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The best photoshoots are the ones where the couple does it together and tries to infuse some humor into it. When a couple is just newly pregnant it is nice to have people guessing as to what you are trying to say, but sometimes, an ‘in your face’ announcement is

great. There is this widespread misconception, even among people who are quite modern and well read, that people with a disability and especially those in wheelchairs cannot procreate.

Most people tend to think that just because someone is paraplegic it means they cannot have children or they are not able to biologically function. Well, this couple decided to pronounce their good news by vulgarly proclaiming that the guy is indeed able to sire children, thus proving the old adage that disability is not in anyway inability.

In an interview, Todd Krieg and Amanda Diesen said, “we knew we wanted to do something funny because we’re both super goofy.” She also said, “I hope people get a good laugh out of our silly announcement" after the pic got some very positive feedback, maybe because it proved that such a person is as capable as everyone else and it eradicated the widespread stereotype that has been spreading here and there.”

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