15 Hilarious Pictures Of Multiple Babies

Whenever I see parents who have four or five children, I hover somewhere between awe at their ability to juggle caring for that many human beings, and fear of their sanity in choosing to have so many children. But with the parents of multiples (identical and sometimes fraternal), oftentimes, they didn’t have a choice.

My mother had twins and I’m quite certain she wasn’t expecting them. I still catch myself staring at my mom with wondering eyes. How did she do it? How did she handle two crying babies at once? How did she rock two babies to sleep? How did she alternate between the changing of diapers, and the bottle feedings? I realize my father helped, but still. When I try to mentally add another baby to that number, or two or three, my mind boggles and I simply cannot comprehend it. Like light speed or splitting atoms, it’s beyond my mental capacity to understand.

And yet, there are many parents of multiples who care for their children every day, and quite honestly, some of them are killin’ it at parenting so many babies. I suppose one can get used to anything, and after a while the parents, I’m sure, couldn’t imagine life without them. These parents develop a ‘new normal’, and they come up with some pretty ingenious ways of caring for so many babies at one time.If multiples fascinate you, like they do me, you will enjoy these 15 hilarious pictures of multiple babies, and the families that were, let’s call it ‘blessed’, with that many children.

15 I Asked For A Puppy. What The Heck Is This?

Christmas is a time for giving and a time for opening presents filled with…babies? This adorable little boy's face says, "I wanted a puppy for Christmas, instead I get these? I feel like I'm getting jipped here. Not what I asked for, Santa." This little boy is shocked and dismayed when he opens this precious package of triplet siblings. I can only imagine the thoughts going through his mind. I didn’t want a sibling at all, let alone three! What am I supposed to with that much competition? How can I compete with triple the cuteness? If you name them Joy, Hope, and Love, I’m going to puke.

His parents probably can't afford any gifts at all anymore, like ever, since they now have four mouths to feed, instead of one. I feel terribly sorry for this pitiable big brother, because he might never get anything for Christmas ever again! All joking aside, those babies make one adorable gift—scratch that—three adorable gifts for the price of...three!

14 Octomom Nun Gives Birth To 8 Demons?

Well...I'm confused. This is either the worst Halloween costume ever, or the world has finally gone to Hell in two 4-seater strollers.

Pictured here we have a throwback to the legendary Octomom. Everyone has heard of Octomom, I'm sure. She's probably one of the most famous mothers of octuplets around, but this hilarious photo is slightly disturbing.

Here she is dressed up as an impregnated nun, which is strange (and slightly blasphemous) enough, but she has also dressed up her eight babies as demons from the underworld. So, one must then conclude that this nun has been impregnated by the devil himself? Ambitious. Octomom has been under fire and under investigation for strange things, but this one might top them all. Perhaps this mother fancied herself Persephone? Whatever the reason for this unusual costume idea--those babies are still cute as Hell. See what I did there?

13 Too Many To Name, Let's Give 'Em A Letter

It must be extremely difficult telling the difference between twins, let alone triplets. I can't even get my kids' names right every time, and I have a boy and a girl who are vastly different ages. Can you imagine the struggle with telling these little ones apart, and calling their names to mind every time? I mean, we can't expect the parents of multiples to do everything!

I like this dad's idea, just give them a letter. It's Baby As turn for a bottle; Baby B just took a dump; Baby C needs a bath, and so on. Brilliant, Dad! I feel like I would take this one step further, and use the initial of their first name, just to make it slightly more personal. That is, if the parents of these cuties didn't give them all the same letter in their first names, something cutesy like: Jaylyn, Jaden, and Jaclyn. Then you’ve really made life more difficult for yourself.

12 Numbers Work Just As Well As Names

How awesome are the parents of these quadruplets? Numbers work just as well as letters in identifying a child, wouldn’t you say? Prisoners are identified by numbers all the time, so it's certainly not a bad idea. I love how these kids have the number shaved onto their heads. It's not permanent, but yet it does last long enough that you don't have to ruin all their clothes by writing their numbers on every outfit. It's practical and funny, and the parents of multiples must have a good sense of humor to get through the experience of raising all those identical children.

There are two things I’ve discovered with regards to the parents of multiples. One, they have a wonderful sense of humor, I mean, they’ve really got to have one or they would lose their minds. Two, they are ingenious when it comes to making life work with multiple babies. They probably invent all of the world’s most useful baby products.

11 The Legendary Twin Rivalry

I have an older brother and sister who are twins, and I'm here to say the rivalry is not a myth, folks. There is nothing they didn't compete over--grades, friends, sports, our parents’ affection. Not all twins do this of course, but I think that twins have an extra dose of sibling rivalry. What is normally a friendly rivalry in other siblings—in twins—becomes a Venus and Serena Williams match to be the best, and twins will push it over the top.

Who will be the 'best' of the twins? Why, my brother wouldn't even let my sister live down the fact that he was born two minutes earlier than she was. This rivalry was between a male and female, I can only imagine what it looks like between two children of the same sex. What's the name of this twisted twin rivalry game? I win! I win!

10 The Assembly Line of Babies

We all realize that raising multiples is rough. I don’t think there is one among us who doesn’t notice the parents of multiples and give them an encouraging smile, then shake our heads with the utmost sympathy. Even if parents of multiples wanted a large family, I doubt they wanted all those children at one time. They have to be very efficient and streamline the caregiving process, if they want to stay sane and get it all done.

Check out this naturally conceived group of adorable quintuplets. This picture resembles a high tech baby-making factory, which this family basically has. The parents of these five angels also have four other children, including a set of twins. These parents took that streamlining to another level with a baby assembly line. Those incredible basinets look like something out of the Jetsons. Now all those basinets need are robotic arms to feed the babies bottles and change hundreds of diapers.

9 Who Doesn't Want Their Own Baseball Team?

A lot of parents joke about how they want so many kids they can start their own baseball team. Well, it's all fun and games until you pop out six babies at once. I realize this is not quite a baseball team, but they’re getting pretty darn close.

This is a darling picture of some serious baseball fanatics; only I'm feeling a little sad that baby girl doesn't get to join the team. I realize there are no females in Major League Baseball, but come on! Haven't the parents of this little girl seen A League of Their Own? And being the only girl with five brothers the same age, I’m guessing she’s going to learn how to catch a ball and hit a homer.

Despite that one contention, this is a pretty awesome shot of sextuplets! Almost makes me wish I could have a little baseball team of my own! Almost.

8 The Best Part Of Triplets Is Getting To Play Dress-Up

The amazing mom of these precious triplets waited so long for babies of her own, that her dreams of Halloween dress-up became an obsession. She had been dreaming of all the fun things she would do with her kids, when she was finally able to have them.

She went through several rounds of IVF before she finally became pregnant with these adorable babes, so she couldn't only dress them up once, she simply had to take all that anticipation out on her long-awaited arrivals. She has created many costumes, and there is no end to her creativity. She reported that Halloween is now her favorite holiday.

We love these costumes so much; we hope she continues to dress up these three cuties so the rest of us can enjoy the awesomeness of triplets. Kids really do make Halloween and other holidays super fun, but with triple the fun, some really amazing costume ideas surely come to life. Who knew having triplets could be such an outlet for creativity?

7 Holy Giant Stroller, Batman!

Good Lord, would you look at that thing! It's like a baby Bat-mobile, except cooler. And I have to give this mom-of-the-year mad props for taking all those babes out for a jog. I can't even get my butt out on the sidewalk for some much needed exercise and fresh air with two kids, let alone six.

This incredible mother isn't content with six beings to care for either—she brings the dog too! Or maybe it's a helper dog, and can change diapers or fetch a dropped paci. That dog's probably thinking, "What's the big deal about multiples? My mother has six or seven pups to a litter, and I'm not even including the runt!" Touché, you clever pup you, but your mom also has like eight or nine nips--we humans only have two, so suck on that!

Kudos, also, to the inventor of that awesome 6-seater. I think it's a new World Wonder, or should be in the Guinness Book of World Records, if that's still a thing. Even if it isn't the biggest stroller ever, I don't think I could wrap my mind around anything bigger!

6 The Best Invention Ever For This Quad Father

Caring for quadruplets can't be anything resembling easy, but this awesome quad father makes it seem so. Here he is, gabbing away to four of the cutest babies on the planet. Like the giant stroller above, this amazing table has our eyes popping, and your brain just exploded at the ingenuity of this incredible invention, am I right?

This picture is cracking me up. It looks like a baby board meeting to discuss serious baby business: "Sure, Baby One, that's a great idea! I agree that Baby Two aught to share his blue teether with you. What do you think Baby Two? Can you let your sibs have a go once and a while, you know, before the coldness wears off? Oh, Baby One, you have something to add to that? By all means, please do share your ideas, this is a safe space. Oh, you would like Baby Two to give you the blue teether before he throws it on the floor and gets covered in dog hair?"

5 Why Is It That Kids Can Sleep Anywhere?

Getting babies to fall asleep is never easy, but when you have multiples, I get the feeling the parents don’t ever sleep. Just as one falls asleep, the other one wakes with a wet diaper. Once you get that one to sleep, the next baby wakes up hungry and so on. The cycle, I imagine, never ends. That is, unless you are the parents of these precious quads.

Maybe these parents just got lucky, or maybe it’s just a lucky moment, but this precious shot of these four babies falling asleep in their Bumbo chairs is just the sweetest. All I can hope for these parents is that these babies continue to be easy sleepers as they get older. Don’t siblings always want to do what the others are doing? A great parenting idea would be to take the leader-of-the-babies and get him to do what you want. Hopefully the other three siblings will follow!

4 Let's Give Them A Complex And Play Who's The Favorite

As I've mentioned before, telling jokes and having a good sense of humor when you're on the brink of a physical and mental collapse, is really the best way to get through it. Especially when the world just played a joke on you--giving you multiple babies. Unless you're rich and can afford a of couple live-in nannies, humor is the world's very best medicine. These shirts spell out for the world the surprise mom and dad must have felt upon hearing that there were three babies residing in mom's uterus, instead of just one.

We adore these little triplet cuties and their hilarious onsies! If I ever had multiples, I would definitely have to play dress-up with them just to keep sane. I feel like you could tell all sorts of jokes with sets of three. If you are expecting multiples, start thinking up some fun t-shirt ideas now.

3 Here Comes The Septuplets Train, Choo Choo!

I think this picture of seven adorable babies climbing a staircase in a single-file line might be my absolute favorite. Of all the multiples, seven seems like the toughest because of the uneven number. Still, if I saw this party train coming my way, I would simply have to jump on board. Either that, or drop dead from all the cuteness.

And—oh my gosh—the pigtails. All these precious babies are cuter than Cindy-Lou-Who. And you know, I never really understood in the song The 12 Days of Christmas, what they meant by seven maids-a-milkin', but now I get it. Those babies are making a Congo Line for mama's milk bags.

Can't you just see husband calling up to his poor exhausted wife, "Honey! I'm sending the kids up for bed. Do you have enough milk to put them all to sleep, or should I send out for the milk man?"

2 You Can't Handle This Cuteness

What parent doesn't love Dr. Seuss? His children's books have been a staple in the parenting world for a very long time. There is so much to love about those books. They have inventive and memorable characters, brightly colored illustrations that capture the imagination, and sweet, catchy rhymes with original stories. Whether you own the books, or you read them in school, I have yet to meet an individual who doesn't know The Cat in The Hat, and can’t call to mind the memorable cast of characters.

The parents of these little twinsies just made my heart burst from cuteness overload, by dressing up their two new babes as characters from that story. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are the poster children for mischief-making, so let's just hope these bouncing babies don't take their costumes too seriously and develop any of their bad behaviors. Otherwise these parents will have double-the-trouble on their hands.

1 It Looks Like Baby Dominos With These Quintuplets

Timber! It's baby Dominos. When one falls out, they all do--in order. Our last picture of this group of quintuplets is melting me into a puddle. If all those other pictures of adorable multiples didn’t break you, this one surely will. If you are one of those people who tries to resist that baby fever, well fuhgetaboutit, you now want five babies at once, don’t you?

This picture reminds me of when you're a kid and you line up all your stuffed animals and baby dolls on a shelf or the couch. If you bump one, all the stuffed animals fall down.I'm obsessed with these little babies' overalls and their cute socks, and they look so peaceful sleeping all together like that. They also remind me of puppies, the way they all cuddle and sleep together for the warmth. I hope as these kiddos grow up, they remain as close and comforting to each other as they are now.

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