15 Hilarious Pregnancy Snapchat Photos You Gotta See

Pregnancy can bring out the best, or worse, in all of us. But just as long as we keep a sense of humor, it's all good! One way that moms-to-be enjoy being funny is using Snapchat to share their pregnancy woes. Snapchat is a great way to have some fun and be silly, even when pregnancy symptoms are driving us bananas.

Snapchat is the fun app that lets us take goofy pictures to send to whomever we wish or share on social media, that then destruct not long after someone views them. Snapchat has become quite huge, as people of all ages, celebrities, and even pregnant ladies use it! Yes, moms-to-be, it is not just for the kids, even us pregnant chickens can use Snapchat, too!

Believe it or not, Snapchat can provide us with photos that are funny AF! We are talking laugh out loud amusing. Some of these pictures may even get us thinking and relating to the person (as in, another expecting mama!). When we can relate to a Snapchat funny photo, it just makes it that much more sparkingly hilarious.

Do you need a good laugh today? Is your morning sickness or pregnancy brain just giving you grief? Do you want to reminisce about the days when you were pregnant, and how awful (and funny) the symptoms and experience was? Read on for some witty, comical, and downright silly pregnancy Snapchat photos that are just plain hilarious! Some are even from our favorite celebs!

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15 Everyone's Gotta Feel The Baby Moving

Our favorite teen mom, Chelsea Houska posted this funny photo on Snapchat, with the caption, “everyone's gotta be on the bump”. At first glance, you may think, how cute, family togetherness. Then you realize, wait is that a pig?! You also see her husband reaching over to lay his hand on her belly.

This Snapchat photo provides a few emotions for us. You may think how sweet that this pig wants to cuddle up to the baby in the belly. But this photo is also funny AF! Seriously, a pig?! He looks content, that's for sure. You have to kind of laugh it up at that. Here is this pig, must be their pet, on their couch. He is just hanging out with the rest of the fam like it is no big deal, awaiting the arrival of his human baby!

14 Puking Morning Sickness Rainbows

If this hilarious Snapchat doesn't sum up morning sickness, we don't know what does! Okay, sure, morning sickness clearly is never rainbows. But in a way, it kind of is. Yes, we have to dig deep for this one! Think about it, after your morning sickness is over, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, the treasure at the end of the rainbow- your sweet newborn baby!

We like how this Snapchat keeps the vomiting rainbow flowing. It's hilarious because that is how many of us pregnant moms-to-be feel. It can feel like we never stop needing to run to the toilet. Maybe it's not laughing at that moment, but after all is said and done, and baby has arrived, we can look at Snapchat photos like this and think they are funny AF!

13 A River Runs Through Us

Model and new mom to baby Luna, Chrissy Teigen is known for her funny side. She enjoys posting hilarious motherhood moments and pregnancy woes on Snapchat. Everyone typically agrees her Snapchats are funny AF because she keeps it real and makes it fun, and because of that, we can all laugh.

In this Snapchat photo of Chrissy's, she posts her stretchmarks (which most of us would never ever do!!). She writes, “my thighs have tributaries”. We like how she adds in a lol, so we all know she is laughing, not body shaming herself. Those of us who are unfortunate enough to get this side effect of pregnancy, stretchmarks, know they can look like tributaries. They really can be seen like a map of rivers and lakes, and what can we do but laugh!

12 Feel Pretty Again

Here is another hilarious Snapchat photo from Chrissy Teigen. In this one, she gives us two side by side photos, one with her newborn baby, and her face which is make up free (still crazy beautiful we think!). The other is her holding a sleeping newborn Luna, and she has added her Snapchat makeup to her face, saying how she does not even remember what makeup feels like anymore!

So many of us can relate to this post. Once you have a newborn baby, routines such as applying your makeup can fly out the window (who has time for that?!). But with Snapchat, you are allowed to be silly and show a different kind of made up face. We think Chrissy is a funny AF Snapchatter!

11 Pregnancy + Sleep = Nope

You may be familiar with Ali Fedotowsky. She is a former Bachelorette who also lends her hand as a television personality and fashion blogger. And, well, also a person who loves Snapchat! When Ali was pregnant, she gave us this hilarious AF Snapchat photo. It is so simple, yet it is one almost every single expecting mom can relate to big time.

Ali gives us a Snapchat with a simple black screen. We see the time, 4:13AM, that is early! She writes, “Can't sleep. Pregnancy problems.” If you are or have been pregnant, you are likely nodding your head in agreement. This Snapchat reminds us of the sleepless, tossing and turning nights. How that big belly can get in the way of shut eye. Or how morning sickness can be round the clock. We can easily chuckle at this Snapchat photo.

10 Letting The World Know

In this funny AF Snapchat, we see how this celebrity is squeezing into her favorite dress. Only problem is her growing baby! Many of us are all too guilty of trying to hide our pregnancy, especially during the first three months. After all, we don't want to tell everybody at first. We want to wait for those 12 weeks to come to an end. However, our body and baby make that hard to do sometimes!

Once baby has decided to pop out into your belly, that is it. It will be hard to deny that you are expecting! And wearing your favorite dress, forget about it! This Snapchat really is funny AF because it tells us she may be showing off her belly for the first time to some people. We love the caption- spoiler alert!

9 Hey That's Not Your Chair

If you are lucky enough to have your own ergonomically designed pregnancy chair, then you understand how vital and important that piece of furniture is to you. You may even be quite territorial with your pregnancy chair! However, when you work around other non-pregnant people (aka men!), then you chair could be up for grabs when you exit the room.

This funny AF Snapchat show us just how fun those pregnancy chairs can be! Sure, we don't really want some guy flying around using our pregnancy chair as his surfboard, but we have to admit it is pretty funny. And maybe when your pregnancy is over, you'll want to try that move too! We just have to wonder, what happened to that guy after mom to be caught him using her chair???

8 Getting Closer

Here we have another hilarious Snapchat photo from teen mom Chelsea Houska. It is not really the picture that is funny, more so her caption. She takes a photo of blocks indicating she only has five weeks remaining in her pregnancy. But we have to laugh out loud by the fact that she wrote, “It's the final countdoooooown!”

If you have been pregnant, you know what those last few weeks feel like. Nine months seems like such a long time to be pregnant, until you hit the end, then you are either ready or freaking out, or both! Those last few weeks can sometimes pop up suddenly, and you think wow, the end is almost here! Then you start singing how it is the final countdown!

7 Milk Bags, Anyone?

Most expecting moms and new moms can totally relate to this hilarious Snapchat. It comes from none other than our favorite Snapchat lady, Chrissy Teigen. She is able to touch on many common pregnancy and new mom issues with a funny side that tells us, see it is all okay!

When you are pregnant or after your baby is born, your breasts will grow and fill with the milk needed to feed your baby. When this happens, things may not fit as nicely as they once did. Take Chrissy's funny AF Snapchat photo, she went to put on her favorite dress to make herself feel pretty, and instead she wrote how her expanding bust hulked her dress! Meaning, she was like the Incredible Hulk, and ripped right through her nice dress!

6 Mommy and Baby Togetherness

Our favorite teen moms sure knows how to make funny AF Snapchat photos! Here we have Jenelle Evans who took a picture of her growing belly that is, well, just sitting on her lap! We all know that feeling, when you reach the point of pregnancy that your belly is basically just out there.

Baby must be around the corner in this Snapchat. We know the feeling, it's your baby in there, and in this post, Jenelle writes how she just sits on her lap now, with a nice heart emoji. We have to laugh at this one, because we have, or we all will get to that point in our pregnancy where it seems like our baby is just hanging out on our lap with us!

5 How Many Newly Expecting Mamas Feel

Whether you planned your pregnancy or not, we can all probably agree that this Snapchat photo is hilarious! Maybe you relate because your pregnancy was a surprise, or perhaps you get the feeling because even though you planned on having a baby, it was still a shock or you just needed to confirm again and again that you were actually, in fact, pregnant!

This simple Snapchat is hilarious because it brings up real emotions many of us have felt. Many of us have been there before and just get it. A photo of pregnancy tests and the caption “panic attack” can really make us laugh. We love how there is a variety of brands of the tests, too... just need to make sure. We have to wonder what the outcome was though!

4 Power To The Bump

Our famously teen moms sure know how to make us laugh. Here is Mackenzie Mckee, taking a Snapchat photo of her large belly. Look at her, the girl is really all belly, it is amazing! She adds in the caption, “rocking this belly or nah”. Clearly, she wants a response from her audience.

This Snapchat is hilarious because we know how we feel and look during those final days of pregnancy. We can't help but look at this photo of Mackenzie and think wow, while giving a laugh or two. We mean, just look at this picture, she sure is rocking her bump big time! If she turned around, we might not even be able to tell she's carrying that big belly of hers- and we think she looks great, but it's still hilarious!

3 Baby Girls Steals Mom's Beauty

This Snapchatter makes us laugh out loud just by her funny caption, “Baby Joseline is greedy”. While we do not quite know the pregnant woman's intention exactly with this photo, we can take a good guess. Maybe she doesn't feel as pretty and everyone is telling her that her baby girl is stealing her beauty. Or maybe she is at a restaurant feeling really hungry. Perhaps she is shopping for baby girl clothes. Who knows, but no matter what we can relate to the feeling!

This Snapchat is funny AF because our babies can give us that greedy feel! We do so much for them after all. Maybe this is exactly her the point of her Snapchat, that her life is revolving around her unborn baby girl.

2 Watching That Bump Grow

Are you guilty of taking snapshots of your growing belly on a daily basis? This pregnant Snapchatter likely is! We like her caption, “I get bigger and bigger everyday.” It is totally true, too. Pregnancy can start off feeling like we have no belly, then suddenly we feel the need to document that growing baby in our belly, where ever and whenever we can!

This Snapchat is hilarious because well, first, this expecting mama's belly is nowhere near big just yet! She may feel huge, but we can clearly see she has a long way to go! It is also funny AF because we have all been there before, or are currently doing the same thing. Now get onto Snapchat and start creating your own growing belly funny AF pics!

1 Totally Famished

This Snapchat may be the most hilarious one yet! We love how this mom to be decided to forget taking a picture of her meal beforehand, she wanted to do something different and take a funny photo of the aftermath. Food Snapchat photos are quite common, we have to give props to this pregnant mama for not wanting to be mainstream. We gotta wonder though, what did she just eat?! She is expecting, so was it something normal, like a burger, or some crazy concoction only a pregnant woman would eat?!

All pregnant women know that your appetite can be raging. There is simply no time to wait to take a photo, you and your baby need to eat! That is just another reason why we find this Snapchat photo funny AF!

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