15 Hilarious Posts Dads Made About Their Pregnant Wife

When hearing of a new pregnancy, most thoughts usually gravitate towards the soon-to-be-moms. Dads are rarely thought about, but while the expectant moms may be a bit moody, dads tend to shed light on the hilarious things that their wife does or says during their pregnancy. If you want a good laugh, you have come to the right place!

Dads tend to be the ones that have to watch their food and sometimes stash it away if they want to even get a taste of their favorite dessert. If they are a good dad and husband, then they are responsible for the late-night food craving runs, bundling up when their wife is having a heat flash and want to crank the air conditioning all the way up in the middle of winter. And let’s not forget, they are responsible for making sure the pickles are safe!

While the wives may be going through the trying times of being pregnant, dads have to watch their back and make sure to never take away a pregnant woman’s ice cream if they want even the slightest chance of making it through the pregnancy!

We have compiled a list of only a few of the many posts dads have created regarding their pregnant wife. We think these are great, and we are sure you will love them too! Continue reading below to see which ones we have chosen just for you!

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15 He Should Have Hid It Better

The picture above is from a dad who apparently wanted more delicious chocolate cake than what he got. He said he opened the sweet treat the day before and had one little piece, just to find the box empty by the next day with a fork in it. Maybe his pregnant wife left the utensil in it so that he could maybe scrape up the crumbs off of the container. This way she could actually say that she left him some. Perhaps, if he really wanted another piece that bad he should have cut one out of it and tried his best to hide it really well.

Then again, hiding food from a pregnant woman can be risky.

If the mom-to-be were ever to find out that their husband was hiding food on them, the soon-to-be dad might not make it long enough ever to try hiding food again.

I have to admit, I have had that same exact cake before, and anyone who loves chocolate would absolutely love it! I don’t know if I would be able to consume almost the whole thing since it really is sweet. But when a woman is pregnant, anything goes! And as you can see in the above picture, it went!

14 You Can See It In His Eyes

Via: YouTube

Women can have these extreme hormonal changes when they are pregnant – as every woman who has ever been pregnant before knows very well first hand – which can cause them to say or do things that would appear to be very abnormal for them.

If a pregnant woman is thinking it, there is a very good chance that she will just say exactly what is on her mind without a filter. It’s almost like pregnancy causes women to have no filters when it comes to verbalizing things. This seems to be even truer when they get annoyed, irritated, or frustrated. At least, that is what it was like for me and every other woman I know that has ever been pregnant!

This soon-to-be dad said that his pregnant wife confronted a Target employee all because they decided to rearrange their store – which maybe after this confrontation they will start sending notices out to every pregnant woman before they decide to redecorate now – all because she was unable to find the candle aisle. She must have really ripped into that employee because, in this post, this dad said that he could see real fear in the poor guy's eyes.

13 Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Via: KidSpot

I wonder if falling asleep with chocolate chip cookies could actually give you sweet dreams and chase away nightmares? This soon-to-be dad must realize what is and isn’t normal during pregnancy. That means he’s great at noticing things! Good job dad! At least this dad and husband paid attention and got the memo that when a woman is pregnant, anything goes! So, yeah, I suppose snoozing with cookies would be considered normal, right?

It appears that his wife was not just sleeping with the box of goodies, but she was holding it close to her. They say when you love something, you are supposed to hold it tight and never let it go. Well, maybe, in this case, she will let it go after she devours the rest of the box!

According to the old wives’ tale, when a pregnant woman is craving sweets that are supposed to mean that she will be having a little girl.

Too bad this dad didn’t mention the gender of his precious little one, because maybe we would have been able to put that tale to the test! That is something that my great grandmother would go by – what an expectant mom would eat - when guessing the gender of a family member or friends baby and, believe it or not, she usually got the answer right!

12 Love At First Sight

Via: thebriannedavis Instagram

Have you ever come across the path of another person and just knew right then and there that it was love at first sight? You glance at them with this fond longing in your eyes, and you knew from that moment on it would be you and them against the world! Well, too bad this dad’s wife doesn’t seem to be looking at him like that anymore! Now, she just glances over lovingly at a bag of apples and a nice, creamy jar peanut butter and now knows what true love really is!

But isn’t that how it happens when a woman is pregnant, anyway? Their husband or their baby’s father become distanced by their wife’s new-found love for certain food items, especially when the cravings kick in. At times, pregnant women may care more about their food their husband.

He really must be feeling the lack of love and the heartache of being replaced by a delicious snack! And, of course, he had to use the hashtag #pregnantwife. We hope this dad knows that his wife will eventually look at him the way she does her food again – in 18 years once their baby girl or boy is away and in college!

11 Safety First

It seems like almost every pregnant woman loves pickles! Even if they hated the taste of them pre-pregnancy, they acquire a taste for them during their pregnancy. This dad had it right that the pickles were the most valuable purchase of the week! I don’t want to know what would happen if they were to ever run out of them. The soon-to-be dad may end up getting the side eye or evil eye and may end up having to race to the nearest grocery or corner store at three in the morning in order to satisfy his pregnant wife’s pickle craving.

If you look at the picture, they made an attempt to secure their precious cargo, but I don’t believe they did it properly. You can see the part of the seat belt that would go across hanging down. If that would have been me, I would have used that as well, or even bought a car seat – since all expectant parents will eventually need them anyway – and then buckled it up in there. Then, I would have proceeded to drive 25 miles per hour with the four ways on just to make sure that the pickles arrived at their destination safely before getting devoured five minutes later!

10 The Best Husband In The World

Pregnant women, or maybe even women in general, are known for their epic mood swings. Pregnant women can seem almost psychotic sometimes. But it's really not their fault. I mean, technically, it would actually be half their fault and half the fathers because it does take two to tango in order to create new life - most of the time. But generally, it's not the soon-to-be mom's fault that they are all over the place emotionally. It's caused by hormonal changes during pregnancy.

This dad posted a play-by-play of his wife's emotions toward him. At 10:00 AM, he was the best husband in the world. At 10:02 AM, he suddenly became the worst person to ever walk the face of this earth. It makes you wonder if he tried to take food away from his pregnant wife like another dad on this list! If so, he must have given it back because at 10:04 AM, he was once again the best husband in the entire world. Then this husband can hit replay because it, sure enough, happens over and over again.

Dads need to get used their wives' erratic behaviors because they don't go away right after the baby is brought into this world.

It takes time before a woman's hormones begin to level out and return back to normal.

9 At Least She Saved Him Some

When a pregnant woman is hungry for something, she’s hungry for it! Any husband and soon-to-be father should feel incredibly honored if their pregnant wife even left them a smidgen of a crumb as a left over to eat. Most people don’t even get that much. I think this dad may not have realized that yet. When you look at the picture above, she left him enough to maybe dip a few chips into that guacamole. It appears to be about a spoonful. I, personally, think that was a good amount. I probably would have left enough for the father to maybe scrape off the sides of the bowl.

Perhaps this husband was expecting a little bit more than a spoonful?

Personally, I am not crazy about guacamole. I just can't get over the texture of it. Then again, I never really gave it a full try before. I have only tasted it. Now, maybe if it were buffalo chicken dip, then there would have been not even the edges of the bowl for my boyfriend to be able to get a taste. But for all we know, this pregnant woman does not even like guacamole, but maybe her unborn baby was craving it.

8 How To Grow An Ice Beard

Pregnant women seem to be known for their hot flashes, especially the further along they are in their pregnancy. Although, they can happen at any stage of pregnancy. All of which is absolutely normal and, according to BabyCenter, it’s caused by those lovely hormonal changes that every pregnant woman and their spouse happen to absolutely adore. The same hormones that make a soon-to-be mom experience a roller-coaster of emotions. So, it’s only natural that they will want to crank up their air conditioners and freeze out everyone that lives with or comes to visit them. As the soon-to-be dad is realizing now.

This dad is learning how to grow an ice beard according to his post above regarding his pregnant wife. He said that it is so darn cold in his house that he is going to form icicles on his chin – which may very well be the case. It’s not uncommon to find a pregnant woman blasting the air conditioner in the middle of winter during a blizzard. I suppose the husband is just going to have to suck it up and deal with it and put on his winter coat – if he lives in a place that typically needs them. If not, he is going to have to invest in one!

7 Best Quote Ever

Most women who have ever been pregnant know about those awful waves of nausea that can make them want to upchuck everything they put into their mouth or the feeling of wanting to spew everywhere because some smell has them holding their tummy and running to the nearest bathroom or garbage can. According to Americanpregnancy.org, 70% of pregnant women experience morning sickness, which does not just happen in the morning!

This is not a fun experience, and I can vouch for that first hand. I remember working in a doctor’s office and being trapped in the examination rooms with patients who to me, had these horrible odors surrounding them. To everyone else, they smelled fine, but to me – I had to leave the room a few times and have someone else cover for me. So, I can definitely sympathize with how this dad’s wife felt, as I am sure a lot of over women can.

The dad who wrote the above post said that he woke up to his pregnant wife saying, “Can you turn over and face the other way? Your breath is making me nauseous.” I bet that is something this dad wasn’t expecting to hear. Then again, even someone who is not pregnant can sometimes get nauseous when they are up close and personal with someone who has some funky mouth odors.

6 She Knows What She Wants

Via: Pinterest

Pregnant women can get these intense food cravings where they feel the need to eat something specific, and they feel like they have to have it that instant. According to Thebump.com, studies have shown that 90 percent of pregnant women experience these absolutely crazy food cravings. That is definitely a very high percentage rate because that means that only 10 percent of them do not have to go through this. That’s why boyfriends and husbands are known to have to go for these spontaneous food runs for their pregnant wife at any given moment. It doesn’t even matter if it's after midnight.

Did you know that some pregnant women actually crave things that have no nutritional value at all?

Pregnant women can sometimes crave things like dirt, charcoal, or even rocks. According to Americanpregnancy.org, this is known as PICA.

The cause for this is not actually even known, yet.

In the above post, this husband was apparently going somewhere to grab something to eat, and he asked his pregnant wife what she wanted, and it happened to be a croissant. He made the mistake of asking her what she would want if they didn’t have any. This dad should have known that if they don’t have any, he was going to have to find one elsewhere because she just glared at him. Perhaps he got the point then.

5 To Speak Or Not To Speak

According to the above post, this dad was on day 211 of the pregnancy roller coaster ride with his wife, and most things that he said or did were wrong. He also said, “Silence is unacceptable.,” as well. And, oh man, does he have that right.

Sometimes pregnant women seem to get mad or upset when the husband or significant other does something, and again if they don’t do something. This is, also, because of those fabulous pregnancy hormones. It can drive their husband absolutely bonkers because they have no idea what is acceptable to do or say to make it so that their pregnant wife doesn’t want to bite their heads off. That is why when couples get pregnant, they should really have a solid and sturdy foundation for their marriage, according to Tommys.org. There is a lot of stress during pregnancy, and weak relationships tend to fall apart or fail because of it.

Since 211 days is almost seven months, this dad had, at the time of his post, roughly two months to go before he could potentially be on the safe ground again. Hopefully, things eased up for him not too long after his little girl or boy was born.

4 Too Much Is Never Enough

Via: sarahbranock Instagram

The dad in this post said that his wife told him how full she was and that she ate too much just to want lemon sorbet two seconds later. Then he followed it up by adding the hashtag, “mypregnantwife.” That is something that many soon-to-be dads and expectant moms can relate to.

During pregnancy, you can feel incredibly full after eating one minute and then be hungry the next. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Especially since the average, full-term, newborn baby is only 5 pounds, 8 ounces to 8 pounds, 13 ounces, according to Kidshealth.org, it makes you wonder exactly where all the food that a pregnant woman consumes actually goes.

There are some pregnant women who tend to take the whole eating for two thing literal, and will absolutely consume everything in their fridge, plus some – even more than that if they get those crazy food cravings!

According to Babycenter.com, a pregnant woman really only need to consume an extra 340 calories in the first trimester to 450 calories by the third trimester.

That’s not really a whole lot when you think about it. That’s a bit less or equivalent to chowing down on something from most fast food places.

3 Out Of The Dog House

Via: celestebryson Instagram

The post below is just too funny! This dad must have done something really horrible because his wife kicked him out their master bedroom and made him sleep in the guest room.

For him, it may have been a good thing because it could have provided him a much-needed break from sleeping next to his pregnant wife at night. Then again, it could have gone the other way, and she could have made his life miserable the whole time that he wasn’t sleeping next to her. I guess it’s safe to say that this dad was in the dog house for two nights. It would have been even funnier had she made him sleep in the doghouse if they had one. That would have really taught him a lesson.

It would have been great if this dad would have mentioned what he did wrong in the first place. With pregnant women and their insane hormonal changes, he could have done absolutely anything from not helping her clean to breathing the wrong way. Whatever it was, it cost him two nights and possibly a few horrific days until she finally forgave him. He was at least lucky enough to have her forgive him after such a short period of time because it honestly could have lasted the entire pregnancy. She was even nice enough to allow him to have his own pillow again!

2 A Lesson Learned

The dad in the post below made the worst mistake he could make with his pregnant wife. He took away her ice cream! How could a dad do such a horrible thing to the woman who is carrying his child?

That is completely life-threatening and insane! At least he was able to make a mental note to himself to never, ever try to do something so dumb again. And it happens to be note number 153. I would love to know what the other 152 notes were because if he had to make a note about not taking food from a pregnant woman, I could only imagine what some of the other ones may have consisted of.

This dad got physically attacked for it too. I really hope he was able to learn a valuable lesson here. And since this was posted way back in May of 2011, if this husband and wife team decided to have another child, hopefully, he didn’t forget this note to himself and try it all over again. I am sure his wife would have remembered the last time he did it to her and made him pay an even higher price for doing it again. Something like maybe instead of going for the throat again, she could go for the family jewels.

1 Waiting For The End

Via: paleo_barbie91

Pregnant women don’t just love their food; they happen also to go crazy for certain beverages too! And when they start to eat or drink something, they usually want to make sure they are able to finish it as well. Just like the dad in this post figured out. When his pregnant wife asked where her juice was, he should have started a hunt for it immediately.

He could very well tell by the edge in his wife’s voice that she was not messing it around. He most likely wouldn’t have survived long enough to see his baby girl or boy being born if that juice did not turn up somewhere. Hopefully, this dad did not dump it out or drink it himself.

This was posted on Twitter on April 13, 2017. Hopefully, this husband was able to find that juice before his wife became a willing widow. Maybe he got lucky and it was just his wife’s pregnancy brain on full blast, and she happened to misplace it herself. Regardless, it was still somehow most likely the husband fault. The baby’s father has to understand that he has to be ready and willing to take the blame for anything and everything that happens while his wife was pregnant. That is just how things seem to work out!

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