I don't think Emelia knows any different."

1 A Silver Haired Prince Charming

Baby Bence was a weighty baby. Born weighing an eye-watering 11 pounds he would have been something of a novelty anyway but add in the wow factor of his hair, and you have a little superstar. Born with a remarkable head of silver-white hair Bence was given the nickname “Prince Charming” by the nurses in the Hungarian town in which he was born.

At first, doctors feared the little boy might be suffering from albinism, a condition that stops the body producing melanin and as a consequence, a sufferer has no hair or eye color nor any skin pigment. Fortunately, the fears were unfounded, and Bence has been given a clean bill of health. There are no medical reasons for his ethereal hair; it turns out he is just an unusual and lucky little boy.

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