15 Hilarious Situations Mom Hopes Will Never Happen To Her

When a toddlers starts putting words together, that's when parents can really start to enjoy their company. The moments when babies can’t pronounce their r’s and s’s properly become stories for when children grow up. And when they grow up a little more, they start asking hundreds of questions about everything around them from the sun and stars to the classic ‘Where do babies come from?’

Some questions are fun to answer, but some could make the parent dumbfounded for a moment. It gets better when they ask these questions anywhere and everywhere. Those embarrassing statements and questions could be awkward at the moment, but make for hilarious dinner table conversation. Little ones can be really unpredictable sometimes and most statements and comments that they make are harmless. They are truly innocent and have no clue what they are talking about. They just do it to because they're naturally curious. Children have a special way of looking at the world because they lack experience with it; they honestly don’t know any better.

The other people who are fortunate enough to witness such hilarious moments react in their own unique way. Some of them really do understand that kids are just being kids. However, there are some who give a glare that makes the parent feel even more uncomfortable and unnerved. We can just hope that strangers stop judging the little angels and their parents. Getting annoyed at a child who has no malice is utterly ridiculous.

Here’s a sneak peek into the wonder world of children who made their parents feel awkward or laugh at their unusual antics.

15 Shot In The Eye

Toddlers are often amazed at the sight of breastfeeding. Their curious-selves ask a lot of questions when looking at Mom’s breasts, especially when they've been weaned and their younger sibling is nursing. Some children even try tasting the breast milk once again when they witness nursing. They have no memory that they too enjoyed mum’s milk long ago.

In this particular case, a 4-year old child was really ensnared by her mother nursing her younger brother. So enchanted she was at this entire process of feeding a baby that she invited all visitors to take a look at her younger brother who drank milk from mommy’s breasts. Visitors included everyone from the grandparents to delivery boys.

The child thought she was doing a great thing to share this with everyone, but the mother was thoroughly embarrassed, especially with the grandpa around, and he didn’t help much. He had a word of caution for his granddaughter, “Don’t squeeze them, because they’ll shoot you in the eye!”

14 Uneasy Lift

It's not easy to eat in peace when Mom has a little child around. Not just at home, it's difficult even to dine out. Toddlers can’t keep their hands off of things and there is always a danger that they will break a thing or two. A mother literally needs to have 6 hands to keep the little one from breaking things or keep the noise down. We all know that mothers have eyes in the back of their heads, but sometimes they are not looking in the right direction.

A couple was having their dinner at a restaurant with their one-year-old baby who was in a stroller beside Dad. While they were ordering, the waitress suddenly gave Dad a look as if he were the devil. But when she looked at the dad’s hands on the table, she then looked down at the baby, confused. The baby had lifted the hem of the waitress’s skirt over his head.

13 A Case Of Curious Child

Curiosity killed the cat! But in this particular case the parent, or they wished it had! This little kid was about 3-years old when he curiously asked a question, but since he was a child he didn’t know that there was a right time for this kind of question. This little boy’s grandparents and Mom were organizing stuff in the garage for a sale. Suddenly he came and asked solemnly, “Mama, what are nuts?”

The three adults were dumbstruck for a moment and looked at each other awkwardly. The mother had the courage to take the conversation forward and asked him, “What do you think they are?” He replied that he thinks they were those hanging things below the pee-pee. Bingo! The kid got it right. He went back to playing and left the adults embarrassed. They shrugged and agreed, “At least he knows what they are.” Well, most parents have to put up with awkward things kids say in front of grandparents and it’s a good reminder to be careful about what you say around them.

12 Good Reasoning

This mother was pregnant with her second child when the older sibling was four-years old. When Mom found out that she was having another boy she was disappointed as she wanted to have a girl this time. But that’s not the story. Apparently, she blurted out the reason for wanting a girl to her husband unmindful of the fact that her older son was hearing the conversation all along.

But children are known for spilling the beans in public at the most imperfect time. It seems that the older sibling went about telling every person that he met that he wanted a sister. He went on to say that Mom too wanted a girl because she didn’t want to deal with penises any more. Well, this sure is awkward especially when this happened behind the parents' backs. The whole world around them suddenly came to know why his mother preferred having a girl.

11 A Boy Or Girl?

Some incidents are not just embarrassing for the parents, but for strangers too. This little girl created an awkward moment for Mom and a stranger. This stranger happened to dress in gender neutral clothes. She used to flaunt a pixie cut at that time. The defining thing about her appearance was that she was a bit flat-chested. One day she was shopping in a supermarket and was checking out of the store when she saw a child about 4 years of age standing with her mom at the next check out.

Suddenly the child shouted, “Mom, is that a boy or a girl?” The mother looked as embarrassed and mortified as the girl. However, this comment did make the lady in question change her choice of clothing forever. She changed her androgynous appearance and started looking more feminine.

10 Funny Little Man

Kids can be so unpredictable. Sometimes they comment on certain things and people when they're not supposed to. These kids hardly know what they're saying. This one Mom was travelling with her little son, and at the airport they saw a short man wearing a cowboy hat. The 4-year-old kid couldn’t stop himself and while they were walking past him, the little boy suddenly said, “You are a funny little man, but I like your hat.”

The child said this in an inoffensive tone, but the mother just wanted to keep walking and pretend to not her child. But could she? The little man, it seems, took it sportingly and waved at the boy saying, “Thank you! You’re a funny little man, too.” This man surely understood that children can be funny and say inappropriate things without realizing it. This made quite a few people turn and smile, but all's well that ends well!

9 My V Hurts

This girl was about four-years old when this incident happened. One time around, she had an infection in her privates and it was itching down there. During that time, one of her dad’s colleagues came home to pick up her dad for work. They were having their breakfast, so sitting may have been a bit uncomfortable and the discomfort was all this poor little girl could concentrate on.

She said hello to her dad's co-worker and said, “Hi Dave, my vagina hurts!” The parents and Dave must have frozen for a second and that's why they chose to ignore her. Well! The kids don’t leave anyone until they get a response or some attention, do they? She repeated herself, “Dave, can you hear me? My vagina hurts!” She was making it very difficult for Dave to ignore her and yet he was trying his best not to pay any attention. No wonder, the parents just wanted to disappear.

8 Dancing Behind Potatoes

Babies and toddlers need to be monitored every second and that is not an easy job by any stretch of the imagination. There are many times when parents have to shift their eyes for a moment or so. Just about that moment, the child is capable of doing something extraordinary. This mother-daughter duo was shopping in a supermarket. The daughter must have been around 2- to 3-years old at the time.

Suddenly the little girl decided to strip naked when her mother turned her back for just a few seconds. She removed everything including her nappy. A concerned lady just came over and whispered to the mother over her shoulder, “Excuse me, honey! Your daughter is dancing naked beside the potatoes.” The mother was extremely grateful to that lovely lady for bringing this to her attention. Well, some children do like to be free birds; after all they are born with wings!

7 Dirty Octopus

One little boy had an octopus as a stuffed toy and he used to take it everywhere with him. He named the stuffed animal ‘Puss.’ One day the family had a dinner planned with family friends and they went out to eat. The 2-year-old boy took along his Puss as expected. But unfortunately, as they were walking to the restaurant the toy fell into a dirty puddle.

The parents obviously took the dirty toy away from the child and told him that it was dirty now. They were beginning to settle down in the restaurant when suddenly the baby grabbed his toy and started waving it around and announcing, “Dirty Pussy! Dirty Pussy!” The parents were no doubt embarrassed and they just wanted an earthquake to happen and swallow them up. The restaurant was naturally filled with people - because, of course, we're never spared in these horrible situations - and the whole restaurant broke into hysterical laughter. All at the same time!

6 White Versus Black

This happened to a couple when their son was about 3 and identified things with colors. Also, some parents usually make things easy for themselves and their kids by referring to things by their colors so they don’t have to answer any further questions. This family invited a couple to their home for the first time. They had planned to watch a football game that featured the Chicago Bears. The parents used to refer to the teams by the color of their jerseys for the sake of their child.

On that particular day, the Bears were against the Falcons. Once the game began, the child went to the mother and softly asked her, “Which one is the Bears team?” He got his reply and shouted out, “We cheer for the white guys because we don't like the black guys. Right, dad?” Everybody in the room laughed awkwardly and the embarrassed Dad said, “Yes, Falcons are in black today and we do not like them because they are playing against the Bears.”

5 Forgetful Mom

Taking care of a child who is nursing can become very taxing for some mothers, so much so that they lose track of everything around them. This mother was breastfeeding her daughter and she had the habit of having small frequent feeds in the evening, which is also known as cluster feeding. One day the mother seemed to be too tired to notice something which turned out to be very embarrassing for her.

One day the mother answered the door for a delivery man with her boob in full display. She has been nursing the usual small feed to her daughter when she opened the door. She realized it only after closing the door and taking the package. She must have wondered about the weird behavior of the delivery man. She nearly died looking at her breast hanging out of her blouse. We’re sure that for years after this incident she checks herself before she answers the door bell.

4 Park Mishaps

This little fellow went to a park with his mother when he was 3-years old. What are parks meant for? Playing? Nah... They are meant for showing off - whether it's your new favorite toy or, heck some body parts. Really! When the little boy was playing he just opened up his pants. We really can’t imagine what was going on in his mind, can we? His mother was obviously crushed to embarrassment.

While trying to maintain all her calm, the mother asked her little one what was he up to? Out came a sweet reply that the people in the park needed to see his... member. Apparently thinking it was a pretty cool accessory, he wanted to share it with everyone! Once he grows up he is definitely going to regret it. Had the mother clicked a picture, it would have been even more embarrassing for the kid when he grows up. Since nothing of that sort happened he is at least saved for now.

3 Not My Mommy

Saying ‘No’ to a kid, especially a toddler, has not been easy for mothers. That’s the moment when the parent becomes ‘mean’ for the kid. It's not easy for Mom to face a kid who hates her at that moment. This is just another hilarious example of a kid who disowned her mother publicly.

This 2-year-old toddler was playing in a mall play area and it was time to go home. No surprise that the toddler wanted to continue playing and started throwing a tantrum. The mother just got hold of her daughter and tried to carry her out while the child was still screaming. Seeing this scene the security guard stopped the mother-daughter duo, suspecting foul play. He asked the daughter if the lady carrying her was her mommy. The daughter was visibly upset with her mommy and decided she wasn’t her mother. She replied ‘No.’ The mother had to try hard to prove that she was indeed the mother of the child. Luckily she carried a few photos that convinced him.

2 Traffic Manager

Children are born with a caring attitude. When they try to explore the world as a toddler they try to help their parents with every chore at home – be it cooking, cleaning or washing. Whether that help reduces or increases our work is a no brainer. This little fellow, aged 6, was also trying to do the same for his dear mum when she was under the weather. Mom picked up her son from school and was caught in heavy traffic. But she was in a hurry to reach home for a toilet emergency.

She was suffering from diarrhea. She couldn’t arrange for a pick up for her son and had no option but to pick him up. But it turned so bad that she wasn’t sure of making it home in time. Darling son decided to take control of the situation. He rolled down the car window and announced, “Hurry up everybody! My mommy has to poop!”

1 Encounter With The Boss

Kids sometimes learn words, but use them at the wrong place and time to show their newly learned vocabulary. Toddlers hardly ever ask for the meaning this new word they've so proudly added to their arsenal. And they're not afraid of using words they don't know the meaning of - if grown ups use it, then it should be fine, right? Toddlers look adorable when they try to twist their tongue to speak a difficult word or mimic the parents talking over the phone without making any sense of what they speak. Well, that’s their beautiful world.

This is exactly what happened when a young girl happened to meet her father’s boss on the day of a company picnic. When the girl was introduced to her father’s boss, she told him nonchalantly, “My daddy says you’re a son of a bitch.” Not sure whether her daddy remained employed with him after that. But Dad’s co-workers seemed to enjoy that moment and fed the girl ice-cream all afternoon.

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