15 Hilarious Pregnancy Pics That Got The Whole Internet Talking

Pregnancy is no joke. Let us agree that it is a hard, exhausting, emotionally overwhelming and sometimes a thankless journey. A woman’s partner may tell her ‘don’t worry babe, we are together on this journey,’ but the truth is, a woman is alone on that journey. She has to suffer from nausea, swollen feet, mood swings and the long months that seem to go on and on.

During this time, a woman can have some fun, starting from the pregnancy announcement, where her creativity can leave people talking for a while, to her baby shower, and the finale could be her unintentionally bad photos or those ‘oops’ moments.

For some women, these moments are hilarious and can be swept away, but for others, they are caught in very sad and infuriating situations that leave most of us disgusted and up in arms. For the artistic, creative woman, the type who is into Instagram and social media, it can be hilarious document her pregnancy journey from discovery to birth and leave their friends green with envy or bent over in laughter. These are the memorable moments that are unforgettable and they are the moments we bring to life with these hilarious pregnancy pics that got the Internet talking.

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15 It Still Works

The best photoshoots are the ones where the couple does it together and tries to infuse some humor into it. When a couple is just newly pregnant it is nice to have people guessing as to what you are trying to say, but sometimes, an ‘in your face’ announcement is great. There is this widespread misconception, even among people who are quite modern and well read, that people with a disability and especially those in wheelchairs cannot procreate.

Most people tend to think that just because someone is paraplegic it means they cannot have children or they are not able to biologically function. Well, this couple decided to pronounce their good news by vulgarly proclaiming that the guy is indeed able to sire children, thus proving the old adage that disability is not in anyway inability.

In an interview, Todd Krieg and Amanda Diesen said, “we knew we wanted to do something funny because we’re both super goofy.” She also said, “I hope people get a good laugh out of our silly announcement" after the pic got some very positive feedback, maybe because it proved that such a person is as capable as everyone else and it eradicated the widespread stereotype that has been spreading here and there.”

14 Dad's Maternity Shoot

via: boredpanda.com

When a woman is pregnant, the first few days are filled with nausea and fatigue, but once the baby bump starts to show, many women schedule a photo shoot to document the journey. For some women, the bump comes with some body issues, especially when everything stops fitting and every part of the body starts to balloon. This is the time the woman starts to dread dressing or even going out. Most women understand that their belly is going to get bigger, but they don’t realize that their feet and seemingly everything else gets bigger too! They don’t feel attractive and certainly don’t want to subject themselves to a photo shoot where they are supposed to be smiling and look happy.

It’s hard to look when everything seems to hurt and nothing fits.

When you mention photos, that is the time you see a real tiger. For most women, rarely are they lucky enough to have the glowing looks people keep talking about. According to Bored Panda, this is where the considerate husband steps in. Some photo shoots these days feature the husband with a fake baby bump, all dolled up, posing like a pregnant lady doing what the wife is too miserable to do and rocking it. This soon to be dad decided to do his wife a favor and stepped into the photo shoot and did use his beer belly as a stand-in for a baby bump.

13 How To Announce In Hollywood

Via: NME

It is rare to see a woman who overspends when she is expecting. Most women save like crazy from the minute they discover they are expecting. For women who have been there, we know a baby does not come with his plate like most people say and if he does, the plate is always empty. The price of diapers is something else, not to mention the baby formula and baby food that has to be balanced. Some women go the other way and space no cost of buying new things for the baby. They want the best for their little bundle of joy and want it now -- whether the baby will be using it any time soon or not.

For Beyonce, Jay-Z's wife, money is not an issue and for her and she can cough up a bundle just to pose in a bra full of trinkets. According to Racked, she can afford the show. Now her photoshoot bras are auctioning for $130. People are actually scrambling to buy them just for a chance to recreate the photo and feel like Beyonce for just a minute. We suppose that if you have $130 to spend on a new bra then go ahead, but we think there are a lot of other things a mom-to-be could be spending their money on besides trying to be Beyonce.

12 But First, #LetMeTakeASelfie

Labor is not a joke. Neither is it for the faint-hearted. Those of us who have been through it know that unless you are undergoing a C-section or get an epidural, then the way to see the ugliest side of a woman is through vaginal unmedicated birth. Women have been known to swear worse than a sailor and in some cases, the things they say in labor are the kind that would inspire an x-rated video, or even be grounds for divorce.

The kind of pain a woman undergoes through in labor is so intense that for a minute she feels like she will die. All she wants is for it to be over. Nothing puts fear into a person faster than the thought of death, and it is in the throes of this pain that women have been known to swear, pray and even bargain for their lives, while in the same breath screaming for a painkiller. This is one of those pics. There are many a man who stayed with their pregnant partner during the birth of their baby and they can easily attest to the strength of a woman who is in labor when she is squeezing his hand during a contraction.

11 Switching Roles

via: youtube.com

Ever wondered what it would be like to be pregnant? Have you ever wanted to try on the big belly and realize you have to waddle around like a duck without balance or get to a point where you can’t see your shoelaces are untied? Yes, it can be hazardous and you may fall but ‘heck' you prefer the fall because bending is just too much work and rising up after bending is just not a guarantee.

Well, these guys gave it try and take photos to document what happens. Maybe it's to try and find out if their wives fake those fatigue sessions or to find out if the ‘please rub my feet, they hurt sessions’ are just a guise. As much as it was fun, they also learn that pregnancy is not so fun and all those aches and pains are real. With approximately 30 pounds of a water filled ‘belly’ they were put through many of the things an 8-month pregnant woman has to do, such as simply getting in and out of a car.

They find out how difficult it really is to be carrying around all the extra pounds around and having to do everyday tasks.

10 The Inevitable Changes

In an article on Parents.com, the writer says that ever since she got pregnant, she has become a little scary. She says she will be crying one minute and laughing hysterically the next. The same thing happens when they are in the bedroom where she is frisky one minute and the next she does not want to be touched.

The frustrated husband wanted to know how long the mood swings would last. For those who have been there, this is not something new and Holly Robinson, the author of the article, answers that the emotions are beyond the woman's control as she is undergoing some biochemical changes and hormonal fluctuations that are beyond her.

She said, “Finding yourself snappish or suddenly on the verge of tears for no good reason is a totally normal part of pregnancy, especially early on. In addition to fear, anxiety, and body morphing, you're also experiencing constant complex biochemical changes: sharp dips in blood sugar, hormonal fluctuations, and water retention. All of these things can cause your mood to shift in a nanosecond.” The author mentioned that trying to listen inside his wife’s tummy may be hilarious for us, but for the woman, this can earn the guy a smacking.

9 Babies Come From Where?

We have to admit, people are creative and nothing inspires creativity like pregnancy. Most of us cannot decide on how we want our pregnancy shoot to go or what to do for that hour photo shoot or even what to wear. This couple decided to do one of those photo shoots that become the talk of the town in an effort to answer the age-old question ‘where do babies come from?' Their take on how to show the progression of the pregnancy was a stroke of genius. Is also showed a lot of dedication to keep returning to the same scene over and over to get just the right images to make the video.

They made meticulous plans of how to go about it and theirs was not a one-hour or one-day thing, this couple decided to do a nine-month shoot where they periodically took photos of the man pumping air into his wife's growing bump. With each pump, the belly would grow bigger and bigger until the bubble finally burst and out popped the baby! This is the kind of commitment that only artists can commit to, but we were left talking and we kept checking to see what they would post next. This was great ingenuity.

8 Celebs Having Pregnancy Cravings Too!

What does a pregnant woman eat? Most of us when we are pregnant, try to eat very well. Well-balanced diets in the right proportions and at the right temperature. We are respectable pregnant women who are so conscious and careful of what we eat because we are aware of the effects of a bad diet and of course we strive to do what’s best - when we are around other people of course.

The minute we are behind closed doors, we take off our sensible shoes and hit the fridge, the back of the fridge where all the decadent luxuries are kept.

The spinach soup we bought is suddenly not so appetizing in comparison to the big pieces of pizza we want to devour, mixed with all types of ice-cream and a huge bowl of chicken wings. Binge eating in pregnancy takes on a new meaning.

According to Dr. Amanda Alvelo-Malina," some people have used pregnancy as a time to splurge and eat whatever they want, and eat for two." She also mentioned, "some of my friends have. But you're not eating for two. The baby is much smaller than you are. It doesn't need that many calories."

Pregnant women are told to eat for one but we rarely listen. Ninety percent of all pregnant women eat for two and this picture depicts that. Pregnant women are told to eat for one but we rarely listen.

7 Double Bumps

Then there are those times when creativity becomes a big miss. This is the time when pregnancy inspires the kind of photo shoots that are not only ridiculous, but even the speculations become too wild. A single woman holding a certain self-defense item made the Internet speculate that it was a jab at the man responsible for her condition. Although, on closer inspection, it seems that she may just be an enthusiast and she was considerate enough to put earmuffs over the baby’s “ears.”

While the guy flexing his muscles with a pot belly as big as his wife's baby bump is up for speculation. Is he putting his fists in the air of celebration of the baby, or that his belly is as big as hers? The biggest miss, of course, is the guy grinning at his wife while leaning on a tire, fully dressed while the wife is naked trying to cover up. We have no idea what this image is trying to convey. While baby bump photo shoots are popular and can be done quite tastefully, the number of people who seem to miss the idea of the baby shoot and go ahead to take outrageous photos is increasing by the day. If you’ve got one in mind, you might run it past a few people first.

6 From Dad's POV

It's exciting waiting for that bundle of joy and many first time moms expend a lot of energy trying as much as possible to capture every aspect of the pregnancy.

First-time dads anxiously go along with everything, trying to come to terms with the fact that soon they will be responsible for that tiny human being who will fully depend on them for at least the next 18 years.

Many couples document the pregnancy with a few photos not and then during the nine months. Or if they can afford it, they wait until the 8th month and have a professional photo shoot to show mom in all her airbrushed perfection.

For most people, they are in some kind of daze trying to save for the newborn and prepare the nursery, as well as try to figure out how they are going to take care of him while they work. Is one of them going to give up work to take care of the child? All this can take a toll on the life of every couple, but not for people like Raquel and Sebastian, for example, who have their own YouTube channel.

5 I Shoot Straight

Men are territorial creatures and they have this urge to procreate. Nothing seems to make a man feel like a real man more than seeing a miniature him running around. Even though most men do not want the responsibility of raising children they still have the deep-seated desire to procreate. It is instinct to want to procreate and most of us want to have children eventually. A man is able to hold his head high in front of his peers if he has someone who calls him ‘dad.’ It is a matter of pride to know that your genes have been passed on to another generation.

In many pregnancy photoshoot pictures, men are seen standing with their arms around their woman and with a certain hunting accessory pointed right at the camera. The man in in these pictures is trying to pronounce to the world, albeit in an odd way, that he and his significant other are expecting. They were announcing to the world that he is a straight shooter.

According to All Things Daddy, the original strange pic got a lot of views and it is still a favorite of many, with some people trying to recreate the photo. However, it seems that most people don’t understand what he was trying to convey. Rather than announcing that he is a “straight shooter” and able to make a baby, it looks more like he is warning off any who would wish to do his pregnant wife harm.

4 Light One Up - A Social Experiment

When a woman is pregnant there are some habits that are frowned upon. Drinking, smoking and doing the hard stuff are just a few. For this picture, the woman decided to put on a fake baby bump and do a social experiment to see the reaction of passersby. She wanted to find out how many people would actually say something to her about what they saw her doing. What better way to pass the word on how bad habits can affect the unborn?

Unfortunately, very few people said anything to her about her puffing while pregnant, and surprisingly, those who did were usually men.

Smoking has been linked to many baby birth defects and women are warned to stop smoking as soon as they are aware they are pregnant. Even sooner if they are trying to get pregnant. Women who smoke are more likely to have babies with low birth weight and in some cases, they have been known to have premature births, as well as miscarriages and stillbirths. Smoking in pregnancy has also been linked to autism. One puff of a cigarette is not only harmful to the mother, but it is also harmful to the child and this woman's categorical stance is admirable.

3 It's Time!

The scariest and sometimes funniest situations in pregnancy are when the water breaks and the baby is on its way out and into the word. Water breaking is never really that dramatic, but for some unlucky women, it tends to happen in front of family and friends or while on the streets or the mall in front of a slew of strangers. The truth is that only around 15 percent of women have their water break prior to the onset of labor. For those whose water does break, it is important to get to the hospital; not because the baby is about to pop out, but because without the mucus plug and amniotic fluid, the baby is subject to infection.

When the water breaks it means it is almost shown time and this is the time some panic. But when it does, the look on the faces of the people around and on the pregnant woman herself is quite priceless. Most people have no idea what to do and for the woman, the fear of giving birth in a mall or in a taxi becomes real and that is where the panic can set in, while people decide what they need to do. Pregnancy can get quite dramatic.

2 On The Trampoline

via: youtube.com

Pregnancy brain is real and while in most people all it does is make one forget where they left the car keys or the clothes in the drier or the milk on the stove. However, for some women, pregnancy is the time they make bad decisions. It is hard to imagine why any woman would think that getting on a trampoline is a good idea, especially a woman as pregnant as this one is. One can say this woman has pregnancy brain, but what would explain a non-pregnant friend joining in the bad decision.

Someone calling herself Savannah was in a video where she jumps on the trampoline with her nine-month pregnant friend! We agree a trampoline is fairly safe, but is it safe for a pregnant woman who is about to pop? This one sparked not just interest, but outrage too.

A pregnant woman is at so much risk and friend or not friend, the other woman has no right to risk the safety of the person she is hosting. Being on a trampoline could result in slipping and falling and this was just careless, to say the least. But who knows? Maybe she was overdue and they were trying to encourage the baby to come out. Overdue pregnant women have been known to do some strange things.

1 Outside Of The Hospital

Although this image isn’t funny, it does show how absurd it can get when a woman is ready to give birth. Unfortunately, the world revolves around the amount of money a person has and this often leads to getting or not getting the medical care you need. Such is the case with this woman, who according to Viral4Real, was forced to give birth outside of a hospital. She was homeless and didn’t have money or family who could cover the cost of her giving birth inside of the hospital. Because she had no money and no address, she was turned away, only to helped by some sympathetic technicians while she gave birth right outside.

Doctors take the Hippocratic Oath and they are meant to help anyone in need. Funny enough, most of these institutions are not allowed by law to send a person in need away, but this is just on paper. They continue to do so with impunity, hence this picture that went viral and elicited a lot of outrage from every angle. This is not only dangerous for the mother and child, but it is also inhumane. Reports later indicated that mom and baby did fine and would safe and being cared for.

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