15 Hilarious Pics Of Kids Cutting Their Own Hair

All moms want their children to grow to be independent. But what happens when they take it upon themselves to perform an independent task that perhaps they were not exactly ready for?! The answer: hilarious disaster! Kids are not exactly seasoned hairdressers after all, so what they end up doing is not all that fashionable, to say the least.

Kids have been cutting their own hair forever. For some reason, the urge is too strong, and they just want to try it out. It horrifies us and delights us all in one! There is nothing like seeing a kid who took it upon him or herself to give a personal haircut. The styles are well, not exactly styles most of us would agree with!

We can all imagine being that parent who discovers their son or daughter who found a pair of scissors and got to work on their own hair. The immediate thought is, now what, as you quickly call the hairdresser. But after it is all settled, better take some pics because you will want to laugh at this later! Read on for some hilarious pics of kids cutting their own hair. We dare you to not cringe and laugh all at the same time!

15 The Latest Hair Trend

This little boy decided that he would take it upon himself to introduce the world to a new hair style! The zig zags are the rage right now, right? Well, maybe not, but not necessarily. This boy who cut his own hair may have a buzzing career ahead of him. This hair cut that he did to himself is not that bad, right?

Of course, we do not have any before pictures to compare to. This little boy may have had a whole head of hair prior to him taking the scissors and going crazy! Looks like he had a tool to give himself a buzz cut, too! His likely horrified parents at least thought to take this pic to show up his handiwork, and hopefully laugh it off later!

14 We Will See Her On The Runaway

This sweet little girl knows how to pose for the camera with her new ‘do. She has a look of mischievousness that is just too much! While her hair cutting abilities are not exactly to pare, you have to laugh at what she did to herself, and really, just her facial expressions in both pictures!

Definitely wish we had a before pic here, because you have to wonder, did this little girl have bangs beforehand? Maybe not! Maybe she was sick of her long hair in her face and thought to herself, I will just cut my own bangs! And that she did. We bet her parents were shocked, but then laughed as they took this cute and funny picture. She knows how to look at the camera and model her new ‘do!

13 Check Me Out

This adorable little girl seems mighty proud of her hair cutting abilities. Just look at how she is smiling at the camera, showing off her hairdressing skills! She is way too cute, and that smile on her face says it all, she is very pleased with herself. And perhaps equally pleased that she gave her parents a big shock!

This sweet little girl may very well have had a full head of hair prior to her taking scissors and going to town. We have to admit though, while her hair ‘do needs some work, she kind of did a good job! Of course, her parents probably don’t feel that way, but we can picture some celebrities in Hollywood with similar hair cuts! We are just happy how pleased she is with herself, you cannot help but smile and laugh.

12 What Are You Looking At?!

You can just hear this little girl’s thoughts. There is her mom or dad, snapping a pic of her while she plays, and all she can think is, what?! She is giving them a look like, what are you looking at, with an adorably mischievous grin that really gives it all away. She knows exactly what they are looking at, her new hair 'do!

This is a classic do it yourself kid haircut. She found the scissors and went to town on her bangs. It seems lots of kids take to giving themselves a nice mullet! Unfortunately, mullets and super short bangs are not in style! But this little girl is so cute, she can definitely pull off this hilarious haircut that she gave herself, don’t you think?!

11 The Next Rachael Ray

This little girl likes to help out in the kitchen, cooking and baking and cake decorating. Doesn’t she sort of resemble a mini Rachael Ray?! Perhaps she thought she would look more grown up by giving herself a haircut. She did quite a number on those bangs of hers!

Her mom is probably taking this pic,and this little girl thinks she is just posing while she helps to make this cake pretty. But, the real intention of this photo is to show off her crazy new hair style, which would easily make any mom cringe and laugh out loud. At least this sweet little girl is as happy as can be! Maybe she just wants a haircut like Rachael Ray! You never know. Either way, it is too funny.

10 Oh. My. God.

Have you ever seen a prouder smile?! This sweetie pie is so pleased with her handiwork on her hair, she must think it looks spectacular! This is by far one of the worst, and one of the funniest! What on earth did this little girl do to her beautiful hair?!

This little girl clearly got a pair of scissors, and maybe more, and decided to play hairdresser. Only the scissors were real and her hair was real. Emphasis on was. Most of the hair on top of her head is gone! It looks like her parents put her pajamas on and sent her to bed, only she had other plans. And when she emerged into the room with her new hair ‘do, oh boy, her parents must have been quite shocked!

9 No Territory Left Behind

This cute little boy must have spent quite some time perfecting his new haircut! We find it totally hilarious that his parents thought to take a picture of him from every angle. He literally cut every strand of his beautiful blonde hair! They must have been horrified at first, but we hope they are getting a good laugh at it now.

This cutie pie is certainly not winning any hairdressing awards anytime soon. His hair cutting abilities look like it was done blindfolded. He must have been having some fun, laughing along, as he went to town on his hair. He does not look too pleased, maybe he thought his parents would love his new ‘do! We bet they loved how proud he was of himself, as they were putting him in the car and driving to the barber!

8 You Don't Like It?

How beautiful this haircut is! At least, that is what this little girl is likely thinking. She is showing off her new locks, probably seriously wondering why her parents are so upset. She seems quite proud of her hairdressing abilities. And maybe she was thinking that she did need a new haircut after all! But boy, she certainly went crazy with a pair of scissors, no denying that.

Again, it is something about the bangs. Kids seem drawn to cutting their bangs shorter, or giving themselves new bangs if they never had them in the first place. This little girl obviously really wanted to give herself a new style, so she did! Do you think she had nice long hair initially, or did she at least have bangs to give her a start?!

7 Something Went Horribly Wrong

This is certainly a picture that garners both a laugh and some sympathy. This sad little girl may have gone a little too crazy with scissors, by basically chopping off all of her beautiful blonde locks! And her shocked parents made her pose for a picture holding out all that hair that she parted with. Poor thing, but we would all probably do the same thing!

This sweet girl is so sad, you see the tear falling from her eye. We bet she was having lots of fun playing hairdresser on herself, only to come to the realization that she was cutting off a lot of her hair, maybe more than she even realized. And maybe she thought it would grow back- a lot faster than it actually will!

6 Why Don't You Like It?

This sad little boy certainly tugs at our heartstrings. He just look so incredibly sad! Maybe he thought everyone would be very pleased at his haircutting abilities. Maybe they would say good job, and just fall in love with his new hair. Maybe he thinks he looks very handsome, and just does not seem to understand why his mom is dragging him to the barber!

His face alone makes us feel for him, but also laugh, because, well, look at that hair! He is a cute boy, and must have thought a new hairstyle was due. So he took a pair of scissors, and gave himself a cool, new cut. Only problem is, it is not very cool! Maybe it will the next style for boys, you never know!

5 Receding Hairline

This little boy must have been channeling his inner old man as he gave himself this hilarious haircut! His eyes say it all. He was definitely caught red handed! It appears like he was in the bathroom when this shot was snapped, but perhaps his mom or dad stumbled into his work-in-progress. Who knows what it was going to look like if he was given more time!

We love his eyes in this picture. It does almost look like he is giving us a look like, I wasn’t done yet! His new hair ‘do is equal parts horrifying and hilarious. He really does look like an old man from the 1950’s, wouldn’t you say?! Maybe that is the look he was going for, you never know!

4 I Don't See What The Problem Is

This little guy is stumped. He is in utter disbelief at why everyone around him is not happy with his new hair style! At least, that is certainly the expression on his face. His look alone is what makes this picture so funny. Here this sweet boy is, standing there with a horrible homemade haircut, and he is like, what, what did I do wrong? And he is probably seriously wondering why, too!

Sadly, for the parents, he really did a number on his hair. But, hopefully, now they can laugh about it, because he really does look ridiculous, you cannot help but laugh! We wonder if they ended up just giving him a buzz cut after this do-it-yourself hair ‘do; that seems like the only way to fix it!

3 So Pretty!

The eyes on this sweetie pie reveal it all. She is so, super proud of her hairdressing abilities. Her eyes are all lit up. She is so happy! She probably took some time to give herself an amazing new hairstyle. And she likely thinks she looks quite pretty with her new ‘do, but we bet her parents think otherwise!

You cannot help but grin at her classic kid’s cut. For some reason, kids love to cut their bangs. But this little girl took cutting her bangs to a new level. She really went way up there! Lucky for her, she is a really adorable little girl, who might, just might, be able to pull off her fancy new hairstyle! Maybe she has a real future in hairstyling!

2 What Did I Do!

This poor little girl is just so sad! She looks like she is crying her heart out, poor thing. We have to wonder though, is she crying because she was caught cutting her hair off, or is she crying because she realized she actually cut her hair off?!

We all know the feeling, you chop your hair off, giving yourself a new look, and you cannot help but feel a little sad with the change. This might be what this little girl is feeling, combined with her parents being in utter shock on what she did to her gorgeously long locks! Lucky for her, it will grow back! But thankfully her parents thought to snap this hilarious photo, complete with her holding the pair of scissors in question and her former hair!

1 Who's Next?

If this is not the funniest kid cutting their own hair picture, we don’t know what to think! This little boy looks mighty pleased with himself, and seems ready to give a new hair ‘do to anyone who wants one! He has the scissors ready, and he is willing to give it a try. He might be trying to give his parents a new haircut, too!

Wouldn’t you go to a hair stylist with a haircut like his?! He is just too funny. He cut hair off top of his head right in the center - not sure how he pulled that one off - so you have to give him credit for that. The look he is giving is everything. So cute and so funny. Now who is ready to sit in his chair??!

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